Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

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Alphabetic list of cancer genes


- H -
Annotated genes
H11 (Alias)12q24.23 HSPB8
H12.3 (Alias)5q35.3 RACK1
H12 (Alias)3p21.31 RHOA
H1 (Alias)1p36.11 CLIC4
H2AFX11q23.3 H2AFX (H2A histone family, member X)
H2 (Alias)9p24.1 RLN2
H2a/x (Alias)11q23.3 H2AFX
H2A/X (Alias)11q23.3 H2AFX
H2A.X (Alias)11q23.3 H2AFX
H2AX (Alias)11q23.3 H2AFX
H2 (heparin-binding growth factor receptor) (Alias)8p11.23 FGFR1
H37 (Alias)3p21.31 RBM5
H3 (rhesus monkey) (Alias)10q26.13 DMBT1
H4 (Alias)10q21.2 CCDC6
H6 (Alias)2p24.1 RHOB
H731 (Alias)10q25.2 PDCD4
H9 (Alias)1p13.2 RHOC
HA1753 (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C3
HACE16q16.3 HACE1 (HECT domain and ankyrin repeat containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1)
HAGE (for Helicase AntiGEn) (Alias)6q13 DDX43
HAI-1 (Alias)15q15.1 SPINT1
HAI1 (Alias)15q15.1 SPINT1
HAI (Alias)15q15.1 SPINT1
HAIP1 (Alias)11q22.2 BIRC3
Hair Color 3 (Brown) (Alias)15q12 OCA2
HAKRB (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C3
HAKRe (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C3
HAMPKb (Alias)12q24.23 PRKAB1
HAP46 (Alias)9p13.3 BAG1
HAP (Alias)9p13.3 BAG1
HARAKIRI (Alias)12q24.22 HRK
HARP (Alias)7q33 PTN
HAS28q24.13 HAS2 (hyaluronan synthase 2)
HASH1 (Alias)12q23.2 ASCL1
HAUSP (Alias)16p13.2 USP7
HB16 (Alias)2q31.1 ATF2
HB-1 (Alias)7q21.3 PEG10
HB9 (Alias)7q36.3 MNX1
HBD1 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB1
HBEBP36 (Alias)5q34 WWC1
HBEBP3 (Alias)5q34 WWC1
HBEX2 (Alias)Xq22.1 BEX1
HBGF-0.8 (Alias)6q23.2 CTGF
HBGF-1 (Alias)5q31.3 FGF1
HBGF1 (Alias)5q31.3 FGF1
HBGF-2 (Alias)4q27 FGF2
HBGF-8 (Alias)10q24.32 FGF8
HBGF8 (Alias)7q33 PTN
HBM (Alias)11q13.2 LRP5
HBNF (Alias)7q33 PTN
HBP17q22.3 HBP1 (HMG-box transcription factor 1)
HBP23 (Heme-binding protein 23 kDa) (Alias)1p34.1 PRDX1
HBXAP (Alias)11q14.1 RSF1
HBZ17 (Alias)7q32.2 NRF1
HCA519 (Alias)20q11.21 TPX2
HCC-1 (Alias)12q13.2 SARNP
HCC5 (Alias)6p12.2 MCM3
HCELL (Alias)11p13 CD44
HCL3 (Alias)15q12 OCA2
HCMOGT-1 (Alias)17p11.2 SPECC1
HCMOGT-1 (sperm antigen HCMOGT-1) (Alias)17p11.2 SPECC1
HCNP (Alias)12q24.23 PEBP1
HCNPpp (Alias)12q24.23 PEBP1
HCP (Alias) PTPN6
HCPH (Alias) PTPN6
Hcs24 (Alias)6q23.2 CTGF
HCTP4 (Alias)20q11.21 TPX2
HD21 (Alias)Xp11.22 SSX2
HD2 (Alias)6q21 HDAC2
HD3 (Alias)5q31.3 HDAC3
HDAC26q21 HDAC2 (histone deacetylase 2)
HDAC3 (Alias)5q31.3 HDAC3
HDAC35q31.3 HDAC3 (Histone deacetylase 3)
HDGC (Alias)18q12.1 DSG2
Hdlg (Alias)3q29 DLG1
HDMX (Alias)12q15 MDM2
HDR (Alias)10p14 GATA3
HDRS (Alias)10p14 GATA3
HEB (Alias)15q21.3 TCF12
HEK11 (Alias)6q16.1 EPHA7
HEK4 (Alias)3p11.1 EPHA3
HEK (Alias)3p11.1 EPHA3
HEL168 (Alias)14q11.2 ANG
Helios (Alias)2q34 IKZF2
HELLS10q23.33 HELLS (Helicase, Lymphoid-Specific)
HEL-S-271 (Alias)12q13.3 ATP5B
HEL-S-28 (Alias)11p15.4 ILK
HEL-S-67p (Alias)Location Cytogenetic location: 1p36.23; Molecular location: Chromosome 1; Start 7961654; Stop 7985282based on Genome Browser Human Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38) Assembly [Link to chromosome band 1p36] PARK7
HEL-S-99n (Alias)19p13.13 CALR
HEP (Alias)7q34 EPHB6
HEPTP (Alias)1q32.1 PTPN7
HEPTP (Alias)20p13 PTPRA
HER-2 (Alias)17q12 ERBB2
HER2 (Alias)17q12 ERBB2
HER-2/neu (Alias)17q12 ERBB2
HER3 (Alias)12q13.2 ERBB3
HERV-7q (Alias)- ERVW-1
HERV-W_7q21.2 provirus ancestral Env polyprotein precursor (Alias)- ERVW-1
HERV-W (Alias)- ERVW-1
HERVW (Alias)- ERVW-1
HERV-W-ENV (Alias)- ERVW-1
Hexabrachion (Alias)9q33.1 TNC
HFE1 (Alias)6p22.2 HFE
HFE6p22.2 HFE (hemochromatosis)
HFH-11 (Alias)12p13.33 FOXM1
HFH11 (Alias)12p13.33 FOXM1
HFH1 (Alias)6p25.3 FOXQ1
HFKH4 (Alias)9q22.33 FOXE1
HFKL5 (Alias)9q22.33 FOXE1
HFSP (Alias)5q11.2 GZMA
HG11 (Alias)11q12.1 APLNR
HG4-1 (Alias)12q13.2 PA2G4
HGF (Alias)7p15.3 IL6
HGFB (Alias)7q21.11 HGF
HGF7q21.11 HGF (hepatocyte growth factor (hepapoietin A; scatter factor))
HGFIN (Alias)7p15.3 GPNMB
HGFL (Alias)3p21.31 MST1
HGK2 (Alias)6p21.33 DDR1
HGNC:13226 (Alias)21q22.11 OLIG2
HGNC:14460 (Alias)14q11.2 NDRG2
HGNC8617 (Alias)2q36.1 PAX3
HGR74-h (Alias)Xq22.1 BEX1
H-GRF55 (Alias)15q25.1 RASGRF1
HH (Alias)6p22.2 HFE
HHC1 (Alias)3q21.1 CASR
HHC (Alias)3q21.1 CASR
HHF7 (Alias)1p13.2 SLC16A1
HHG 2 (Alias)2p16.3 LHCGR
HHG (Alias)Xp21.2 NR0B1
HHM (Alias)12p11.22 PTHLH
HHT1 (Alias)9q34.11 ENG
HHT2 (Alias)12q13.13 ACVRL1
HHT (Alias)12q13.13 ACVRL1
HIAP1 (Alias)11q22.2 BIRC3
Hiap-2 (Alias)11q22.2 BIRC2
HIAP-2 (Alias)11q22.2 BIRC2
HIAP2 (Alias)11q22.2 BIRC2
HIC117p13.3 HIC1 (Hypermethylated in Cancer 1)
HIF-1b (Alias)1q21.3 ARNT
HIF2A (Alias)2p21 EPAS1
HIFPH2 (Alias)1q42.2 EGLN1
HILI (Alias)8p21.3 PIWIL2
HIP116A (Alias)3q24 HLTF
HIP116 (Alias)3q24 HLTF
HIP17q11.23 HIP1 (Huntingtin interactin protein 1)
HIP8 (Alias)Xq28 MAGEA3
HIPK27q34 HIPK2 (homeodomain interacting protein kinase 2)
Hippostasin (Alias)19q13.41 KLK11
HIRS-1 (Alias)2q36.3 IRS1
HITS (Alias)10p13 FAM107B
HIV-1 Tat interacting protein (Alias)11q13.1 KAT5
HIWI (Alias)12q24.33 PIWIL1
HJ1 (Alias)20p12.2 JAG1
HJ2 (Alias)14q32.33 JAG2
HJMD (Alias)16q22.1 CDH3
HKMT1069 (Alias)1p13.2 WDR77
HLADG (Alias)5q32 CD74
HLA-G6p22.1 HLA-G (major histocompatibility complex, class I, G)
HLA-H (Alias)6p22.2 HFE
HLC-7 (Alias)5q35.3 RACK1
HLCDGP1 (Alias)5q32 CSNK1A1
HLF (Alias)2p21 EPAS1
HLF17q22 HLF (hepatic leukemia factor)
HLPR (Alias)20p13 PTPRA
HLR1 (Alias)17q23.3 DDX5
HLTF1 (Alias)3q24 HLTF
HLTF3q24 HLTF (helicase-like transcription factor)
HLXB9 (homeo box HB9) (Alias)7q36.3 MNX1
HM145 (Alias)3p21.31 CCR1
HMAT1 (Alias)1q23.2 PEA15
HMFN0395 (Alias)19q13.33 ATF5
HMGA16p21.31 HMGA1 (High mobility group protein (non histone chromosomal) isoform I and Y)
HMGA212q14.3 HMGA2 (high mobility group AT-hook 2)
HMGIC (High mobility group protein isoform I-C (Alias)12q14.3 HMGA2
HMG-I(Y), HMGI/Y (Alias)6p21.31 HMGA1
HMGN5 HMGN5 (High Mobility Group Nucleosome binding domain 5)
HMIWC2 (Alias)18q11.2 AQP4
HMN2A (Alias)12q24.23 HSPB8
HMN2 (Alias)12q24.23 HSPB8
HMN2B (Alias)7q11.23 HSPB1
HMR (Alias)12q13.13 NR4A1
HMSNL (Alias)8q24.22 NDRG1
HNF3A (Alias)14q21.1 FOXA1
HNF-3 (Alias)12p13.33 FOXM1
HNF4AThe human HNF4A gene is located on 20q12-q13.1 HNF4A (Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 alpha)
HNGS1 (Alias)11q21 MRE11
HNP (Alias)19q13.41 KLK8
HNPCC1 (Alias)2p21 MSH2
HNPCC2 (Alias)3p22.2 MLH1
HNPCC3 (Alias)2q32.2 PMS1
HNPCC5 (Alias)2p16.3 MSH6
HNRNPD4q21.22 HNRNPD (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein D (AU-rich element RNA binding protein 1, 37kDa))
HNRNP-I (Alias)19p13.3 PTBP1
HNRNPI (Alias)19p13.3 PTBP1
HNRNPK9q21.32 HNRNPK (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K)
HNRPD (Alias)4q21.22 HNRNPD
HNRPI (Alias)19p13.3 PTBP1
HNRPK (Alias)9q21.32 HNRNPK
HNT (Alias)6p24.3 RREB1
HOM-MEL-40 (Alias)Xp11.22 SSX2
HOX11L2 (Alias)5q35.1 TLX3
HOX1G (homeobox-1G); (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA9
HOX1I (HOMEOBOX 1I) (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA11
HOX3A (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC8
HOX3 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC13
HOX3 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC8
HOX3G (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC13
HOX8 (Alias)5q35.2 MSX2
HOXA117p15.2 HOXA11 (homeobox A11)
HOXA97p15.2 HOXA9 (homeobox A9)
HOXC1312q13.13 HOXC13 (homeobox C13)
HOXC812q13.13 HOXC8 (homeobox C8)
HOXHB9 (Alias)7q36.3 MNX1
HP86 (Alias)21q22.13 DYRK1A
HPAFP (Alias)4q13.3 AFP
HP (Alias)8p22 DLC1
HPC2 (Alias)17p12 ELAC2
HPE9 (Alias)2q14.2 GLI2
HPH-2 (Alias)1q42.2 EGLN1
HPK38 (Alias)9p13.2 MELK
HPPCn (Alias)15q23 ANP32A
HPT-1 (Alias)8q22.1 CDH17
HPT1 (Alias)8q22.1 CDH17
HPTA (Alias)7q21.11 HGF
HPT-JT (Alias)1q31.2 CDC73
HPTP1C (Alias) PTPN6
HPTPA (Alias)20p13 PTPRA
HPTP (Alias)9p24.1 PTPRD
HPTPalpha (Alias)20p13 PTPRA
HPTPD (Alias)9p24.1 PTPRD
HPTP-DELTA (Alias)9p24.1 PTPRD
HPTPeta (Alias)11p11.2 PTPRJ
HPTPG (Alias)3p14.2 PTPRG
HPTTG (Alias)5q33.3 PTTG1
HPVE6A (Alias)15q11.2 UBE3A
HRAS11p15.5 HRAS (Harvey rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog)
HRASLS4 (Alias)11q12.3 RARRES3
HRCA1 (Alias)8q24.13 RNF139
HRF-20 (Alias)11p13 CD59
HRF20 (Alias)11p13 CD59
HRH-J8 (Alias)11q22.3 DDX10
HRK12q24.22 HRK (harakiri, BCL2 interacting protein (contains only BH3 domain))
HRPT2 (Alias)1q31.2 CDC73
HRR-1 (Alias)12q23.1 NR1H4
HRR1 (Alias)12q23.1 NR1H4
Hs.1163 (Alias)1p34.1 PRDX1
HS1 (Alias)20q13.33 EEF1A2
HS44KDAP (Alias)16p11.2 MAPK3
Hs.54473 (Alias)5q35.1 NKX2-5
Hs.6364 (Alias)11q13.1 KAT5
Hs.75619 (Alias)3p21.31 HYAL1
HS.76067 (Alias)7q11.23 HSPB1
Hs.84359 (Alias)17p13.1 CLDN7
HSA269537 (Alias)12q23.3 CHST11
HSAP (Alias)2p16.3 MSH6
H. sapiens p130 mRNA for 130K protein (Alias)16q12.2 RBL2
HSAS1 (Alias)Xq28 L1CAM
HSAS (Alias)Xq28 L1CAM
HSC54 (Alias)11q24.1 HSPA8
HSC70 (Alias)11q24.1 HSPA8
HSC71 (Alias)11q24.1 HSPA8
HsCDC18 (Alias)17q21.2 CDC6
HsCDC6 (Alias)17q21.2 CDC6
HSCTE (Alias)19q13.41 KLK5
HsCYK-4 (Alias)12q13.12 RACGAP1
HSD17B5 (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C3
HSF (Alias)7p15.3 IL6
HSIX1 (human SIX1) (Alias)14q23.1 SIX1
HSKM-B (Alias)1q32.3 SMYD2
HsMAD2 (Alias)4q27 MAD2L1
HSN (Alias)7p22.1 FSCN1
HSP105 (Alias)13q12.3 HSPH1
HSP105 alpha (Alias)13q12.3 HSPH1
HSP105 bet (Alias)13q12.3 HSPH1
HSP110 (Alias)13q12.3 HSPH1
HSP22 (Alias)12q24.23 HSPB8
Hsp25 (Alias)7q11.23 HSPB1
HSP27 (Alias)7q11.23 HSPB1
HSP28 (Alias)7q11.23 HSPB1
HSP60 (Alias)2q33.1 HSPD1
HSP65 (Alias)2q33.1 HSPD1
HSP71 (Alias)11q24.1 HSPA8
HSP73 (Alias)11q24.1 HSPA8
HSP75 (Alias)16p13.3 TRAP1
HSP90L (Alias)16p13.3 TRAP1
HSPA10 (Alias)11q24.1 HSPA8
HSPA59q33.3 HSPA5 (heat shock 70kDa protein 5 (glucose-regulated protein, 78kDa))
HSPA811q24.1 HSPA8 (heat shock 70kDa protein 8)
HSPB17q11.23 HSPB1 (Heat-Shock 27 kDa Protein 1)
HspB5 (Alias)11q23.1 CRYAB
HSPB5 (Alias)11q23.1 CRYAB
HSPB812q24.23 HSPB8 (heat shock 22kDa protein 8)
HSPBAP13q21.1 HSPBAP1 (HSPB (heat shock 27kDa) associated protein 1)
HSPC022 (Alias)22q13.1 RAC2
HSPC057 (Alias)16q12.1 CYLD
HSPC060 (Alias)18q22.2 SOCS6
HSPC108 (Alias)9p13.3 STOML2
HSPC113 (Alias)19q13.12 FXYD5
HSPC132 (Alias)12q24.31 TRIAP1
HSPC215 (Alias)3p13 FOXP1
HSPD12q33.1 HSPD1 (Heat Shock 60kDa Protein 1)
HSPG21p36.12 HSPG2 (heparan sulfate proteoglycan 2)
HSPG (Alias)1p36.12 HSPG2
HSPH113q12.3 HSPH1 (heat shock 105kDa/110kDa protein 1)
HsT1196 (Alias)18q21.33 SERPINB3
HsT18717 (Alias)15q21.3 ADAM10
HsT18964 (Alias)15q23 ITGA11
HsTRAD (Alias)17q12 RAD51D
HSU93850 (Alias)16p12.2 EEF2K
HSULF-1 (Alias)8q13.2 SULF1
HSULF-2 (Alias)20q13.12 SULF2
HSXIAPAF1 (Alias)17p13.1 XAF1
HSY11339 (Alias)17q25.1 ST6GALNAC1
HTATIP211p15.1 HTATIP2 (HIV-1 Tat interactive protein 2, 30kDa)
HTATIP (HIV-1 Tat interacting protein, 60kDa) (Alias)11q13.1 KAT5
HTCD37 (Alias)1q21.3 PRUNE1
HTF4 (Alias)15q21.3 TCF12
HTO27 (Alias)17q25.1 GRB2
HTRA110q26.13 HTRA1 (HtrA serine peptidase 1)
HTRA22p13.1 HTRA2 (HtrA serine peptidase 2)
HTRA34p16.1 HTRA3 (HtrA serine peptidase 3)
HtrA (Alias)10q26.13 HTRA1
H-twist (Alias)7p21.1 TWIST1
HU-1 (Alias)1p36.11 RPS6KA1
Hua (Alias)19p13.2 ELAVL1
HUCEP-13 (Alias)3p21.1 BAP1
HuCHA60 (Alias)2q33.1 HSPD1
HuGBP-1 (Alias)1p22.2 GBP1
HUMARA (Alias)Xq12 AR
HUMHOXY1 (Alias)1p36.21 PRDM2
HUMKER1A (Alias)16p11.2 MAPK3
HUMMAT1H (Alias)1q23.2 PEA15
HUMP68 (Alias)17q23.3 DDX5
HUNK1 (Alias)19p13.12 BRD4
HUP2 (Alias)2q36.1 PAX3
HuR (Alias)19p13.2 ELAVL1
HUR (Alias)19p13.2 ELAVL1
HUS17p12.3 HUS1 (HUS1 checkpoint homolog (S. pombe))
HUSI (Human Seminal proteinase inhibitor) (Alias)20q13.12 chr20:43,881,055- 43,883,184 (reverse strand) SLPI
HUSI-I (Alias)20q13.12 chr20:43,881,055- 43,883,184 (reverse strand) SLPI
HUTCH-I (Alias)11p13 CD44
HVH1 (Alias)5q35.1 DUSP1
HVSL1 (Alias)16q21 USB1
HYA1 (Alias)7q31.32 SPAM1
HYA22 (Alias)3p22.2 CTDSPL
HYAL-1 (Alias)3p21.31 HYAL1
HYAL1 (Alias)7q31.32 SPAM1
HYAL13p21.31 HYAL1 (hyaluronoglucosaminidase 1)
HYAL23p21.31 HYAL2 (Hyaluronoglucosaminidase 2)
HYAL3 (Alias)7q31.32 SPAM1
HYAL5 (Alias)7q31.32 SPAM1
Hyal-PH20 (Alias)7q31.32 SPAM1
Hyaluronidase-1 precursor (Alias)3p21.31 HYAL1
Hyaluronoglucosaminidase-1 (Alias)3p21.31 HYAL1
HYPD (Alias)Xq28 MAGEA3
HYPERION (Alias)7q21.2 AKAP9
HYPLIP1 (Alias)1q23.3 USF1
Other genes with a part possibly implicated in cancer
H105E3 (Alias)Xq28 NSDHL
H10 (Alias)22q13.1 H1F0
H10BH (Alias)6q14.1 UBE3D
H1.10 (Alias)3q21.3 H1FX
H1.1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1A
H1.2 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1C
H1.3 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1D
H13 (Alias)20q11.21 HM13
H1.4 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1E
H1.5 (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H1B
H1.6 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1T
H174 (Alias)4q21.1 CXCL11
H17739 (Alias)20q13.32 PHACTR3
H17 (Alias)11q24.2 FOXRED1
H1.7 (Alias)12q13.11 H1FNT
H1.8 (Alias)3q22.1 H1FOO
H1.9 (Alias)17q21.33 HILS1
H19-DMD (Alias)11p15.5 H19-ICR
H1911p15.5 H19 (H19, imprinted maternally expressed transcript (non-protein coding))
H19-ICR11p15.5 H19-ICR (H19/IGF2 imprinting control region)
H19X (Alias)Xq26.3 MIR503HG
H1A (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1A
H1 (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H1B
H1 (Alias)9p24.1 RLN1
H1 (Alias)1q21.2 VPS45
H1B (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H1B
H1C (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1C
H1D (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1D
H1E (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1E
H1F022q13.1 H1F0 (H1 histone family member 0)
H1F1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1A
H1F2 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1C
H1F3 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1D
H1F4 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1E
H1F5 (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H1B
H1FNT12q13.11 H1FNT (H1 histone family member N, testis specific)
H1FOO3q22.1 H1FOO (H1 histone family member O, oocyte specific)
H1FT (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1T
H1FV (Alias)22q13.1 H1F0
H1FX-AS13q21.3 H1FX-AS1 (H1FX antisense RNA 1)
H1FX3q21.3 H1FX (H1 histone family member X)
H1oo (Alias)3q22.1 H1FOO
H1P (Alias)3p21.1 ITIH1
H1-R (Alias)3p25.3 HRH1
H1R (Alias)3p25.3 HRH1
H1RLX (Alias)9p24.1 RLN1
H1RNA (Alias)2p25.3 RNASEH1
H1RNA (Alias)14q11.2 RPPH1
H1s-1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1C
H1s-2 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1D
H1s-3 (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H1B
H1s-4 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1E
H1T2 (Alias)12q13.11 H1FNT
H1t (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1T
H1TF2A (Alias)1p34.2 NFYC
H1VPS45 (Alias)1q21.2 VPS45
H1X (Alias)3q21.3 H1FX
H218 (Alias)19p13.2 S1PR2
H21 (Alias)14q23.3 AKAP5
H23AG (Alias)1q22 MUC1
H_267D11.1 (Alias)12q24.23 BICDL1
H2A.1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AE
H2A.1 (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AM
H2A.1b (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AG
H2A.2 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AE
H2A.2 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA3
H2A.3 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AD
H2a-615 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA3
H2AA (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AA
H2A/a (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AE
H2A (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA3
H2A (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AC
H2AB (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AB
H2A.Bbd (Alias)Xq28 H2AFB1
H2A.Bbd (Alias)Xq28 H2AFB2
H2ABBD (Alias)Xq28 H2AFB3
H2A/c (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AI
H2A/d (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AK
H2A/E (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AJ
H2AF12M (Alias)5q31.1 H2AFY
H2AFA (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AE
H2AFALii (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AH
H2AFB1Xq28 H2AFB1 (H2A histone family member B1)
H2AFB2Xq28 H2AFB2 (H2A histone family member B2)
H2AFB3Xq28 H2AFB3 (H2A histone family member B3)
H2AFB (Alias)Xq28 H2AFB3
H2AFC (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AI
H2AFD (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AK
H2AFE (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AJ
H2AFG (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AD
H2AFI (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AL
H2AFJ12p12.3 H2AFJ (H2A histone family member J)
H2AFK (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2APS4
H2AFKP (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2APS4
H2AFL (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AC
H2AFM (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AB
H2AFN (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AM
H2AFO (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA3
H2AFP (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AG
H2AFQ (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AC
H2AFR (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AA
H2AFSP (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2APS1
H2AFV7p13 H2AFV (H2A histone family member V)
H2AFY210q22.1 H2AFY2 (H2A histone family member Y2)
H2AFY5q31.1 H2AFY (H2A histone family member Y)
H2AFZ4q23 H2AFZ (H2A histone family member Z)
H2A/g (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AD
H2AG (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AG
H2A-GL101 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AC
H2AH (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AH
H2A/i (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AL
H2A.i (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AL
H2AJ (Alias)12p12.3 H2AFJ
H2A/k (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2APS4
H2A/l (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AC
H2-ALPHA (Alias)2q21.1 TUBA3D
H2-ALPHA (Alias)2q35 TUBA4A
H2A/m (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2AB
H2A/n (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AM
H2A/O (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA3
H2A/p (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AG
H2A/q (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA3
H2A/q (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AC
H2A/R (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA4
H2A/S (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2AH
H2AV (Alias)7p13 H2AFV
H2A/y (Alias)5q31.1 H2AFY
H2A.y (Alias)5q31.1 H2AFY
H2A.Z-1 (Alias)4q23 H2AFZ
H2A.Z-2 (Alias)7p13 H2AFV
H2A/z (Alias)4q23 H2AFZ
H2A.z (Alias)4q23 H2AFZ
H2AZ (Alias)4q23 H2AFZ
H2B.1A (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BG
H2B.1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BB
H2B.1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BC
H2B.1 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BE
H2B.1B (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BD
H2B.2 (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BO
H2B/a (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BG
H2B (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BE
H2B/b (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BD
H2Bb (Alias)1q42.13 HIST3H2BB
H2B/c (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BL
H2B/d (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BN
H2B/e (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BM
H2BFA (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BG
H2BFAiii (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BK
H2-Bf (Alias)6p21.33 CFB
H2B/f (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BB
H2BFB (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BD
H2BFC (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BL
H2BFD (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BN
H2BFE (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BM
H2BFF (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BB
H2BFG (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BF
H2BFH (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BE
H2BFJ (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BH
H2BFK (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BI
H2BFL (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BC
H2BFMXq22.2 H2BFM (H2B histone family member M)
H2BFN (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BO
H2BFO (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BD
H2BFQ (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BE
H2BFR (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BJ
H2BFS21q22.3 H2BFS (H2B histone family member S)
H2BFT (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BK
H2BFU (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BA
H2BFWTXq22.2 H2BFWT (H2B histone family member W, testis specific)
H2BFXPXq22.2 H2BFXP (H2B histone family member X, pseudogene)
H2B/g (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BF
H2BGL105 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BE
H2B/h (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BE
H2B.h (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BE
H2B/j (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BH
H2BJ (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BJ
H2B/k (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BI
H2BK (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BK
H2B/l (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BC
