Chromosome 9

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Chromosome 9

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Band 9p12

chr9:41000000-43600000 (2600 Kb)

  • Chromosomal abnormalities in band 9p12
  • Genes in band 9p12
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    Chromosomal abnormalities in band 9p12

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    Band 1Band 2ClassEntityPartner 1Partner 2LinksTopographyMorphology[PubMed][Study]
    9p12 Cosmic_SVdel(9)(p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST142591]ovary__NScarcinoma__mixed_adenosquamous_carcinoma [COSU585]
    9p12 Cosmic_SVdel(9)(p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST142591]pancreas__NScarcinoid-endocrine_tumour__NS [COSU586]
    9p12 Cosmic_SVdel(9)(p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST151195]ovary__NScarcinoma__mixed_adenosquamous_carcinoma [COSU585]
    9p12 Cosmic_SVdel(9)(p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST160470]ovary__NScarcinoma__mixed_adenosquamous_carcinoma [COSU585]
    9p12 Cosmic_SVdel(9)(p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST195630]bone__NSEwings_sarcoma-peripheral_primitive_neuroectodermal_tumour__NS [COSU645]
      Mitelmandel(9)(p12-21)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma[PubMed] 
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute myeloid leukemia, NOS  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Bilineage or biphenotypic leukemia  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP)BrainAstrocytoma, grade III-IV/Glioblastoma  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Follicular lymphoma  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Mantle cell lymphoma  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Mature B-cell neoplasm, NOS  
    9p12 Mitelmandel(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP)PleuraMesothelioma  
    9p129p22Mitelmandel(9)(p12p22)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    9p1212p12Mitelmandic(9;12)(p12;p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    9p1220q11Mitelmandic(9;20)(p12;q11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    9p239p12Cosmic_SVdup(9)(p23p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST164065]ovary__NScarcinoma__mixed_adenosquamous_carcinoma [COSU585]
    9p12 Mitelmanidic(9)(p12)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    9p12 Cosmic_SVins(9)(p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST188666]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma [COSU538]
    9p129p12Cosmic_SVinv(9)(p12p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST187252]pancreas__NScarcinoid-endocrine_tumour__NS [COSU650]
    9p129p12Cosmic_SVinv(9)(p12p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST187252]pancreas__NScarcinoid-endocrine_tumour__NS [COSU661]
    9p129q13Mitelmaninv(9)(p12q13)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute myeloid leukemia, NOS  
    9p129q13Mitelmaninv(9)(p12q13)  Mitelman (CGAP) Bilineage or biphenotypic leukemia  
    9p129q13Mitelmaninv(9)(p12q13)  Mitelman (CGAP)BreastAdenocarcinoma  
    9p129q13Mitelmaninv(9)(p12q13)  Mitelman (CGAP) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia  
    9p139p13Cosmic_SVinv(9)(p13p13)  Cosmic_SV [COST129685]pancreas__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU328]
    9p219p21Cosmic_SVinv(9)(p21p21)  Cosmic_SV [COST116539]pancreas__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU328]
    9p249p24Cosmic_SVinv(9)(p24p24)  Cosmic_SV [COST116956]pancreas__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU328]
    1p139p12Atlas - Leukemiat(1;9)(p13;p12) PAX5/HIPK1PAX5HIPK1t0109p13p12ID1557B-ALL[Biblio] 
    7q119p12ChiTaRSt(7;9)(q11;p12)  ChiTaRS-[PubMed] 
    7q119p12Atlas - Leukemiat(7;9)(q11;p12) PAX5/POM121PAX5POM121t0709q11p12ID1558B-ALL[Biblio] 
    9p1213q21Atlas - Leukemiat(9;13)(p12;q21) PAX5/DACH1PAX5DACH1t0913p12q21ID1560B-ALL[Biblio] 
    9p1213q21ChiTaRSt(9;13)(p12;q21)  ChiTaRS-[PubMed] 
    9p1214q32Mitelmant(9;14)(p12;q32)  Mitelman (CGAP) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia  
    12p139p12Cosmic_SVu(12;9)(p13;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST195412]bone__NSEwings_sarcoma-peripheral_primitive_neuroectodermal_tumour__NS [COSU645]
    2p239p12Cosmic_SVu(2;9)(p23;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST190489]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma [COSU538]
    4q289p12Cosmic_SVu(4;9)(q28;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST380862]breast__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU652]
    6p119p12Cosmic_SVu(6;9)(p11;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST326940]breast__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU652]
    6p129p12Cosmic_SVu(6;9)(p12;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST171423]adrenal_gland__adrenal_glandadrenal_cortical_carcinoma__virilizing_syndrome_producing[PubMed] 
    6q219p12Cosmic_SVu(6;9)(q21;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST139333]ovary__NScarcinoma__mixed_adenosquamous_carcinoma [COSU585]
    9p1212q21Cosmic_SVu(9;12)(p12;q21)  Cosmic_SV [COST347460]breast__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU652]
    9p1214p13Cosmic_SVu(9;14)(p12;p13)  Cosmic_SV [COST391285]breast__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU652]
    9p1218p11Cosmic_SVu(9;18)(p12;p11)  Cosmic_SV [COST371167]breast__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU652]
    9p126p12Cosmic_SVu(9;6)(p12;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST171440]adrenal_gland__adrenal_glandadrenal_cortical_carcinoma__virilizing_syndrome_producing[PubMed] 
    9p139p12Cosmic_SVu(9)(p13;p12)  Cosmic_SV [COST333600]breast__NScarcinoma__ductal_carcinoma [COSU652]

