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Società Italiana di Genetica Umana

(italian version)

The Italian Society of Human Genetics (SIGU - Società Italiana Genetica Umana) was born in 1997 from the fusion of the previous Italian Societies of Medical Genetics and Medical Cytogenetics. Merging of the traditions and expertises of two complementary societies aimed at setting up a modern Society focusing on all aspects of human genetics. President of SIGU is Professor Bruno Dallapiccola (University of Rome Tor Vergata); the current directive committee includes the following geneticists: Franca Dagna Bricarelli, Emilio Donti, Pier Franco Pignatti and Giuseppe Novelli. SIGU comprises several working groups: Clinical Genetics, Cytogenetics, Prenatal Diagnosis, Neurogenetics, Fingerprinting, Oncological Genetics, Immunogenetics, Genetic Counseling, Quality Control, Medical Genetics Services, Bioethics. Activities of the work groups are coordinated by experienced members involved in the specific fields and are aimed at stimulating scientific cooperation and setting up guidelines for diagnostic activities which might be transferred to the National Health System.
Communication of scientific and professional information to the >600 affiliates is conveyed through the SIGU Newsletter which may have attached documents such as guidelines to the diagnosis of specific diseases and surveys on the map of diagnostic services set up by coordinators of work groups or by the directive committee. The1st SIGU meeting has been held in Spoleto (30 September-2 October 1998) and has hosted the Phoenix-Anni Verdi Award on Genetic Research (assigned for 1998 to prof. P. Jacobs, Salisbury, UK) and two satellite meetings. More than 400 scientists attended the meeting which received 260 scientific contributions. On the international side SIGU is one of the 27 member societies of FEGS (Federation of European Genetic Societies).
The SIGU web site is: . A link to: may be of interest to people involved in Oncological Genetics.

Lidia Larizza, M.D.
past member of SIGU Directive Committee (1997-1998) Co-chair of the SIGU Work Group on Oncological Genetics

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