H2B/n (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BO
H2B/o (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BD
H2BQ (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BE
H2B/r (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BJ
H2B/S (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H2BK
H2B/s (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BD
H2B/t (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BC
H2-KE2 (Alias)6p21.32 PFDN6
H2-KE4 (Alias)6p21.32 SLC39A7
H2-KE6 (Alias)6p21.32 HSD17B8
H2P (Alias)10p14 ITIH2
H2R (Alias)5q35.2 HRH2
H-2RIIBP (Alias)6p21.32 RXRB
H2RSP (Alias)19q13.2 C19orf33
H3.1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3C
H3.1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3E
H326 (Alias)1q23.2 DCAF8
H3.2 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3C
H3.3A (Alias)1q42.12 H3F3A
H3.3B (Alias)17q25.1 H3F3B
H3.4 (Alias)1q42.13 HIST3H3
H3.5 (Alias)12p11.21 H3F3C
H36-1 (Alias)1q31.3 CFHR1
H36-2 (Alias)1q31.3 CFHR1
H-37 (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C1
H3/A (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3A
H3 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3C
H3 (Alias)19p13.12 RLN3
H3/b (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3D
H3/c (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3C
H3/d (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3E
H3F1K (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3H
H3F2 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3C
H3F3A1q42.12 H3F3A (H3 histone family member 3A)
H3F3 (Alias)1q42.12 H3F3A
H3F3AP214q11.2 H3F3AP2 (H3 histone family member 3A pseudogene 2)
H3F3AP41q42.12 H3F3AP4 (H3 histone, family 3A, pseudogene 4)
H3F3B17q25.1 H3F3B (H3 histone family member 3B)
H3F3C12p11.21 H3F3C (H3 histone family member 3C)
H3F3CP (Alias)14q11.2 H3F3AP2
H3FA (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3A
H3/f (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3I
H3.f (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3I
H3FB (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3D
H3FC (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3C
H3FD (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3E
H3FF (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3I
H3FH (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3G
H3FI (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3F
H3FJ (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3J
H3FK (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3H
H3FL (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3B
H3FM (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3C
H3FN (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3C
H3FT (Alias)1q42.13 HIST3H3
H3/g (Alias)1q42.13 HIST3H3
H3/h (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3G
H3/i (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3F
H3/j (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3J
H3-K9-HMTase 1 (Alias)Xp11.23 SUV39H1
H3-K9-HMTase4 (Alias)1q21.3 SETDB1
H3/k (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H3H
H3/l (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H3B
H3/M (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3C
H3/n (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3A
H3/o (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H3A
H3P (Alias)3p21.1 ITIH3
H3t (Alias)1q42.13 HIST3H3
H41 (Alias)3q22.1 CDV3
H4 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4F
H4 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H4A
H4 (Alias)18q11.2 HRH4
H4/b (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4D
H4/c (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4F
H4/d (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4K
H4/e (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4J
H4F2 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H4A
H4F2iii (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4K
H4F2iv (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4J
H4F5 (Alias)5q13.2 SERF1A
H4F5C (Alias)5q13.2 SERF1B
H4F5REL (Alias)15q15.3 SERF2
H4FA (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4A
H4FB (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4D
H4FC (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4F
H4FD (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4K
H4FE (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4J
H4FG (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4C
H4FH (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4H
H4FI (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4B
H4FJ (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4E
H4FK (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4L
H4FL (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4G
H4FM (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4I
H4FN (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H4A
H4/g (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4C
H4/h (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4H
H4/I (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4B
H4/j (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4E
H4/k (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4L
H4.k (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4L
H4/l (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H4G
H4/m (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4I
H4M (Alias)6p22.1 HIST1H4I
H4/n (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H4A
H4/o (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H4B
H4/p (Alias)12p12.3 HIST4H4
H4P (Alias)3p21.1 ITIH4
H4R (Alias)18q11.2 HRH4
H5 (Alias)17q22 SEPT4
H63 (Alias)15q15.3 CASC4
H6 (Alias)4p16.1 HMX1
H6L (Alias)10q26.13 HMX2
H6PD1p36.22 H6PD (hexose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase/glucose 1-dehydrogenase)
H7365 (Alias)9q31.1 TMEFF1
H7AP1 (Alias)6p21.1 CUL9
H91620p (Alias)7q36.1 PRKAG2
H963 (Alias)3q25.1 GPR171
H9 (Alias)Xq28 GPR50
HA117 (Alias)14q24.2 RGS6
HA1756 (Alias)1q23.2 TAGLN2
HA-1 (Alias)19p13.3 ARHGAP45
Ha-1 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT31
HA1 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT31
HA2 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT32
HA2 (Alias)7p13 MYO1G
HA-3 (Alias)15q25.3 AKAP13
Ha-3I (Alias)17q21.2 KRT33A
HA3I (Alias)17q21.2 KRT33A
Ha-3II (Alias)17q21.2 KRT33B
HA3II (Alias)17q21.2 KRT33B
Ha-4 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT34
HA4 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT34
Ha-5 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT35
HA5 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT35
HA6116 (Alias)2q37.3 HDAC4
HA6 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT36
HA7 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT37
HA8 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT38
HA-8 (Alias)9p24.2 PUM3
HA95 (Alias)19p13.12 AKAP8L
HAAH (Alias)8q12.3 ASPH
HAAO2p21 HAAO (3-hydroxyanthranilate 3,4-dioxygenase)
HAAP (Alias)2p25.3 ACP1
HAB1- HAB1 (-)
HABP1 (Alias)17p13.2 C1QBP
HABP210q25.3 HABP2 (hyaluronan binding protein 2)
HABP49q22.32 HABP4 (hyaluronan binding protein 4)
HABP4L (Alias)1p31.3 SERBP1
HABP (Alias)10q25.3 HABP2
HAC-1 (Alias)19p13.3 HCN2
HAC1 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM3
HAC-2 (Alias)5p12 HCN1
HACC275 (Alias)12q24.11 ACACB
HACD110p12.33 HACD1 (3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase 1)
HACD23q21.1 HACD2 (3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase 2)
HACD315q22.31 HACD3 (3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase 3)
HACD49p21.3 HACD4 (3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase 4)
HACL13p25.1 HACL1 (2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 1)
HACL-1 (Alias)21q22.11 KRTAP11-1
HACL1 (Alias)21q22.11 KRTAP11-1
HACL1L (Alias)19p13.12 ILVBL
HACS1 (Alias)21q11.2 SAMSN1
HACS2 (Alias)Xq26.1 SASH3
HAD (Alias)4q25 HADH
HADAT1 (Alias)16q23.1 ADAT1
HADDS (Alias)10q26.3 EBF3
HADH1 (Alias)4q25 HADH
HADH2 (Alias)Xp11.22 HSD17B10
HADHA2p23.3 HADHA (hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase/enoyl-CoA hydratase (trifunctional protein), alpha subunit)
HADH (Alias)2p23.3 HADHA
HADHB2p23.3 HADHB (hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase/enoyl-CoA hydratase (trifunctional protein), beta subunit)
HADH4q25 HADH (hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase)
HADHSC (Alias)4q25 HADH
HAE1 (Alias)11q12.1 SERPING1
HAE2 (Alias)11q12.1 SERPING1
HAE3 (Alias)5q35.3 F12
HAEX (Alias)5q35.3 F12
HAF (Alias)5q35.3 F12
HAG-2 (Alias)7p21.1 AGR2
HAG3 (Alias)7p21.1 AGR3
HAGH1 (Alias)16p13.3 HAGH
HAGH16p13.3 HAGH (hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase)
HAGHL16p13.3 HAGHL (hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase-like)
HAGLR2q31.1 HAGLR (HOXD antisense growth-associated long non-coding RNA)
HAGLROS2q31.1 HAGLROS (HAGLR opposite strand (non-protein coding))
HAH1 (Alias)5q33.1 ATOX1
HAI-2 (Alias)19q13.2 SPINT2
HAI2 (Alias)19q13.2 SPINT2
HAI (Alias)11q24.3 ST14
HAIK1 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT23
HAK005771 (Alias)6q26 PACRG
HAK6 (Alias)19q13.33 KCNA7
HAKA1 (Alias)1p36.11 FCN3
HAKAI (Alias)7q22.3 CBLL1
HAKAIL (Alias)Xp22.11 ZNF645
HAK (Alias)18q21.31 ALPK2
HAKRA (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C4
HAKRC (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C1
HAKRD (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C2
HALD4 (Alias)16p13.3 CACNA1H
HAL12q23.1 HAL (histidine ammonia-lyase)
H (Alias)19q13.33 FUT1
HALP2 (Alias)11q23.3 APOC3
HALR (Alias)7q36.1 KMT2C
HAMP19q13.12 HAMP (hepcidin antimicrobial peptide)
HAN11 (Alias)17q23.3 DCAF7
HANC (Alias)1q42.3 LINC00184
HAND15q33.2 HAND1 (heart and neural crest derivatives expressed 1)
HAND2-AS14q34.1 HAND2-AS1 (HAND2 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
HAND24q34.1 HAND2 (heart and neural crest derivatives expressed 2)
HANK (Alias)5p15.2 ANKH
HAO120p12.3 HAO1 (hydroxyacid oxidase 1)
HAO21p12 HAO2 (hydroxyacid oxidase 2)
HAO2-IT11p12 HAO2-IT1 (HAO2 intronic transcript 1)
HAO (Alias)2p21 HAAO
HAOX1 (Alias)20p12.3 HAO1
HAOX2 (Alias)1p12 HAO2
HAP1 (Alias)14q11.2 APEX1
HAP117q21.2 HAP1 (huntingtin associated protein 1)
HAP2 (Alias)17q21.2 HAP1
HAP2 (Alias)6p21.1 NFYA
HAP3 (Alias)12q23.3 NFYB
HAP40 (Alias)Xq28 F8A1
HAP5 (Alias)1p34.2 NFYC
HAP95 (Alias)19p13.12 AKAP8L
HAP (Alias)3p24.2 RARB
HAP (Alias)11q13.1 RTN3
HAP (Alias)19p13.3 SAFB
HAPG12 (Alias)5q22.3 ATG12
HAPIP (Alias)3q21.1 KALRN
HAPLN15q14.3 HAPLN1 (hyaluronan and proteoglycan link protein 1)
HAPLN21q23.1 HAPLN2 (hyaluronan and proteoglycan link protein 2)
HAPLN315q26.1 HAPLN3 (hyaluronan and proteoglycan link protein 3)
HAPLN419p13.11 HAPLN4 (hyaluronan and proteoglycan link protein 4)
HAPO (Alias)1q31.1 PRG4
HAPRIN (Alias)5q22.3 TRIM36
HAR1A20q13.33 HAR1A (highly accelerated region 1A (non-protein coding))
HAR1B20q13.33 HAR1B (highly accelerated region 1B (non-protein coding))
HAR1F (Alias)20q13.33 HAR1A
HAR1R (Alias)20q13.33 HAR1B
HAR (Alias)11p15.4 LYVE1
HARBI111p11.2 HARBI1 (harbinger transposase derived 1)
HARC (Alias)9p24.1 CDC37L1
HARE (Alias)12q23.3 STAB2
HARI (Alias)15q24.1 ARIH1
HARL2754 (Alias)8p23.1 XKR5
HARP11 (Alias)14q23.1 ACTR10
HARP (Alias)9q33.3 ANGPTL2
HARP (Alias)19p13.2 ANGPTL4
HARP (Alias)16p12.2 ANKS4B
HARP (Alias)20p13 PANK2
HARP (Alias)2q35 SMARCAL1
HARPM2 (Alias)1p36.32 ACTRT2
HARS2 (Alias)20p11.23 DTD1
HARS25q31.3 HARS2 (histidyl-tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial)
HARS5q31.3 HARS (histidyl-tRNA synthetase)
HARSL (Alias)5q31.3 HARS2
HARSR (Alias)5q31.3 HARS2
HAS119q13.41 HAS1 (hyaluronan synthase 1)
HAS2-AS18q24.13 HAS2-AS1 (HAS2 antisense RNA 1)
HAS2-AS (Alias)8q24.13 HAS2-AS1
HAS2AS (Alias)8q24.13 HAS2-AS1
HAS316q22.1 HAS3 (hyaluronan synthase 3)
HAS (Alias)19q13.41 HAS1
HASC-1 (Alias)19q13.11 SLC7A10
HASF (Alias)3q24 C3orf58
HASH2 (Alias)11p15.5 ASCL2
HASH3 (Alias)11p15.4 ASCL3
HASH4 (Alias)12q23.3 ASCL4
HASH (Alias)1p33 SPATA6
HASJ4442 (Alias)7q11.23 BUD23
HASNT (Alias)8q24.13 HAS2-AS1
HASPIN (Alias)17p13.2 GSG2
HASPP28 (Alias)7q22.1 PDAP1
HAST1/HAST2 (Alias)16p11.2 SULT1A1
HAST3 (Alias)16p11.2 SULT1A3
HAST3 (Alias)16p11.2 SULT1A4
HAST4 (Alias)16p11.2 SULT1A2
HAST (Alias)16p11.2 SULT1A3
HAT12q31.1 HAT1 (histone acetyltransferase 1)
HAT1R (Alias)3q24 AGTR1
HAT4 (Alias)16p13.3 NAA60
HAT (Alias)4q13.2 TMPRSS11D
HATH1 (Alias)4q22.2 ATOH1
HATH6 (Alias)2p11.2 ATOH8
HATPL (Alias)1p34.1 ATP6V0B
HAUS118q21.1 HAUS1 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 1)
HAUS215q15.2 HAUS2 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 2)
HAUS34p16.3 HAUS3 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 3)
HAUS414q11.2 HAUS4 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 4)
HAUS519q13.12 HAUS5 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 5)
HAUS69p22.1 HAUS6 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 6)
HAUS7Xq28 HAUS7 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 7)
HAUS819p13.11 HAUS8 (HAUS augmin like complex subunit 8)
HAVCR-1 (Alias)5q33.3 HAVCR1
HAVCR15q33.3 HAVCR1 (hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1)
HAVCR1P119p12 HAVCR1P1 (hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1 pseudogene 1)
HAVcr-2 (Alias)5q33.3 HAVCR2
HAVCR25q33.3 HAVCR2 (hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 2)
HAVCR (Alias)5q33.3 HAVCR1
HAX11q21.3 HAX1 (HCLS1 associated protein X-1)
HAYOS (Alias)1p36.33 ATAD3A
HB15 (Alias)6p23 CD83
HB-1 (Alias)5q31.3 HMHB1
Hb-1 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT81
HB1 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT81
Hb1 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT86
HB1 (Alias)3p22.2 SCN5A
HB-1Y (Alias)5q31.3 HMHB1
HB24 (Alias)1q41 HLX
HB2A (Alias)17q21.2 KRTAP1-1
Hb-2 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT82
HB2 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT82
HB2 (Alias)3p22.2 SCN5A
HB2E (Alias)Xp11.23 PPP1R3F
Hb-3 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT83
HB3 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT83
HB4 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT84
HB58 (Alias)10q22.1 VPS26A
HB5 (Alias)11p15.5 DUSP8
Hb-5 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT85
HB5 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT85
HB6 (Alias)3p22.1 ENTPD3
HB6 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT86
HB-954 (Alias)15q14 GPR176
HBA116p13.3 HBA1 (hemoglobin subunit alpha 1)
HBA216p13.3 HBA2 (hemoglobin subunit alpha 2)
HBA71 (Alias)Xp22.33 CD99
HBA (Alias)2q24.3 SCN2A
HBAB (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C1
HBAB (Alias)10p15.1 AKR1C2
HBAC1 (Alias)8q24.22 ADCY8
HBAC2 (Alias)5p15.31 ADCY2
HBAP2 (Alias)16p13.3 HBM
HBA-T2 (Alias)16p13.3 HBA2
HBA-T3 (Alias)16p13.3 HBA1
HBB (Alias)12q13.13 KRT89P
HBBD (Alias)3p22.2 SCN5A
HBB11p15.4 HBB (hemoglobin subunit beta)
HBBP111p15.4 HBBP1 (hemoglobin subunit beta pseudogene 1)
HBC189 (Alias)10q26.11 PRDX3
HBCBP12q13.3 HBCBP (HBcAg-binding protein)
HBD26 (Alias)20p13 DEFB126
HBD-2 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB4A
HBD3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB103A
HBD-3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB103B
HBD3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB103B
HBD (Alias)12q13.13 KRT87P
HBD- HBD (hypophosphatemic bone disease)
HBE111p15.4 HBE1 (hemoglobin subunit epsilon 1)
HBeAgBP4A (Alias)3p21.2 GLYCTK
HBE (Alias)11p15.4 HBE1
HBEBP1 (Alias)9q34.3 TMEM203
HBEBP2 (Alias)3p21.2 GLYCTK
HBEBP2BPA (Alias)17p13.1 MPDU1
HBEBP4 (Alias)3p21.2 GLYCTK
HBEGF5q31.3 HBEGF (heparin binding EGF like growth factor)
HBET1 (Alias)7q21.3 BET1
HBETA3 (Alias)3q26.32 KCNMB3
Hbeta58 (Alias)10q22.1 VPS26A
HBF-1 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HBF-2 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HBF2 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HBF-3 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HBF-G2 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HBFG-9 (Alias)13q12.11 FGF9
HBFQTL26q22.3-q23.1 HBFQTL2 (hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin, heterocellular)
HBG111p15.4 HBG1 (hemoglobin subunit gamma 1)
HBG211p15.4 HBG2 (hemoglobin subunit gamma 2)
HBGA (Alias)11p15.4 HBG1
HBGF-3 (Alias)11q13.3 FGF3
HBGF-4 (Alias)11q13.3 FGF4
HBGF-5 (Alias)4q21.21 FGF5
HBGF-6 (Alias)12p13.32 FGF6
HBGF-7 (Alias)15q21.2 FGF7
HBGF-9 (Alias)13q12.11 FGF9
HBGR1 (Alias)5q33.2 GRIA1
HBGR2 (Alias)4q32.1 GRIA2
HBGR (Alias)11p15.4 HBG1
HBG-T1 (Alias)11p15.4 HBG2
HBG-T2 (Alias)11p15.4 HBG1
HBGT (Alias)11p13 SLC1A2
HBH1 (Alias)11p15.4 HBBP1
HBH (Alias)16p13.3 HBA1
HBH (Alias)16p13.3 HBA2
HBHP (Alias)11p15.4 HBBP1
HBI-100 (Alias)1q25.1 SCARNA3
HBI-115 (Alias)5q13.3 SNORA47
HBI-36 (Alias)Xq23 SNORA35
HBI-43 (Alias)20p11.23 SNORD17
HBI-61 (Alias)3q27.3 SNORA81
HBI-6 (Alias)4q12 SNORA26
HBI (Alias)12p13.33 FKBP4
HBII-108 (Alias)3p21.1 SNORD19
HBII-115 (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD23
HBII-135 (Alias)17p11.2 SNORD65
HBII-13 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD64
HBII-142 (Alias)3q27.1 SNORD66
HBII-166 (Alias)11p11.2 SNORD67
HBII-180A (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD88A
HBII-180B (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD88B
HBII-180C (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD88C
HBII-202 (Alias)16q24.3 SNORD68
HBII-210 (Alias)3p21.1 SNORD69
HBII-234 (Alias)2q33.1 SNORD70
HBII-239 (Alias)16q22.2 SNORD71
HBII-240 (Alias)5p13.1 SNORD72
HBII-251 (Alias)1p35.2 SNORD103C
HBII-276 (Alias)8q13.1 SNORD87
HBII-276HG (Alias)8q13.1 SNHG6
HBII-289 (Alias)2q11.2 SNORD89
HBII-295 (Alias)9q33.2 SNORD90
HBII-296a (Alias)17p13.3 SNORD91A
HBII-296b (Alias)17p13.3 SNORD91B
HBII-316 (Alias)2p23.2 SNORD92
HBII-336 (Alias)7p15.3 SNORD93
HBII-342 (Alias)Xq26.3 SNORD61
HBII-382 (Alias)1p13.3 SCARNA2
HBII-419 (Alias)10q21.3 SNORD98
HBII-420 (Alias)1p35.3 SNORD99
HBII-429 (Alias)6q23.2 SNORD100
HBII-436 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD107
HBII-437 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD108
HBII-438A (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD109A
HBII-438B (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD109B
HBII-52-10 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-10
HBII-52-11 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-11
HBII-52-12 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-12
HBII-52-13 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-13
HBII-52-14 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-14
HBII-52-15 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-15
HBII-52-16 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-16
HBII-52-17 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-17
HBII-52-18 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-18
HBII-52-19 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-19
HBII-52-1 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-1
HBII-52-20 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-20
HBII-52-21 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-21
HBII-52-22 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-22
HBII-52-23 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-23
HBII-52-24 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-24
HBII-52-25 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-25
HBII-52-26 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-26
HBII-52-27 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-27
HBII-52-28 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-28
HBII-52-29 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-29
HBII-52-2 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-2
HBII-52-30 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-30
HBII-52-31 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-31
HBII-52-32 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-32
HBII-52-33 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-33
HBII-52-34 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-34
HBII-52-35 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-35
HBII-52-36 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-36
HBII-52-37 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-37
HBII-52-38 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-38
HBII-52-39 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-39
HBII-52-3 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-3
HBII-52-40 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-40
HBII-52-41 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-41
HBII-52-42 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-42
HBII-52-43 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-43
HBII-52-44 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-44
HBII-52-45 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-45
HBII-52-46 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-46
HBII-52-46 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-47
HBII-52-47 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-47
HBII-52-48 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-48
HBII-52-4 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-4
HBII-52-5 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-5
HBII-52-6 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-6
HBII-52-7 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-7
HBII-52-8 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-8
