Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

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Société Française de Génétique Humaine

The French Society of Human Genetics (1901 law Association), named SFGH, aims is to encourage and promote the study of Human Genetics, to facilitate the relationships between physicians, researchers and others, working on various facets of Human Genetics, to keep up close links with all French speaking Geneticists. It is a founding member of the French Federation of Human Genetics which includes all the French associations of human genetic and which represents the French human geneticists in relation with national, European and international bodies .

The SFGH organizes seminars, often in collaboration with the French Genetics Society , on various themes. SFGH is involved in the scientific council of the Assises of Human and Medical Genetics, were meet all human geneticists, every two years. It publishes a directory of human geneticists.

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(Last update : December 2010)