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ITGA9 (integrin, alpha 9)

Written2013-10Carla Molist, Ana Almazán-Moga, Isaac Vidal, Aroa Soriano, Luz Jubierre, Miguel F Segura, Josep Sánchez de Toledo, Soledad Gallego, Josep Roma
Laboratory of Translational Research in Paediatric Cancer, Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain (CM, AAM, IV, AS, LJ, MFS, JSdT, SG, JR); Paediatric Oncology, Haematology, Vall d'Hebron Hospital, Barcelona, Spain (JSdT, SG)

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Alias_namesintegrin, alpha 9
Alias_symbol (synonym)RLC
Other alias
LocusID (NCBI) 3680
Atlas_Id 41010
Location 3p22.2  [Link to chromosome band 3p22]
Location_base_pair Starts at 37452322 and ends at 37819790 bp from pter ( according to hg19-Feb_2009)  [Mapping ITGA9.png]
Fusion genes
(updated 2017)
Data from Atlas, Mitelman, Cosmic Fusion, Fusion Cancer, TCGA fusion databases with official HUGO symbols (see references in chromosomal bands)
ITGA9 (3p22.2) / CTDSPL (3p22.2)ITGA9 (3p22.2) / GOLGA4 (3p22.2)ITGA9 (3p22.2) / SEC13 (3p25.3)
MLH1 (3p22.2) / ITGA9 (3p22.2)NTPCR (1q42.2) / ITGA9 (3p22.2)PHLDB1 (11q23.3) / ITGA9 (3p22.2)
SPG11 (15q21.1) / ITGA9 (3p22.2)XYLB (3p22.2) / ITGA9 (3p22.2)


Description Chromosome 3: 37493606-37865005; forward strand. Segons omim: 3:37493812 - 37861280.
Transcription Exons: 28; Coding exons: 28; Transcript length: 7889 bps; Translation length: 1035 residues.
4 splice variants described (7889, 2282, 609 and 428bp), three of which with protein translation (1035, 632 and 609 aa).


Note Alpha9-Integrin.
Description Alpha-integrins, such as Alpha9-Integrin, are cell surface glycoproteins that contain a large N-terminal extracellular domain with 7 conserved repeats of putative metal-binding domains, a transmembrane segment, and a short C-terminal cytoplasmic tail. ITGA9, like ITGA4, lacks the domain I and the post-translational cleavage that usually occurs in the rest of alpha-integrins. Alpha9-Integrin forms a functional heterodimer with beta1-integrin.
Expression ITGA9 expression is widely distributed in normal human epithelia and muscle. For instance, it has been found in airway epithelium, basal layer of squamous epithelium, smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. Furthermore, its expression has been found in hepatocytes, breast tissue, neutrophils and polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
Localisation Cell membrane.
Function Adhesion with extracellular-matrix proteins, cell-cell interactions and signal transduction. ITGA9 has been shown to bind a plethora of ligands: tenascin, VCAM-1, osteopontin, uPAR, plasmin, angiostatin, several ADAMs (ADAM1, ADAM2, ADAM3, ADAM7, ADAM8, ADAM9, ADAM12, ADAM15, ADAM28 and ADAM33), EMILIN1, fibronectin, VEGF-A, VEGF-C and VEGF-D.
Alpha9 knockout mice died from respiratory failure before day 12 after birth and showed chylothorax, defective lymphatic and venous valve morphogenesis, impaired development of neutrophils, improper re-epithelialisation during cutaneous wound-healing, impaired bone resorption and abnormal osteoclasts.
In cancer, the heterodimer alpha9-beta1 has recently been shown to have an oncogenic role by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cell migration and metastatic ability in several cancers such as glioma, breast, colon and rhabdomyosarcoma. However, other authors have reported a tumour suppressor function for ITGA9 in a wide variety of tumours based on deletion or methylation states in varying percentages of patients. Furthermore, a very small percentage of patients (1%) with point mutations has also been reported.
Homology Alpha- and beta-integrins are completely distinct, with no detectable homology between them. Sequence identity among alpha-integrins is around 45%. All alpha-integrins are thought to have evolved from a common ancestor. Among all alpha-subunits, alpha-9 shows the greatest homology with alpha-4.



Implicated in

Entity Small cell lung cancer (SCLC)
Note Yamakawa et al. (1993) identified a region of homozygous deletions in chromosome 3p21.3 in lung cancer cell lines, where the ITGA9 gene is located. Furthermore, Hibi et al. (1994) reported an upregulation of the ITGA9 gene in SCLC cell lines and primary tumours, suggesting that an altered expression of the ITGA9 may contribute to the phenotype of this cancer.
An activation of ITGA9 expression has been shown in different human tumours and cancer cells, for example small cell lung cancer, medulloblastoma, astrocytoma and glioblastoma.
On the other hand, several genetic and epigenetic aberrations (deletions and methylations) of ITGA9 have been described in several types of cancer such as kidney, lung, breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate and colorectal.