HBII-52-9 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-9
HBII-55 (Alias)20p13 SNORD110
HBII-82 (Alias)16q22.1 SNORD111
HBII-85-10 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-10
HBII-85-11 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-11
HBII-85-12 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-12
HBII-85-13 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-13
HBII-85-14 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-14
HBII-85-15 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-15
HBII-85-16 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-16
HBII-85-17 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-17
HBII-85-18 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-18
HBII-85-19 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-19
HBII-85-1 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-1
HBII-85-20 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-20
HBII-85-21 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-21
HBII-85-22 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-22
HBII-85-23 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-23
HBII-85-24 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-24
HBII-85-25 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-25
HBII-85-26 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-26
HBII-85-27 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-27
HBII-85-28 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-28
HBII-85-29 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-29
HBII-85-2 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-2
HBII-85-30 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-30
HBII-85-3 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-3
HBII-85-4 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-4
HBII-85-5 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-5
HBII-85-6 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-6
HBII-85-7 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-7
HBII-85-8 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-8
HBII-85-9 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116-9
HBII-85 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD116@
HBII-95 (Alias)2q33.1 SNORD11
HBII-99 (Alias)20q13.13 SNORD12
HBK1 (Alias)12p13.32 KCNA1
HBK2 (Alias)12p13.32 KCNA6
HBK4 (Alias)11p14.1 KCNA4
HBK5 (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA2
HBK (Alias)16p13.3 HBM
HBLD1 (Alias)14q24.3 ISCA2
HBLD2 (Alias)9q21.33 ISCA1
HBLP1 (Alias)2q11.2 TBC1D8
HBLRR (Alias)12p12.1 SLCO1B1
HBLRR (Alias)12p12.2 SLCO1B3
HBM16p13.3 HBM (hemoglobin subunit mu)
HBMS (Alias)19q13.31 SMG9
HBO1 (Alias)17q21.33 KAT7
HBOA (Alias)17q21.33 KAT7
HBP15 (Alias)1p36.31 RPL22
HBP15/L22 (Alias)1p36.31 RPL22
HBP17 (Alias)4p15.32 FGFBP1
HBP17RP (Alias)4p15.32 FGFBP2
HBP21 (Alias)11q23.3 TTC36
HBP231 (Alias)3p21.31 SETD2
HBP2 (Alias)3q13.12 BBX
HBP-3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB103A
HBP3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB103A
HBP-3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB103B
HBP3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB103B
HBP44 (Alias)4p16.3 LRPAP1
HBPA1 (Alias)15q25.1 BCL2A1
HBP (Alias)19p13.3 AZU1
HBP (Alias)2q37.3 HDLBP
HBP (Alias)12p13.1 HEBP1
HBP (Alias)4p16.3 SLBP
Hbp (Alias)2q23.3 STAM2
HBQ116p13.3 HBQ1 (hemoglobin subunit theta 1)
HBQ (Alias)16p13.3 HBQ1
HBS1 (Alias)6q23.3 HBS1L
HBS1L6q23.3 HBS1L (HBS1 like translational GTPase)
HBSCI (Alias)2q24.3 SCN1A
HBSCI (Alias)2q24.3 SCN2A
HBSCII (Alias)2q24.3 SCN2A
HBSL (Alias)2q21.3 DARS
HBT8 (Alias)15q11.2 PWAR6
HBUCE1 (Alias)7p13 UBE2D4
HBVDNAPTP1 (Alias)5q32 SPINK13
HBVES (Alias)6q21 BVES
HBVPTPAP (Alias)9q22.31 FAM120A
HBXBP (Alias)17p13.1 ASGR2
HBXIP (Alias)1p13.3 LAMTOR5
HBXIPL (Alias)1p31.3 LAMTOR5P1
HBXIPP1 (Alias)1p31.3 LAMTOR5P1
HBZ1 (Alias)16p13.3 HBZ
HBZ16p13.3 HBZ (hemoglobin subunit zeta)
HBZ-T1 (Alias)16p13.3 HBZ
HC10-II (Alias)17q12 PSMB3
HC11 (Alias)17q12 CCL2
HC14 (Alias)17q12 CCL8
HC21 (Alias)17q12 CCL4
HC21ORF7 (Alias)21q21.3 MAP3K7CL
HC2 (Alias)11p15.2 PSMA1
HC2 (Alias)22q11.21 SERPIND1
HC3107 (Alias)1q32.1 TMEM81
HC3 (Alias)7p14.1 PSMA2
HC56 (Alias)17p13.3 GEMIN4
HC5 (Alias)6q27 PSMB1
HC6 (Alias)1q23.1 CYCSP52
HC71 (Alias)17p13.3 GLOD4
HC7-I (Alias)1p34.3 PSMB2
HC8 (Alias)14q23.1 PSMA3
HC9 (Alias)15q25.1 PSMA4
HCA10 (Alias)Xp11.21 MAGED2
HCA112 (Alias)7q36.1 TMEM176A
HCA127 (Alias)Xq11.2 ZC4H2
HCA1 (Alias)12q24.31 HCAR1
HCA1 (Alias)Xq13.3 MAGEE1
HCA2 (Alias)1q24.2 ADCY10
HCA2 (Alias)12q24.31 HCAR2
HCA2 (Alias)Xq27.2 MAGEC3
HCA3 (Alias)12q24.31 HCAR3
HCA3 (Alias)Xq13.3 MAGEE2
HCA4 (Alias)15q13.1 NSMCE3
HCA557b (Alias)2q33.3 METTL21A
HCA56 (Alias)1q32.1 EIF2D
HCA587 (Alias)Xq27.2 MAGEC2
HCA58 (Alias)20q11.22 PHF20
HCA59 (Alias)9q34.11 C9orf78
HCA661 (Alias)Xq26.2 TFDP3
HCA66 (Alias)17q11.2 UTP6
HCA67 (Alias)8p22 PSD3
HCA88 (Alias)6p25.2 ECI2
H-CAD (Alias)7q33 CALD1
HCAD (Alias)7q33 CALD1
HCAI (Alias)20q13.2 CYP24A1
HCAK1 (Alias)2p11.2 IGKC
HCAK (Alias)5q13.2 CDK7
HCALB_BR (Alias)12q24.31 CABP1
HC (Alias)11q12.1 TCN1
HCAM-1 (Alias)2q32.1 PDE1A
HCAM1 (Alias)2q32.1 PDE1A
Hcam3 (Alias)7p14.3 PDE1C
HCAP1 (Alias)17p13.3 GEMIN4
HCAP (Alias)12q13.2 DCD
HCAP (Alias)10q25.2 SMC3
HCAR112q24.31 HCAR1 (hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 1)
HCAR212q24.31 HCAR2 (hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2)
HCAR312q24.31 HCAR3 (hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 3)
HCAR (Alias)21q21.1 CXADR
HCARG (Alias)8q24.3 COMMD5
HCAT1 (Alias)13q12.3 SLC7A1
HCAT2 (Alias)8p22 SLC7A2
HCAT3 (Alias)22q11.21 SLC7A4
HCBP12 (Alias)14q24.1 RDH11
HCBP1 (Alias)11q13.2 ACY3
HCBP6 (Alias)Xq28 FUNDC2
HCC-1(1-74) (Alias)17q12 CCL14
HCC-1 (Alias)17q12 CCL14
HCC1 (Alias)20q11.22 RBM39
HCC-1/HCC-3 (Alias)17q12 CCL14
HCC-2 (Alias)17q12 CCL15
HCC-2 (Alias)15q25.3 MRPS11
HCC-2 (Alias)6p24.3 TXNDC5
HCC2 (Alias)6p24.3 TXNDC5
HCC-3 (Alias)17q12 CCL14
HCC3 (Alias)Xq28 FUNDC2
HCC-4 (Alias)17q12 CCL16
HCC-4 (Alias)2q24.2 RBMS1
HCC-8 (Alias)15q26.3 TTC23
HCC8 (Alias)2p15 VPS54
HCCA1 (Alias)1q22 YY1AP1
HCCA2 (Alias)11p15.5 MOB2
HCCA2 (Alias)1q22 YY1AP1
HCCA3 (Alias)18p11.21 PSMG2
HCC (Alias)7p15.3 FAM126A
HCCAT1 (Alias)6p24.3 HULC
HCCAT2 (Alias)5q35.3 HEIH
HCCAT3 (Alias)19q13.41 ZNF350-AS1
HCCAT4 (Alias)9q34.3 LINC01451
HCCAT516q22.3 HCCAT5 (hepatocellular carcinoma associated transcript 5 (non-protein coding))
HCCC11 (Alias)8q24.13 FAM83A-AS1
HCCC11_v1 (Alias)8q24.13 FAM83A-AS1
HCCC11_v2 (Alias)8q24.13 FAM83A-AS1
HCCDR1 (Alias)20p11.21 LINC00261
HCCR-1 (Alias)12q24.31 BRI3BP
HCCR-1 (Alias)12q13.12 LETMD1
HCCR1 (Alias)12q13.12 LETMD1
HCCR-2 (Alias)12q24.31 BRI3BP
HCCR-2 (Alias)12q13.12 LETMD1
HCCR2 (Alias)12q13.12 LETMD1
HCCR (Alias)12q13.12 LETMD1
HCCRBP-1 (Alias)12q24.31 BRI3BP
HCCRBP-3 (Alias)12q24.31 BRI3BP
HCCS-1 (Alias)15q25.1 ST20
HCCS1 (Alias)17p13.3 VPS53
HCCS-5 (Alias)16p13.3 ZSCAN32
HCCSXp22.2 HCCS (holocytochrome c synthase)
HCC17p13 HCC (thyroid carcinoma, Hurthle cell)
HCD2 (Alias)Xp11.22 HSD17B10
HCDH1 (Alias)19p13.3 FZR1
HCDH (Alias)19p13.3 FZR1
HCDH (Alias)4q25 HADH
HCDI (Alias)14q12 SDR39U1
HCE1 (Alias)6q15 RNGTT
HCE (Alias)6q15 RNGTT
HCERN3 (Alias)15q11.2 SNRPN
HCF-1 (Alias)Xq28 HCFC1
HCF1 (Alias)Xq28 HCFC1
HCF-2 (Alias)12q23.3 HCFC2
HCF2 (Alias)12q23.3 HCFC2
HCF2 (Alias)22q11.21 SERPIND1
HCF (Alias)Xq28 HCFC1
HCFC1-AS1Xq28 HCFC1-AS1 (HCFC1 antisense RNA 1)
HCFC1Xq28 HCFC1 (host cell factor C1)
HCFC1R116p13.3 HCFC1R1 (host cell factor C1 regulator 1)
HCFC212q23.3 HCFC2 (host cell factor C2)
HCFP3 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB1
HCG116p22.2 HCG11 (HLA complex group 11 (non-protein coding))
HCG12 (Alias)6p22.2 ZNF322
HCG146p22.1 HCG14 (HLA complex group 14 (non-protein coding))
HCG1645727 (Alias)15q22.31 KBTBD13
HCG16- HCG16 (-)
HCG176p22.1 HCG17 (HLA complex group 17 (non-protein coding))
HCG18 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG17
HCG186p22.1 HCG18 (HLA complex group 18 (non-protein coding))
HCG1 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM31
HCG-1 (Alias)13q12.3 UBL3
HCG20400542p16.3 HCG2040054 (uncharacterized LOC644093)
HCG206p21.33 HCG20 (HLA complex group 20 (non-protein coding))
HCG216p21.33 HCG21 (HLA complex group 21 (non-protein coding))
HCG226p21.33 HCG22 (HLA complex group 22)
HCG236p21.32 HCG23 (HLA complex group 23 (non-protein coding))
HCG246p21.32 HCG24 (HLA complex group 24 (non-protein coding))
HCG256p21.32 HCG25 (HLA complex group 25 (non-protein coding))
HCG266p21.33 HCG26 (HLA complex group 26 (non-protein coding))
HCG276p21.33 HCG27 (HLA complex group 27 (non-protein coding))
HCG3 (Alias)2q37.1 DNAJB3
HCG4B6p22.1 HCG4B (HLA complex group 4B (non-protein coding))
HCG46p22.1 HCG4 (HLA complex group 4 (non-protein coding))
HCG4P10 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG4
HCG4P6 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG4B
HCG8 (Alias)6p22.1 ZNRD1ASP
HCG8- HCG8 (-)
HCG96_GL000256v2_alt HCG9 (HLA complex group 9 (non-protein coding))
HCG (Alias)6q14.3 CGA
HCG (Alias)19q13.33 CGB5
HCGI (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM31
HcGIP1 (Alias)11p15.2 PDE3B
HCGIV-06 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG4B
HCGIV-10 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG4
HCGIV.5 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG4B
HCGIV-6 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG4B
HCGIV.9 (Alias)6p22.1 HCG4
HCGIX4 (Alias)6_GL000256v2_alt HCG9
HCGIX (Alias)6_GL000256v2_alt HCG9
HC-gp39 (Alias)1q32.1 CHI3L1
HCGP-3P (Alias)1q32.1 CHI3L1
HCG-V (Alias)6p22.1 PPP1R11
HCGV (Alias)6p22.1 PPP1R11
HCGVIII-1 (Alias)6p22.1 ZNRD1ASP
HCGVIII (Alias)6p22.1 ZNRD1ASP
Hch1 (Alias)2p15 AHSA2
HC/HCC (Alias)22q12.1 SRRD
HCHOLA3 (Alias)1p32.3 PCSK9
HCI (Alias)Xp11.3 TIMP1
HCII (Alias)22q11.21 SERPIND1
HCINF1 (Alias)20q13.2 CYP24A1
HCINF2 (Alias)5q35.3 SLC34A1
HCK1 (Alias)12p13.32 KCNA5
HCK20q11.21 HCK (HCK proto-oncogene, Src family tyrosine kinase)
HCKID (Alias)17q25.3 CSNK1D
HCKIE (Alias)22q13.1 CSNK1E
HCLA-ISO (Alias)1p36.33 CCNL2
HCLAP (Alias)10q22.1 SLC29A3
HCL-G1 (Alias)5q13.3 NSA2
HCLG1 (Alias)5q13.3 NSA2
HCLP-1 (Alias)14q21.3 KLHDC2
HCLP1 (Alias)14q21.3 KLHDC2
HCLS13q13.33 HCLS1 (hematopoietic cell-specific Lyn substrate 1)
HCLSBP1 (Alias)1q21.3 HAX1
HCM1228 (Alias)4q35.1 HELT
Hcml1 (Alias)2p13.1 NAT8
Hcml2 (Alias)2p13.1 NAT8B
HCN15p12 HCN1 (hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide gated potassium channel 1)
HCN219p13.3 HCN2 (hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide gated potassium channel 2)
HCN31q22 HCN3 (hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide gated potassium channel 3)
HCN415q24.1 HCN4 (hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide gated potassium channel 4)
HCN (Alias)11q13.1 MALAT1
HCNGP (Alias)17q25.1 SAP30BP
HCNP (Alias)19p13.2 XAB2
HCNT1 (Alias)15q25.3 SLC28A1
HCNT2 (Alias)15q21.1 SLC28A2
HCNTF (Alias)11q12.1 CNTF
HCORO1 (Alias)16p11.2 CORO1A
HCP1 (Alias)8q13.1 PDE7A
HCP1 (Alias)19q13.33 PRMT1
HCP1 (Alias)17q11.2 SLC46A1
HCP2 (Alias)1q23.1 CYCSP52
HCP56p21.33 HCP5 (HLA complex P5 (non-protein coding))
HCP (Alias)9q32 AMBP
HCP (Alias)3q11.2 CPOX
HCR2 (Alias)17q25.3 DCXR
HCR (Alias)6p21.33 CCHCR1
HCR (Alias)3p21.31 CCRL2
HCR (Alias)7p22.1 EIF2AK1
HCRCN81 (Alias)2p11.2 C2orf68
HCRII (Alias)17q25.3 DCXR
HCRN (Alias)20p11.23 CRNKL1
HCRN (Alias)19p13.2 XAB2
HCRNN4 (Alias)12q24.11 CORO1C
HCR-NTPase (Alias)1q42.2 NTPCR
HCRP1 (Alias)8p22 VPS37A
HCRP1- HCRP1 (-)
HCRR-2 (Alias)12q13.12 LETMD1
HCRT17q21.2 HCRT (hypocretin neuropeptide precursor)
HCRTR11p35.2 HCRTR1 (hypocretin receptor 1)
HCRTR2 (Alias)3q13.2 CD200R1
HCRTR26p12.1 HCRTR2 (hypocretin receptor 2)
HCRY2 (Alias)11p11.2 CRY2
HCSA (Alias)11q13.3 IGHMBP2
HCS (Alias)7p15.3 CYCS
HCS (Alias)21q22.13 HLCS
HCST19q13.12 HCST (hematopoietic cell signal transducer)
HCTSL-s (Alias)9q21.33 CTSL3P
HCVFTP1 (Alias)4q26 C4orf3
HCVFTP2 (Alias)10q24.33 USMG5
HCVP7TP1 (Alias)14q32.33 ZFYVE21
HCVP7TP3 (Alias)21q22.11 TMEM50B
HD10 (Alias)22q13.33 HDAC10
HD11 (Alias)3p25.1 HDAC11
HD1 (Alias)1p35.2 HDAC1
HD1 (Alias)8q24.3 PLEC
HD4 (Alias)2q37.3 HDAC4
HD-5 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA5
HD5 (Alias)17q21.31 HDAC5
HD-6 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA6
HD6 (Alias)Xp11.23 HDAC6
HD7A (Alias)12q13.11 HDAC7
HD7 (Alias)12q13.11 HDAC7
HD7 (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HD7b (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HD8 (Alias)Xq13.1 HDAC8
HD9 (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HDAC1022q13.33 HDAC10 (histone deacetylase 10)
HDAC11-AS13p25.1 HDAC11-AS1 (HDAC11 antisense RNA 1)
HDAC113p25.1 HDAC11 (histone deacetylase 11)
HDAC11p35.2 HDAC1 (histone deacetylase 1)
HDAC-4 (Alias)2q37.3 HDAC4
HDAC42q37.3 HDAC4 (histone deacetylase 4)
HDAC517q21.31 HDAC5 (histone deacetylase 5)
HDAC6Xp11.23 HDAC6 (histone deacetylase 6)
HDAC7A (Alias)12q13.11 HDAC7
HDAC7 (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HDAC7B (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HDAC712q13.11 HDAC7 (histone deacetylase 7)
HDAC8Xq13.1 HDAC8 (histone deacetylase 8)
HDAC9B (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HDAC9FL (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HDAC97p21.1 HDAC9 (histone deacetylase 9)
HDAC-A (Alias)2q37.3 HDAC4
HDACA (Alias)2q37.3 HDAC4
HDAC (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HDACL1 (Alias)Xq13.1 HDAC8
HD (Alias)4p16.3 HTT
HDBP-1 (Alias)20q13.33 SLC2A4RG
HDBP1 (Alias)20q13.33 SLC2A4RG
HDBP-2 (Alias)8p21.1 ZNF395
HDBP2 (Alias)8p21.1 ZNF395
HDC (Alias)6q24.1 HECA
HDCGC13P (Alias)12p13.31 CLEC4A
HDC15q21.2 HDC (histidine decarboxylase)
HDCL (Alias)6q24.1 HECA
HDCMA18P (Alias)4q25 LARP7
HDCMB47P (Alias)12q22 NUDT4
HDCMC04P (Alias)7q22.3 KMT2E
HDCMC28P (Alias)20p12.1 ESF1
HDCMD11P (Alias)12p11.22 MRPS35
HDCMD38P (Alias)1q32.1 DSTYK
HDCME13P (Alias)6q25.1 PPIL4
HDCME31P (Alias)11q12.2 MS4A4A
HDDC1 (Alias)20q11.23 SAMHD1
HDDC26q22.31 HDDC2 (HD domain containing 2)
HDDC315q26.1 HDDC3 (HD domain containing 3)
HDEL (Alias)19q13.33 KDELR1
HDGF-2 (Alias)19p13.3 HDGFL2
HDGF2 (Alias)19p13.3 HDGFL2
HDGF-2 (Alias)15q25.2 HDGFL3
HDGF2 (Alias)15q25.2 HDGFL3
HDGF1q23.1 HDGF (heparin binding growth factor)
HDGFL16p22.3 HDGFL1 (HDGF like 1)
HDGFL219p13.3 HDGFL2 (HDGF like 2)
HDGFL315q25.2 HDGFL3 (HDGF like 3)
Hdgfrp1 (Alias)6p22.3 HDGFL1
HDGFRP2 (Alias)19p13.3 HDGFL2
HDGFRP3 (Alias)15q25.2 HDGFL3
HDHC3 (Alias)3p14.3 DNAH12
HDHC7 (Alias)3p21.1 DNAH1
HDHC8 (Alias)16p12.3 DNAH3
HDHD1A (Alias)Xp22.31 PUDP
HDHD1 (Alias)Xp22.31 PUDP
HDHD1- HDHD1 (-)
HDHD2B (Alias)10q26.13 LHPP
HDHD218q21.1 HDHD2 (haloacid dehalogenase like hydrolase domain containing 2)
HDHD39q32 HDHD3 (haloacid dehalogenase like hydrolase domain containing 3)
HDHD4 (Alias)20p11.21 NANP
HDH-VIII (Alias)5q33.1 G3BP1
H_DJ1163J12.2 (Alias)7p22.1 CCZ1
Hdj1 (Alias)19p13.12 DNAJB1
HDJ2 (Alias)9p21.1 DNAJA1
HDJ3 (Alias)12q13.2 DNAJC14
HDJC9 (Alias)10q22.2 DNAJC9
HDL2 (Alias)16q24.2 JPH3
HDL4 (Alias)6q27 TBP
HDL (Alias)1q32.2 HSD11B1
HDLBP2q37.3 HDLBP (high density lipoprotein binding protein)
HDLCQ10 (Alias)16q13 CETP
HDLCQ11 (Alias)8p21.3 LPL
HDLCQ12 (Alias)15q21.3 LIPC
HDLCQ7 (Alias)6p24.1 EDN1
HDLCQ8 (Alias)6q23.2 VNN1
HDLCQ9 (Alias)20q13.12 PLTP
HDLDT1 (Alias)9q31.1 ABCA1
HDLQTL6 (Alias)12q24.31 SCARB1
HDMCP (Alias)14q32.2 SLC25A47
HDMX (Alias)1q32.1 MDM4
HDNB1 (Alias)1p36.22 UBE4B
HDNF (Alias)12p13.31 NTF3
HDPR1 (Alias)14q23.1 DACT1
HD-PTP (Alias)3p21.31 PTPN23
HDPTP (Alias)3p21.31 PTPN23
HDPY-30 (Alias)2p22.3 DPY30
HDRF-2 (Alias)8p21.1 ZNF395
HDRP (Alias)7p21.1 HDAC9
HDS (Alias)1p36.11 DHDDS
HDSG1 (Alias)17p12 ZNF18
HD-VDAC3 (Alias)8p11.21 VDAC3
HDXXq21.1 HDX (highly divergent homeobox)
HDYNIV (Alias)12p11.21 DNM1L
HD-ZNF1 (Alias)19p12 ZNF254
HE12 (Alias)19q13.33 ELSPBP1
HE1 (Alias)14q24.3 NPC2
HE2 (Alias)8p23.1 SPAG11A
HE2 (Alias)8p23.1 SPAG11B
HE2C (Alias)8p23.1 SPAG11B
HE3A (Alias)14q11.2 EDDM3A
HE3-ALPHA (Alias)14q11.2 EDDM3A
HE3ALPHA (Alias)14q11.2 EDDM3A
HE3B (Alias)14q11.2 EDDM3B
HE3-BETA (Alias)14q11.2 EDDM3B
HE4 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC2
HE6 (Alias)Xp22.13 ADGRG2
HE9 (Alias)1q25.3 TEDDM1
HEAB (Alias)11q12.1 CLP1
H-EAG2 (Alias)14q23.2 KCNH5
HE (Alias)2q24.1 CYTIP
HE (Alias)1p35.3 EPB41
HEATR11q43 HEATR1 (HEAT repeat containing 1)
HEATR2 (Alias)7p22.3 DNAAF5
HEATR316q12.1 HEATR3 (HEAT repeat containing 3)
HEATR414q24.3 HEATR4 (HEAT repeat containing 4)
HEATR5A14q12 HEATR5A (HEAT repeat containing 5A)
HEATR5B2p22.2 HEATR5B (HEAT repeat containing 5B)
HEATR617q23.1 HEATR6 (HEAT repeat containing 6)
HEATR7A (Alias)8q24.3 MROH1
HEATR7B1 (Alias)2q37.1 MROH2A
HEATR7B2 (Alias)5p13.1 MROH2B
HEATR8 (Alias)1p32.3 MROH7
HEATR8-TTC4 (Alias)1p32.3 MROH7-TTC4
HEATR917q12 HEATR9 (HEAT repeat containing 9)
HEBP112p13.1 HEBP1 (heme binding protein 1)
HEBP26q24.1 HEBP2 (heme binding protein 2)
HEBP (Alias)12p13.1 HEBP1
HEC1 (Alias)18p11.32 NDC80
HECA6q24.1 HECA (hdc homolog, cell cycle regulator)
HEC (Alias)18p11.32 NDC80
HECGLCNAC6ST (Alias)16q22.2 CHST4
HECH (Alias)7p15.2 CBX3
HECL (Alias)12p13.31 CLEC4C
HECTD114q12 HECTD1 (HECT domain E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1)
HECTD2-AS110q23.32 HECTD2-AS1 (HECTD2 antisense RNA 1)
HECTD210q23.32 HECTD2 (HECT domain E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 2)
HECTD31p34.1 HECTD3 (HECT domain E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 3)
HECTD412q24.13 HECTD4 (HECT domain E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 4)
HECTH2 (Alias)7q36.3 UBE3C
HECTH9 (Alias)Xp11.22 HUWE1
HECW17p14.1 HECW1 (HECT, C2 and WW domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1)
HECW1-IT17p14.1 HECW1-IT1 (HECW1 intronic transcript 1)
HECW22q32.3 HECW2 (HECT, C2 and WW domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 2)
HED1 (Alias)Xq13.1 EDA
HED2 (Alias)13q12.11 GJB6
HED-2 (Alias)7q34 ZYX
HED (Alias)Xq13.1 EDA
HED (Alias)13q12.11 GJB6
Hed (Alias)4q34.1 HAND2
HEDL5 (Alias)16q22.1 EDC4
HEDLS (Alias)16q22.1 EDC4
HEED (Alias)11q14.2 EED
HEEW1 (Alias)18q12.3 EPG5
HEF1 (Alias)6p24.2 NEDD9
HEFL (Alias)20q13.31 CASS4
HEFS (Alias)14q11.2 EFS
HEG13q21.2 HEG1 (heart development protein with EGF like domains 1)
HEG (Alias)3q21.2 HEG1
HEGFL (Alias)5q31.3 HBEGF
HEI10 (Alias)14q11.2 CCNB1IP1
HEI-C (Alias)18q21.1 HAUS1
HEIC (Alias)18q21.1 HAUS1
HEIH5q35.3 HEIH (hepatocellular carcinoma up-regulated EZH2-associated long non-coding RNA)
HEIL1 (Alias)18q21.1 C18orf12
HEIR-1 (Alias)1p36.12 ID3
HEIRCC (Alias)3q29 LINC00887
HEJ1 (Alias)1p21.1 DNAJA1P5
HEK12 (Alias)3q11.2 EPHA6
HEK2 (Alias)3q27.1 EPHB3
HEK3 (Alias)1p36.12 EPHA8
Hek5 (Alias)1p36.12 EPHB2
Hek6 (Alias)3q22.2 EPHB1
HEK7 (Alias)4q13.1 EPHA5
HEK7-L (Alias)19p13.3 EFNA2
HEK8 (Alias)2q36.1 EPHA4
HEL102 (Alias)2p16.2 SPTBN1
HEL103 (Alias)4q12 SRP72
HEL104 (Alias)5q35.3 ZNF354A
HEL106 (Alias)4q22.1 TIGD2
HEL107 (Alias)3p21.1 TKT
HEL110 (Alias)3p21.31 LTF
HEL111 (Alias)18q12.1 TTR
HEL112 (Alias)2p16.1 RPS27A
HEL113 (Alias)10p13 VIM
HEL114 (Alias)10q22.2 VCL
HEL117 (Alias)2p16.2 ERLEC1
HEL-117 (Alias)4p13 UCHL1
HEL124 (Alias)3q23 PXYLP1
HEL126 (Alias)16q12.2 CES5A
HEL-127 (Alias)11q24.2 PATE3
HEL128 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE9
HEL129 (Alias)9q34.3 LCN9
HEL12 (Alias)9q21.13 ALDH1A1
HEL136 (Alias)9p13.3 SPINK4
HEL-141 (Alias)1q32.1 CSRP1
HEL159 (Alias)12p13.32 AKAP3
HEL161 (Alias)2q13 RGPD5
HEL162 (Alias)9q33.3 STRBP
HEL163 (Alias)11q12.2 ZP1
HEL164 (Alias)8p21.1 PBK
HEL170 (Alias)1q42.13 SNAP47
HEL-176 (Alias)17q25.3 ACTG1
HEL-177 (Alias)10q22.2 SAMD8
HEL-179 (Alias)12q24.33 ZNF26
HEL-182 (Alias)2q21.1 FAR2P1
HEL185 (Alias)10q25.3 PLEKHS1
HEL1 (Alias)4q22.3 SMARCAD1
HEL-203 (Alias)7q11.21 ZNF92
HEL-205 (Alias)9p24.3 DOCK8
HEL-206 (Alias)12q12 C12orf40
HEL20 (Alias)1q41 BPNT1
HEL-211 (Alias)14q32.33 CKB
HEL-215 (Alias)17q21.33 PHB
HEL-216 (Alias)2q34 IDH1
HEL23 (Alias)12q21.31 ALX1
HEL-248 (Alias)5q13.3 HEXB
HEL-249 (Alias)9p21.3 MTAP
HEL25 (Alias)12q13.13 CBX5
HEL2 (Alias)17p13.3 YWHAE
HEL308 (Alias)4q21.23 HELQ
HEL30 (Alias)13q12.11 CRYL1
HEL32 (Alias)20p12.1 DSTN
HEL35 (Alias)12q23.3 HSP90B1
HEL-36 (Alias)16p12.3 DNAH3
HEL37 (Alias)2q34 PIKFYVE
HEL46 (Alias)9q21.33 GOLM1
HEL4 (Alias)8q22.3 YWHAZ
HEL55 (Alias)19q13.12 HSPB6
HEL57 (Alias)6p25.2 SERPINB1
HEL60 (Alias)9p21.1 ACO1
HEL-68 (Alias)7q22.1 ARPC1A
HEL71 (Alias)17p13.1 MYH1
HEL74 (Alias)17q25.1 NT5C
HEL-75 (Alias)20p13 DEFB132
HEL-75 (Alias)8p12 GSR
HEL-76 (Alias)8q21.2 CA2
HEL97 (Alias)7p22.3 MRM2
HEL-9 (Alias)9q21.13 ALDH1A1
HELAD1 (Alias)11p15.1 NAV2
HELB12q14.3 HELB (DNA helicase B)
HELG (Alias)7q31.2 ST7
HELIC1 (Alias)6q16.3 ASCC3
HELIC2 (Alias)2q11.2 SNRNP200
HELLPAR12q23.2 HELLPAR (HELLP associated long non-coding RNA)
HEL-N1 (Alias)9p21.3 ELAVL2
HELN1 (Alias)9p21.3 ELAVL2
HELO1 (Alias)6p12.1 ELOVL5
HELQ4q21.23 HELQ (helicase, POLQ-like)
HEL-S-100 (Alias)9q22.33 NANS
HEL-S-100n (Alias)12q15 CCT2
HEL-S-103 (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1A
HEL-S-104 (Alias)8q21.13 FABP4
HEL-S-105 (Alias)6q25.3 EZR
HEL-S-106 (Alias)4p15.32 LAP3
HEL-S-107 (Alias)12q24.13 ERP29
HEL-S-109 (Alias)11p15.1 NUCB2
HEL-S-10 (Alias)19q13.2 BLVRB
HEL-S-111 (Alias)5q13.3 HEXB
HEL-S-112 (Alias)10q23.33 PDLIM1
HEL-S-113 (Alias)1p12 PHGDH
HEL-S-114 (Alias)18q21.31 TXNL1
HEL-S-115 (Alias)Xq21.1 SH3BGRL
HEL-S-116 (Alias)7p21.1 AGR2
HEL-S-117 (Alias)4q23 ADH1B
HEL-S-11 (Alias)8q21.2 CA1
HEL-S-122m (Alias)8p12 GSR
HEL-S-123m (Alias)18q21.1 ATP5A1
HEL-S-124m (Alias)5q31.2 HSPA9
HEL-S-125m (Alias)12q23.3 HSP90B1
