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AMBN (ameloblastin (enamel matrix protein))

Written2011-12Marina Gonçalves Diniz, Ricardo Santiago Gomez, Carolina Cavalieri Gomes, André Luiz Sena Guimarães
Department of Oral Surgery, Pathology, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte-MG CEP 31270, Brazil (MGD, RSG); Department of Pathology, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte-MG CEP 31270, Brazil (CCG); Department of Dentistry, Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros, Montes Claros, Brazil (ALSG)

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HGNC Alias nameenamel matrix protein
HGNC Previous nameameloblastin, enamel matrix protein
 ameloblastin (enamel matrix protein)
LocusID (NCBI) 258
Atlas_Id 51161
Location 4q13.3  [Link to chromosome band 4q13]
Location_base_pair Starts at 70592256 and ends at 70607287 bp from pter ( according to GRCh38/hg38-Dec_2013)  [Mapping AMBN.png]
Local_order AMBN is between the sequence tagged site markers D4S409 and D4S1558 (Karrman et al., 1997).
Fusion genes
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Note The putative start codon location and exon-intron sizes differs among reports in literature.
  The genomic organization of the human ameloblastin gene according to Mardh et al., 2001. The map is drawn to scale. Filled boxes represent exons and the thin lines indicate introns. Sequencing of AMBN intron 11 revealed an interrupted dinucleotide repeat (CA)n.
Description 13 exons and 12 introns (Toyosawa et al., 2000; Macdougall et al., 2000) encompassing approximately 15005 bp. Until 2011, 44 SNP were described (NCBI dbSNP).
Transcription Alternatively spliced. Exon 6 can be excluded by the use of an alternative splice site (Macdougall et al., 2000). There are 2 validated alternative polyadenylation sites.


Description The predicted protein has 447 aa (48,3 kDa). There are 3 protein isoforms. The human precursor protein contains a phosphorylation site for tyrosine kinase, a SH3 binding region, an O-linked glycosylation, and a heparin binding domain (Kobayashi et al., 2007; Krebsbach et al., 1996; Yamakoshi et al., 2001; Sonoda et al., 2009). Ameloblastin is cleaved after secretion into several lower-molecular-mass proteins that are developmentally expressed (Ravindranath et al., 2007).
Expression Tomes processes of secretory ameloblasts (Krebsbach et al., 1996; Cerny et al., 1996; Fong et al., 1996), odontoblasts and pre-odontoblasts (Fong et al., 1996; Nagano et al., 2003). Outer enamel, and sheath space between rod and interrod enamel (Uchida et al., 1995; Macdougall et al., 2000). Early bone and cartilage extracellular matrices during embryogenesis (Spahr et al., 2006).
Localisation Extracellular matrix.
Function Tooth enamel biomineralization (Uchida et al., 1997). Interactions between the ameloblasts and the enamel extracellular matrix (Fukumoto et al., 2004). Dental epithelium cell adhesion (Sonoda et al., 2009). Early bone formation and repair (Iizuza et al., 2011; Tamburstuen et al., 2011).
Homology Pig (sheathlin), cattle, rat, and mouse AMBN sequences showed a high amino acid sequence similarity.


Somatic AMBN gene mutations have been observed in several epithelial odontogenic tumor entities: unicystic ameloblastoma, solid ameloblastoma, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, squamous odontogenic tumor, and calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor (Toyosawa et al., 2000; Perdigão et al., 2004; Perdigão et al., 2009).

Implicated in

Entity Odontogenic tumors
Disease Odontogenic tumours arise from the residues of odontogenic epithelium and/or ectomesenchyme, as a result of disturbances in the development of teeth and associated structures.
Oncogenesis AMBN gene is mutated in ameloblastomas and others odontogenic tumors (Toyosawa et al., 2000; Perdigão et al., 2004; Perdigão et al., 2009). Ambn-null mice develop odontogenic tumors of dental epithelium origin (Fukumoto et al., 2004). AMBN expression prevents odontogenic tumor development by suppressing cell proliferation and maintaining differentiation phenotype through Msx2, p21, and p27 (Sonoda et al., 2009). The absence of ameloblastin in epithelial odontogenic tumors has been considered a useful marker for the functional differentiation of secretory ameloblast (Takata et al., 2000).
Entity Amelogenesis imperfecta
Disease Amelogenesis imperfect is a common group of inherited defects such as hypoplastic or hypomineralized enamel. Autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, and X-linked forms of amelogenesis imperfect are recognized.
Oncogenesis Amelogenin and ameloblastin have an impaired secretion in ameloblasts of phenocopies human X-linked amelogenesis imperfect mice, which results in severe enamel bio-mineralization defects, loss of ameloblast phenotype, increased ameloblast apoptosis, and formation of multi-cellular masses (Barron et al., 2010). AMBN mutations in the coding region or splice sites were discarted to be responsible for autosomal dominant amelogenesis imperfecta (Mardh et al., 2001).


A mutation in the mouse Amelx tri-tyrosyl domain results in impaired secretion of amelogenin and phenocopies human X-linked amelogenesis imperfecta.
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PMID 15583034
Ameloblastin regulates osteogenic differentiation by inhibiting Src kinase via cross talk between integrin beta1 and CD63.
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PMID 8626794
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PMID 10946765
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Relative levels of mRNA encoding enamel proteins in enamel organ epithelia and odontoblasts.
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PMID 14630899
Mutation of ameloblastin gene in calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor.
Perdigao PF, Carvalho VM, DE Marco L, Gomez RS.
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Spatiotemporal expression of ameloblastin isoforms during murine tooth development.
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Critical role of heparin binding domains of ameloblastin for dental epithelium cell adhesion and ameloblastoma proliferation.
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Ameloblastin expression and putative autoregulation in mesenchymal cells suggest a role in early bone formation and repair.
Tamburstuen MV, Reseland JE, Spahr A, Brookes SJ, Kvalheim G, Slaby I, Snead ML, Lyngstadaas SP.
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Toyosawa S, Fujiwara T, Ooshima T, Shintani S, Sato A, Ogawa Y, Sobue S, Ijuhin N.
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PMID 11054529
Immunochemical and immunocytochemical study of a 15 kDa non-amelogenin and related proteins in the porcine immature enamel: proposal of a new group of enamel proteins sheath proteins.
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PMID 11543707


This paper should be referenced as such :
Diniz, MG ; Gomez, RS ; Gomes, CC ; Guimares, ALS
AMBN (ameloblastin (enamel matrix protein))
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2012;16(5):326-328.
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Ensembl hg19 (Hinxton)ENSG00000178522 [Gene_View]
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OMIM601259   616270   
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Genbank (Entrez)AF209780 AF219994 AF263464 AJ537437 AK314918
RefSeq transcript (Entrez)NM_016519
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IntAct (EBI)Q9NP70
Ontologies - Pathways
Ontology : AmiGOprotein binding  extracellular region  endoplasmic reticulum lumen  cell adhesion  cell adhesion  signal transduction  growth factor activity  growth factor activity  structural constituent of tooth enamel  biomineral tissue development  regulation of cell population proliferation  odontogenesis of dentin-containing tooth  post-translational protein modification  cellular protein metabolic process  
Ontology : EGO-EBIprotein binding  extracellular region  endoplasmic reticulum lumen  cell adhesion  cell adhesion  signal transduction  growth factor activity  growth factor activity  structural constituent of tooth enamel  biomineral tissue development  regulation of cell population proliferation  odontogenesis of dentin-containing tooth  post-translational protein modification  cellular protein metabolic process  
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