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M0 acute myeloid leukemia (M0-AML)

Written2002-05Marie Christine Bene
Laboratoire d'Immunologie du CHU, Faculté de Médecine de Nancy, BP 184, 54500 Vandoeuvre les Nancy, France
This article is an update of :
1999-12Jean-Loup Huret
Genetics, Dept Medical Information, University of Poitiers, CHU Poitiers Hospital, F-86021 Poitiers, France

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ICD-Morpho 9861/3 AML with mutated NPM1; AML with mutated CEBPA; Acute myeloid leukaemia, NOS
ICD-Morpho 9872/3 AML with minimal differentiation; Myeloid sarcoma
Atlas_Id 1057
Note Stasi's criteria
  • 30% blast cells in the bone marrow with <50% erythroblasts
  • Cytochemical staining MPO/SSB <3% of blasts
  • Cytochemical staining for PAS, AcP and NSE negative or weak
  • At least one of these three immunologic markers positive : MPO, CD13, CD33, in flow cytometry or ultrastructurally
  • Absence of cCD3, cCD22 and cCD79a
  • Other namesMinimally differentiated acute leukemia

    Clinics and Pathology

    Epidemiology rare: 3 - 5 % of AML; med age 45 yrs; 20% are children; unbalanced sex ratio in the adults: 1.6 M/1F, p< 0.01
    Clinics High WBC mostly in children; frequently low Hb and platelets; organomegaly in children
    Cytology Undifferentiated blasts, cytochemistry: negative for myeloperoxydase. Positivity of at least one myeloid marker (CD13, CD33, CD65, CD117-c-KIT). Frequent expression of early progenitor markers CD34, DR; TdT in 30-40% of the cases; CD7 expression frequent in children. MPO antigen identified in about 50% of the cases.
    Prognosis Poor: CR in 50% of cases, med survival: 8 mths Poor prognosis factors: older age, high WBC, low platelets, CD10, CD14, CD15.


    Cytogenetics Morphological high percentage of complex (20%) and unbalanced karyotypes; partial or complete monosomy (5/del(5q, -7/del(7q), or rearrangements of chromosome 5 and/or 7 in 15-20%; chromosome 11 rearrangements (11q23 in particular), and chromosome 8 involvement (+8) in 10-15%; chromosome 13 involvement ( +13) in 9% ;t(9;22)(q34;q11) in 5%; near-tetraploidy in 6%; normal karyotype in 25%


    Acute myeloid leukaemia M0: haematological, immunophenotypic and cytogenetic characteristics and their prognostic significance: an analysis in 241 patients.
    Béné MC, Bernier M, Casasnovas RO, Castoldi G, Doekharan D, van der Holt B, Knapp W, Lemez P, Ludwig WD, Matutes E, Orfao A, Schoch C, Sperling C, van't Veer MB
    British journal of haematology. 2001 ; 113 (3) : 737-745.
    PMID 11380465
    The immunophenotype of minimally differentiated acute myeloid leukemia (AML-M0): reduced immunogenicity and high frequency of CD34+/CD38- leukemic progenitors.
    Costello R, Mallet F, Chambost H, Sainty D, Arnoulet C, Gastaut JA, Olive D
    Leukemia : official journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K. 1999 ; 13 (10) : 1513-1518.
    PMID 10516751
    AML-M0: a review of laboratory features and proposal of new diagnostic criteria.
    Stasi R, Amadori S
    Blood cells, molecules & diseases. 1999 ; 25 (2) : 120-129.
    PMID 10389594


    This paper should be referenced as such :
    Bene, MC
    M0 acute non lymphocytic leukemia (M0-AML)
    Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2002;6(3):226-226.
    Free journal version : [ pdf ]   [ DOI ]
    On line version :
    History of this paper:
    Huret, JL. M0 acute non lymphocytic leukemia (M0-AML). Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 1999;3(4):202-202.

    Other genes implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas) [ 6 ]


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