HEL-S-128m (Alias)1q25.1 PRDX6
HEL-S-129m (Alias)14q12 PSME1
HEL-S-130P (Alias)11p15.5 CTSD
HEL-S-132P (Alias)9q34.3 PHPT1
HEL-S-133P (Alias)11p15.1 LDHA
HEL-S-134P (Alias)1q21.3 SELENBP1
HEL-S-13 (Alias)18q22.3 CNDP2
HEL-S-14 (Alias)19p13.2 CNN1
HEL-S-153w (Alias)9q32 ORM1
HEL-S-15 (Alias)11q13.1 CFL1
HEL-S-162eP (Alias)12p13.31 GAPDH
HEL-S-16 (Alias)1p22.3 DDAH1
HEL-S-182mP (Alias)6p21.1 GNMT
HEL-S-18 (Alias)6q21 SLC22A16
HEL-S-19 (Alias)17q25.1 GALK1
HEL-S-1a (Alias)21q22.3 PDXK
HEL-S-1 (Alias)20q13.12 YWHAB
HEL-S-20 (Alias)19p13.3 GAMT
HEL-S-21 (Alias)10q25.1 GSTO1
HEL-S-22 (Alias)11q13.2 GSTP1
HEL-S-24 (Alias)18p11.31 MYL12A
HEL-S-25 (Alias)21q22.12 CBR3
HEL-S-265 (Alias)15q22.2 TPM1
HEL-S-268 (Alias)8q22.2 SPAG1
HEL-S-269 (Alias)15q15.3 PDIA3
HEL-S-26 (Alias)2q34 IDH1
HEL-S-270 (Alias)15q22.2 ANXA2
HEL-S-272 (Alias)6p12.3 PGK2
HEL-S-273 (Alias)9p13.3 TPM2
HEL-S-274 (Alias)2p13.3 ANXA4
HEL-S-275 (Alias)11p15.2 PSMA1
HEL-S-276 (Alias)20q13.33 PSMA7
HEL-S-277 (Alias)6p21.33 DDAH2
HEL-S-278 (Alias)19q13.12 GAPDHS
HEL-S-279 (Alias)12p13.31 ENO2
HEL-S-27 (Alias)6p25.2 SERPINB1
HEL-S-281 (Alias)12p12.1 LDHB
HEL-S-282 (Alias)8q21.2 CA2
HEL-S-283 (Alias)17q21.31 PSME3
HEL-S-284 (Alias)22q13.2 ACO2
HEL-S-284 (Alias)12p13.31 AICDA
HEL-S-286 (Alias)1q32.1 CSRP1
HEL-S-290 (Alias)1q42.13 SNAP47
HEL-S-292 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC8
HEL-S-293 (Alias)3q26.2 LRRC31
HEL-S-295 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC6
HEL-S-296 (Alias)14q31.3 SPATA7
HEL-S-297 (Alias)1p36.11 SH3BGRL3
HEL-S-298 (Alias)14q24.3 PTGR2
HEL-S-299 (Alias)3p21.2 ABHD14B
HEL-S-29 (Alias)14q32.33 CKB
HEL-S-2a (Alias)19p13.13 PRDX2
HEL-S-2 (Alias)20p11.21 CST3
HEL-S-300 (Alias)8p21.3 PEBP4
HEL-S-301 (Alias)18q21.1 HDHD2
HEL-S-302 (Alias)17q21.32 PNPO
HEL-S-303 (Alias)11q23.3 PAFAH1B2
HEL-S-304 (Alias)19p13.11 PGLS
HEL-S-305 (Alias)Xp22.11 KLHL15
HEL-S-306 (Alias)10q21.3 PBLD
HEL-S-307 (Alias)7q22.1 ARPC1A
HEL-S-308 (Alias)2p13.3 ARHGAP25
HEL-S-310 (Alias)3q12.3 RPL24
HEL-S-31 (Alias)2q11.2 MAP4K4
HEL-S-32 (Alias)2p15 MDH1
HEL-S-35 (Alias)10q24.1 PGAM1
HEL-S-36 (Alias)17p13.3 PITPNA
HEL-S-39 (Alias)15q22.31 PPIB
HEL-S-3 (Alias)8q22.3 YWHAZ
HEL-S-41 (Alias)Xp11.3 RGN
HEL-S-42 (Alias)2p21 RHOQ
HEL-S-43 (Alias)1q21.3 S100A11
HEL-S-44 (Alias)21q22.11 SOD1
HEL-S-45e (Alias)1q25.3 TEDDM1
HEL-S-46e (Alias)10p15.1 GDI2
HEL-S-47e (Alias)17q25.3 ARHGDIA
HEL-S-48 (Alias)3p21.1 TKT
HEL-S-49 (Alias)12p13.31 TPI1
HEL-S-4 (Alias)4q23 ADH4
HEL-S-50 (Alias)17p11.2 UBB
HEL-S-51 (Alias)4q13.3 GC
HEL-S-51e (Alias)12q13.3 SHMT2
HEL-S-52 (Alias)4p16.1 WDR1
HEL-S-53 (Alias)4p13 UCHL1
HEL-S-53e (Alias)9q21.13 ALDH1A1
HEL-S-54e (Alias)17q21.33 PHB
HEL-S-55 (Alias)11q13.1 PRDX5
HEL-S-57 (Alias)6p12.3 CRISP1
HEL-S-5a (Alias)5q31.1 HSPA4
HEL-S-5 (Alias)3p21.2 ACY1
HEL-S-60p (Alias)4q23 ADH5
HEL-S-61 (Alias)10p11.22 KIF5B
HEL-S-61p (Alias)5q14.1 BHMT
HEL-S-62p (Alias)19p13.3 C3
HEL-S-63p (Alias)2p22.1 GALM
HEL-S-64p (Alias)20q11.22 GSS
HEL-S-65p (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HEL-S-66p (Alias)10q22.1 PPA1
HEL-S-68p (Alias)Xq21.1 PGK1
HEL-S-69 (Alias)5p15.2 CCT5
HEL-S-69p (Alias)7p13 PPIA
HEL-S-6a (Alias)17q12 LYZL6
HEL-S-6 (Alias)1p34.1 AKR1A1
HEL-S-71 (Alias)12q22 UBE2N
HEL-S-71p (Alias)3q22.1 TF
HEL-S-72 (Alias)19q13.32 CALM3
HEL-S-73 (Alias)14q22.1 PSMC6
HEL-S-74 (Alias)6p21.2 GLO1
HEL-S-75 (Alias)3q24 CHST2
HEL-S-75p (Alias)6p22.1 GPX5
HEL-S-76 (Alias)6q22.33 ECHDC1
HEL-S-76p (Alias)14q32.33 BRF1
HEL-S-77 (Alias)12q13.3 DCTN2
HEL-S-78 (Alias)5q12.3 ERBIN
HEL-S-78p (Alias)4q31.3 FGB
HEL-S-79 (Alias)21q22.11 CLDN8
HEL-S-79p (Alias)12q13.2 PDE1B
HEL-S-7a (Alias)1q24.2 ADCY10
HEL-S-7 (Alias)4q27 ANXA5
HEL-S-80p (Alias)2p23.2 PPP1CB
HEL-S-81 (Alias)12p11.22 FAR2
HEL-S-81p (Alias)17q21.32 SKAP1
HEL-S-83p (Alias)Xp11.4 SRPX
HEL-S-84 (Alias)11p13 RCN1
HEL-S-84p (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE11
HEL-S-85 (Alias)2p13.3 PCBP1
HEL-S-85p (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE12
HEL-S-86 (Alias)12p12.3 CAPZA3
HEL-S-86p (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE13
HEL-S-87 (Alias)1q31.2 RGS1
HEL-S-87p (Alias)16p11.2 ALDOA
HEL-S-88 (Alias)4q23 TRMT10A
HEL-S-88n (Alias)20q11.22 GSS
HEL-S-89 (Alias)16q12.1 SALL1
HEL-S-8a (Alias)3q12.2 NIT2
HEL-S-90 (Alias)19q13.43 AURKC
HEL-S-90n (Alias)16p11.2 QPRT
HEL-S-91 (Alias)20q13.11 SRSF6
HEL-S-91n (Alias)19q13.2 PSMD8
HEL-S-92n (Alias)1q23.2 APCS
HEL-S-93 (Alias)8q22.3 YWHAZ
HEL-S-93n (Alias)15q15.3 PDIA3
HEL-S-94 (Alias)12q12 C12orf40
HEL-S-94n (Alias)11q13.1 STIP1
HEL-S-95 (Alias)13q32.2 STK24
HEL-S-95n (Alias)15q21.1 SORD
HEL-S-98 (Alias)17q21.33 SPATA20
HEL-S-98n (Alias)22q11.21 COMT
HEL-S-99 (Alias)7p14.1 NME8
HEL-S-99n (Alias)19p13.13 CALR
HELSNF1 (Alias)14q11.2 CHD8
HELT4q35.1 HELT (helt bHLH transcription factor)
HELZ220q13.33 HELZ2 (helicase with zinc finger 2)
HELZ17q24.2 HELZ (helicase with zinc finger)
HEM1 (Alias)12q13.13 NCKAP1L
HEM2 (Alias)2q32.1 NCKAP1
HEM45 (Alias)15q26.1 ISG20
HEMA (Alias)Xq28 F8
HEMB (Alias)Xq27.1 F9
HEMGN9q22.33 HEMGN (hemogen)
HEMHC (Alias)17p13.1 MYH3
HEMK13p21.31 HEMK1 (HemK methyltransferase family member 1)
HEMK2 (Alias)21q21.3 N6AMT1
HEMK (Alias)3p21.31 HEMK1
HEMPAS (Alias)20p11.23 SEC23B
HEN1 (Alias)1p13.3 HENMT1
HEN1 (Alias)1q23.2 NHLH1
HEN2 (Alias)1p13.1 NHLH2
HENMT11p13.3 HENMT1 (HEN1 methyltransferase homolog 1)
HEP1 (Alias)9q34.3 DNLZ
HEP27 (Alias)14q11.2 DHRS2
HEPACAM27q21.2 HEPACAM2 (HEPACAM family member 2)
HEPACAM11q24.2 HEPACAM (hepatic and glial cell adhesion molecule)
HEP (Alias)9q34.3 DNLZ
HEPC (Alias)19q13.12 HAMP
HEP-COP (Alias)1q23.2 COPA
HEPHXq12 HEPH (hephaestin)
HEPHL111q21 HEPHL1 (hephaestin like 1)
HEPIS (Alias)11p12 C11orf74
HEPIS (Alias)17p13.1 C17orf49
HEPL (Alias)20q13.31 CASS4
HEPN111q24.2 HEPN1 (hepatocellular carcinoma, down-regulated 1)
HEP-NOS (Alias)17q11.2 NOS2
HEPP1 (Alias)5q32 SH3RF2
HEPP (Alias)14q32.33 CDCA4
HEPR (Alias)12p13.31 APOBEC1
HER1 (Alias)7p11.2 EGFR
HER4 (Alias)2q34 ERBB4
HERA-A (Alias)17q11.2 ERAL1
H-ERA (Alias)17q11.2 ERAL1
HERA-B (Alias)17q11.2 ERAL1
HERC115q22.31 HERC1 (HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase family member 1)
HERC215q13.1 HERC2 (HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 2)
HERC2P1015q13.2 HERC2P10 (hect domain and RLD 2 pseudogene 10)
HERC2P215q11.2 HERC2P2 (hect domain and RLD 2 pseudogene 2)
HERC2P315_KI270905v1_alt HERC2P3 (hect domain and RLD 2 pseudogene 3)
HERC2P416p11.2 HERC2P4 (hect domain and RLD 2 pseudogene 4)
HERC2P715q11.2 HERC2P7 (hect domain and RLD 2 pseudogene 7)
HERC2P915_KI270905v1_alt HERC2P9 (hect domain and RLD 2 pseudogene 9)
HERC34q22.1 HERC3 (HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 3)
HERC410q21.3 HERC4 (HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 4)
HERC54q22.1 HERC5 (HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 5)
HERC64q22.1 HERC6 (HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase family member 6)
HERF1 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM10
HERG1 (Alias)7q36.1 KCNH2
HERG2 (Alias)17q23.3 KCNH6
HERG3 (Alias)2q24.2 KCNH7
H-ERG (Alias)7q36.1 KCNH2
HERG (Alias)7q36.1 KCNH2
HERMES (Alias)8p12 RBPMS
HERNA (Alias)14q32.13 DICER1
HERNS (Alias)3p21.31 TREX1
HERP1 (Alias)6q22.31 HEY2
HERP2 (Alias)8q21.13 HEY1
HERP (Alias)16q13 HERPUD1
HERPUD116q13 HERPUD1 (homocysteine inducible ER protein with ubiquitin like domain 1)
HERPUD27p14.2 HERPUD2 (HERPUD family member 2)
HERV1 (Alias)16p13.3 GFER
HERV-E1 (Alias)17q11.2 ERVE-1
HERVE1 (Alias)17q11.2 ERVE-1
HERV-FRD (Alias)6p24.2 ERVFRD-1
HERV-H/F (Alias)6q12 ERVH-3
HERV-K102 (Alias)1q22 ERVK-7
HERV-K108 (Alias)7p22.1 ERVK-6
HERV-K(C19) (Alias)6q14.1 ERVK-19
HERV-K(C7) (Alias)7p22.1 ERVK-6
HERV-K(I) (Alias)7p22.1 ERVK-4
HERV-KI (Alias)7p22.1 ERVK-4
HERV-K(III) (Alias)1q22 ERVK-7
HERV-KIII (Alias)1q22 ERVK-7
HERV-R (Alias)7q11.21 ERV3-1
HERVR (Alias)7q11.21 ERV3-1
HERV-V1 (Alias)19q13.41 ERVV-1
HERV-V2 (Alias)19q13.41 ERVV-2
HERV-W/FRD (Alias)6p24.2 ERVFRD-1
HES18 (Alias)15q22.31 PDCD7
HES1 (Alias)21q22.3 C21orf33
HES-1 (Alias)3q29 HES1
HES13q29 HES1 (hes family bHLH transcription factor 1)
HES21p36.31 HES2 (hes family bHLH transcription factor 2)
HES31p36.31 HES3 (hes family bHLH transcription factor 3)
HES41p36.33 HES4 (hes family bHLH transcription factor 4)
HES51p36.32 HES5 (hes family bHLH transcription factor 5)
HES-6 (Alias)2q37.3 HES6
HES62q37.3 HES6 (hes family bHLH transcription factor 6)
HES717p13.1 HES7 (hes family bHLH transcription factor 7)
HESL (Alias)4q35.1 HELT
HESR1 (Alias)8q21.13 HEY1
HESR2 (Alias)6q22.31 HEY2
HESR3 (Alias)1p34.2 HEYL
HESRG (Alias)3p14.3 ESRG
HESX13p14.3 HESX1 (HESX homeobox 1)
HET (Alias)19p13.3 SAFB
HET (Alias)11p15.4 SLC22A18
HETER1 (Alias)6q27 GPR31
HETER (Alias)6q27 GPR31
HEX1 (Alias)1q43 EXO1
HEXA-AS115q23 HEXA-AS1 (HEXA antisense RNA 1)
HEXA15q23 HEXA (hexosaminidase subunit alpha)
HEX (Alias)10q23.33 HHEX
HEXB5q13.3 HEXB (hexosaminidase subunit beta)
HEXDC17q25.3 HEXDC (hexosaminidase D)
HEXDC-IT117q25.3 HEXDC-IT1 (HEXDC intronic transcript 1)
HEXIM117q21.31 HEXIM1 (hexamethylene bisacetamide inducible 1)
HEXIM217q21.31 HEXIM2 (hexamethylene bisacetamide inducible 2)
HEXO (Alias)8p23.1 ERI1
HEY18q21.13 HEY1 (hes related family bHLH transcription factor with YRPW motif 1)
HEY26q22.31 HEY2 (hes related family bHLH transcription factor with YRPW motif 2)
HEY3 (Alias)1p34.2 HEYL
HEYL1p34.2 HEYL (hes related family bHLH transcription factor with YRPW motif-like)
HF.10 (Alias)3p21.31 ZNF35
HF10 (Alias)3p21.31 ZNF35
HF.12 (Alias)7q22.1 ZNF3
HF.16 (Alias)8q24.3 ZNF7
HF.18 (Alias)19q13.43 ZNF8
HF1 (Alias)1q31.3 CFH
HF1B (Alias)7p15.3 SP4
HF2 (Alias)1q31.3 CFH
H-FABP (Alias)1p35.2 FABP3
HFAF1s (Alias)1p32.3 FAF1
HF (Alias)1q31.3 CFH
HFARP (Alias)19p13.2 ANGPTL4
HFASD (Alias)7q22.1 EPHB4
HFAT2 (Alias)5q33.1 FAT2
HFB101 (Alias)19q13.43 ZNF274
Hfb1 (Alias)5q35.2 CPLX2
HFB1-GDNF (Alias)5p13.2 GDNF
HFB30 (Alias)5q31.3 RNF14
HFC1 (Alias)Xq28 HCFC1
HFE2A (Alias)1q21.1 HFE2
HFE2B (Alias)19q13.12 HAMP
HFE21q21.1 HFE2 (hemochromatosis type 2 (juvenile))
HFE3 (Alias)7q22.1 TFR2
HFE4 (Alias)2q32.2 SLC40A1
HFE5 (Alias)11q12.3 FTH1
HFH2 (Alias)1p31.3 FOXD3
HFH-3 (Alias)5q35.1 FOXI1
HFH3 (Alias)5q35.1 FOXI1
HFH-4 (Alias)17q25.1 FOXJ1
HFH4 (Alias)17q25.1 FOXJ1
HFI1 (Alias)1q24.1 TADA1
HFK1 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HFK2 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HFK3 (Alias)14q12 FOXG1
HFKH-5 (Alias)15q22.2 FOXB1
HFL1 (Alias)1q31.3 CFHR1
HFL2 (Alias)1q31.3 CFHR1
HFL3 (Alias)1q31.3 CFHR2
HFL-EDDG1 (Alias)18p11.21 PRELID3A
HFM11p22.2 HFM1 (HFM1, ATP dependent DNA helicase homolog)
HFMI1 (Alias)3p21.31 CELSR3
HFMI2 (Alias)22q13.31 CELSR1
HFRC1 (Alias)9q22.32 SLC35D2
HFREP1 (Alias)8p22 FGL1
HFS (Alias)4q21.21 ANTXR2
HFTC (Alias)2q24.3 GALNT3
HFZ20 (Alias)Xp11.23 ZNF81
HFZ5 (Alias)2q33.3 FZD5
HFZ6 (Alias)8q22.3 FZD6
HG1058 (Alias)11p15.4 OR7E12P
HG152 (Alias)9q33.2 OR1J2
HG16 (Alias)9q33.2 OR1L6
HG1 (Alias)16p13.11 PKD1P1
HG20 (Alias)9q22.33 GABBR2
HG23 (Alias)9q33.2 OR1L1
HG2 (Alias)16_KI270853v1_alt PKD1P2
HG38 (Alias)12q21.1 LGR5
HG57 (Alias)13q14.2 CYSLTR2
HG6 (Alias)16p13.11 PKD1P6
HGAL (Alias)3q13.2 GCSAM
HGB (Alias)17q25.1 CYGB
HGC6.1.1 (Alias)6q27 KIF25-AS1
HGC6.2 (Alias)6q27 LINC01558
HGC6.36q27 HGC6.3 (uncharacterized LOC100128124)
HGC6.4 (Alias)6q27 AFDN-AS1
HGCLAS (Alias)4p14 LIAS
HGCN:14099 (Alias)3p22.3 CCR4
HGD3q13.33 HGD (homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase)
HGFA (Alias)4p16.3 HGFAC
HGFAC4p16.3 HGFAC (HGF activator)
HGFAL (Alias)10q25.3 HABP2
HGF (Alias)2p22.1 SOS1
HGFL (Alias)22q12.2 PIK3IP1
HGH18q24.3 HGH1 (HGH1 homolog)
HGK5 (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA3
HGK (Alias)2q11.2 MAP4K4
HGL (Alias)10q23.31 LIPF
HGL (Alias)17q25.1 LLGL2
HGL (Alias)8p12 NRG1
HGM071 (Alias)17p13.3 OR1E1
HGMP07J (Alias)1q23.2 OR10J1
HGNAT (Alias)8p11.21 HGSNAT
HGNT-IV-H (Alias)12q21.31 MGAT4C
HGO (Alias)3q13.33 HGD
HGpMiV (Alias)4q31.21 GYPA
HGpMiXI (Alias)4q31.21 GYPA
HGPPS (Alias)11q24.2 ROBO3
HGPRT (Alias)Xq26.2 HPRT1
HGPS (Alias)1q22 LMNA
HGPS (Alias)11q24.2 ROBO3
HGPS (Alias)1p34.2 ZMPSTE24
HGpSta(C) (Alias)4q31.21 GYPA
HGR74 (Alias)Xq22.2 BEX3
HGRG8 (Alias)1p35.3 YTHDF2
HGS17q25.3 HGS (hepatocyte growth factor-regulated tyrosine kinase substrate)
HGSNAT8p11.21 HGSNAT (heparan-alpha-glucosaminide N-acetyltransferase)
HGS_RE408 (Alias)5q21.1 FAM174A
HGT.1 (Alias)10q21.3 SLC25A16
HGTD-P (Alias)3q21.1 FAM162A
HH0048 (Alias)20q11.21 KIF3B
HH10 (Alias)12q13.3 TAC3
HH114 (Alias)15q14 C15orf41
HH11 (Alias)4q24 TACR3
HH13 (Alias)1q32.1 KISS1
HH13 (Alias)1p35.2 PTP4A2
HH14 (Alias)10q26.12 WDR11
HH15 (Alias)2q14.3 HS6ST1
HH16 (Alias)7q21.11 SEMA3A
HH17 (Alias)5q31.3 SPRY4
HH18 (Alias)3p14.3 IL17RD
HH1 (Alias)Xp22.31 ANOS1
HH1 (Alias)3p22.2 SCN5A
HH1R (Alias)3p25.3 HRH1
HH20 (Alias)8p21.3 FGF17
HH21 (Alias)20p12.1 FLRT3
HH22 (Alias)7q31.32 FEZF1
HH23 (Alias)19q13.33 LHB
HH24 (Alias)11p14.1 FSHB
HH3 (Alias)20p12.3 PROKR2
HH3R (Alias)20q13.33 HRH3
HH4 (Alias)3p13 PROK2
HH4R (Alias)18q11.2 HRH4
HH5 (Alias)8q12.2 CHD7
HH72 (Alias)6q12 PTP4A1
HH7-2 (Alias)1p35.2 PTP4A2
HH7 (Alias)4q13.2 GNRHR
HH8 (Alias)19p13.3 KISS1R
HH9 (Alias)9q34.3 NSMF
HHA (Alias)Xp22.31 ANOS1
HH (Alias)19q13.33 FUT1
HHARI (Alias)15q24.1 ARIH1
HHARP (Alias)2q35 SMARCAL1
HHAT1q32.2 HHAT (hedgehog acyltransferase)
HHATL3p22.1 HHATL (hedgehog acyltransferase-like)
HHBIRK1 (Alias)17q24.3 KCNJ2
HHC3 (Alias)19q13.32 AP2S1
HHCM8q24.3 HHCM (Mahlavu hepatocellular carcinoma)
HHCPA78 (Alias)1q21.1 TXNIP
HHD (Alias)3q22.1 ATP2C1
HHDC (Alias)6q24.1 HECA
HHDJ1 (Alias)7q36.3 DNAJB6
HHEX10q23.33 HHEX (hematopoietically expressed homeobox)
HHF1 (Alias)11p15.1 ABCC8
HHF2 (Alias)11p15.1 KCNJ11
HHF3 (Alias)7p13 GCK
HHF4 (Alias)4q25 HADH
HHF5 (Alias)19p13.2 INSR
HHG2 (Alias)2q35 IHH
HHG-3 (Alias)12q13.12 DHH
HHGP (Alias)10p12.1 PRTFDC1
HHH (Alias)13q14.11 SLC25A15
HHIP-AS14q31.21 HHIP-AS1 (HHIP antisense RNA 1)
HHIP4q31.21 HHIP (hedgehog interacting protein)
HHIPL114q32.2 HHIPL1 (HHIP like 1)
HHIPL21q41 HHIPL2 (HHIP like 2)
HHIRK1 (Alias)17q24.3 KCNJ2
HHLA18q24.22 HHLA1 (HERV-H LTR-associating 1)
HHLA23q13.13 HHLA2 (HERV-H LTR-associating 2)
HHLA31p31.1 HHLA3 (HERV-H LTR-associating 3)
HHL (Alias)3q29 HES1
HHL (Alias)1q25.1 RABGAP1L
HHM (Alias)15q15.2 CCNDBP1
HHMJG (Alias)11q21 JRKL
HHO.C10 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB5
HHO.C13 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD4
HHO.C1 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB7
HHO.C8 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC6
HHR23A (Alias)19p13.13 RAD23A
HHR23B (Alias)9q31.2 RAD23B
HHR6A (Alias)Xq24 UBE2A
HHR6B (Alias)5q31.1 UBE2B
HHRF-1 (Alias)17p13.3 GEMIN4
HHRH (Alias)9q34.3 SLC34A3
HHS (Alias)18p11.22 APCDD1
HHS (Alias)2q24.3 GALNT3
HHT5 (Alias)10q11.22 GDF2
HHYLTK (Alias)19p13.3 MATK
HHZ150 (Alias)Xp11.23 ZNF182
HHZ168 (Alias)19q13.31 ZNF180
HHZ181 (Alias)19q13.11 ZNF181
HI30 (Alias)9q32 AMBP
HI95 (Alias)1p35.3 SESN2
HIAA0929 (Alias)1p36.21 SPEN
HI (Alias)11p15.1 ABCC8
HI (Alias)Xp11.22 AKAP4
HIAT1 (Alias)1p21.2 MFSD14A
HIAT1- HIAT1 (-)
HIATL1 (Alias)9q22.32 MFSD14B
HIATL2 (Alias)9q22.33 MFSD14C
HIBADH7p15.2 HIBADH (3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase)
HIBBJ46 (Alias)Xq28 VBP1
HIBCH2q32.2 HIBCH (3-hydroxyisobutyryl-CoA hydrolase)
HIBDL (Alias)16p13.3 GLYR1
HIC222q11.21 HIC2 (HIC ZBTB transcriptional repressor 2)
HIC-5 (Alias)16p11.2 TGFB1I1
HIC5 (Alias)16p11.2 TGFB1I1
HIC (Alias)7q31.1 MDFIC
HICE1 (Alias)19p13.11 HAUS8
H-ICSBP (Alias)16q24.1 IRF8
HID-1 (Alias)17q25.1 HID1
HID1-AS117q25.1 HID1-AS1 (HID1 antisense RNA 1)
HID117q25.1 HID1 (HID1 domain containing)
HID (Alias)13q12.11 GJB2
HIDE1 (Alias)19p13.2 C19orf38
H-IDHG (Alias)Xq28 IDH3G
HIF-1A (Alias)14q23.2 HIF1A
HIF1A-AS114q23.2 HIF1A-AS1 (HIF1A antisense RNA 1)
HIF1A-AS214q23.2 HIF1A-AS2 (HIF1A antisense RNA 2)
HIF1A14q23.2 HIF1A (hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha subunit)
HIF1 (Alias)14q23.2 HIF1A
HIF-1 (Alias)3p21.31 SETD2
HIF-1-alpha (Alias)14q23.2 HIF1A
HIF-1alpha (Alias)14q23.2 HIF1A
HIF1-ALPHA (Alias)14q23.2 HIF1A
HIF1AN10q24.31 HIF1AN (hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha subunit inhibitor)
HIF-3A (Alias)19q13.32 HIF3A
HIF3A19q13.32 HIF3A (hypoxia inducible factor 3 alpha subunit)
HIF3-alpha-1 (Alias)19q13.32 HIF3A
HIFP4H3 (Alias)14q13.1 EGLN3
HIF-PH1 (Alias)19q13.2 EGLN2
HIFPH1 (Alias)19q13.2 EGLN2
HIFPH3 (Alias)14q13.1 EGLN3
HIFPH4 (Alias)3p21.31 P4HTM
HIG1 (Alias)3p22.1 HIGD1A
HIG-1 (Alias)14q32.33 TDRD9
HIG-2 (Alias)7q32.1 HILPDA
HIG2 (Alias)7q32.1 HILPDA
HIGD1A3p22.1 HIGD1A (HIG1 hypoxia inducible domain family member 1A)
HIGD1B17q21.31 HIGD1B (HIG1 hypoxia inducible domain family member 1B)
HIGD1C12q13.12 HIGD1C (HIG1 hypoxia inducible domain family member 1C)
HIGD2A5q35.2 HIGD2A (HIG1 hypoxia inducible domain family member 2A)
HIGD2B15q24.1 HIGD2B (HIG1 hypoxia inducible domain family member 2B)
HIGD2BP (Alias)15q24.1 HIGD2B
HIGM1 (Alias)Xq26.3 CD40LG
HIGM2 (Alias)12p13.31 AICDA
HIGM4 (Alias)12q24.11 UNG
HIGM5 (Alias)12q24.11 UNG
HIgR (Alias)11q23.3 NECTIN1
HIKESHI11q14.2 HIKESHI (Hikeshi, heat shock protein nuclear import factor)
HIL-10R (Alias)11q23.3 IL10RA
HILDA (Alias)22q12.2 LIF
HI-LNC12 (Alias)5q35.2 LINC01574
HI-LNC25 (Alias)20q12 LINC01370
HILNC25 (Alias)20q12 LINC01370
HI-LNC75 (Alias)17q24.3 LINC00673
HILNC75 (Alias)17q24.3 LINC00673
HI-LNC77 (Alias)6p21.1 LINC01512
HI-LNC78 (Alias)14q32.2 TUNAR
HI-LNC80 (Alias)10q24.31 OLMALINC
HILPDA7q32.1 HILPDA (hypoxia inducible lipid droplet associated)
HILS117q21.33 HILS1 (histone linker H1 domain, spermatid-specific 1 (pseudogene))
HIMAP1 (Alias)7q36.1 GIMAP1
HIMAP2 (Alias)7q36.1 GIMAP2
HIMAP3 (Alias)7q36.1 GIMAP5
HIMTP (Alias)11q12.3 SLC22A25
HIN1 (Alias)4q31.21 OTUD4
HIN-1 (Alias)5q35.3 SCGB3A1
HIN1 (Alias)5q35.3 SCGB3A1
HINAC (Alias)4q32.1 ASIC5
HINCUT-1 (Alias)Xq13.1 OGT
HiNF-P (Alias)11q23.3 HINFP
HINFP11q23.3 HINFP (histone H4 transcription factor)
HINT15q23.3 HINT1 (histidine triad nucleotide binding protein 1)
HINT29p13.3 HINT2 (histidine triad nucleotide binding protein 2)
HINT36q22.32 HINT3 (histidine triad nucleotide binding protein 3)
HINT4 (Alias)6q22.32 HINT3
HINT-5 (Alias)11q24.2 DCPS
HINT5 (Alias)11q24.2 DCPS
HINT (Alias)5q23.3 HINT1
HIOMT (Alias)Xp22.33 ASMT
HIOMTY (Alias)Xp22.33 ASMT
HIP-10 (Alias)2q23.3 PRPF40A
HIP10 (Alias)2q23.3 PRPF40A
HIP12 (Alias)12q24.31 HIP1R
HIP13 (Alias)12q23.3 FICD
HIP14 (Alias)12q21.2 ZDHHC17
HIP14L (Alias)11p15.1 ZDHHC13
HIP17 (Alias)Xp11.4 HYPM
HIP-1 (Alias)3p21.31 SETD2
HIP1R12q24.31 HIP1R (huntingtin interacting protein 1 related)
HIP2 (Alias)4p14 UBE2K
HIP3 (Alias)12q24.31 HIP1R
HIP3 (Alias)12q21.2 ZDHHC17
HIP3RP (Alias)11p15.1 ZDHHC13
HIP4 (Alias)21q22.3 CBS
HIP-55 (Alias)7p13 DBNL
HIP55 (Alias)7p13 DBNL
HIP5 (Alias)17q21.2 HAP1
HIP6 (Alias)19q13.2 PSMD8
HIP7 (Alias)10p13 OPTN
HIP-9 (Alias)11p15.5 AP2A2
HIP9 (Alias)11p15.5 AP2A2
HIP (Alias)4q31.21 HHIP
HIP (Alias)2p12 REG3A
HIP (Alias)3p21.2 RPL29
HIP (Alias)22q13.2 ST13
HIPER1 (Alias)10q23.2 MINPP1
HIPI3 (Alias)1q25.3 RNF2
HIPK1-AS11p13.2 HIPK1-AS1 (HIPK1 antisense RNA 1)
HIPK11p13.2 HIPK1 (homeodomain interacting protein kinase 1)
HIPK311p13 HIPK3 (homeodomain interacting protein kinase 3)
HIPK419q13.2 HIPK4 (homeodomain interacting protein kinase 4)
HIP/PAP (Alias)2p12 REG3A
HIPPI (Alias)3q13.12 IFT57
HIRA22q11.21 HIRA (histone cell cycle regulator)
HIR (Alias)22q13.1 KCNJ4
HIRIP2 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H2BD
HIRIP316p11.2 HIRIP3 (HIRA interacting protein 3)
HIRIP4 (Alias)16q11.2 DNAJA2
HIRIP5 (Alias)2p13.3 NFU1
HIRIP (Alias)2p13.3 NFU1
HIRK2 (Alias)22q13.1 KCNJ4
HIS1 (Alias)17q21.31 HEXIM1
HIS1 (Alias)4q13.3 HTN1
HIS-1 (Alias)2q14-q21 VIS1
HIS1 (Alias)2q14-q21 VIS1
HIS2 (Alias)4q13.3 HTN3
HIS (Alias)7q33 AKR1B10
HIS (Alias)12q23.1 HAL
HISPPD1 (Alias)5q21.1 PPIP5K2
HISPPD2A (Alias)15q15.3 PPIP5K1
HIST1 (Alias)6p22.2 HIST1H1A
HIST1H1A6p22.2 HIST1H1A (histone cluster 1 H1 family member a)
HIST1H1B6p22.1 HIST1H1B (histone cluster 1 H1 family member b)
HIST1H1C6p22.2 HIST1H1C (histone cluster 1 H1 family member c)
HIST1H1D6p22.2 HIST1H1D (histone cluster 1 H1 family member d)
HIST1H1E6p22.2 HIST1H1E (histone cluster 1 H1 family member e)
HIST1H1T6p22.2 HIST1H1T (histone cluster 1 H1 family member t)
HIST1H2AA6p22.2 HIST1H2AA (histone cluster 1 H2A family member a)
HIST1H2AB6p22.2 HIST1H2AB (histone cluster 1 H2A family member b)
HIST1H2AC6p22.2 HIST1H2AC (histone cluster 1 H2A family member c)
HIST1H2AD6p22.2 HIST1H2AD (histone cluster 1 H2A family member d)
HIST1H2AE6p22.2 HIST1H2AE (histone cluster 1 H2A family member e)
HIST1H2AG6p22.1 HIST1H2AG (histone cluster 1 H2A family member g)
HIST1H2AH6p22.1 HIST1H2AH (histone cluster 1 H2A family member h)
HIST1H2AI6p22.1 HIST1H2AI (histone cluster 1 H2A family member i)
HIST1H2AJ6p22.1 HIST1H2AJ (histone cluster 1 H2A family member j)
HIST1H2AK6p22.1 HIST1H2AK (histone cluster 1 H2A family member k)
HIST1H2AL6p22.1 HIST1H2AL (histone cluster 1 H2A family member l)
HIST1H2AM6p22.1 HIST1H2AM (histone cluster 1 H2A family member m)
HIST1H2APS16p22.2 HIST1H2APS1 (histone cluster 1 H2A pseudogene 1)
HIST1H2APS46p22.2 HIST1H2APS4 (histone cluster 1 H2A pseudogene 4)
HIST1H2BA6p22.2 HIST1H2BA (histone cluster 1 H2B family member a)
HIST1H2BB6p22.2 HIST1H2BB (histone cluster 1 H2B family member b)
HIST1H2BC6p22.2 HIST1H2BC (histone cluster 1 H2B family member c)
HIST1H2BD6p22.2 HIST1H2BD (histone cluster 1 H2B family member d)
HIST1H2BE6p22.2 HIST1H2BE (histone cluster 1 H2B family member e)