    Genes in band 9p12

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    GoldenPath hg19 (Kb)Band 1Band 2ClassCloneFusionPartner 1Partner 2LinksTopographyMorphologyPubmedOmimAccession
    chr9:41500679-41506925 + 9p12   Gene [G]     SPATA31A5   [Cosmic]     [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:41500679-41506922 + 9p12   Gene [G]     SPATA31A7       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:41516054-41521999 + 9p12   Gene [G]     FAM74A6       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:41589321-41592207 - 9p12 22q11 Gene [CT]   LRP5L/ZNF658B ZNF658B LRP5L [Cosmic]
        [Omim] [GenBank]
    chr9:41589321-41592207 - 9p12   Gene [G]     ZNF658B   [Cosmic]     [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:41952399-41955076 - 9p12 12p12 Gene [CT]   LDHB/GLIDR GLIDR LDHB [ChiTaRS]       [Omim] [GenBank]
    chr9:41952399-41955076 - 9p12   Gene [CT]   ND6/GLIDR GLIDR ND6 [ChiTaRS]       [Omim] [GenBank]
    chr9:41952399-41955076 - 9p12   Gene [G]     GLIDR       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:41959736-42019477 - 9p12   Gene [G]     FGF7P3       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42018871-42020413 + 9p12   Gene [G]     LOC102724238       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42018875-42020413 + 9p12   Gene [G]     LOC554249       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42368303-42411410 + 9p12   Gene [G]     ANKRD20A2   [Cosmic]     [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42368337-42411863 + 9p12   Gene [G]     ANKRD20A3   [Cosmic]     [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42468589-42474238 + 9p12   Gene [G]     FAM95B1       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42468589-42474238 + 9p12   Gene [G]     LOC105379252       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42493517-42498676 + 9p12   Gene [G]     GXYLT1P3       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42718066-42719316 + 9p12   Gene [G]     FOXD4L4   [Cosmic]     [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42771708-42782614 + 9p12   Gene [G]     LOC101928381       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42844370-42859085 - 9p12   Gene [G]     LOC286297       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:42858152-42893137 + 9p12   Gene [G]     AQP7P3       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr9:43140537-43145484 - 9p12   Gene [G]     LOC642929       [Omim] [Entrez]

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    Writtenmay 2012Philippe Dessen
    Updatedfévr. 2017Philippe Dessen and Jean-Loup Huret


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