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History. The need for giving more space to researching the biological and experimental aspects of hematological diseases has been growing within the SIE (Italian Society of Hematology) since the 1970s. It was from this that GESSIE (Italian Group of Experimental Hematology of the SIE) was born. The vigorous development of biological studies in the field of hematology until the end of the 1970s and during the 1980s rendered this structure insufficient and therefore the need for a new society was felt, complimentary and synergetic with the SIE.

On 7 July 1987, in Modena a group of hematologists, particularly interested in the biological and experimental aspects of hematological diseases signed the memorandum of association of the SIES (Italian Society of Experimental Hematology).

The founders nominated Umberto Torelli first president.

In the first phase of development, the Society set the principal goal of supporting the relationship between hematologists with the same research interests and of organizing meetings and conventions among the members. During 1989-1991, the number of members increased from 221 to 305.

The first SIES National Convention was held in Rome on 12-13 November 1990. The main topics were molecular biology, bone marrow transplants and cytokines.

In 1991 a few modifications to the original charter of the society were discussed including the following: the duration of the term of the board of directors and president, which changed from 3 to 2 years; the Meeting of the Members convening every 2 years; the inclusion among the members of the board of directors of a representative nominated by the board of directors of "Haematologica" (Official Organ of the Society) with the right to vote.

During 1992 some meetings, for the most part held in Florence, titled "Discutiamone Insieme" ("Let's Discuss it Together") directed to young hematologists on topics of experimental hematology began to be organized. The particular interest being propagation of the results of ongoing research, in such a way as to favor the convergence of different groups on the same topics, all in a simple and informal style.

The number of members as of 31 December 1996 was 515.

The fifth SIES National Convention was held in Siena on 23-25 September 1998. Among the principle topics were acute myeloid leukemia, monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of NHL, molecular biology of hematological disease and peripheral stem cell transplantation.

Sies elections for renewing 4 board members were held during the convention. There were 94 voters and those elected were Francesco Lo Coco, Ignazio Majolino, Antonio Cuneo, and Francesco Lauria. The representative of “Hematologica”, has continued to be Mario Cazzola. Past President, Giuseppe Saglio, is by right part of the board of directors. The SIES board nominated Piergiuseppe Pelicci President, Stefano Sacchi Vice President and Treasurer and Gianluca Gaidano Secretary, Domenico Russo has continued to be a member of the board. The number of members as of September 1998 was 557.



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