HIST1H2BF6p22.2 HIST1H2BF (histone cluster 1 H2B family member f)
HIST1H2BG6p22.2 HIST1H2BG (histone cluster 1 H2B family member g)
HIST1H2BH6p22.2 HIST1H2BH (histone cluster 1 H2B family member h)
HIST1H2BI6p22.2 HIST1H2BI (histone cluster 1 H2B family member i)
HIST1H2BJ6p22.1 HIST1H2BJ (histone cluster 1 H2B family member j)
HIST1H2BK6p22.1 HIST1H2BK (histone cluster 1 H2B family member k)
HIST1H2BL6p22.1 HIST1H2BL (histone cluster 1 H2B family member l)
HIST1H2BM6p22.1 HIST1H2BM (histone cluster 1 H2B family member m)
HIST1H2BN6p22.1 HIST1H2BN (histone cluster 1 H2B family member n)
HIST1H2BO6p22.1 HIST1H2BO (histone cluster 1 H2B family member o)
HIST1H3A6p22.2 HIST1H3A (histone cluster 1 H3 family member a)
HIST1H3B6p22.2 HIST1H3B (histone cluster 1 H3 family member b)
HIST1H3C6p22.2 HIST1H3C (histone cluster 1 H3 family member c)
HIST1H3D6p22.2 HIST1H3D (histone cluster 1 H3 family member d)
HIST1H3E6p22.2 HIST1H3E (histone cluster 1 H3 family member e)
HIST1H3F6p22.2 HIST1H3F (histone cluster 1 H3 family member f)
HIST1H3G6p22.2 HIST1H3G (histone cluster 1 H3 family member g)
HIST1H3H6p22.1 HIST1H3H (histone cluster 1 H3 family member h)
HIST1H3I6p22.1 HIST1H3I (histone cluster 1 H3 family member i)
HIST1H3J6p22.1 HIST1H3J (histone cluster 1 H3 family member j)
HIST1H4A6p22.2 HIST1H4A (histone cluster 1 H4 family member a)
HIST1H4B6p22.2 HIST1H4B (histone cluster 1 H4 family member b)
HIST1H4C6p22.2 HIST1H4C (histone cluster 1 H4 family member c)
HIST1H4D6p22.2 HIST1H4D (histone cluster 1 H4 family member d)
HIST1H4E6p22.2 HIST1H4E (histone cluster 1 H4 family member e)
HIST1H4F6p22.2 HIST1H4F (histone cluster 1 H4 family member f)
HIST1H4G6p22.2 HIST1H4G (histone cluster 1 H4 family member g)
HIST1H4H6p22.2 HIST1H4H (histone cluster 1 H4 family member h)
HIST1H4I6p22.1 HIST1H4I (histone cluster 1 H4 family member i)
HIST1H4J6p22.1 HIST1H4J (histone cluster 1 H4 family member j)
HIST1H4K6p22.1 HIST1H4K (histone cluster 1 H4 family member k)
HIST1H4L6p22.1 HIST1H4L (histone cluster 1 H4 family member l)
HIST2H2AA31q21.2 HIST2H2AA3 (histone cluster 2 H2A family member a3)
HIST2H2AA41q21.2 HIST2H2AA4 (histone cluster 2 H2A family member a4)
HIST2H2AA (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2AA3
HIST2H2AB1q21.2 HIST2H2AB (histone cluster 2 H2A family member b)
HIST2H2AC1q21.2 HIST2H2AC (histone cluster 2 H2A family member c)
HIST2H2BA1p11.2 HIST2H2BA (histone cluster 2 H2B family member a (pseudogene))
HIST2H2BC1q21.2 HIST2H2BC (histone cluster 2 H2B family member c (pseudogene))
HIST2H2BD (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H2BC
HIST2H2BD1q21.2 HIST2H2BD (histone cluster 2 H2B family member d (pseudogene))
HIST2H2BE1q21.2 HIST2H2BE (histone cluster 2 H2B family member e)
HIST2H2BF1q21.2 HIST2H2BF (histone cluster 2 H2B family member f)
HIST2H3A1q21.2 HIST2H3A (histone cluster 2 H3 family member a)
HIST2H3C1q21.2 HIST2H3C (histone cluster 2 H3 family member c)
HIST2H3D1q21.2 HIST2H3D (histone cluster 2 H3 family member d)
HIST2H4A1q21.2 HIST2H4A (histone cluster 2 H4 family member a)
HIST2H4 (Alias)1q21.2 HIST2H4A
HIST2H4B1q21.2 HIST2H4B (histone cluster 2 H4 family member b)
HIST3H2A1q42.13 HIST3H2A (histone cluster 3 H2A)
HIST3H2BB1q42.13 HIST3H2BB (histone cluster 3 H2B family member b)
HIST3H31q42.13 HIST3H3 (histone cluster 3 H3)
HIST4H412p12.3 HIST4H4 (histone cluster 4 H4)
HIT-17 (Alias)9p13.3 HINT2
HIT-40 (Alias)19p13.2 ZNF799
HIT-4 (Alias)16p13.3 ZNF597
HIVE1 (Alias)12q13.11 CCNT1
HIVEP16p24.1 HIVEP1 (human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 1)
HIV-EP2 (Alias)6q24.2 HIVEP2
HIVEP26q24.2 HIVEP2 (human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 2)
HIVEP31p34.2 HIVEP3 (human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 3)
HIWI2 (Alias)11q21 PIWIL4
HIWI3 (Alias)22q11.23 PIWIL3
HJCD (Alias)10q22.1 SLC29A3
HJTB (Alias)1q21.3 JTB
HJURP2q37.1 HJURP (Holliday junction recognition protein)
HJV (Alias)1q21.1 HFE2
HK1 (Alias)1p32.1 HOOK1
HK1 (Alias)11p14.1 KCNA4
HK-1 (Alias)17q21.33 TAC4
HK1 (Alias)17q21.33 TAC4
HK110q22.1 HK1 (hexokinase 1)
HK1-ta (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HK1-tb (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HK1-tc (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HK2 (Alias)19p13.13 HOOK2
HK2 (Alias)12p13.32 KCNA5
HK2 (Alias)5q12.1 KIF2A
HK22p12 HK2 (hexokinase 2)
HK33 (Alias)1q23.2 PEX19
HK3 (Alias)8p11.21 HOOK3
HK35q35.2 HK3 (hexokinase 3)
HK4 (Alias)7p13 GCK
HK4 (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA2
HKA2 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT32
HK (Alias)13q12.12 ATP12A
HK (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HKB3 (Alias)7q36.1 SLC4A2
HKD (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HKDC110q22.1 HKDC1 (hexokinase domain containing 1)
HKE1.5 (Alias)6p21.32 RGL2
HKE2 (Alias)6p21.32 PFDN6
HKE3 (Alias)6p21.32 RPS18
HKE4 (Alias)6p21.32 SLC39A7
HKE5 (Alias)6p21.32 COL11A2
HKE6 (Alias)6p21.32 HSD17B8
HKF-1 (Alias)2p11.2 RNF103
HKI (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HKIB9 (Alias)20q13.12 SPINT3
HKII (Alias)2p12 HK2
HKIII (Alias)5q35.2 HK3
HKIV (Alias)7p13 GCK
HKL-14 (Alias)19q13.2 LGALS7B
HKL1 (Alias)5q35.3 ZNF354A
HKLLS1 (Alias)18q21.32 CCBE1
HKLLS2 (Alias)4q28.1 FAT4
HKLP2 (Alias)3p21.31 KIF15
HKMT1098 (Alias)6p21.33 PPP1R18
HKMT1188 (Alias)12p13.33 RHNO1
Hkp1 (Alias)1q44 TFB2M
HKPX1 (Alias)5q33.1 GLRA1
HKPX2 (Alias)4q32.1 GLRB
HKPX3 (Alias)11p15.1 SLC6A5
HKr18 (Alias)19q13.41 ZNF160
HKr19 (Alias)7p11.2 ZNF479
HKR119q13.12 HKR1 (HKR1, GLI-Kruppel zinc finger family member)
HKR2 (Alias)19q13.43 ZSCAN22
HKR3 (Alias)1p36.31 ZBTB48
HKR4 (Alias)8q24.3 GLI4
HkRP1 (Alias)2p16.1 CCDC88A
HKRP2 (Alias)14q32.11 CCDC88C
HKRP3 (Alias)11q13.1 CCDC88B
HKR-T1 (Alias)10q11.21 ZNF22
HKSHIIIC (Alias)1p13.3 KCNC4
HKSP (Alias)10q23.33 KIF11
HKvbeta2.1 (Alias)1p36.31 KCNAB2
HKvbeta2.2 (Alias)1p36.31 KCNAB2
HKvbeta2 (Alias)1p36.31 KCNAB2
HL-11 (Alias)3p21.1 DNAH1
HL11 (Alias)3p21.1 DNAH1
HL14 (Alias)22q13.1 LGALS2
HL-18 (Alias)1q42.12 DNAH14
HL18 (Alias)1q42.12 DNAH14
HL-19 (Alias)3p14.3 DNAH12
HL19 (Alias)3p14.3 DNAH12
HL-1 (Alias)17p13.1 ASGR1
HL1 (Alias)5p15.2 DNAH5
HL-1 (Alias)1q23.3 ITLN1
HL1 (Alias)1q23.3 ITLN1
HL-20 (Alias)17p12 DNAH9
HL20 (Alias)17p12 DNAH9
HL-2 (Alias)17p13.1 ASGR2
HL-2 (Alias)2p11.2 DNAH6
HL2 (Alias)2p11.2 DNAH6
HL-2 (Alias)1q23.3 ITLN2
HL2 (Alias)1q23.3 ITLN2
HL2K (Alias)Xp11.21 PFKFB1
HL-3 (Alias)14q32.31 DYNC1H1
H-L(3)MBT (Alias)20q13.12 L3MBTL1
H-l(3)mbt-l (Alias)22q13.2 L3MBTL2
H-L6 (Alias)3q25.1 TM4SF1
HL9 (Alias)19q13.42 LILRB3
HLA-5.4 (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-F
HLA-59 (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-J
HLA-6.2 (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-E
HLA-70 (Alias)6_GL000256v2_alt HLA-K
HLA70 (Alias)6_GL000256v2_alt HLA-K
HLA-92 (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-L
HLA92 (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-L
HLAA (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-A
HLA-A6p22.1 HLA-A (major histocompatibility complex, class I, A)
HLAB (Alias)6p21.33 HLA-B
HLA-B6p21.33 HLA-B (major histocompatibility complex, class I, B)
HLAC (Alias)6p21.33 HLA-C
HLA-CDA12 (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-F
HLA-CDA12 (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-J
HLA-C6p21.33 HLA-C (major histocompatibility complex, class I, C)
HLADM (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DMA
HLA-DMA6p21.32 HLA-DMA (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DM alpha)
HLA-DMB6p21.32 HLA-DMB (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DM beta)
HLA-DNA (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DOA
HLA-DOA6p21.32 HLA-DOA (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DO alpha)
HLA_DOB (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DOB
HLA-DOB6p21.32 HLA-DOB (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DO beta)
HLA-DP1A (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DPA1
HLA-DP1B (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DPB1
HLA-DP2B (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DPB2
HLA-DPA16p21.32 HLA-DPA1 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DP alpha 1)
HLADP (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DPA1
HLA-DP (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DPB1
HLA-DPB16p21.32 HLA-DPB1 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DP beta 1)
HLA-DPB26p21.32 HLA-DPB2 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DP beta 2 (pseudogene))
HLA-DPB (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DPB1
HLA-DQA16p21.32 HLA-DQA1 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha 1)
HLADQA2 (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DQA2
HLA-DQA26p21.32 HLA-DQA2 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha 2)
HLA-DQA (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DQA1
HLA-DQB1 (Alias)16q13 GNAO1
HLA-DQB1 (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DQB2
HLA-DQB1-AS16p21.32 HLA-DQB1-AS1 (HLA-DQB1 antisense RNA 1)
HLA-DQB16p21.32 HLA-DQB1 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ beta 1)
HLA-DQB26p21.32 HLA-DQB2 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ beta 2)
HLA-DQB (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DQB1
HLA-DR1B (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DRB1
HLA-DR1B (Alias)6_GL000255v2_alt HLA-DRB3
HLA-DR3B (Alias)6_GL000255v2_alt HLA-DRB3
HLA-DR4B (Alias)6_GL000256v2_alt HLA-DRB4
HLA-DRA1 (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DRA
HLA-DRA6p21.32 HLA-DRA (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR alpha)
HLA-DRB16p21.32 HLA-DRB1 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR beta 1)
HLA-DRB36_GL000255v2_alt HLA-DRB3 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR beta 3)
HLA-DRB46_GL000256v2_alt HLA-DRB4 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR beta 4)
HLA-DRB56p21.32 HLA-DRB5 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR beta 5)
HLA-DRB66p21.32 HLA-DRB6 (major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR beta 6 (pseudogene))
HLA-DRB (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DRB1
HLA-DXA (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DQA2
HLA-DXB (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DQB2
HLA-DZA (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DOA
HLADZ (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DOA
HLA-E6p22.1 HLA-E (major histocompatibility complex, class I, E)
HLAF (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-F
HLA-F-AS16p22.1 HLA-F-AS1 (HLA-F antisense RNA 1)
HLA-F6p22.1 HLA-F (major histocompatibility complex, class I, F)
HLA-HA1 (Alias)19p13.3 ARHGAP45
HLA-HA2 (Alias)7p13 MYO1G
HLA-HA8 (Alias)9p24.2 PUM3
HLA-HB1 (Alias)5q31.3 HMHB1
HLA-H6p22.1 HLA-H (major histocompatibility complex, class I, H (pseudogene))
HLAHP (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-H
HLA-ISO (Alias)1p36.33 CCNL2
HLA-J6p22.1 HLA-J (major histocompatibility complex, class I, J (pseudogene))
HLA-JY3 (Alias)6p21.33 HLA-C
HLAK (Alias)6_GL000256v2_alt HLA-K
HLA-K6_GL000256v2_alt HLA-K (major histocompatibility complex, class I, K (pseudogene))
HLAL (Alias)6p22.1 HLA-L
HLAL (Alias)10q23.31 LIPF
HL (Alias)1p36.11 HMGCL
HL (Alias)15q21.3 LIPC
HLA-L6p22.1 HLA-L (major histocompatibility complex, class I, L (pseudogene))
HLALS (Alias)1q25.3 MR1
HLA-RP1 (Alias)6p21.33 STK19
HLASA (Alias)3p21.31 LARS2
HLASB (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DPA1
HLC-10 (Alias)4p16.3 MAEA
HLC-11 (Alias)3p21.31 RBM6
HLC14-06-P (Alias)20p13 ITPA
HLC-1 (Alias)11q14.1 NDUFC2
HLC3 (Alias)2p23.3 SLC4A1AP
HLC4 (Alias)17q21.33 SPAG9
HLC-6 (Alias)17q21.33 SPAG9
HLC6 (Alias)17q21.33 SPAG9
HLC-8 (Alias)17q25.1 C17orf80
HLC-C (Alias)6p21.33 HLA-C
Hlcd (Alias)2q24.2 IFIH1
HLCS21q22.13 HLCS (holocarboxylase synthetase)
HLD10 (Alias)1q42.12 PYCR2
HLD11 (Alias)6p21.1 POLR1C
HLD12 (Alias)11q23.3 VPS11
HLD13 (Alias)11q14.2 HIKESHI
HLD1 (Alias)Xq22.2 PLP1
HLD2 (Alias)1q42.13 GJC2
HLD3 (Alias)4q24 AIMP1
HLD5 (Alias)7p15.3 FAM126A
HLD7 (Alias)10q22.3 POLR3A
HLD8 (Alias)12q23.3 POLR3B
HLD9 (Alias)5q34 RARS
HLDA2 (Alias)11p15.4 PHLDA2
HLDF (Alias)20q13.33 RPS21
HLE (Alias)19p13.3 ELANE
HLF2 (Alias)3p21.31 LTF
HLF4 (Alias)1q31.3 CFHR3
HLFP16q23.2 HLFP1 (hepatic leukemia factor pseudogene 1)
HLGP85 (Alias)4q21.1 SCARB2
HLH3 (Alias)17q25.1 UNC13D
HLH4 (Alias)6q24.2 STX11
HLHB2 (Alias)3p26.1 BHLHE40
HLHS1 (Alias)6q22.31 GJA1
HLJ1 (Alias)1p31.1 DNAJB4
HLK3 (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA3
HLM (Alias)22q12.2 OSBP2
HLN (Alias)5q31.3 GNPDA1
HLNX (Alias)Xp22.32 NLGN4X
HLP2 (Alias)Xp11.4 DDX3X
HLP2 (Alias)2p25.1 HPCAL1
HLP3 (Alias)2p24.2 VSNL1
HLP4 (Alias)1p34.2 HPCAL4
HLP (Alias)7q22.1 CYP3A4
HLP (Alias)14q12 GZMB
HLP (Alias)17q21.2 HAP1
HLP (Alias)6p21.33 SKIV2L
HLR2 (Alias)11q23.3 DDX6
HLRC1 (Alias)19p13.3 DOHH
HLS2 (Alias)15q26.1 KIF7
HLS2 (Alias)22q11.21 SERPIND1
HLS5 (Alias)8p21.2 TRIM35
HLS (Alias)11q24.2 HYLS1
HLTF-AS13q24 HLTF-AS1 (HLTF antisense RNA 1)
HLTRS (Alias)20q13.33 SOX18
HLTS (Alias)20q13.33 SOX18
H_LUCA15.1 (Alias)3p21.31 GNAI2
H_LUCA16.1 (Alias)3p21.31 GNAI2
HLUG25 (Alias)4q13.3 UGT2B4
HLUG4 (Alias)4q13.2 UGT2B15
HLUGP1 (Alias)2q37.1 UGT1A6
HLUGP4 (Alias)2q37.1 UGT1A9
HLUGP (Alias)2q37.1 UGT1A6
HLWAR77 (Alias)4q13.3 NPFFR2
HLX1 (Alias)1q41 HLX
HLX-AS11q41 HLX-AS1 (HLX antisense RNA 1)
HLX1q41 HLX (H2.0 like homeobox)
HM13-AS120q11.21 HM13-AS1 (HM13 antisense RNA 1)
HM1320q11.21 HM13 (histocompatibility minor 13)
HM1 (Alias)11q12.3 CHRM1
HM-1 (Alias)12q24.31 SNRNP35
HM2 (Alias)7q33 CHRM2
HM31 (Alias)19_KI270938v1_alt LILRA3
HM3 (Alias)1q43 CHRM3
HM43 (Alias)19_KI270938v1_alt LILRA3
HM4 (Alias)11p11.2 CHRM4
HM5 (Alias)15q14 CHRM5
HM63 (Alias)19q13.41 FPR2
HM74a (Alias)12q24.31 HCAR2
HM74 (Alias)12q24.31 HCAR3
HM74b (Alias)12q24.31 HCAR2
HM89 (Alias)2q22.1 CXCR4
HMAG (Alias)1q43 MTR
HMAT1 (Alias)16p13.3 ALG1
Hmat-Xa (Alias)2q22.3 GTDC1
HMBOX18p21.1 HMBOX1 (homeobox containing 1)
HMBS11q23.3 HMBS (hydroxymethylbilane synthase)
HMC08D05 (Alias)21q22.11 ATP5O
HMC13F06 (Alias)21q22.13 SIM2
HMC29C01 (Alias)21q22.13 SIM2
HMCES3q21.3 HMCES (5-hydroxymethylcytosine (hmC) binding, ES cell-specific)
HMCN11q25.3 HMCN1 (hemicentin 1)
HMCN29q34.11 HMCN2 (hemicentin 2)
HM-CRF (Alias)7p14.3 CRHR2
HMCS (Alias)20p12.2 MKKS
HMCS (Alias)18q12.2 MOCOS
HMDPC (Alias)1q41 SLC30A10
HMDRA1 (Alias)1p34.1 NASP
HME (Alias)11q22.2 MMP12
HMERF (Alias)2q31.2 TTN
HMFG (Alias)15q26.1 MFGE8
HMFN0320 (Alias)3q21.3 UROC1
HMFN0376 (Alias)4q22.1 HSD17B13
HMFN0601 (Alias)18q12.2 TPGS2
HMFN0672 (Alias)8p21.1 NUGGC
HMFN0839 (Alias)4q21.23 GPAT3
HMFN1045 (Alias)11q13.5 DGAT2
HMFN1187 (Alias)1q32.1 GOLT1A
HMFN1655 (Alias)14q32.2 SLC25A47
HMFN1661 (Alias)5q32 ABLIM3
HMFN1864 (Alias)3q25.2 ARHGEF26
HMFN1876 (Alias)16p13.3 LMF1
HMFN2073 (Alias)2q36.3 PID1
HMFT0141 (Alias)19p13.12 PGLYRP2
HMFT0656 (Alias)2p23.3 ZNF513
HMFT0700 (Alias)17q21.31 ACBD4
HMFT1272 (Alias)12q23.1 AMDHD1
HMFT1638 (Alias)2p25.3 ADI1
HMFT1716 (Alias)1q32.1 ETNK2
HMFT1766 (Alias)19p13.3 LRG1
HMFT2263 (Alias)8q13.1 ADHFE1
HMG14 (Alias)21q22.2 HMGN1
HMG17 (Alias)1p36.11 HMGN2
HMG17L3 (Alias)6p22.2 HMGN4
HMG-1 (Alias)13q12.3 HMGB1
HMG1 (Alias)13q12.3 HMGB1
HMG1L10 (Alias)22q12.1 HMGB1P10
HMG1L2 (Alias)1q23.1 HDGF
HMG20A15q24.3 HMG20A (high mobility group 20A)
HMG20 (Alias)12q24.31 UBC
HMG20B19p13.3 HMG20B (high mobility group 20B)
HMG-2a (Alias)Xq28 HMGB3
HMG2A (Alias)Xq28 HMGB3
HMG2 (Alias)4q34.1 HMGB2
HMG2L1 (Alias)22q12.3 HMGXB4
HMG3 (Alias)13q12.3 HMGB1
HMG-4 (Alias)Xq28 HMGB3
HMG4 (Alias)Xq28 HMGB3
HMG4L (Alias)20q11.22 HMGB3P1
HMGA1L2 (Alias)4q13.3 HMGA1P2
HMGA1L4 (Alias)2p13.1 INO80B
HMGA1L6 (Alias)13q12.12 HMGA1P6
HMGA1L7 (Alias)6q23.2 HMGA1P7
HMGA1P24q13.3 HMGA1P2 (high mobility group AT-hook 1 pseudogene 2)
HMGA1P613q12.12 HMGA1P6 (high mobility group AT-hook 1 pseudogene 6)
HMGA1P76q23.2 HMGA1P7 (high mobility group AT-hook 1 pseudogene 7)
HMGB113q12.3 HMGB1 (high mobility group box 1)
HMGB1L10 (Alias)22q12.1 HMGB1P10
HMGB1L1 (Alias)20q13.31 CTCFL
HMGB1P1022q12.1 HMGB1P10 (high mobility group box 1 pseudogene 10)
HMGB1P3414q24.1 HMGB1P34 (high mobility group box 1 pseudogene 34)
HMGB24q34.1 HMGB2 (high mobility group box 2)
HMGB3Xq28 HMGB3 (high mobility group box 3)
HMGB3L1 (Alias)20q11.22 HMGB3P1
HMGB3P120q11.22 HMGB3P1 (high mobility group box 3 pseudogene 1)
HMGB41p35.1 HMGB4 (high mobility group box 4)
HMGBCG (Alias)22q12.3 HMGXB4
HMGCL1p36.11 HMGCL (3-hydroxymethyl-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase)
HMGCLL16p12.1 HMGCLL1 (3-hydroxymethyl-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase like 1)
HMGCR5q13.3 HMGCR (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase)
HMGCS15p12 HMGCS1 (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase 1)
HMGCS21p12 HMGCS2 (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase 2)
HMGCS (Alias)5p12 HMGCS1
HMGDC (Alias)19q13.32 BHMG1
HMGE (Alias)4p16.1 GRPEL1
HMGIYL2 (Alias)4q13.3 HMGA1P2
HMGIYL4 (Alias)2p13.1 INO80B
HMGN121q22.2 HMGN1 (high mobility group nucleosome binding domain 1)
HMGN21p36.11 HMGN2 (high mobility group nucleosomal binding domain 2)
HMGN2P4615q21.1 HMGN2P46 (high mobility group nucleosomal binding domain 2 pseudogene 46)
HMGN3-AS16q14.1 HMGN3-AS1 (HMGN3 antisense RNA 1)
HMGN36q14.1 HMGN3 (high mobility group nucleosomal binding domain 3)
HMGN46p22.2 HMGN4 (high mobility group nucleosomal binding domain 4)
HMGPI (Alias)11q14.3 UBTFL1
HMGX1 (Alias)15q24.3 HMG20A
HMGX2 (Alias)19p13.3 HMG20B
HMGX3 (Alias)5q32 HMGXB3
HMGX (Alias)9q21.13 TRPM6
HMGXB1 (Alias)15q24.3 HMG20A
HMGXB2 (Alias)19p13.3 HMG20B
HMGXB35q32 HMGXB3 (HMG-box containing 3)
HMGXB422q12.3 HMGXB4 (HMG-box containing 4)
HMHA1 (Alias)19p13.3 ARHGAP45
HMHB15q31.3 HMHB1 (histocompatibility minor HB-1)
HMIC (Alias)1p36.11 MAN1C1
HMIP (Alias)13q12.12 MIPEP
HMIT (Alias)12q12 SLC2A13
HML2 (Alias)17p13.1 CLEC10A
HML (Alias)17p13.1 CLEC10A
HML (Alias)12q23.3 ISCU
HMLR1 (Alias)7q21.2 PEX1
HMLR2 (Alias)6p21.1 PEX6
HMMH (Alias)3p25.3 OGG1
HMMR-AS15q34 HMMR-AS1 (HMMR antisense RNA 1)
HMMR5q34 HMMR (hyaluronan mediated motility receptor)
HMMS (Alias)16q12.2 IRX5
HMN2C (Alias)5q11.2 HSPB3
HMN2D (Alias)5q32 FBXO38
HMN5 (Alias)11q12.3 BSCL2
HMN5 (Alias)7p14.3 GARS
HMN5B (Alias)2p11.2 REEP1
HMN6 (Alias)11q13.3 IGHMBP2
HMN7A (Alias)2q12.3 SLC5A7
HMNDYT1 (Alias)1q41 SLC30A10
HMNDYT2 (Alias)8p21.3 SLC39A14
HMOX1D (Alias)22q12.3 HMOX1
HMOX122q12.3 HMOX1 (heme oxygenase 1)
HMOX216p13.3 HMOX2 (heme oxygenase 2)
HMP195q35.2 HMP19 (HMP19 protein)
HMP70 (Alias)14q12 TM9SF1
HMP (Alias)2p11.2 IMMT
HMPH (Alias)10q23.33 HHEX
HMPS1 (Alias)15q13.3 GREM1
HMPS (Alias)15q13.3 GREM1
HMRF1L (Alias)6q25.2 MTRF1L
HMRP-2B (Alias)17q12 CCL15
HMS (Alias)11q14.2 CTSC
HMSD18q22.1 HMSD (histocompatibility minor serpin domain containing)
HMSE1 (Alias)16q12.2 CES1
HMSE (Alias)16q12.2 CES1
HMSN2C (Alias)12q24.11 TRPV4
HMSN6A (Alias)1p36.22 MFN2
HMSN6B (Alias)5q22.1 SLC25A46
HMSNIA (Alias)17p12 PMP22
HMSNIB (Alias)1q23.3 MPZ
HMSNII (Alias)1p36.22 KIF1B
HMSNR (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HMT-1 (Alias)16p13.3 ALG1
HMT1 (Alias)16p13.3 ALG1
HMT (Alias)2q22.1 HNMT
HMTMF81 (Alias)Xq21.1 CYSLTR1
HMTr2 (Alias)16q22.2 CMTR2
HMUDG (Alias)12q13.13 SMUG1
HMW-MAA (Alias)15q24.2 CSPG4
HMX14p16.1 HMX1 (H6 family homeobox 1)
HMX210q26.13 HMX2 (H6 family homeobox 2)
HMX310q26.13 HMX3 (H6 family homeobox 3)
HN10 (Alias)Xp11.21 MTRNR2L10
HN1A (Alias)17q25.1 JPT1
HN1 (Alias)17q25.1 JPT1
HN1 (Alias)17p11.2 MTRNR2L1
HN1L (Alias)16p13.3 CRAMP1
HN1L- HN1L (-)
HN2 (Alias)5q14.1 MTRNR2L2
HN3 (Alias)20q13.31 MTRNR2L3
HN3 (Alias)1q21.3 PSMB4
HN4 (Alias)16p13.3 MTRNR2L4
HN5 (Alias)10q21.1 MTRNR2L5
HN6 (Alias)7q34 MTRNR2L6
HN7 (Alias)10p11.21 MTRNR2L7
HN8 (Alias)11p15.4 MTRNR2L8
HN9 (Alias)6q11.1 MTRNR2L9
HNA-2a (Alias)19q13.31 CD177
HNA2A (Alias)19q13.31 CD177
HNAACTE (Alias)20q13.12 ACOT8
HNAC1 (Alias)10q11.23 ASAH2
HNB116p13-p12 HNB1 (hereditary neuroblastoma 1)
HNB-2s (Alias)11q22.1 CNTN5
HNBC1 (Alias)4q13.3 SLC4A4
HNC (Alias)11q22.2 MMP8
HNCAT21- HNCAT21 (-)
HND (Alias)5p15.33 SLC6A19
HNE (Alias)19p13.3 ELANE
HNF-1A (Alias)12q24.31 HNF1A
HNF1A-AS112q24.31 HNF1A-AS1 (HNF1A antisense RNA 1)
HNF1A12q24.31 HNF1A (HNF1 homeobox A)
HNF1 (Alias)12q24.31 HNF1A
HNF-1B (Alias)17q12 HNF1B
HNF-1-beta (Alias)17q12 HNF1B
HNF1beta (Alias)17q12 HNF1B
HNF1B17q12 HNF1B (HNF1 homeobox B)
HNF1LA (Alias)8p21.1 HMBOX1
HNF2 (Alias)17q12 HNF1B
HNF3B (Alias)20p11.21 FOXA2
HNF3G (Alias)19q13.32 FOXA3
HNF4A-AS120q13.12 HNF4A-AS1 (HNF4A antisense RNA 1)
HNF4G8q21.13 HNF4G (hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 gamma)
HNF6A (Alias)15q21.3 ONECUT1
HNF-6 (Alias)15q21.3 ONECUT1
HNF6 (Alias)15q21.3 ONECUT1
HNFAG09 (Alias)12p13.31 C3AR1
HNFJ1 (Alias)16p12.3 UMOD
HNFJ2 (Alias)1q32.1 REN
HNFJ4 (Alias)3q21.3 SEC61A1
HNFJ (Alias)16p12.3 UMOD
H_NH0577018.2 (Alias)7p22.1 CCZ1B
HNK1 (Alias)11q25 B3GAT1
HNK-1ST (Alias)2q11.2 CHST10
HNK1ST (Alias)2q11.2 CHST10
HNK1ST (Alias)15q15.1 CHST14
HNKA (Alias)8q23.2 KCNV1
HNL3 (Alias)Xq13.1 NLGN3
HNL4X (Alias)Xp22.32 NLGN4X
HNLF (Alias)7p13 TMED4
HNMT2q22.1 HNMT (histamine N-methyltransferase)
HNMT-S1 (Alias)2q22.1 HNMT
HNMT-S2 (Alias)2q22.1 HNMT
HNOEL-iso (Alias)1p13.2 OLFML3
HNP-1 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA1B
HNP-1 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA1
HNP36 (Alias)11q13.2 SLC29A2
HNP-3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA3
