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t(11;14)(q23;q32) KMT2A::CEP170B

Written2009-07Jean-Loup Huret
Genetics, Dept Medical Information, University of Poitiers, CHU Poitiers Hospital, F-86021 Poitiers, France

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ICD-Morpho 9807/3 Mixed phenotype acute leukaemia with t(v;11q23); MLL rearranged
ICD-Morpho 9813/3 B lymphoblastic leukaemia/lymphoma with t(v;11q23); MLL rearranged
ICD-Morpho 9920/3 Therapy-related myeloid neoplasms
Atlas_Id 1539

Clinics and Pathology

Disease Treatment related leukemia (treatment related acute myeloid leukemia, t-AML)
Epidemiology The involvement of MLL in 11q23 and KIAA0284 in 14q32 was shown in only 2 cases (Burmeister et al., 2008; De Braekeleer et al., 2009). These 2 cases were treatment related leukemia cases (t-AML for: treatment related acute myeloid leukemia). These t-AML cases occurred in a 45-year-old male patient (a M1 case) and in a 65-year-old female patient, 2 years after an urothelial carcinoma and 5 years after a ductal mammary carcinoma respectively. In 1 other case of t(11;14)(q23;q32), a myelodysplastic syndrome case, the involvement of MLL was excluded, and IGH in 14q32 was rearranged (Yujiri et al., 2009). Finally, in 2 other cases of t(11;14)(q23;q32), no molecular studies were available (Kaneko et al., 1982; Hanson et al., 1993). The two latter cases were a biphenotypic leukemia (BAL) case and an acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in a 33-year-old male patient.
Prognosis One of the t-AML cases died 2 months after diagnosis, while the other one was lost to follow-up 5 years after diagnosis of the t-AML. The ALL case died 7 months after diagnosis.


Cytogenetics Morphological The t(11;14)(q23;q32) was the sole anomaly in the 2 cases were MLL and KIAA0284 involvements were ascertained. The BAL case showed a complex karyotype with -7 and i(17q), the ALL case also had a complex karyotype, with +12.

Genes involved and Proteins

Gene NameKMT2A (myeloid/lymphoid or mixed lineage leukemia)
Location 11q23.3
Dna / Rna 36 exons, multiple transcripts 13-15 kb.
Protein 3969 amino acids; 431 kDa; contains two DNA binding motifs (a AT hook and a CXXC domain), a DNA methyl transferase motif, a bromodomain. MLL is cleaved by taspase 1 into 2 proteins before entering the nucleus, called MLL-N and MLL-C. The FYRN and a FRYC domains of native MLL associate MLL-N and MLL-C in a stable complex; they form a multiprotein complex with transcription factor TFIID. MLL is a transcriptional regulatory factor. MLL can be associated with more than 30 proteins, including the core components of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex and the transcription complex TFIID. MLL binds promotors of HOX genes through acetylation and methylation of histones. MLL is a major regulator of hematopoesis and embryonic development.
Gene NameKIAA1524
Location 3q13.13
Protein KIAA0284 presents an amino acids similarity of 30% with CEP170. CEP170 is a forkhead-associated domain protein which associates with centrosomes during interphase and with spindle microtubules during mitosis (Guarguaglini et al., 2005).

Result of the chromosomal anomaly

Hybrid gene
Description 5' MLL - 3' KIAA0284
Transcript The breakpoint was located in intron 9 of MLL. The breakpoint in KIAA0284 was located in intron 2 in one case, and intron 4 in the other case.
Fusion Protein
Description N-term MLL - C-term KIAA0284

To be noted

Additional cases are needed to delineate the epidemiology of this rare entity:
you are welcome to submit a paper to our new Case Report section.


A MLL-KIAA0284 fusion gene in a patient with secondary acute myeloid leukemia and t(11;14)(q23;q32).
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Huret, JL
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2010;14(6):593-594.
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Translocations implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas)

 t(11;14)(q23;q32) KMT2A/CEP170B

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KMT2A (11q23.3) CEP170B (14q32.33)

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