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AARD (alanine and arginine rich domain containing protein)

Written2019-01Jean Loup Huret

Abstract Review on AARD, with data on DNA, on the protein encoded, and where the gene is implicated.

Keywords AARD; Transcription factor; Signal transduction mediator; Developmental protein

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chromosome 8 open reading frame 85
Alias_symbol (synonym)LOC441376
Other alias
LocusID (NCBI) 441376
Atlas_Id 60018
Location 8q24.11  [Link to chromosome band 8q24]
Location_base_pair Starts at 116938225 and ends at 116944000 bp from pter ( according to hg19-Feb_2009)  [Mapping AARD.png]
Local_order RAD21: transcript (hg38) chr8:116,846,905-116,852,252
RAD21-AS1: transcript (hg38) chr8:116,874,424-116,876,868
MIR3610: transcript (hg38) chr8:116,874,728-116,874,800
SLC30A8: transcript (hg38) chr8:117,135,259-117,176,714
Fusion genes
(updated 2017)
Data from Atlas, Mitelman, Cosmic Fusion, Fusion Cancer, TCGA fusion databases with official HUGO symbols (see references in chromosomal bands)


Description A potential androgen response element (ARE) sequence (1637 to1632, TGTTCT) was found in the mouse Aard promoter (see below).
Transcription Transcript (hg38), including UTRs: chr8:116,938,199-116,944,487, size: 6,289bp on strand +; coding region: chr8:116,938,244-116,942,701, size: 4,458bp, according to UCSC.
AARD has 2 splice variants, one of these 2 transcripts codes for a protein. Transcript length: 2299 bp, coding sequence: 468 nt. 2 exons; exon 1 codes for aa 1-109, exon 2 codes for aa 110-155 (Vega).


  Figure 1: AARD gene and protein
Description 155 amino acids (aa), 17575Da. Of note are an Ala/Arg-rich domain of 46 aa in aa 60-105, with a long stretch of alanine in aa 82-88, four leucine zippers at aa 56-63 (LEDLRRRL), 101-108 (LARLRAEL), 118-125 (LARTLLDL), 125-132 (LNMKVQQL), and 3 phosphorylation sites (serine/threonine kinases) in aa 95-98 (TGVE), 121-124 (TLLD) and 146-149 (SPKD).
The rat Aard (named rA5D3) 165 aa long is sequenced and described in Blomberg et al., 2002.
  Figure 2: ModBase predicted comparative 3D structure (Pieper et al., 2014)
Expression AARD is expressed prenatally in male gonads, and in most organs postnatally (see below).
Localisation AARD is detected in lipid droplets (The Human Protein Database).
Function The presence of leucine-zipper domains and phosphorylation sites suggest that AARD is a transcription factor, and may be involved in signal transduction pathways (Blomberg et al., 2002).
Aard is upregulated early during postnatal rat lung development, but also in the heart, kidney, liver, and testis, but the developmental expression pattern, although comparable in levels of expression, was different -in term of timing- in each of the tissues studied (Blomberg et al., 2002). Aard is one of the 266 or 1083 genes, according to the different studies, upregulated in gonads of male but -not in female- mice embryos. This strong expression was restricted to the sex cords (Menke and Page, 2002; Bouma et al., 2004; Nef et al., 2005; Beverdam and Koopman, 2006). Strong testis-specific expression was also detected in the adult mouse (Svingen et al., 2007). It is also expressed in adult liver, kidney, brain, lung, muscle, heart and bladder of mice (Geng et al., 2017).
AR (androgen receptor) mediates the effects of androgens by binding to the androgen response elements (ARE) of target genes. An ARE (TGTTCT) was identified at position -1637 to -1632 in the promoter region near the mouse Aard transcription initiation site. AR binds this ARE and activates Aard transcription. Aard is directly regulated by AR in Sertoli cells of mouse testis (Geng et al., 2017).

Implicated in

Note AARD RNA is enriched in breast cancer, but the gene product is not prognostic (The Human Protein Database).
Entity Lung adenocarcinoma
Note A t(8;9)(q24;p24) RIC1 /AARD has been found in lung adenocarcinoma (Yoshihara et al. 2015; Hu et al., 2018).


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ModBase, a database of annotated comparative protein structure models and associated resources
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Yoshihara K, Wang Q, Torres-Garcia W, Zheng S, Vegesna R, Kim H, Verhaak RG
Oncogene 2015 Sep 10;34(37):4845-54
PMID 25500544


This paper should be referenced as such :
Jean Loup Huret
AARD (alanine and arginine rich domain containing protein)
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2019;23(9):253-255.
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Other Solid tumors implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas) [ 1 ]
  t(8;9)(q24;p24) RIC1/AARD

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HGNC (Hugo)AARD   33842
Entrez_Gene (NCBI)AARD  441376  alanine and arginine rich domain containing protein
GeneCards (Weizmann)AARD
Ensembl hg19 (Hinxton)ENSG00000205002 [Gene_View]
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Genatlas (Paris)AARD
SOURCE (Princeton)AARD
Genetics Home Reference (NIH)AARD
Genomic and cartography
GoldenPath hg38 (UCSC)AARD  -     chr8:116938225-116944000 +  8q24.11   [Description]    (hg38-Dec_2013)
GoldenPath hg19 (UCSC)AARD  -     8q24.11   [Description]    (hg19-Feb_2009)
GoldenPathAARD - 8q24.11 [CytoView hg19]  AARD - 8q24.11 [CytoView hg38]
Genome Data Viewer NCBIAARD [Mapview hg19]  
Gene and transcription
Genbank (Entrez)AB181519 BC140924 BC142621
RefSeq transcript (Entrez)NM_001025357
RefSeq genomic (Entrez)
Consensus coding sequences : CCDS (NCBI)AARD
Alternative Splicing GalleryENSG00000205002
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BioGPS (Tissue expression)441376
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Human Protein AtlasENSG00000205002-AARD [pathology]   [cell]   [tissue]
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UniProt/SwissProtQ4LEZ3   [function]  [subcellular_location]  [family_and_domains]  [pathology_and_biotech]  [ptm_processing]  [expression]  [interaction]
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Conserved Domain (NCBI)AARD
DMDM Disease mutations441376
Human Protein Atlas [tissue]ENSG00000205002-AARD [tissue]
Peptide AtlasQ4LEZ3
Protein Interaction databases
IntAct (EBI)Q4LEZ3
Ontologies - Pathways
Ontology : AmiGOlung development  
Ontology : EGO-EBIlung development  
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Atlas of Cancer Signalling NetworkAARD
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Fusion : Fusion_HubAARD--CD24    KIAA1432--AARD    TRPS1--AARD   
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