HNP3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA3
HNP-4 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA4
HNPCC4 (Alias)7p22.1 PMS2
HNPCC7 (Alias)14q24.3 MLH3
HNPP (Alias)17p12 PMP22
HNRBP2 (Alias)22q12.3 RBFOX2
HNRGW (Alias)8q24.3 GRINA
HNRNPA05q31.2 HNRNPA0 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A0)
HNRNPA112q13.13 HNRNPA1 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1)
HNRNPA1L1 (Alias)1p32.2 HNRNPA1P6
HNRNPA1L213q14.3 HNRNPA1L2 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1-like 2)
HNRNPA1L (Alias)1p32.2 HNRNPA1P6
HNRNPA1P1019p13.2 HNRNPA1P10 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 pseudogene 10)
HNRNPA1P27Xq22.1 HNRNPA1P27 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 pseudogene 27)
HNRNPA1P3310q11.22 HNRNPA1P33 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 pseudogene 33)
HNRNPA1P61p32.2 HNRNPA1P6 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 pseudogene 6)
HNRNPA2 (Alias)7p15.2 HNRNPA2B1
HNRNPA2B17p15.2 HNRNPA2B1 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A2/B1)
HNRNPA32q31.2 HNRNPA3 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A3)
HNRNPA3P110q11.21 HNRNPA3P1 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A3 pseudogene 1)
HNRNPAB5q35.3 HNRNPAB (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A/B)
HNRNP (Alias)14q11.2 HNRNPC
HNRNP (Alias)4q21.22 HNRNPDL
HNRNPB1 (Alias)7p15.2 HNRNPA2B1
HNRNPC14q11.2 HNRNPC (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C (C1/C2))
HNRNPCL11p36.21 HNRNPCL1 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C-like 1)
HNRNPCL2 (Alias)1p36.21 HNRNPCL3
HNRNPCL21p36.21 HNRNPCL2 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C-like 2)
HNRNPCL31p36.21 HNRNPCL3 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C-like 3)
HNRNPCL41p36.21 HNRNPCL4 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C-like 4)
HNRNPCP5 (Alias)1p36.21 HNRNPCL2
HNRNPDL4q21.22 HNRNPDL (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein D like)
HNRNPE2 (Alias)12q13.13 PCBP2
HNRNPF10q11.21 HNRNPF (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein F)
HNRNP-G (Alias)6p12.3 RBMXP1
HNRNPG (Alias)Xq26.3 RBMX
HNRNPG-T (Alias)11p15.4 RBMXL2
HNRNPGT (Alias)11p15.4 RBMXL2
HNRNPH15q35.3 HNRNPH1 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H1)
HNRNPH2Xq22.1 HNRNPH2 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H2)
HNRNPH310q21.3 HNRNPH3 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H3)
HNRNPKP311p12 HNRNPKP3 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K pseudogene 3)
HNRNPL19q13.2 HNRNPL (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein L)
HNRNPLL2p22.1 HNRNPLL (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein L like)
HNRNPM4 (Alias)19p13.2 HNRNPM
HNRNPM19p13.2 HNRNPM (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein M)
HNRNPQ (Alias)6q14.3 SYNCRIP
HNRNPR1p36.12 HNRNPR (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein R)
HNRNPU1q44 HNRNPU (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein U)
HNRNPUL119q13.2 HNRNPUL1 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein U like 1)
HNRNPUL2-BSCL211q12.3 HNRNPUL2-BSCL2 (HNRNPUL2-BSCL2 readthrough (NMD candidate))
HNRNPUL211q12.3 HNRNPUL2 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein U like 2)
HNRPA0 (Alias)5q31.2 HNRNPA0
HNRPA1 (Alias)12q13.13 HNRNPA1
HNRPA1L-2 (Alias)19p13.2 HNRNPA1P10
HNRPA1L3 (Alias)12q13.13 HNRNPA1
HNRPA1L (Alias)1p32.2 HNRNPA1P6
HNRPA1P5 (Alias)Xq22.1 HNRNPA1P27
HNRPA2 (Alias)7p15.2 HNRNPA2B1
HNRPA2B1 (Alias)7p15.2 HNRNPA2B1
HNRPA3 (Alias)10q11.21 HNRNPA3P1
HNRPA3 (Alias)2q31.2 HNRNPA3
HNRPA3P1 (Alias)10q11.21 HNRNPA3P1
HNRPAB (Alias)5q35.3 HNRNPAB
HNRPB1 (Alias)7p15.2 HNRNPA2B1
HNRPC (Alias)14q11.2 HNRNPC
HNRPCL1 (Alias)1p36.21 HNRNPCL1
HNRPCL2 (Alias)20q11.22 RALY
HNRPCL3 (Alias)8q21.2 RALYL
HNRPDL (Alias)4q21.22 HNRNPDL
HNRPE1 (Alias)2p13.3 PCBP1
HNRPE2 (Alias)12q13.13 PCBP2
HNRPF (Alias)10q11.21 HNRNPF
HNRPG (Alias)6p12.3 RBMXP1
HNRPG (Alias)Xq26.3 RBMX
HNRPGT (Alias)11p15.4 RBMXL2
HNRPH1 (Alias)5q35.3 HNRNPH1
HNRPH2 (Alias)Xq22.1 HNRNPH2
HNRPH3 (Alias)10q21.3 HNRNPH3
HNRPH (Alias)5q35.3 HNRNPH1
HNRPH' (Alias)Xq22.1 HNRNPH2
HNRPL (Alias)19q13.2 HNRNPL
HNRPLL (Alias)2p22.1 HNRNPLL
HNRPM4 (Alias)19p13.2 HNRNPM
HNRPM (Alias)19p13.2 HNRNPM
HNRPQ1 (Alias)6q14.3 SYNCRIP
HNRPR (Alias)1p36.12 HNRNPR
HNRPU (Alias)1q44 HNRNPU
HNRPUL1 (Alias)19q13.2 HNRNPUL1
HNRPUL2 (Alias)11q12.3 HNRNPUL2
HNRPX (Alias)2p13.3 PCBP1
HNSPC (Alias)20q13.33 KCNQ2
HNT (Alias)11q25 NTM
H-NUC (Alias)17q21.32 CDC27
HNUC (Alias)17q21.32 CDC27
HNUDC (Alias)1p36.11 NUDC
HNUP153 (Alias)6p22.3 NUP153
HNYA (Alias)3q12.3 TRMT10C
HO-1 (Alias)22q12.3 HMOX1
HO-2 (Alias)16p13.3 HMOX2
HO3 (Alias)5q31.3 HARS2
HO57 (Alias)8p21.3 ATP6V1B2
HO68 (Alias)3q13.31 ATP6V1A
HOA (Alias)2p24.1 MATN3
HOAT1 (Alias)11q12.3 SLC22A6
HOAT4 (Alias)11q12.3 SLC22A9
Hobit (Alias)1p36.11 ZNF683
HOC3F (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC12
HOCT1 (Alias)6q25.3 SLC22A1
HOD (Alias)4q12 HOPX
HOEP19 (Alias)6q13 OOEP
HOF (Alias)3q13.31 ZBTB20
HOFI (Alias)5q35.1 SH3PXD2B
HOFNH30 (Alias)1p22.3 LPAR3
HOGA110q24.2 HOGA1 (4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate aldolase 1)
HOGA (Alias)10q26.13 OAT
HOGG1 (Alias)3p25.3 OGG1
HOHO (Alias)1q42.2 KCNK1
HOIL-1 (Alias)20p13 RBCK1
HOIL1 (Alias)20p13 RBCK1
HOIP (Alias)14q12 RNF31
HOJ1 (Alias)12p12.1 RASSF8
HOK-2 (Alias)10q11.21 ZNF239
HOKPP1 (Alias)1q32.1 CACNA1S
HOKPP2 (Alias)17q23.3 SCN4A
HOKPP (Alias)1q32.1 CACNA1S
HOKPP (Alias)11q13.4 KCNE3
HOMER1A (Alias)5q14.1 HOMER1
HOMER1B (Alias)5q14.1 HOMER1
HOMER1C (Alias)5q14.1 HOMER1
HOMER15q14.1 HOMER1 (homer scaffolding protein 1)
HOMER-2 (Alias)15q25.2 HOMER2
HOMER215q25.2 HOMER2 (homer scaffolding protein 2)
HOMER-3 (Alias)19p13.11 HOMER3
HOMER319p13.11 HOMER3 (homer scaffolding protein 3)
HOMER (Alias)5q14.1 HOMER1
HOMEZ14q11.2 HOMEZ (homeobox and leucine zipper encoding)
HOMG1 (Alias)9q21.13 TRPM6
HOMG2 (Alias)11q23.3 FXYD2
HOMG3 (Alias)3q28 CLDN16
HOMG4 (Alias)4q25 EGF
HOMG5 (Alias)1p34.2 CLDN19
HOMG6 (Alias)10q24.32 CNNM2
HOMG (Alias)9q21.13 TRPM6
HOMGSMR (Alias)10q24.32 CNNM2
HOM-MEL-40 (Alias)Xp11.22 SSX2B
HOMS1 (Alias)11q13.1 SART1
HOMT1A (Alias)9q34.11 NTMT1
HOMT1B (Alias)1q24.2 METTL11B
HOM-TES-103 (Alias)12p13.31 IFFO1
HOM-TES-14 (Alias)1p13.2 SYCP1
HOM-TES-84/86 (Alias)19q13.43 USP29
HOM-TES-85 (Alias)Xq23 LUZP4
HOM-TES-87 (Alias)16p13.11 NDE1
HOOK11p32.1 HOOK1 (hook microtubule tethering protein 1)
HOOK219p13.13 HOOK2 (hook microtubule tethering protein 2)
HOOK38p11.21 HOOK3 (hook microtubule tethering protein 3)
HOP2 (Alias)17q21.2 PSMC3IP
HOPA (Alias)Xq13.1 MED12
HOP (Alias)4q12 HOPX
HOP (Alias)22q13.2 ST13
HOP (Alias)11q13.1 STIP1
HOPS (Alias)1p36.12 ALPL
HOPX4q12 HOPX (HOP homeobox)
HOR5'Beta1 (Alias)11p15.4 OR51B4
HOR5'Beta3 (Alias)11p15.4 OR51B2
HOR5'Beta5 (Alias)11p15.4 OR51B5
HOR5'Beta6 (Alias)11p15.4 OR51B6
HOR5'Beta7 (Alias)11p15.4 OR51M1
HORK3 (Alias)3q25.1 P2RY12
HORMAD11q21.3 HORMAD1 (HORMA domain containing 1)
HORMAD2-AS122q12.2 HORMAD2-AS1 (HORMAD2 antisense RNA 1)
HORMAD222q12.2 HORMAD2 (HORMA domain containing 2)
Hos (Alias)5q35.1 FBXW11
HOS (Alias)12q24.21 TBX5
HOST2 (Alias)10q23.1 CERNA2
HOST2- HOST2 (-)
HOT1 (Alias)8p21.1 HMBOX1
HOT7T175 (Alias)19p13.3 KISS1R
HOTAIR12q13.13 HOTAIR (HOX transcript antisense RNA)
HOTAIRM17p15.2 HOTAIRM1 (HOXA transcript antisense RNA, myeloid-specific 1)
HOT (Alias)8q13.1 ADHFE1
HOTS11p15.5 HOTS (H19 opposite tumor suppressor)
HOTTIP7p15.2 HOTTIP (HOXA distal transcript antisense RNA)
HOTTL (Alias)3p25.3 TTLL3
HOVO1 (Alias)11q13.1 OVOL1
HOVO3 (Alias)19q13.12 OVOL3
HOX10 (Alias)14q24.3 VSX2
HOX1.1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA7
HOX11 (Alias)10q24.31 TLX1
HOX11L1 (Alias)2p13.1 TLX2
HOX11L-PEN (Alias)10q23.33 HHEX
HOX1.2 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA6
HOX12 (Alias)6p21.32 PBX2
HOX1.3 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA5
HOX1.8 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA10
HOX1A (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA7
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA10
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA13
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA1
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA3
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA4
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA5
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA6
HOX1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA7
HOX1@ (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA@
HOX1B (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA6
HOX1C (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA5
HOX1D (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA4
HOX1D (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD3
HOX1E (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA3
HOX1F (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA1
HOX1H (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA10
HOX1J (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA13
HOX1K (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA2
Hox2.1 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB5
Hox-2.2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB6
Hox-2.3 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB7
Hox-2.4 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB8
HOX-2.5 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB9
HOX-2.6 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB4
Hox-2.7 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB3
Hox-2.8 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB2
Hox-2.9 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB1
HOX2A (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB5
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB1
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB2
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB3
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB4
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB5
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB6
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB7
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB8
HOX2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB9
HOX2B (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB6
HOX2C (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB7
HOX2D (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB8
HOX2E (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB9
HOX2F (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB4
HOX2G (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB3
HOX2H (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB2
HOX2I (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB1
HOX3 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC12
HOX3 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC4
HOX3 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC5
HOX3 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC6
HOX3 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC9
HOX3B (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC9
HOX3C (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC6
HOX3D (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC5
HOX3E (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC4
HOX3F (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC12
HOX3H (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC11
HOX3I (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC10
Hox-4.1 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD3
Hox-4.2 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD4
Hox-4.3 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD9
Hox-4.4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD10
Hox-4.7 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD1
HOX4A (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD3
HOX4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD10
HOX4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD11
HOX4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD1
HOX4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD3
HOX4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD4
HOX4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD8
HOX4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD9
HOX4B (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD4
HOX4C (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD9
HOX4D (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD10
HOX4E (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD10
HOX4E (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD8
HOX4F (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD11
HOX4G (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD1
HOX4H (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD12
HOX4I (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD13
HOX-5.1 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD4
Hox-5.2 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD9
HOX5.4 (Alias)2q31.1 HOXD8
HOX7 (Alias)4p16.2 MSX1
HOXA10-AS7p15.2 HOXA10-AS (HOXA10 antisense RNA)
HOXA107p15.2 HOXA10 (homeobox A10)
HOXA10-HOXA97p15.2 HOXA10-HOXA9 (HOXA10-HOXA9 readthrough)
HOXA11-AS1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA11-AS
HOXA11AS (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA11-AS
HOXA11-AS7p15.2 HOXA11-AS (HOXA11 antisense RNA)
HOXA11S (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA11-AS
HOXA13-AS1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOTTIP
HOXA137p15.2 HOXA13 (homeobox A13)
HOXA1-AS1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOTAIRM1
HOXA17p15.2 HOXA1 (homeobox A1)
HOXA27p15.2 HOXA2 (homeobox A2)
HOXA3as (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA-AS2
HOXA37p15.2 HOXA3 (homeobox A3)
HOXA47p15.2 HOXA4 (homeobox A4)
HOXA57p15.2 HOXA5 (homeobox A5)
HOXA6as (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA-AS3
HOXA67p15.2 HOXA6 (homeobox A6)
HOXA77p15.2 HOXA7 (homeobox A7)
HOXA-AS1 (Alias)7p15.2 HOTAIRM1
HOXA-AS27p15.2 HOXA-AS2 (HOXA cluster antisense RNA 2)
HOXA-AS37p15.2 HOXA-AS3 (HOXA cluster antisense RNA 3)
HOXA-AS4 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA10-AS
HOXA-AS5 (Alias)7p15.2 HOXA11-AS
HOXA-AS6 (Alias)7p15.2 HOTTIP
HOXA@7p15.2 HOXA@ (homeobox A cluster)
HOXAS (Alias)12q13.13 HOTAIR
HOXB13-AS1 (Alias)17q21.32 PRAC2
HOXB1317q21.32 HOXB13 (homeobox B13)
HOXB117q21.32 HOXB1 (homeobox B1)
HOXB217q21.32 HOXB2 (homeobox B2)
HOXB317q21.32 HOXB3 (homeobox B3)
HOXB417q21.32 HOXB4 (homeobox B4)
HOXB517q21.32 HOXB5 (homeobox B5)
HOXB617q21.32 HOXB6 (homeobox B6)
HOXB717q21.32 HOXB7 (homeobox B7)
HOXB817q21.32 HOXB8 (homeobox B8)
HOXB917q21.32 HOXB9 (homeobox B9)
HOXB-AS117q21.32 HOXB-AS1 (HOXB cluster antisense RNA 1)
HOXB-AS317q21.32 HOXB-AS3 (HOXB cluster antisense RNA 3)
HOXB-AS5 (Alias)17q21.32 PRAC2
HOXC1012q13.13 HOXC10 (homeobox C10)
HOXC11-AS1 (Alias)12q13.13 HOTAIR
HOXC1112q13.13 HOXC11 (homeobox C11)
HOXC1212q13.13 HOXC12 (homeobox C12)
HOXC13-AS12q13.13 HOXC13-AS (HOXC13 antisense RNA)
HOXC412q13.13 HOXC4 (homeobox C4)
HOXC512q13.13 HOXC5 (homeobox C5)
HOXC612q13.13 HOXC6 (homeobox C6)
HOXC912q13.13 HOXC9 (homeobox C9)
HOXC-AS112q13.13 HOXC-AS1 (HOXC cluster antisense RNA 1)
HOXC-AS212q13.13 HOXC-AS2 (HOXC cluster antisense RNA 2)
HOXC-AS312q13.13 HOXC-AS3 (HOXC cluster antisense RNA 3)
HOXC-AS4 (Alias)12q13.13 HOTAIR
HOXC-AS5 (Alias)12q13.13 HOXC13-AS
HOXD102q31.1 HOXD10 (homeobox D10)
HOXD112q31.1 HOXD11 (homeobox D11)
HOXD122q31.1 HOXD12 (homeobox D12)
HOXD132q31.1 HOXD13 (homeobox D13)
HOXD12q31.1 HOXD1 (homeobox D1)
HOXD32q31.1 HOXD3 (homeobox D3)
HOXD42q31.1 HOXD4 (homeobox D4)
HOXD82q31.1 HOXD8 (homeobox D8)
HOXD92q31.1 HOXD9 (homeobox D9)
HOXD-AS1 (Alias)2q31.1 HAGLR
HOXD-AS22q31.1 HOXD-AS2 (HOXD cluster antisense RNA 2)
HOYS7 (Alias)17q21.32 UBE2Z
HOZFP (Alias)4p12 NFXL1
HP-041 (Alias)8p22 FGL1
HP06981 (Alias)15q21.3 PIGBOS1
HP07349 (Alias)5q21.3 LINC01023
HP087771p13.2 HP08777 (uncharacterized HP08777)
HP08942 (Alias)17p11.2 LINC01563
HP09025- HP09025 (-)
HP090533q12.1 HP09053 (uncharacterized LOC101929357)
HP10085 (Alias)12p13.31 CLEC2B
HP10122 (Alias)1q24.1 TMCO1
HP10328 (Alias)19p13.11 B3GNT3
HP10347 (Alias)19p13.2 CLEC4M
HP10390 (Alias)12q13.3 CNPY2
HP10433 (Alias)7q36.1 RARRES2
HP10481 (Alias)12q14.2 TMEM5
HP1101411q24.2 HP11014 (uncharacterized HP11014)
HP110262p22.3 HP11026 (uncharacterized protein HP11026)
HP11097 (Alias)15q24.1 CCDC33
HP1A (Alias)12q13.13 CBX5
HP1 (Alias)12q13.13 CBX5
HP-1 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA1B
HP1 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA1B
HP-1 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA1
HP1 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA1
HP1-BETA (Alias)17q21.32 CBX1
HP1BP31p36.12 HP1BP3 (heterochromatin protein 1 binding protein 3)
HP1-BP74 (Alias)1p36.12 HP1BP3
HP1BP74 (Alias)1p36.12 HP1BP3
HP1-GAMMA (Alias)7p15.2 CBX3
HP1Hs-beta (Alias)17q21.32 CBX1
HP1Hsbeta (Alias)17q21.32 CBX1
HP1Hs-gamma (Alias)7p15.2 CBX3
HP2ALPHA2 (Alias)16q22.2 HP
HP2U (Alias)11q13.4 P2RY2
HP-3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA3
HP3 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA3
HP3 (Alias)10q24.2 HOGA1
HP40 (Alias)5q31.1 IL9
HP43.8KD (Alias)4q31.21 USP38
HP-4 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA4
HP4 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFA4
HP55 (Alias)17q23.3 POLG2
HP58 (Alias)13q32.1 DNAJC3
HP95 (Alias)3p22.3 PDCD6IP
HPA1 (Alias)4q21.23 HPSE
HPA1S (Alias)16q22.2 HP
HPA2 (Alias)10q24.2 HPSE2
HPA3 (Alias)17q21.31 ITGA2B
HPA-5 (Alias)5q11.2 ITGA2
HPA (Alias)4q21.23 HPSE
HPABH4B (Alias)14q22.2 GCH1
HPAD10 (Alias)1p36.13 PADI1
HP (Alias)16q22.2 HPR
HPANBH4 (Alias)10q21.3 DNAJC12
HPAO (Alias)17q21.31 AOC3
HPAP (Alias)19p13.2 ACP5
HPAST1 (Alias)11q13.1 EHD1
H-PAST (Alias)11q13.1 EHD1
HPBRII-4 (Alias)12q15 CPSF6
HPBRII-7 (Alias)12q15 CPSF6
HPC108q24 HPC10 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, 10)
HPC11 (Alias)17q12 HNF1B
HPC12 (Alias)2p15 EHBP1
HPC13 (Alias)10q11.22 MSMB
HPC1411q13 HPC14 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, 14)
HPC1519q13.4 HPC15 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, 15)
HPC-1 (Alias)7q11.23 STX1A
HPC20 (Alias)20q13 HPC3
HPC2 (Alias)1q42.2-q43 PCAP
HPC320q13 HPC3 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, 3)
HPC47p11-q21 HPC4 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, 4)
HPC53p26 HPC5 (prostate cancer, hereditary, 5)
HPC622q12.3 HPC6 (Prostate cancer, susceptibility to)
HPC7 (Alias)7p11-q21 HPC4
HPC715q12 HPC7 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, 7)
HPC8 (Alias)7p21.1 AGR2
HPC8 (Alias)1q42.2-q43 PCAP
HPC917q21-q22 HPC9 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, 9)
HPCA (Alias)19p13.13 CACNA1A
HPCA1p35.1 HPCA (hippocalcin)
HPCAL12p25.1 HPCAL1 (hippocalcin like 1)
HPCAL3 (Alias)2p24.2 VSNL1
HPCAL41p34.2 HPCAL4 (hippocalcin like 4)
HPCL2 (Alias)3p25.1 HACL1
HPCL (Alias)3p25.1 HACL1
HPCN1 (Alias)12p13.32 KCNA5
HPCN2 (Alias)11p14.1 KCNA4
HPCN3 (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA3
HPCQTL1919q HPCQTL19 (Prostate cancer aggressiveness quantitative trait locus on chromosome 19)
HPCX2Xp11.22 HPCX2 (Prostate cancer, hereditary, X-linked 2)
HPCXXq27-q28 HPCX (hereditary prostate cancer, X-linked)
HPD12q24.31 HPD (4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase)
HPDHASE (Alias)2q35 PECR
HPDL1p34.1 HPDL (4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase like)
HPDR1 (Alias)Xp22.11 PHEX
HPDR2 (Alias)12p13.32 FGF23
HPDR (Alias)Xp22.11 PHEX
HPE11 (Alias)11q24.2 CDON
HPE2 (Alias)2p21 SIX3
HPE4 (Alias)18p11.31 TGIF1
HPE5 (Alias)13q32.3 ZIC2
HPECT1 (Alias)13q32.2 SLC15A1
HPEM-2 (Alias)Xq11.1 ARHGEF9
HPEPT1 (Alias)13q32.2 SLC15A1
HPF12 (Alias)7q11.21 ZNF92
HPF1 (Alias)19q13.41 ZNF83
HPF14q33 HPF1 (histone PARylation factor 1)
HPF2 (Alias)12q24.33 ZNF84
HPF34 (Alias)19p12 ZNF93
HPF3 (Alias)19q13.43 ZNF17
HPF4 (Alias)19p12 ZNF85
HPF7 (Alias)19p12 ZNF91
HPF9 (Alias)7q11.21 ZNF117
HPFH1OR (Alias)11p15.4 OR52A1
HPFH (Alias)6q22.3-q23.1 HBFQTL2
HPGD4q34.1 HPGD (hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase 15-(NAD))
HPGDS4q22.3 HPGDS (hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase)
HPH-1 (Alias)19q13.2 EGLN2
HPH1 (Alias)12p13.31 PHC1
HPH2 (Alias)1p35.1 PHC2
HPH-3 (Alias)19q13.2 EGLN2
HPH3 (Alias)3q26.2 PHC3
HP16q22.2 HP (haptoglobin)
HPHRP (Alias)10p13 PTER
HPIP (Alias)16p13.3 HCFC1R1
HPIP (Alias)1q21.3 PBXIP1
H-PIP (Alias)15q24.3 PSTPIP1
HPK1 (Alias)19q13.2 MAP4K1
HPLH2 (Alias)10q22.1 PRF1
HPLH3 (Alias)17q25.1 UNC13D
HPLH4 (Alias)6q24.2 STX11
H-plk (Alias)7q11.21 ZNF117
HPM1 (Alias)1q24.2 METTL18
HPMRS1 (Alias)1p36.11 PIGV
HPMRS2 (Alias)9p13.3 PIGO
HPMRS3 (Alias)11p15.4 PGAP2
HPMRS5 (Alias)17q12 PIGW
HPMRS6 (Alias)4q22.1 PIGY
HPN321 (Alias)13q14.2 CYSLTR2
HPN-AS119q13.11 HPN-AS1 (HPN antisense RNA 1)
HPN19q13.11 HPN (hepsin)
HPO1 (Alias)16p13.3 GFER
HPO2 (Alias)16p13.3 GFER
HPO (Alias)16p13.3 GFER
HPOT1 (Alias)7q31.33 POT1
HPP1 (Alias)16q22.1 NAE1
HPP1 (Alias)2q32.3 TMEFF2
HPP119pter-p13.1 HPP1 (hyperpigmentation, progressive, 1)
HPP (Alias)19pter-p13.1 HPP1
HPP (Alias)1q23.1 SPTA1
HPPDASE (Alias)12q24.31 HPD
HPR1 (Alias)4q21.23 HPSE
HPR1 (Alias)18p11.32 THOC1
HPR2 (Alias)10q24.2 HPSE2
HPR6.6 (Alias)Xq24 PGRMC1
HPRG1 (Alias)8q24.22 HPYR1
HPRG (Alias)3q27.3 HRG