Functional classification of ADAMs based on a conserved motif for binding to integrin alpha 9beta 1: implications for sperm-egg binding and other cell interactions.
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PMID 11882657
Integrin α9β1 promotes malignant tumor growth and metastasis by potentiating epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
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The newcomer in the integrin family: integrin α9 in biology and cancer.
Hoye AM, Couchman JR, Wewer UM, Fukami K, Yoneda A.
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The EIIIA segment of fibronectin is a ligand for integrins alpha 9beta 1 and alpha 4beta 1 providing a novel mechanism for regulating cell adhesion by alternative splicing.
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PMID 20435742
Notch-mediated induction of N-cadherin and α9-integrin confers higher invasive phenotype on rhabdomyosarcoma cells.
Masia A, Almazan-Moga A, Velasco P, Reventos J, Toran N, Sanchez de Toledo J, Roma J, Gallego S.
Br J Cancer. 2012 Oct 9;107(8):1374-83. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2012.411. Epub 2012 Sep 13.
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Integrin alpha9 (ITGA9) expression and epigenetic silencing in human breast tumors.
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Sequence and tissue distribution of the integrin alpha 9 subunit, a novel partner of beta 1 that is widely distributed in epithelia and muscle.
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PMID 8245132
alpha9beta1 integrin is expressed on human neutrophils and contributes to neutrophil migration through human lung and synovial fibroblast barriers.
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Frequent homozygous deletions in lung cancer cell lines detected by a DNA marker located at 3p21.3-p22.
Yamakawa K, Takahashi T, Horio Y, Murata Y, Takahashi E, Hibi K, Yokoyama S, Ueda R, Takahashi T, Nakamura Y.
Oncogene. 1993 Feb;8(2):327-30.
PMID 8381220


This paper should be referenced as such :
Molist, C ; Almazn, A ; Vidal, I ; Soriano, A ; Jubierre, L ; Segura, MF ; Snchez, de Toledo J ; Gallego, S ; Roma, J
ITGA9 (integrin, alpha 9)
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2014;18(5):321-323.
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Other Solid tumors implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas) [ 3 ]
  ITGA9/GOLGA4 (3p22)
XYLB/ITGA9 (3p22)
t(3;3)(p22;p25) ITGA9/SEC13

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Gene and transcription
Genbank (Entrez)AK026826 AK123884 BC030198 BX647350 D25303
RefSeq transcript (Entrez)NM_002207
RefSeq genomic (Entrez)
Consensus coding sequences : CCDS (NCBI)ITGA9
Cluster EST : UnigeneHs.113157 [ NCBI ]
CGAP (NCI)Hs.113157
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UniProt/SwissProtQ13797   [function]  [subcellular_location]  [family_and_domains]  [pathology_and_biotech]  [ptm_processing]  [expression]  [interaction]
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Splice isoforms : SwissVarQ13797
Domaine pattern : Prosite (Expaxy)FG_GAP (PS51470)    INTEGRIN_ALPHA (PS00242)   
Domains : Interpro (EBI)FG-GAP    Int_alpha_beta-p    Integrin_alpha    Integrin_alpha-2    Integrin_alpha_C_CS    Integrin_alpha_N    Integrin_dom_sf   
Domain families : Pfam (Sanger)FG-GAP (PF01839)    Integrin_alpha2 (PF08441)   
Domain families : Pfam (NCBI)pfam01839    pfam08441   
Domain families : Smart (EMBL)Int_alpha (SM00191)  
Conserved Domain (NCBI)ITGA9
DMDM Disease mutations3680
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Human Protein Atlas [tissue]ENSG00000144668-ITGA9 [tissue]
Peptide AtlasQ13797
IPIIPI00015181   IPI00927444   IPI00927265   
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IntAct (EBI)Q13797
Ontologies - Pathways
Ontology : AmiGOcollagen binding  plasma membrane  cell adhesion  integrin-mediated signaling pathway  integrin complex  basal plasma membrane  extracellular matrix organization  neutrophil chemotaxis  integrin alpha9-beta1 complex  wound healing  laminin binding  metal ion binding  
Ontology : EGO-EBIcollagen binding  plasma membrane  cell adhesion  integrin-mediated signaling pathway  integrin complex  basal plasma membrane  extracellular matrix organization  neutrophil chemotaxis  integrin alpha9-beta1 complex  wound healing  laminin binding  metal ion binding  
Pathways : KEGGPI3K-Akt signaling pathway    Focal adhesion    ECM-receptor interaction    Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs)    Regulation of actin cytoskeleton    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)    Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)    Dilated cardiomyopathy   
REACTOMEQ13797 [protein]
REACTOME PathwaysR-HSA-445144 [pathway]   
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Atlas of Cancer Signalling NetworkITGA9
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Fusion PortalITGA9 3p22.2 SEC13 3p25.3 LUAD
Fusion PortalXYLB 3p22.2 ITGA9 3p22.2 BRCA
Fusion : FusionGDB17841    17842    17843    17844    17845    17846    25012    26998    35661    41457    42256    8785   
Fusion : Fusion_HubCTDSPL--ITGA9    GOLGA4--ITGA9    ITGA9--CTDSPL    ITGA9--EPHA6    ITGA9--FAM120B    ITGA9--FAM133B    ITGA9--GOLGA4    ITGA9--GSK3B    ITGA9--HMOX2    ITGA9--NGLY1    ITGA9--PSPC1    ITGA9--SEC13    ITGA9--SET    ITGA9--SLC39A11    ITGA9--SPATS2L   
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