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Taking over the Atlas
Dear Colleagues,
The Atlas, once more, is in great danger, and I will have to proceed to a collective economic lay-off of all the team involved in the Atlas before the begining of April 2015 (a foundation having suddenly withdrawn its commitment to support the Atlas). I ask you herein if any Scientific Society (a Society of Cytogenetics, of Clinical Genetics, of Hematology, or a Cancer Society, or any other...), any University and/or Hospital, any Charity, or any database would be interested in taking over the Atlas, in whole or in part. If taking charge of the whole lot is too big, a consortium of various actors could be the solution (I am myself trying to find partners). Could you please spread the information, contact the relevant authorities, and find partners.
Survival of the Atlas will be critically dependant upon your ability to find solutions (and urgently!).
Kind regards.
Jean-Loup Huret
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Other Leukemias implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas)

Leukemias 11q23ChildAMLID1615 11q23ID1030 11q23secondLeukID1131 t1119ELLID1029 t0812q24q22ID2057
t0814ID1050 8p11inMPDID1091 inv8p11q13ID1189

Other Solid tumors implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas)

Solid Tumors AmeloblastomID5945 MedulloblastomaID5065 rhabID5004 bladID5001 colonID5006
EmbryoRhabdomyoID5193 IrisHamartomaID5100 OvaryEpithTumID5230 rhabID5004 SkinMelanomID5416
ConvOsteoID5344 OvarianGermCellID5067 AlvRhabdomyosarcID5194 bladID5001 rhabID5004
SalivGlandOverviewID5328 softissuTumID5042 TranslocLungSmallCellCarcID6651 TranslocLungSquamCellCarcID6819 AstrocytID5007
BoneTumorID5143 ConvOsteoID5344 LaryngealOverviewID5087 liposarcID5029
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