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FAM57A (family with sequence similarity 57, member A)

Written2010-08Zhiao Chen, Xianghuo He
State Key Laboratory of Oncogenes, Related Genes, Shanghai Cancer Institute, Shanghai, China

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Alias (NCBI)CT120
LocusID (NCBI) 79850
Atlas_Id 40183
Location 17p13.3  [Link to chromosome band 17p13]
Location_base_pair Starts at and ends at bp from pter
Fusion genes
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FAM57A (17p13.3)::FAM57A (17p13.3)PPIF (10q22.3)::FAM57A (17p13.3)


Description Gene size: 2145 bp in length, ORF 774 bp.
Full-length cDNA of CT120/FAM57A contains 2145 base pairs and encodes a protein with 257 amino acids.
Transcription The CT120 contains two isoforms in human: one isoform identified was termed CT120A; another isoform (AAH26023.1) was named CT120B, which consists of four exons and encodes a protein with 225 amino acids (the fourth exon in CT120A is spliced).


Description - CT120: 257 aa; 29 kDa.
- CT120B: 225 aa; 25 kDa.
Expression CT120 is universally expressed in different human normal tissues and in various human tumor cell lines.
Localisation CT120 is a novel plasma membrane-associated gene.
Function CT120 may assume very essential physiological functions involving in amino acid transport and glutathione metabolism through interaction with SLC3A2 and GGTL3B.
Homology Homology comparison revealed that CT120 is highly conserved during biological evolution.

Implicated in

Entity Lung cancer
Prognosis CT120A protein was a potential molecular target for treatment of lung cancers. CT120A was overexpressed in 15 cases of the 16 primary lung cancer specimens. Knockdown of CT120A by small hairpin RNA in the human lung adenocarcinoma cell line SPC-A-1 cells resulted in a reduced cell growth rate in vitro and decrease of the capacity for anchorage-independent growth and tumorigenicity in nude mice.
The suppression of CT120A expression also sensitized cells to ultraviolet-induced apoptosis. Atlas cDNA expression array revealed that the expressions of several apoptosis- and growth-associated genes were altered underlying the molecular mechanisms of these cell biological behaviors.
Oncogenesis CT120 ectopic expression could promote cell proliferation activity of NIH3T3 cells, and two major signaling pathways involved in cell proliferation, cell survival and anti-apoptosis were overexpressed and activated in response to CT120: one is the Raf/MEK/Erk signal cascades and the other is the PI3K/Akt signal cascades, suggesting that CT120 might contribute, at least in part, to the constitutively activation of Erk and Akt in human lung cancer cells.
In addition, some tumor metastasis associated genes cathepsin B, cathepsin D, cathepsin L, MMP-2/TIMP-2 were also upregulated by CT120, upon which CT120 might be involved in tumor invasiveness and metastasis.
In addition, CT120 might play an important role in tumor progression through modulating the expression of some candidate "lung tumor progression" genes including B-Raf, Rab-2, BAX, BAG-1, YB-1 and Cdc42.


Molecular cloning and characterization of CT120, a novel membrane-associated gene involved in amino acid transport and glutathione metabolism.
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PMID 12270127
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PMID 15625016
Silencing of CT120 by antisense oligonucleotides could inhibit the lung cancer cells growth.
Li Z, Shao S, Xie S, Jiao F, Ma Y, Shi S.
Ir J Med Sci. 2010 Jun;179(2):217-23. Epub 2009 Dec 20.
PMID 20024628
Down-regulation of CT120A by RNA interference suppresses lung cancer cells growth and sensitizes to ultraviolet-induced apoptosis.
Pan D, Wei L, Yao M, Wan D, Gu J.
Cancer Lett. 2006 Apr 8;235(1):26-33. Epub 2005 May 31.
PMID 15927361
Inhibitory effect of CT120B, an alternative splice variant of CT120A, on lung cancer cell growth.
Pan DN, Li JJ, Wei L, Yao M, Wan DF, Gu JR.
Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 2005 Sep;37(9):588-92.
PMID 16143812


This paper should be referenced as such :
Chen, Z ; He, X
FAM57A (family with sequence similarity 57, member A)
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2011;15(5):408-409.
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