HPR16q22.2 HPR (haptoglobin-related protein)
HPRN (Alias)16p13.3 NARFL
HPRP3 (Alias)1q21.2 PRPF3
HPRP3P (Alias)1q21.2 PRPF3
HPRP4 (Alias)9q32 PRPF4
HPRP4P (Alias)9q32 PRPF4
HPRP8 (Alias)17p13.3 PRPF8
HPRP8BP (Alias)1p35.2 SNRNP40
HPRT1Xq26.2 HPRT1 (hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase 1)
HPRT (Alias)Xq26.2 HPRT1
HPS10 (Alias)19p13.3 AP3D1
HPS110q24.2 HPS1 (HPS1, biogenesis of lysosomal organelles complex 3 subunit 1)
HPS2 (Alias)5q14.1 AP3B1
HPS33q24 HPS3 (HPS3, biogenesis of lysosomal organelles complex 2 subunit 1)
HPS422q12.1 HPS4 (HPS4, biogenesis of lysosomal organelles complex 3 subunit 2)
HPS511p15.1 HPS5 (HPS5, biogenesis of lysosomal organelles complex 2 subunit 2)
HPS610q24.32 HPS6 (HPS6, biogenesis of lysosomal organelles complex 2 subunit 3)
HPS7 (Alias)6p22.3 DTNBP1
HPS8 (Alias)19q13.32 BLOC1S3
HPS9 (Alias)15q21.1 BLOC1S6
HPS (Alias)5q14.1 AP3B1
HPS (Alias)10q24.2 HPS1
HPSE1 (Alias)4q21.23 HPSE
HPSE210q24.2 HPSE2 (heparanase 2 (inactive))
HPSE4q21.23 HPSE (heparanase)
HPT (Alias)6p22.3 MRS2
HPTPB (Alias)12q15 PTPRB
HPTP-BETA (Alias)12q15 PTPRB
HPTPE (Alias)10q26.2 PTPRE
HPTPZ (Alias)7q31.32 PTPRZ1
HPTPzeta (Alias)7q31.32 PTPRZ1
HPV18E5L (Alias)7p11.2 HPVC1
HPV18I18q24 HPV18I1 (human papilloma virus (type 18) integration site 1)
HPV18I212q13 HPV18I2 (human papillomavirus (type 18) integration site 2)
HPV18I (Alias)8q24 HPV18I1
HPV6AI114q21.1 HPV6AI1 (human papillomavirus (type 6a) integration site 1)
HPVC17p11.2 HPVC1 (human papillomavirus (type 18) E5 central sequence-like 1)
HPX42 (Alias)3p24.3 VENTXP7
HPX42B (Alias)10q26.3 VENTX
HPX5 (Alias)17q22 MSX2P1
HPX-6 (Alias)10q24.32 LBX1
HPX6 (Alias)10q24.32 LBX1
HPXEL (Alias)19q13.2 ECH1
HPX11p15.4 HPX (hemopexin)
HPYR18q24.22 HPYR1 (Helicobacter pylori responsive 1 (non-protein coding))
HQ0256 (Alias)12p13.1 DDX47
Hqk (Alias)6q26 QKI
HR21 (Alias)8q24.11 RAD21
HR21spB (Alias)14q12 REC8
HR23A (Alias)19p13.13 RAD23A
HR23B (Alias)9q31.2 RAD23B
HR54 (Alias)1p34.1 RAD54L
HR6B (Alias)5q31.1 UBE2B
HRAD17 (Alias)5q13.2 RAD17
HRAD1 (Alias)5p13.2 RAD1
HRAD21 (Alias)8q24.11 RAD21
HRAD51 (Alias)15q15.1 RAD51
HRAS1 (Alias)11p15.5 RASSF7
HRAS2 (Alias)Xp11.23 ERAS
HRASLS1 (Alias)3q29 HRASLS
HRASLS211q12.3 HRASLS2 (HRAS like suppressor 2)
HRASLS3 (Alias)11q12.3 PLA2G16
HRASLS511q12.3 HRASLS5 (HRAS like suppressor family member 5)
HRASLS3q29 HRASLS (HRAS like suppressor)
HRASP (Alias)Xp11.23 ERAS
HRAT136q22.31 HRAT13 (heart tissue-associated transcript 13)
HRAT177q31.1 HRAT17 (heart tissue-associated transcript 17)
HRAT39 (Alias)12q15 LINC01479
HRAT56- HRAT56 (-)
HRAT55p15.33 HRAT5 (heart tissue-associated transcript 5)
HRAT927p22.3 HRAT92 (heart tissue-associated transcript 92)
H-ray (Alias)12q24.23 RAB35
HRB2 (Alias)12q21.2 KRR1
HRB (Alias)2q36.3 AGFG1
HRBL (Alias)7q22.1 AGFG2
HRBP14.4 (Alias)22q13.1 POLR2F
HRBPiso (Alias)12p13.31 RBP5
HRC1 (Alias)11p15.5 RASSF7
HRC19q13.33 HRC (histidine rich calcium binding protein)
HRCT19p13.3 HRCT1 (histidine rich carboxyl terminus 1)
HRD1 (Alias)11q13.1 SYVN1
HRD (Alias)1q42.3 TBCE
HREP (Alias)17p12 CDRT1
HREP (Alias)17p11.2 FBXW10
HRES-1 (Alias)1q42.13 RAB4A
HRES1 (Alias)1q42.13 RAB4A
HRES-1/RAB4 (Alias)1q42.13 RAB4A
H-REV107-1 (Alias)11q12.3 PLA2G16
HREV107-1 (Alias)11q12.3 PLA2G16
HREV107-3 (Alias)11q12.3 PLA2G16
H-REV107 (Alias)3q29 HRASLS
H-REV107 (Alias)11q12.3 PLA2G16
HREV107 (Alias)11q12.3 PLA2G16
HRF1 (Alias)11p15.4 ZNF195
HRF (Alias)13q14.13 TPT1
HRG1 (Alias)8p12 NRG1
HRG-1 (Alias)12q13.11 SLC48A1
HRG1 (Alias)12q13.11 SLC48A1
HRG22 (Alias)22q11.21 HIC2
HRG2 (Alias)5q31.2 NRG2
HRG3 (Alias)10q23.1 NRG3
HRG4 (Alias)15q24.2 NRG4
HRG4 (Alias)17q11.2 UNC119
HRGA (Alias)8p12 NRG1
HRG (Alias)8p12 NRG1
HRG3q27.3 HRG (histidine rich glycoprotein)
HRGP (Alias)3q27.3 HRG
HRH1 (Alias)19q13.32 DHX34
HRH1 (Alias)17q21.31 DHX8
HRH13p25.3 HRH1 (histamine receptor H1)
HRH2 (Alias)4p15.2 DHX15
HRH25q35.2 HRH2 (histamine receptor H2)
HRH320q13.33 HRH3 (histamine receptor H3)
HRH418q11.2 HRH4 (histamine receptor H4)
HR8p21.3 HR (HR, lysine demethylase and nuclear receptor corepressor)
HRI (Alias)7p22.1 EIF2AK1
HRIHFB2017 (Alias)4q21.21 BMP2K
HRIHFB2038 (Alias)5q31.3 RNF14
HRIHFB2072 (Alias)4q31.1 SCOC
HRIHFB2091 (Alias)20q11.22 RBM12
HRIHFB2099 (Alias)9q22.33 GABBR2
HRIHFB2115 (Alias)19q13.11 UBA2
HRIHFB2122 (Alias)22q13.1 TRIOBP
HRIHFB2157 (Alias)Xp11.21 UBQLN2
HRIHFB2206 (Alias)16q22.1 THAP11
HRIHFB2216 (Alias)Xp11.22 TSPYL2
HRIHFB2255 (Alias)18q12.1 NOL4
HRIHFB2281 (Alias)20q13.33 ARFGAP1
HRIHFB2436 (Alias)6p21.1 ZNF318
HRINS (Alias)11p15.1 ABCC8
HRIP (Alias)17p13.2 RPAIN
HRK1 (Alias)22q13.1 KCNJ4
HRLP5 (Alias)11q12.3 HRASLS5
HRLRRP (Alias)12q15 LRRC10
HRM1 (Alias)2q13 EDAR
Hrmp1 (Alias)11p15.5 IFITM5
HRMT1L1 (Alias)21q22.3 PRMT2
HRMT1L2 (Alias)19q13.33 PRMT1
HRMT1L3 (Alias)11p15.1 PRMT3
HRMT1L3 (Alias)12p13.32 PRMT8
HRMT1L4 (Alias)12p13.32 PRMT8
HRMT1L5 (Alias)14q11.2 PRMT5
HRMT1L6 (Alias)1p13.3 PRMT6
HRNBP1 (Alias)16p13.3 RBFOX1
HRNBP2 (Alias)22q12.3 RBFOX2
HRNBP3 (Alias)17q25.3 RBFOX3
HRNR1q21.3 HRNR (hornerin)
HRNT1 (Alias)Xq13.1 OGT
HRP-1 (Alias)6p22.3 HDGFL1
HRP-2 (Alias)19p13.3 HDGFL2
HRP2 (Alias)19p13.3 HDGFL2
HRP-3 (Alias)15q25.2 HDGFL3
HRPAP20 (Alias)6q16.1 NDUFAF4
HRPB11B (Alias)7q22.1 POLR2J2
HRPE773 (Alias)16p13.3 ZG16B
HRP-L30-iso (Alias)15q21.3 RSL24D1
HRPT4 (Alias)6p24.2 GCM2
HRS (Alias)12p13.31 ATN1
HRS (Alias)5q31.3 HARS
HRS (Alias)17q25.3 HGS
HRS (Alias)14q24.1 SRSF5
HRSL1 (Alias)3q29 HRASLS
HRSL3 (Alias)11q12.3 PLA2G16
HRSL5 (Alias)11q12.3 HRASLS5
HRSP12 (Alias)8q22.2 RIDA
HRT-1 (Alias)8q21.13 HEY1
HRT2 (Alias)6q22.31 HEY2
HRT3 (Alias)1p34.2 HEYL
HRVP1 (Alias)7q11.23 CLDN3
HRX2 (Alias)19q13.12 KMT2B
HRY (Alias)3q29 HES1
HS126B42 (Alias)22q13.2 SERHL
HS1-2 (Alias)15q26.1 ABHD2
HS1 (Alias)3q13.33 HCLS1
HS1 (Alias)20q13.12 YWHAB
HS1 (Alias)2p25.1 YWHAQ
HS1BP1 (Alias)1q21.3 HAX1
HS1-BP3 (Alias)2p24.1 HS1BP3
HS1BP32p24.1 HS1BP3 (HCLS1 binding protein 3)
HS1BP3-IT12p24.1 HS1BP3-IT1 (HS1BP3 intronic transcript 1)
Hs.22998 (Alias)2p16.3 NRXN1
HS24/P52 (Alias)5q31.1 HSPA4
HS2 (Alias)14q23.3 SPTB
HS2ST11p22.3 HS2ST1 (heparan sulfate 2-O-sulfotransferase 1)
HS322B1A (Alias)22_KI270879v1_alt GSTTP1
HS323M22B (Alias)22q13.2 TTLL1
HS3 (Alias)1q23.1 SPTA1
HS3OST5 (Alias)6q21 HS3ST5
HS3ST14p15.33 HS3ST1 (heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 1)
HS3ST216p12.2 HS3ST2 (heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 2)
HS3ST3A117p12 HS3ST3A1 (heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 3A1)
HS3ST3B117p12 HS3ST3B1 (heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 3B1)
HS3ST416p12.1 HS3ST4 (heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 4)
HS3ST5 (Alias)16p13.3 HS3ST6
HS3ST56q21 HS3ST5 (heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 5)
HS3ST616p13.3 HS3ST6 (heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 6)
HS-40 (Alias)16p13.3 NPRL3
HS508I15A (Alias)22q13.1 CBY1
HS5O6A (Alias)22q13.1 TMEM184B
Hs.6454 (Alias)19p13.12 GIPC1
Hs.6719 (Alias)2q35 BCS1L
HS6M1-16 (Alias)6p22.1 OR2H1
HS6M1-20 (Alias)6p22.1 OR12D2
HS6M1-3 (Alias)6p22.1 OR2J3
HS6ST12q14.3 HS6ST1 (heparan sulfate 6-O-sulfotransferase 1)
HS6ST2-AS1Xq26.2 HS6ST2-AS1 (HS6ST2 antisense RNA 1)
HS6ST2Xq26.2 HS6ST2 (heparan sulfate 6-O-sulfotransferase 2)
HS6ST-3 (Alias)13q32.1 HS6ST3
HS6ST313q32.1 HS6ST3 (heparan sulfate 6-O-sulfotransferase 3)
HS6ST (Alias)2q14.3 HS6ST1
HS747E2A (Alias)22q12.1 C22orf31
Hs.78846 (Alias)11q23.1 HSPB2
HS.84084 (Alias)17q23.2 APPBP2
Hs.89862 (Alias)16q22.1 TRADD
HS984G1A (Alias)22q12.2 RHBDD3
HSA011372 (Alias)9q34.2 SLC2A6
HSA011916 (Alias)17p13.1 CTDNEP1
HSA1 (Alias)3q11.2 OR5AC2
HSA238520 (Alias)5q13.2 BDP1
HSA238982 (Alias)6q23.2 VNN3
HSA242910 (Alias)2p13.3 NAGK
HSA242976 (Alias)5p13.3 DROSHA
HSA242977 (Alias)14q21.2 MIS18BP1
HSA243342 (Alias)4p14 CHRNA9
HSA243396 (Alias)11q24.1 SCN3B
HSA249128 (Alias)11p13 TRIM44
HSA250303 (Alias)2q35 PECR
HSA250839 (Alias)4p16.2 STK32B
HSA272195 (Alias)17q11.2 ADAP2
HSA272196 (Alias)17q11.2 COPRS
HSA272268 (Alias)3p21.1 CACNA2D3
HSA275986 (Alias)3p21.1 DCP1A
HSA277165 (Alias)8p21.3 HR
HSA277276 (Alias)6p21.1 TRERF1
HSA277841 (Alias)17p13.2 NCBP3
HSA404617 (Alias)11_KI270831v1_alt KCNQ1DN
HSA5 (Alias)9q33.2 OR1J2
HSA6591 (Alias)4q31.21 ZNF330
HSA6 (Alias)14q11.2 OR4Q3
HSA9761 (Alias)5q12.1 DIMT1
HSA9947 (Alias)1p36.13 ATP13A2
HSA (Alias)4q13.3 ALB
HSADHC3 (Alias)16p12.3 DNAH3
HSAF001435 (Alias)11q13.1 SNX15
HSAJ1454 (Alias)4q32.3 SPOCK3
HSAL1 (Alias)16q12.1 SALL1
HSAL2 (Alias)14q11.2 SALL2
HSAL4 (Alias)20q13.2 SALL4
HS (Alias)17q21.31 MAP3K14
HSAN1 (Alias)9q22.31 SPTLC1
HSAN2 (Alias)12p13.33 WNK1
HSAN2D (Alias)2q24.3 SCN9A
HSAN5 (Alias)1p13.2 NGF
HSAN6 (Alias)6p12.1 DST
HSAN7 (Alias)3p22.2 SCN11A
HSAN8 (Alias)9q34.12 PRDM12
HSAPXL (Alias)Xp22.2 SHROOM2
HSB-1 (Alias)Xp22.12 SH3KBP1
HSB1 (Alias)Xp22.12 SH3KBP1
HSBLMHC1 (Alias)6p21.32 BTNL2
HSBP116q23.3 HSBP1 (heat shock factor binding protein 1)
HSBP1L118q23 HSBP1L1 (heat shock factor binding protein 1 like 1)
HSC20 (Alias)22q12.1 HSCB
HSC3 (Alias)22q13.2 DNAJB7
Hsc40 (Alias)9p13.3 DNAJB5
HSC79E021 (Alias)22q13.31 TBC1D22A
HSC (Alias)19q13.33 FUT1
HSCARG (Alias)16p13.3 NMRAL1
HSCBCIP1 (Alias)22q13.2 EFCAB6
HSCB22q12.1 HSCB (HscB mitochondrial iron-sulfur cluster cochaperone)
HSCD5 (Alias)4q21.22 SCD5
HsCDC7 (Alias)1p22.1 CDC7
HSCIT-B-440L2 (Alias)19p13.2 OR7E19P
HSCO (Alias)19q13.31 ETHE1
HSCP1 (Alias)17q22 SCPEP1
HSCR2 (Alias)13q22.3 EDNRB
HSCR3 (Alias)5p13.2 GDNF
HSCR4 (Alias)20q13.32 EDN3
HSCR (Alias)13q22.3 EDNRB
HSCRISP1D (Alias)6p12.3 CRISP1
HSCRISP1G (Alias)6p12.3 CRISP1
HSD10 (Alias)15q14 FSIP1
HSD11 (Alias)1q32.2 HSD11B1
HSD11 (Alias)15q15.1 KNSTRN
HSD11B11q32.2 HSD11B1 (hydroxysteroid 11-beta dehydrogenase 1)
HSD11B1L19p13.3 HSD11B1L (hydroxysteroid 11-beta dehydrogenase 1 like)
HSD11B216q22.1 HSD11B2 (hydroxysteroid 11-beta dehydrogenase 2)
HSD11B (Alias)1q32.2 HSD11B1
HSD11K (Alias)16q22.1 HSD11B2
HSD11L (Alias)1q32.2 HSD11B1
HSD13 (Alias)10q26.2 FANK1
HSD14 (Alias)2q31.2 PRKRA
HSD15 (Alias)7q36.3 RNF32
HSD16 (Alias)19q13.11 ZNF302
HSD17 (Alias)17q21.2 HSD17B1
HSD17 (Alias)16q23.3 HSD17B2
HSD17 (Alias)19q13.12 ZNF383
HSD17B10Xp11.22 HSD17B10 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 10)
HSD17B114q22.1 HSD17B11 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 11)
HSD17B1211p11.2 HSD17B12 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 12)
HSD17B134q22.1 HSD17B13 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 13)
HSD17B1419q13.33 HSD17B14 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 14)
HSD17B117q21.2 HSD17B1 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 1)
Hsd17b_2 (Alias)10p11.1 HSD17B7P2
HSD17B216q23.3 HSD17B2 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 2)
HSD17B39q22.32 HSD17B3 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 3)
HSD17B45q23.1 HSD17B4 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 4)
HSD17B612q13.3 HSD17B6 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 6)
HSD17B7 (Alias)10p11.1 HSD17B7P2
HSD17B71q23.3 HSD17B7 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 7)
HSD17B7P210p11.1 HSD17B7P2 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 7 pseudogene 2)
HSD17B86p21.32 HSD17B8 (hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 8)
HSD17B9 (Alias)12q13.2 RDH5
HSD18 (Alias)13q14.11 DNAJC15
HSD-1 (Alias)9p13.3 SPAG8
HSD20 (Alias)1q23.3 SPATA46
HSD21 (Alias)19p13.2 ACTL9
HSD22 (Alias)20p11.23 SCP2D1
HSD23 (Alias)2q11.2 UNC50
HSD24 (Alias)17q11.2 LYRM9
HSD25 (Alias)1q22 SSR2
HSD26 (Alias)3p21.31 CAMP
HSD27 (Alias)Xq25 ACTRT1
HSD28 (Alias)3q29 HRASLS
HSD-29 (Alias)12q13.11 C12orf54
HSD2 (Alias)16q22.1 HSD11B2
HSD-30 (Alias)12q13.11 C12orf54
HSD-3.1 (Alias)14q31.3 SPATA7
HSD-32 (Alias)Xq21.2 CHM
HSD-34 (Alias)15q21.1 TRIM69
HSD34 (Alias)15q21.1 TRIM69
HSD-35 (Alias)19q13.12 GAPDHS
HSD38 (Alias)1q23.1 ISG20L2
HSD-3.8 (Alias)8q22.2 SPAG1
HSD3 (Alias)19p13.3 HSD11B1L
HSD3 (Alias)14q31.3 SPATA7
HSD3B11p12 HSD3B1 (hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 1)
HSD3B21p12 HSD3B2 (hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 2)
HSD3B716p11.2 HSD3B7 (hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 7)
HSD3B (Alias)1p12 HSD3B1
HSD3B (Alias)1p12 HSD3B2
HSD3BP41p12 HSD3BP4 (hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta, pseudogene 4)
HSD-40 (Alias)11p15.4 MRGPRG-AS1
HSD-41 (Alias)1p31.1 SAMD13
HSD-42 (Alias)1p31.1 SAMD13
HSD45 (Alias)17p13.2 INCA1
HSD46 (Alias)9q34.3 FAM166A
HSD47 (Alias)15q26.3 SPATA41
HSD48 (Alias)12q13.3 NACA
HSD-4 (Alias)18q12.1 RNF138
HSD521p32.1 HSD52 (uncharacterized LOC729467)
HSD8 (Alias)12p11.22 CCDC91
HSD9 (Alias)11q14.1 CCDC83
HSD (Alias)10q22.1 CHST3
HSDB3A (Alias)1p12 HSD3B1
HSDB3 (Alias)1p12 HSD3B1
HSDB (Alias)1p12 HSD3B2
HSDJ0798C17 (Alias)7q35 OR2A7
HSDJ0798C17 (Alias)7q35 OR2A9P
HSDJ (Alias)9p21.1 DNAJA1
HSDL116q24.1 HSDL1 (hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase like 1)
HSDL29q32 HSDL2 (hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase like 2)
HSD-PLA2 (Alias)1p36.11 PAFAH2
HSE1 (Alias)4q21.23 HPSE
HSE (Alias)12q13.3 HSD17B6
HSEC10 (Alias)14q22.3 EXOC5
HSEC61 (Alias)3q21.3 SEC61A1
Hsema-I (Alias)7q21.11 SEMA3A
Hsema-III (Alias)7q21.11 SEMA3A
H-SEMA-K1 (Alias)15q24.1 SEMA7A
H-Sema-L (Alias)15q24.1 SEMA7A
HSEPI (Alias)15q23 GLCE
HSET (Alias)6p21.32 KIFC1
HSF18q24.3 HSF1 (heat shock transcription factor 1)
HSF-27 (Alias)17q21.32 CDK5RAP3
HSF 2 (Alias)6q22.31 HSF2
HSF2BP21q22.3 HSF2BP (heat shock transcription factor 2 binding protein)
HSF26q22.31 HSF2 (heat shock transcription factor 2)
HSF2L (Alias)Yq11.222 HSFY1
HSF2L (Alias)Yq11.222 HSFY2
HSF416q22.1 HSF4 (heat shock transcription factor 4)
HSF 5 (Alias)17q22 HSF5
HSF517q22 HSF5 (heat shock transcription factor 5)
HSFX1Xq28 HSFX1 (heat shock transcription factor family, X-linked 1)
HSFX2Xq28 HSFX2 (heat shock transcription factor family, X-linked 2)
HSFY1Yq11.222 HSFY1 (heat shock transcription factor, Y-linked 1)
HSFY1P122q11.1 HSFY1P1 (heat shock transcription factor, Y-linked 1 pseudogene 1)
HSFY2Yq11.222 HSFY2 (heat shock transcription factor, Y-linked 2)
HSFY (Alias)Yq11.222 HSFY1
HSFY (Alias)Yq11.222 HSFY2
HSFYL1 (Alias)22q11.1 HSFY1P1
HSFYP1 (Alias)22q11.1 HSFY1P1
HSGA (Alias)3q27.3 AHSG
HSG (Alias)1p36.22 MFN2
HSGGL1 (Alias)11p15.4 HBG1
H-SGK2 (Alias)20q13.12 SGK2
HSGP25L2G (Alias)5q35.3 TMED9
HSGT1 (Alias)10q22.2 ECD
Hsh155 (Alias)2q33.1 SF3B1
HSH2 (Alias)19p13.11 HSH2D
HSH2D19p13.11 HSH2D (hematopoietic SH2 domain containing)
Hsh49 (Alias)1q21.2 SF3B4
HSH (Alias)9q21.13 TRPM6
HsHec1 (Alias)18p11.32 NDC80
HSHGMP07J (Alias)1q23.2 OR10J1
HSHIN1 (Alias)4q31.21 OTUD4
HSHIN6 (Alias)Xq13.1 OTUD6A
HsHPK (Alias)17q23.2 TLK2
HSHPX5 (Alias)17q22 MSX2P1
HSHT2 (Alias)19p13.2 OR7E24
HsHTD2 (Alias)3p14.3 RPP14
HSHTPCRH06 (Alias)9q31.3 OR2K2
HSHTPCRH07 (Alias)1q44 OR2L2
HSHTPCRX01 (Alias)9q33.2 OR1J4
HSHTPCRX02 (Alias)1q44 OR2L1P
HSHTPCRX06 (Alias)7q34 OR9A1P
HSHTPCRX10 (Alias)3q11.2 OR5K1
HSHTPCRX11 (Alias)11q11 OR4C1P
HSHTPCRX12 (Alias)11p15.4 OR10A3
HSHTPCRX14 (Alias)3q11.2 OR5H1
HSHTPCRX16 (Alias)11q12.1 OR5L2
HSHTPCRX17 (Alias)9q31.1 OR13C4
HSHTPCRX18 (Alias)1q44 OR2M4
HSHUR7SEQ (Alias)18q21.33 SERPINB13
HSI (Alias)7q33 AKR1B10
HSIL5R3 (Alias)3p26.2 IL5RA
HSJ001348 (Alias)8q24.3 LY6K
HSJ-1 (Alias)2q35 DNAJB2
HSJ1 (Alias)2q35 DNAJB2
HSJ-2 (Alias)9p21.1 DNAJA1
HSJ2 (Alias)9p21.1 DNAJA1
HSJ-2 (Alias)7q36.3 DNAJB6
HSJ2 (Alias)7q36.3 DNAJB6
Hsk1 (Alias)1p22.1 CDC7
HSL1 (Alias)11q24.2 DCPS
HSL (Alias)19q13.2 LIPE
HSM1 (Alias)19q13.33 EMC10
HSM (Alias)19q13.33 LRRC4B
HSM (Alias)1p34.2 NFYC
HSMBPC (Alias)10q21.1 MBL2
HSMCR30 (Alias)17q12 CCL2
HSMCSGEN1 (Alias)1q21.3 SMCP
HsMCU (Alias)10q22.1 MCU
HSMDPKIN (Alias)11q13.1 CDC42BPG
HSMD-v (Alias)18q22.1 HMSD
HSMNP1 (Alias)20q13.12 DBNDD2
HSMPP8 (Alias)13q12.11 MPHOSPH8
HSMRK222 (Alias)22q12.3 TIMP3
HSMRPS14 (Alias)1q25.1 MRPS14
HSMT3 (Alias)17q25.1 SUMO2
HSMU1B (Alias)19p13.2 AP1M2
HSN1 (Alias)9q22.31 SPTLC1
HSN1C (Alias)14q24.3 SPTLC2
HSN1D (Alias)14q22.1 ATL1
HSN1F (Alias)11q13.1 ATL3
HSN2 (Alias)12p13.33 WNK1
HSN2C (Alias)2q37.3 KIF1A
HsN3 (Alias)1q21.3 PSMB4
HSN44A4A (Alias)22q12.3 C22orf24
HSNFRK (Alias)3p22.1 SNRK
HSNIK (Alias)17q21.31 MAP3K14
HSNOV1 (Alias)11q22.3 SLC35F2
HSOlf1 (Alias)11q12.1 OR5I1
HSORC1 (Alias)1p32.3 ORC1
Hsp103 (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSP10 (Alias)2q33.1 HSPE1
HSP12A (Alias)11q23.3 HYOU1
H-SP1 (Alias)7q22.3 SYPL1
Hsp20 (Alias)19q13.12 HSPB6
HSP27 (Alias)11q23.1 HSPB2
HSP32 (Alias)22q12.3 HMOX1
HSP40 (Alias)2q32.3 DNAJB1P1
Hsp40 (Alias)19p13.12 DNAJB1
HSP47 (Alias)11q13.5 SERPINH1
Hsp56 (Alias)12p13.33 FKBP4
HSP70-1A (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1A
HSP70-1 (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1A
HSP70.1 (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1A
HSP70-1B (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1B
HSP70-1L (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1L
HSP70-2 (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1B
HSP70.2 (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1B
HSP70-2 (Alias)14q23.3 HSPA2
HSP70-3 (Alias)14q23.3 HSPA2
HSP70-4 (Alias)10p13 HSPA14
HSP70B' (Alias)1q23.3 HSPA6
HSP70B (Alias)1q23.3 HSPA7
HSP70-HOM (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1L
HSP70I (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1A
HSP70L1 (Alias)10p13 HSPA14
HSP70T (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1L
HSP72 (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1A
HSP78 (Alias)11q13.4 CLPB
HSP84 (Alias)6p21.1 HSP90AB1
HSP86 (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSP89A (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
Hsp89 (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSP90AA114q32.31 HSP90AA1 (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class A member 1)
HSP90AA2 (Alias)11p14.1 HSP90AA2P
HSP90AA2P11p14.1 HSP90AA2P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class A member 2, pseudogene)
HSP90AA4P4_KI270925v1_alt HSP90AA4P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class A member 4, pseudogene)
HSP90AA5P3q27.1 HSP90AA5P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class A member 5, pseudogene)
HSP90AA6P4q33 HSP90AA6P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class A member 6, pseudogene)
HSP90A (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSP90AB16p21.1 HSP90AB1 (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class B member 1)
HSP90AB2P4p15.33 HSP90AB2P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class B member 2, pseudogene)
HSP90AB3P4q22.1 HSP90AB3P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class B member 3, pseudogene)
HSP90AB4P15q21.3 HSP90AB4P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class B member 4, pseudogene)
HSP90AB5P3p12.3 HSP90AB5P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class B member 5, pseudogene)
HSP90AB6P13q32.1 HSP90AB6P (heat shock protein 90 alpha family class B member 6, pseudogene)
HSP90Ad (Alias)4_KI270925v1_alt HSP90AA4P
HSP90Ae (Alias)3q27.1 HSP90AA5P
HSP90Af (Alias)4q33 HSP90AA6P
Hsp90 (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSP90ALPHA (Alias)11p14.1 HSP90AA2P
HSP90B112q23.3 HSP90B1 (heat shock protein 90 beta family member 1)
HSP90B2P15q26.3 HSP90B2P (heat shock protein 90 beta family member 2, pseudogene)
HSP90B3P1p22.1 HSP90B3P (heat shock protein 90 beta family member 3, pseudogene)
HSP90B (Alias)6p21.1 HSP90AB1
HSP90BB (Alias)4p15.33 HSP90AB2P
HSP90BC (Alias)4q22.1 HSP90AB3P
HSP90Bd (Alias)15q21.3 HSP90AB4P
HSP90BE (Alias)3p12.3 HSP90AB5P
HSP90Bf (Alias)13q32.1 HSP90AB6P
HSP90N (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSPA12A10q25.3 HSPA12A (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 12A)
HSPA12B20p13 HSPA12B (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 12B)
HSPA1321q11.2 HSPA13 (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 13)
HSPA1410p13 HSPA14 (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 14)
HSPA1A6p21.33 HSPA1A (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 1A)
HSPA1 (Alias)6p21.33 HSPA1A
HSPA1B6p21.33 HSPA1B (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 1B)
HSPA1L6p21.33 HSPA1L (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 1 like)
HSPA214q23.3 HSPA2 (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 2)
HSPA45q31.1 HSPA4 (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 4)
HSPA4L4q28.1 HSPA4L (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 4 like)
HSPA5BP1 (Alias)11q12.2 TMEM132A
HSPA61q23.3 HSPA6 (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 6)
HSPA71q23.3 HSPA7 (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 7)
HSPA9B (Alias)5q31.2 HSPA9
HSPA95q31.2 HSPA9 (heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 9)
HSPABP1 (Alias)22q13.2 ST13
HSPABP2 (Alias)16p13.3 STUB1
HSPABP (Alias)22q13.2 ST13
HSPA-KMT (Alias)2q33.3 METTL21A
HSP (Alias)15q26.3 HSP90B2P
HSPB10 (Alias)8q22.3 ODF1
HSPB111p32.3 HSPB11 (heat shock protein family B (small) member 11)
HSPB2-C11orf5211q23.1 HSPB2-C11orf52 (HSPB2-C11orf52 readthrough (NMD candidate))
HSPB211q23.1 HSPB2 (heat shock protein family B (small) member 2)
HSPB35q11.2 HSPB3 (heat shock protein family B (small) member 3)
HSPB4 (Alias)21q22.3 CRYAA
HSPB619q13.12 HSPB6 (heat shock protein family B (small) member 6)
HSPB71p36.13 HSPB7 (heat shock protein family B (small) member 7)
HSPB917q21.2 HSPB9 (heat shock protein family B (small) member 9)
HSPBP119q13.42 HSPBP1 (HSPA (Hsp70) binding protein 1)
HSPC001 (Alias)1p32.3 TMEM59
HSPC002 (Alias)17p13.1 ELP5
HSPC003 (Alias)1q22 LAMTOR2
HSPC004 (Alias)12q24.31 POP5
HSPC007 (Alias)8q21.13 MRPS28
HSPC009 (Alias)17q21.2 COA3
HSPC011 (Alias)7p11.2 MRPS17
HSPC012 (Alias)1q21.3 C1orf43
HSPC013 (Alias)2p23.3 ATRAID
HSPC014 (Alias)13q12.3 POMP
HSPC015 (Alias)11q24.2 DCPS
HSPC016 (Alias)3p21.31 TMA7
HSPC018 (Alias)22q13.1 GTPBP1
HSPC019 (Alias)6q21 OSTM1
HSPC020 (Alias)11q13.4 ANAPC15
HSPC021 (Alias)22q13.1 EIF3L
HSPC023 (Alias)19p13.13 C19orf53
HSPC025 (Alias)22q13.1 EIF3L
HSPC027 (Alias)11p15.5 PSMD13
HSPC028 (Alias)7p21.1 BZW2
HSPC029 (Alias)19q13.2 EIF3K
HSPC030 (Alias)3p21.1 SELENOK
HSPC031 (Alias)16q22.1 NIP7
HSPC032 (Alias)11p11.2 MTCH2
HSPC033 (Alias)3p21.1 SPCS1
HSPC035 (Alias)8p12 SARAF
HSPC037 (Alias)16q24.1 GINS2
HSPC038 (Alias)8q22.3 ZNF706
HSPC039 (Alias)18q21.1 IER3IP1
HSPC041 (Alias)8p11.21 GOLGA7
HSPC042 (Alias)3q25.1 COMMD2
HSPC043 (Alias)9q32 INIP
HSPC045 (Alias)3p21.1 PHF7
HSPC046 (Alias)7q11.23 LAT2
HSPC048 (Alias)11q21 CCDC82
HSPC049 (Alias)7q33 WDR91
HSPC050 (Alias)13q12.11 ZMYM5
HSPC051 (Alias)22q12.2 UQCR10
HSPC052 (Alias)4p15.2 ZCCHC4
HSPC054 (Alias)8q24.21 ASAP1-IT1
HSPC055 (Alias)16p13.13 ZC3H7A
HSPC056 (Alias)3q22.3 ARMC8
HSPC058 (Alias)15q15.3 CTDSPL2
HSPC059 (Alias)19q13.12 ZNF571
HSPC062 (Alias)3q13.13 TRAT1
HSPC063 (Alias)11q24.3 ZBTB44
HSPC064 (Alias)8q22.3 DCAF13
HSPC065 (Alias)16q21 CCDC113
HSPC067 (Alias)Xq24 C1GALT1C1
HSPC068 (Alias)1q25.3 IVNS1ABP
HSPC069 (Alias)3p21.31 SETD2
HSPC070 (Alias)3p25.2 MKRN2
HSPC071 (Alias)6q25.3 MRPL18
HSPC072 (Alias)20p11.23 LINC00652
HSPC075 (Alias)16p13.3 SRRM2
HSPC078 (Alias)19q13.41 SIGLEC17P
HSPC081- HSPC081 (-)
HSPC082 (Alias)2q22.3 ZEB2
HSPC085 (Alias)1q43 SDCCAG8
HSPC086 (Alias)9p13.2 ZCCHC7
HSPC095 (Alias)17q11.2 NSRP1
HSPC097 (Alias)9p22.3 ZDHHC21
HSPC099 (Alias)1q21.2 RPRD2
HSPC10219p13.2 HSPC102 (uncharacterized HSPC102)
HSPC104 (Alias)11q23.3 BACE1
HSPC105 (Alias)16q23.3 SDR42E1
HSPC107 (Alias)7p14.2 EEPD1
HSPC109 (Alias)9q34.11 SPOUT1
HSPC111 (Alias)5q35.2 NOP16
HSPC112 (Alias)8p12 LEPROTL1
HSPC116 (Alias)5q14.1 SSBP2
HSPC117 (Alias)22q12.3 RTCB
HSPC119 (Alias)22q12.2 UQCR10
HSPC120 (Alias)2q33.1 NOP58
HSPC121 (Alias)15q22.31 HACD3
HSPC122 (Alias)13q22.1 KLF12
HSPC123-like (Alias)12p11.23 FGFR1OP2
HSPC124 (Alias)4q24 PPA2
HSPC125 (Alias)6q16.1 NDUFAF4
HSPC126 (Alias)13q14.2 MED4
HSPC127 (Alias)3p14.1 ARL6IP5
HSPC128 (Alias)12q21.31 CCDC59
HSPC129 (Alias)15q15.3 CTDSPL2
HSPC130 (Alias)20q13.32 NELFCD
HSPC131 (Alias)12q15 CNOT2
HSPC133 (Alias)2q31.1 METTL5
HSPC134 (Alias)14q12 CHMP4A
HSPC135 (Alias)3q13.2 GTPBP8
HSPC136 (Alias)15q15.3 HYPK
HSPC137 (Alias)6p12.1 RAB23
HSPC138 (Alias)11q14.2 HIKESHI
HSPC139 (Alias)2p21 CRIPT
HSPC140 (Alias)19q13.32 SAE1
HSPC141 (Alias)9q34.3 PHPT1
HSPC142 (Alias)19p13.11 BABAM1
HSPC143 (Alias)1p21.2 DPH5
HSPC144 (Alias)11q25 THYN1
HSPC145 (Alias)8q11.23 MRPL15
HSPC146 (Alias)6q22.31 ASF1A
HSPC148 (Alias)11q21 CWC15
HSPC150 (Alias)1q32.1 UBE2T
HSPC151 (Alias)22q12.2 UQCR10
HSPC152 (Alias)11q13.1 TRMT112
HSPC153 (Alias)6q15 UBE2J1
HSPC154 (Alias)18q22.3 TIMM21
HSPC155 (Alias)1q23.3 UFC1
HSPC156 (Alias)14q12 STXBP6
HSPC157 (Alias)1p36.12 LINC00339
HSPC158 (Alias)5q33.2 MRPL22
HSPC159 (Alias)2p14 LGALSL
HSPC160 (Alias)12q13.2 ORMDL2
HSPC163 (Alias)1q42.11 CNIH4
HSPC164 (Alias)20q13.31 RTFDC1
HSPC165 (Alias)17p13.1 RANGRF
HSPC166 (Alias)11p13 COMMD9
HSPC167 (Alias)20q11.21 CDK5RAP1
HSPC170 (Alias)11q13.1 TRMT112
HSPC171 (Alias)16q22.1 TMEM208
HSPC172 (Alias)11q23.3 TRAPPC4
HSPC173 (Alias)2q36.1 FARSB
HSPC175 (Alias)2p23.3 SF3B6
HSPC176 (Alias)16q24.3 TRAPPC2L
HSPC177 (Alias)9p13.3 CHMP5
HSPC179 (Alias)11q14.2 HIKESHI
HSPC181 (Alias)12q13.13 COPZ1
HSPC182 (Alias)1p36.33 SSU72
HSPC183 (Alias)6p21.33 MRPS18B
HSPC185 (Alias)5q35.2 NOP16
HSPC187 (Alias)19q13.32 PRKD2
HSPC189 (Alias)19q13.42 ZNF581
HSPC192 (Alias)5q32 LARS
HSPC193 (Alias)15q22.33 SMAD3
HSPC194 (Alias)6p24.2 TMEM14C
HSPC196 (Alias)11q12.2 TMEM138
HSPC197 (Alias)11p15.5 BET1L
HSPC199 (Alias)4q31.3 GATB
HSPC1 (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSPC203 (Alias)14q24.2 COX16
HSPC204 (Alias)12q22 MRPL42
HSPC205 (Alias)6q15 UBE2J1
HSPC206 (Alias)12q12 PPHLN1
HSPC207 (Alias)20q13.12 OSER1
HSPC211 (Alias)19p13.3 MUM1
HSPC212 (Alias)3p25.1 CCDC174
HSPC213 (Alias)14q23.1 JKAMP
HSPC214 (Alias)17q25.3 ANAPC11
HSPC216 (Alias)7q32.2 ZC3HC1
HSPC219 (Alias)9q22.33 TRMO
HSPC220 (Alias)9q34.11 C9orf78
HSPC221 (Alias)17q23.2 MED13
HSPC222 (Alias)1q21.3 JTB
HSPC224 (Alias)16q21 CKLF
HSPC226 (Alias)3p21.1 PHF7
HSPC228 (Alias)6q24.1 VTA1
HSPC230 (Alias)6q21 C6orf203
HSPC232 (Alias)12q12 PPHLN1
HSPC236 (Alias)17p13.1 RANGRF
HSPC238 (Alias)2p11.2 RNF181
HSPC240 (Alias)19p13.2 MARCH2
HSPC241 (Alias)12p13.31 MRPL51
HSPC242 (Alias)22q12.2 MTFP1
HSPC244 (Alias)11q12.2 TMEM216
HSPC251 (Alias)1p35.2 ZCCHC17
HSPC252 (Alias)11p11.2 KBTBD4
HSPC256 (Alias)22q13.1 TMEM184B
HSPC257 (Alias)12q13.2 TESPA1
HSPC259 (Alias)20q13.13 DDX27
HSPC262 (Alias)17q25.1 MRPL38
HSPC263 (Alias)11q13.1 OTUB1
HSPC264 (Alias)15q25.2 WDR73
HSPC265 (Alias)6p21.2 CCDC167
HSPC268 (Alias)7q34 FMC1
HSPC270 (Alias)16p13.3 MSRB1
HSPC272 (Alias)Xp11.22 HUWE1
HSPC274 (Alias)20p13 TMEM230
HSPC275 (Alias)4q21.22 SEC31A
HSPC276 (Alias)6q23.3 HBS1L
HSPC280 (Alias)6q24.1 ABRACL
HSPC281 (Alias)12q23.1 ACTR6
HSPC282 (Alias)10q23.1 GHITM
HSPC283 (Alias)7p14.1 MRPL32
HSPC290 (Alias)11q13.4 MRPL48
HSPC294 (Alias)12q21.2 ZDHHC17
HSPC295 (Alias)7q36.1 LRRC61
HSPC296 (Alias)17p13.2 MED11
HSPC297 (Alias)3p21.1 SELENOK
HSPC299 (Alias)9q31.1 NIPSNAP3A
HSPC2 (Alias)6p21.1 HSP90AB1
HSPC300 (Alias)3p25.3 BRK1
HSPC302 (Alias)4q24 TBCK
HSPC304 (Alias)7q21.2 RBM48
HSPC306 (Alias)6q16.2 PNISR
HSPC319 (Alias)8p23.3 ERICH1
HSPC320 (Alias)6p25.1 FARS2
HSPC321 (Alias)11p15.4 SWAP70
HSPC323 (Alias)19p13.3 SMIM24
HSPC3249q34.3 HSPC324 (uncharacterized LOC101928612)
HSPC325 (Alias)3p21.2 RAD54L2
HSPC327 (Alias)14q23.1 JKAMP
HSPC329 (Alias)17q22 MRPS23
HSPC331 (Alias)1p35.3 DNAJC8
HSPC332 (Alias)2p11.2 USP39
HSPC334 (Alias)4q21.22 SEC31A
HSPC335 (Alias)7p13 MRPS24
HSPC336 (Alias)6p21.33 APOM
HSPC339 (Alias)3q13.12 BBX
HSPCA (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSPCA (Alias)11p14.1 HSP90AA2P
HSPCAL1 (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSPCAL2 (Alias)4_KI270925v1_alt HSP90AA4P
HSPCAL3 (Alias)11p14.1 HSP90AA2P
HSPCAL4 (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HSPC (Alias)20q13.33 PSMA7
HSPCB (Alias)6p21.1 HSP90AB1
HSP-CBF (Alias)2p22.2 CEBPZ
HSPCO34 (Alias)1p32.3 HSPB11
HSPCP1 (Alias)4q22.1 HSP90AB3P
HSPCP2 (Alias)15q26.3 HSP90B2P
HSPDE10A (Alias)6q27 PDE10A
HSPDE1A (Alias)2q32.1 PDE1A
HSPDE4D (Alias)5q11.2 PDE4D
HSPDE9A2 (Alias)21q22.3 PDE9A
HSPE12q33.1 HSPE1 (heat shock protein family E (Hsp10) member 1)
HSPE1-MOB42q33.1 HSPE1-MOB4 (HSPE1-MOB4 readthrough)
HSPE1P132p22.1 HSPE1P13 (heat shock protein family E (Hsp10) member 1 pseudogene 13)
HSPE1-PHOCN (Alias)2q33.1 HSPE1-MOB4
HSPF1 (Alias)19p13.12 DNAJB1
HSPF2 (Alias)11q13.1 DNAJC4
HSPF3 (Alias)2q35 DNAJB2
HSPF4 (Alias)9p21.1 DNAJA1
HSPG1 (Alias)8q22.1 SDC2
HSPG (Alias)8q22.1 SDC2
HSPH2 (Alias)5q31.1 HSPA4
HSPH3 (Alias)4q28.1 HSPA4L
HSpin1 (Alias)16p11.2 SPNS1
HsPK21 (Alias)1q32.3 NEK2
HSPK36 (Alias)13q14.3 NEK3
HSPL27 (Alias)5q11.2 HSPB3
HSPN (Alias)14q32.31 HSP90AA1
HsPNLDC1 (Alias)6q25.3 PNLDC1
HSPOX1 (Alias)19q13.12 PRODH2
HSPOX2 (Alias)22q11.21 PRODH
HSPTB1 (Alias)14q23.3 SPTB
HSPUM (Alias)1p35.2 PUM1
HSPX153 (Alias)4p16.3 NKX1-1
HSR1 (Alias)6p21.33 GNL1
HsRad51 (Alias)15q15.1 RAD51
HSRBC (Alias)11p15.4 CAVIN3
HSRBP4 (Alias)2q14.3 POLR2D
HSRF-1 (Alias)3p21.1 DNAH1
HSRG1849 (Alias)2p23.1 LCLAT1
HSRG1 (Alias)16q23.1 MON1B
HSRNAFEV (Alias)2q35 FEV
HSRNASEB (Alias)20q13.31 RBM38
HSRNASPH (Alias)19q13.33 KLK15
HSRPB4 (Alias)2q14.3 POLR2D
HSS1 (Alias)19q13.33 EMC10
HSS (Alias)16p13.3 GFER
HSS (Alias)6q22.31 GJA1
HSS (Alias)20p13 PANK2
HSS (Alias)17q25.3 SGSH
HSSB (Alias)17p13.3 RPA1
HSSOX6 (Alias)11p15.2 SOX6
HSST2 (Alias)10q22.2 NDST2
HSST2 (Alias)19q13.33 SULT2B1
HSST3 (Alias)4q26 NDST3
HSST (Alias)5q33.1 NDST1
HsSWEET1 (Alias)1q22 SLC50A1
HsSwt1 (Alias)1q25.3 SWT1
HsT1031 (Alias)18p11.31 L3MBTL4
HsT1192 (Alias)18q12.3 SYT4
HsT1201 (Alias)18q21.33 SERPINB2
HsT1235 (Alias)18q22.1 LINC00305
HsT1341 (Alias)18q12.3 SLC14A1
HsT1361 (Alias)18q12.3 SIGLEC15
HsT1461 (Alias)18q21.1 HAUS1
HsT1601 (Alias)18p11.21 TUBB6
HsT16328 (Alias)15q11.2 NDN
HsT16821 (Alias)15q13.1 APBA2
HsT16908 (Alias)15q15.1 DISP2
HsT16930 (Alias)15q15.1 RAD51
HsT16933 (Alias)15q15.1 GCHFR
HsT16992 (Alias)15q15.1 JMJD7-PLA2G4B
HsT16992 (Alias)15q15.1 PLA2G4B
HsT169 (Alias)18q23 RBFA
HsT17016 (Alias)15q15.1 SNAP23
HsT17025 (Alias)15q15.2 HAUS2
HsT1705 (Alias)18p11.21 CEP76
HsT1707 (Alias)18p11.21 PSMG2
HsT17083 (Alias)15q15.3 PDIA3
HsT17089 (Alias)15q15.3 SERF2
HsT17153 (Alias)15q21.1 SLC28A2
HsT17226 (Alias)15q21.2 SLC27A2
HsT17287 (Alias)15q21.3 AQP9
HsT17299 (Alias)15q22.2 CCNB2
HsT1731 (Alias)18q22.1 CCDC102B
HsT17379 (Alias)15q22.31 SNX1
HsT17391 (Alias)15q22.31 TRIP4
HsT17412 (Alias)15q22.31 SLC24A1
HsT17432 (Alias)15q22.31 SMAD6
HsT17436 (Alias)15q22.33 SMAD3
HsT17454 (Alias)15q23 MAP2K5
HsT17563 (Alias)15q24.1 ISLR
HsT17706 (Alias)15q25.1 PSMA4
HsT17725 (Alias)15q25.1 MORF4L1
HsT18082 (Alias)15q24.2 FBXO22-AS1
HsT18361 (Alias)15q14 MEIS2
HsT18564 (Alias)15q21.1 MYEF2
HsT18676 (Alias)15q21.3 RAB27A
HsT18745 (Alias)15q22.2 GTF2A2
HsT18816 (Alias)15q22.2 CA12
HsT18872 (Alias)15q22.31 CILP
HsT18880 (Alias)15q22.31 IGDCC3
HsT18960 (Alias)15q23 CLN6
HsT18971 (Alias)15q23 ANP32A-IT1
HsT18976 (Alias)15q23 TLE3
HsT19268 (Alias)15q25.1 MTHFS
HsT19294 (Alias)15q25.2 EFL1
HsT19321 (Alias)15q25.2 EFTUD1P1
HsT19360 (Alias)15q25.2 FAM103A1
HsT19371 (Alias)15q25.2 SH3GL3
HsT19447 (Alias)15q25.2 BNC1
HsT19550 (Alias)15q25.3 PDE8A
HsT19680 (Alias)15q26.1 SV2B
HsT19690 (Alias)15q26.1 ST8SIA2
HsT19883 (Alias)15q26.1 HAPLN3
HsT19888 (Alias)15q26.1 MFGE8
HST-1 (Alias)11q13.3 FGF4
HsT21816 (Alias)8p23.1 DEFB107B
HsT2298 (Alias)18q22.3 CNDP2
HsT2308 (Alias)18q22.3 CNDP1
HsT2329 (Alias)18p11.21 FAM210A
HsT2362 (Alias)18p11.21 ZNF519
HsT2456 (Alias)18q11.2 SNRPD1
HsT2508 (Alias)18q21.1 C18orf12
HsT2542 (Alias)18q11.2 PA2G4P3
HsT2563 (Alias)18q11.2 CABLES1
HsT2591 (Alias)18q11.2 C18orf8
HsT2645 (Alias)18q21.1 CXXC1
HsT2651 (Alias)18q12.1 TTR
HsT2697 (Alias)18q11.2 TTC39C
HsT2706 (Alias)18q12.1 TRAPPC8
HsT287 (Alias)18q23 ZNF516
HST2 (Alias)12p13.32 FGF6
HsT3017 (Alias)18q12.1 WBP11P1
HsT3101 (Alias)18q12.2 RPRD1A
HsT3108 (Alias)18q12.2 C18orf21
HsT3226 (Alias)18q22.2 DOK6
HsT3231 (Alias)18p11.21 C18orf15
HsT3308 (Alias)18q21.33 KIAA1468
HsT41028 (Alias)17p13.1 PIK3R6
HST422 (Alias)18p11.32 TYMS
HsT441 (Alias)18p11.32 YES1
HsT661 (Alias)18p11.32 METTL4
HsT748 (Alias)18p11.22 PIEZO2
HsT771 (Alias)18p11.22 PIEZO2
HsT828 (Alias)18q21.1 ELOA3B
HsT829 (Alias)18q21.1 TCEB3C
HsT832 (Alias)18q21.1 ELOA2
HsT885 (Alias)18q21.33 KIAA1468
HsT914 (Alias)18p11.31 DLGAP1-AS1
HsT959 (Alias)18p11.31 LINC00526
HST (Alias)11q13.3 FGF4
HST (Alias)19q13.33 SULT2A1
HSTD (Alias)12q23.1 HAL
HSTE14 (Alias)1p36.31 ICMT
HSTF1 (Alias)11q13.3 FGF4
HSTF1 (Alias)8q24.3 HSF1
HSTF 2 (Alias)6q22.31 HSF2
HSTF 5 (Alias)17q22 HSF5
HSTP (Alias)19p13.3 TRIP10
HSTPCR106 (Alias)9q33.2 OR1Q1
HSTPCR24 (Alias)11p15.4 OR5E1P
HSTPCR25 (Alias)11q24.2 OR8G1
HSTPCR26P (Alias)19p13.2 OR7E18P
HSTPCR27 (Alias)1q44 OR1C1
HSTPCR86P (Alias)19p13.12 OR7C1
HSU15552 (Alias)1p22.1 DNTTIP2
HSU24186 (Alias)Xq21.33 RPA4
HSU37012 (Alias)8q24.3 CPSF1
HSU37139 (Alias)1p31.3 ITGB3BP
HSU47926 (Alias)12p13.31 P3H3
HSU52521 (Alias)4q31.3 ARFIP1
HSU53209 (Alias)7p15.3 TRA2A
HSU79252 (Alias)22q13.1 MIEF1
HSU79253 (Alias)14q21.3 ATP5S
HSU79266 (Alias)11q13.1 SAC3D1
HSU79274 (Alias)12q24.11 FAM216A
HSU79275 (Alias)12q13.11 RAPGEF3
HSU79303 (Alias)19q13.42 CCDC106
HSU84971 (Alias)5q13.3 AGGF1
HSU90653 (Alias)16q22.1 ZDHHC1
HSU93243 (Alias)6q15 UBE2J1
HSU93850 (Alias)16p12.2 EEF2K
HSUP1 (Alias)20q13.13 ZFAS1
HSUP2 (Alias)20q13.13 ZFAS1
HSY3RR (Alias)2q22.1 CXCR4
HSZ75190 (Alias)1p32.3 LRP8
HSZFP36 (Alias)19p13.2 ZNF823
HT001 (Alias)3q22.1 ASTE1
HT002 (Alias)8q24.3 COMMD5
Ht006 (Alias)2p23.3 SF3B6
HT007 (Alias)11q14.1 TMEM126B
HT008 (Alias)17q23.3 TEX2
HT009 (Alias)10p15.3 IDI2-AS1
HT010 (Alias)2q32.1 ZC3H15
HT011 (Alias)Xq26.1 FAM45BP
HT012 (Alias)6p22.3 ACOT13
HT013 (Alias)20p11.23 KIZ
HT014 (Alias)1p36.11 PITHD1
HT015 (Alias)8p21.2 SLC25A37
HT017 (Alias)3p14.3 LRTM1
HT018 (Alias)5q23.1 SEMA6A
HT019 (Alias)11q13.1 SCYL1
HT021 (Alias)3p14.2 C3orf14
HT022 (Alias)15q14 EMC7
HT028 (Alias)Xp11.4 ATP6AP2
HT036 (Alias)1p34.2 HYI
HT1A-1 (Alias)1p36.21 PDPN
HT1DA (Alias)1p36.12 HTR1D
HT29-IGFBP (Alias)17q21.2 IGFBP4
HT2A (Alias)9q33.1 TRIM32
Ht31 (Alias)15q25.3 AKAP13
HTA1 (Alias)1q23.1 CD1A
HTA (Alias)16q22.3 HCCAT5
HTATSF1Xq26.3 HTATSF1 (HIV-1 Tat specific factor 1)
HTATSF1P26p25.2 HTATSF1P2 (HIV-1 Tat specific factor 1 pseudogene 2)
HT-BETA (Alias)3q21.2 ZNF148
HT-CP (Alias)18q12.1 DSC3
HTEX4 (Alias)6p22.1 ZNRD1ASP
HTEX-6 (Alias)6p22.1 ZNRD1
HTEX6 (Alias)6p22.1 ZNRD1
HTF10 (Alias)19p12 ZNF91
HTF12 (Alias)7q11.21 ZNF92
HTF1 (Alias)19p12 ZNF85
HTF34 (Alias)19p12 ZNF93
HTF6 (Alias)19p12 ZNF43
HTF9A (Alias)22q11.21 RANBP1
HTF9 (Alias)19p12 ZNF90
HTF9C (Alias)22q11.21 TRMT2A
HTGL (Alias)15q21.3 LIPC
HTGN29 (Alias)5q31.1 C5orf15
HTGR1 (Alias)19p13.2 HNRNPM
HTGTI (Alias)12q13.12 GPD1
HTJ1 (Alias)10p12.31 DNAJC1
HTK (Alias)7q22.1 EPHB4
Htk-L (Alias)13q33.3 EFNB2
HTKL (Alias)13q33.3 EFNB2
HTLF (Alias)2p16.3 FOXN2
HTL-S-58j (Alias)9q34.11 AK1
HTLVR (Alias)1p34.2 SLC2A1
HTM4 (Alias)11q12.1 MS4A3
HTM-alpha (Alias)15q22.2 TPM1
HTMP10 (Alias)10q24.1 OPALIN
HTN14q13.3 HTN1 (histatin 1)
HTN2 (Alias)4q13.3 HTN3
HTN34q13.3 HTN3 (histatin 3)
HTN5 (Alias)4q13.3 HTN3
HTNB (Alias)12p12.2 PDE3A
HTOM34P (Alias)20q13.12 TOMM34
HTP1 (Alias)3q26.2 SEC62
HTPAP (Alias)8p11.23 PLPP5
HTPCR2 (Alias)19p13.12 OR7A5
HTPCRH03 (Alias)19p13.2 OR7D2
HTPCRH06 (Alias)9q31.3 OR2K2
HTPCRH07 (Alias)1q44 OR2L2
HTPCRX01 (Alias)9q33.2 OR1J4
HTPCRX02 (Alias)1q44 OR2L1P
HTPCRX03 (Alias)11q24.2 OR10D1P
HTPCRX06 (Alias)7q34 OR9A1P
HTPCRX09 (Alias)11q24.2 OR10D3
HTPCRX10 (Alias)3q11.2 OR5K1
HTPCRX11 (Alias)11q11 OR4C1P
HTPCRX12 (Alias)11p15.4 OR10A3
HTPCRX14 (Alias)3q11.2 OR5H1
HTPCRX16 (Alias)11q12.1 OR5L2
HTPCRX17 (Alias)9q31.1 OR13C4
HTPCRX18 (Alias)1q44 OR2M4
HTPCRX19 (Alias)19p13.12 OR7A17
HTPHLP (Alias)2q11.2 PDCL3
HTPK1 (Alias)7q35 TPK1
HTPZP2 (Alias)1p36.3 PTPRZ2
HTR1A5q12.3 HTR1A (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1A)
HTR1B6q14.1 HTR1B (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1B)
HTR1C (Alias)Xq23 HTR2C
HTR1D2 (Alias)6q14.1 HTR1B
HTR1D1p36.12 HTR1D (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1D)
HTR1DA (Alias)1p36.12 HTR1D
HTR1DB (Alias)6q14.1 HTR1B
HTR1E6q14.3 HTR1E (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1E)
HTR1EL (Alias)3p11.1 HTR1F
HTR1F3p11.1 HTR1F (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1F)
HTR2A13q14.2 HTR2A (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2A)
HTR2A-AS113q14.2 HTR2A-AS1 (HTR2A antisense RNA 1)
HTR2 (Alias)13q14.2 HTR2A
HTR2B2q37.1 HTR2B (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2B)
HTR2CXq23 HTR2C (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2C)
HTR3A11q23.2 HTR3A (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3A)
HTR3 (Alias)7p11.2 CCT6A
HTR3 (Alias)11q23.2 HTR3A
HTR3B11q23.2 HTR3B (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3B)
HTR3C3q27.1 HTR3C (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3C)
HTR3D3q27.1 HTR3D (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3D)
HTR3E3q27.1 HTR3E (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3E)
HTR3E-AS13q27.1 HTR3E-AS1 (HTR3E antisense RNA 1)
HTR45q32 HTR4 (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 4)
HTR5A7q36.2 HTR5A (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 5A)
HTR5A-AS17q36.2 HTR5A-AS1 (HTR5A antisense RNA 1)
HTR5AOS (Alias)7q36.2 HTR5A-AS1
HTR61p36.13 HTR6 (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 6)
HTR710q23.31 HTR7 (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 7)
HTR7P112p13.1 HTR7P1 (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 7 pseudogene 1)
HTR7P (Alias)12p13.1 HTR7P1
Htra2-beta (Alias)3q27.2 TRA2B
HTRA3 (Alias)11q13.5 CAPN5
HTRA48p11.22 HTRA4 (HtrA serine peptidase 4)
HTR (Alias)5q13.3 F2R
HTRG (Alias)17q25.1 SAP30BP
HTRL (Alias)1p36.12 HTR1D
HTRP-1 (Alias)3q23 TRPC1
HTRP-4 (Alias)13q13.3 TRPC4
HTRP4 (Alias)13q13.3 TRPC4
HTRP (Alias)17q25.1 SAP30BP
HTS1 (Alias)11p15.4 ST5
HTS (Alias)18p11.22 APCDD1
HTSS1 (Alias)6p21.33 CDSN
HTSS2 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT74
HTSS (Alias)6p21.33 CDSN
HTT (Alias)17q11.2 SLC6A4
HTT-AS1 (Alias)4p16.3 HTT-AS
HTTAS (Alias)4p16.3 HTT-AS
HTT-AS4p16.3 HTT-AS (HTT antisense RNA (head to head))
HTT4p16.3 HTT (huntingtin)
HTX1 (Alias)Xq26.3 ZIC3
HTX2 (Alias)2q21.1 CFC1
HTX4 (Alias)3p22.2 ACVR2B
HTX5 (Alias)10q22.1 NODAL
HTX6 (Alias)18q21.1 CFAP53
HTX7 (Alias)10q26.2 MMP21
HTX8 (Alias)7p12.3 PKD1L1
HTX (Alias)Xq26.3 ZIC3
HU-1 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB5
HU-2 (Alias)17q21.32 HOXB6
HU-2 (Alias)6q27 RPS6KA2
HU-3 (Alias)Xp22.12 RPS6KA3
HuADC (Alias)3p24.1 GADL1
HUAT (Alias)17q11.2 LGALS9
HUB1 (Alias)19p13.2 UBL5
HUB1 (Alias)7q36.1 ZNF282
HUB (Alias)9p21.3 ELAVL2
HUBCEP52 (Alias)19p13.11 UBA52
HUBSPECV (Alias)15q15.1 SPTBN5
HUC (Alias)19p13.2 ELAVL3
HUCEP11 (Alias)1q32.1 TMCC2
HUCEP-15 (Alias)17q21.33 CA10
HUCEP-4 (Alias)6p22.1 PGBD1
HUCL (Alias)19p13.2 ELAVL3
HuCSADC (Alias)3p24.1 GADL1
HUD (Alias)1p33 ELAVL4
HUEL (Alias)4p13 SLC30A9
HuEMAP (Alias)14q32.2 EML1
HuF2 (Alias)1p13.1 TTF2
HUFI-1 (Alias)2q37.3 LRRFIP1
HUFI-2 (Alias)3p22.2 LRRFIP2
Hug (Alias)5p13.2 C5orf42
HUG-BR1 (Alias)2q37.1 UGT1A1
HUG-BR2 (Alias)2q37.1 UGT1A4
HUGL-1 (Alias)17p11.2 LLGL1
HUGL1 (Alias)17p11.2 LLGL1
Hugl-2 (Alias)17q25.1 LLGL2
HUGL (Alias)17p11.2 LLGL1
HUGO (Alias)13q14.2 FNDC3A
HUGT1 (Alias)2q14.3 UGGT1
HUGT2 (Alias)13q32.1 UGGT2
Huh-17 (Alias)7q36.1 GBX1
Huh7 (Alias)19p13.3 MIR7-3HG
HUK1 (Alias)12p13.32 KCNA1
HU-K4 (Alias)19q13.2 PLD3
HUK4 (Alias)19q13.2 PLD3
HU-K5 (Alias)3q21.3 MGLL
HUK5 (Alias)3q21.3 MGLL
HUKII (Alias)11p14.1 KCNA4
HUKIII (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA3
HUKIV (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA2
HULC6p24.3 HULC (hepatocellular carcinoma up-regulated long non-coding RNA)
Hulp1 (Alias)16q24.3 TCF25
HUM2DD (Alias)19q13.33 DHDH
HUM3CL (Alias)2p22.2 FEZ2
HUMAGCGB (Alias)3p21.2 RBM15B
HumanS18a (Alias)6p21.33 MRPS18B
HumanS18b (Alias)6p21.1 MRPS18A
HUMARP (Alias)6p12.3 CRISP1
HUMAUANTIG (Alias)1p34.3 GNL2
HUMAZUR (Alias)19p13.3 AZU1
HUMBTFB (Alias)13q22.3 BTF3P11
HUMCYT2A (Alias)12q13.13 KRT76
HUMEEP (Alias)22q13.31 ATXN10
HUMGT198A (Alias)17q21.2 PSMC3IP
Humig (Alias)4q21.1 CXCL9
HUMINAE (Alias)17p13.2 ITGAE
HUMM3 (Alias)6q22.31 MAN1A1
HUMM9 (Alias)6q22.31 MAN1A1
HUMMLC2B (Alias)16p11.2 MYLPF
HUMMR (Alias)4q31.1 MGARP
HUMNDME (Alias)6q14.2 ME1
HUMNPIIY20 (Alias)14q23.1 GPR135
HUMORF13 (Alias)2p24.1 LAPTM4A
HUMORF5 (Alias)17q24.2 HELZ
HumORF8 (Alias)15q21.2 USP8
HUMORFA01 (Alias)15q26.1 IQGAP1
HUMPCP (Alias)11q14.1 PRCP
HUMPMKI (Alias)1q21.3 PMVK
HUMPPA (Alias)17q25.1 CDR2L
HUMRPL29 (Alias)3p21.2 RPL29
Hunc18b (Alias)19p13.2 STXBP2
HuncM-IC (Alias)15q22.2 MYO1E
HUNK21q22.11 HUNK (hormonally up-regulated Neu-associated kinase)
HUP1 (Alias)1p36.13 PAX7
HUP48 (Alias)20p11.22 PAX1
HUPF1 (Alias)19p13.11 UPF1
HUPF2 (Alias)10p14 UPF2
HUPF3A (Alias)13q34 UPF3A
HUPF3B (Alias)Xq24 UPF3B
HU-PP-1 (Alias)1p35.2 PTP4A2
HUR1 (Alias)14q32.2 RTL1
HUR7 (Alias)18q21.33 SERPINB13
HURP (Alias)14q22.3 DLGAP5
HUS1B6p25.3 HUS1B (HUS1 checkpoint clamp component B)
HUS84971 (Alias)5q13.3 AGGF1
HUS (Alias)1q31.3 CFH
HUSI (Alias)20q13.12 SLPI
HUSI-I (Alias)20q13.12 SLPI
HUSI-II (Alias)4q12 SPINK2
HUSPECV (Alias)15q15.1 SPTBN5
HUSSY-01 (Alias)4p14 LIAS
HUSSY-08 (Alias)20q11.22 NFS1
HUSSY-18 (Alias)7q36.1 ABCF2
HUSSY18 (Alias)7q36.1 ABCF2
HUSSY19 (Alias)17q12 DDX52
HUSSY-20 (Alias)18q23 ATP9B
HUSSY-29 (Alias)5q13.3 NSA2
HUSSY29 (Alias)5q13.3 NSA2
HUSSY-3 (Alias)7q11.23 BUD23
HUSSY5 (Alias)5q12.1 DIMT1
HUT11 (Alias)18q12.3 SLC14A1
HUT2 (Alias)18q12.3 SLC14A2
HUVISL1 (Alias)2p24.2 VSNL1
HUWE1Xp11.22 HUWE1 (HECT, UBA and WWE domain containing 1, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase)
HV1 (Alias)12q24.11 HVCN1
HV1S (Alias)11q23.3 NECTIN1
HVBS718q11.1-q11.2 HVBS7 (hepatitis B virus integration site 7)
HVCN112q24.11 HVCN1 (hydrogen voltage gated channel 1)
HVDAS (Alias)20q13.13 ADNP
HVEA (Alias)1p36.32 TNFRSF14
HVEB (Alias)19q13.32 NECTIN2
HVEC (Alias)11q23.3 NECTIN1
HVED (Alias)19q13.31 PVR
HVEM (Alias)1p36.32 TNFRSF14
HVEML (Alias)19p13.3 TNFSF14
HVG1 (Alias)5q31.3 VTRNA1-1
HVG2 (Alias)5q31.3 VTRNA1-2
HVG3 (Alias)5q31.3 VTRNA1-3
HVH2 (Alias)8p12 DUSP4
HVH3 (Alias)10q25.2 DUSP5
HVH-5 (Alias)11p15.5 DUSP8
HVH8 (Alias)11p15.5 DUSP8
HVLP (Alias)7p14.3 CPVL
HVPS41 (Alias)7p14.1 VPS41
HVR1 (Alias)3p22.1 VIPR1
HVRP1 (Alias)15q24.2 TMEM266
HVSP41 (Alias)7p14.1 VPS41
HWNT11 (Alias)11q13.5 WNT11
HXA (Alias)1p21.1 AMY2B
HX (Alias)11p15.4 HPX
HXBL (Alias)6p21.33 TNXA
HXBL (Alias)6p21.33 TNXB
HXC-26 (Alias)Xq28 FAM50A
HXC26 (Alias)Xq28 FAM50A
HXCP2 (Alias)3q13.13 RETNLB
HXK1 (Alias)10q22.1 HK1
HXK2 (Alias)2p12 HK2
HXK3 (Alias)5q35.2 HK3
HXKP (Alias)7p13 GCK
HXMA (Alias)16p12.3 ACSM2B
Hxt (Alias)5q33.2 HAND1
HY4 (Alias)7q36.1 RNY4
HYA (Alias)Yq11.223 KDM5D
HYAL-3 (Alias)3p21.31 HYAL3
HYAL33p21.31 HYAL3 (hyaluronoglucosaminidase 3)
HYAL47q31.32 HYAL4 (hyaluronoglucosaminidase 4)
HYAL6 (Alias)7q31.32 HYALP1
HY (Alias)Yq11.223 KDM5D
HYALP17q31.32 HYALP1 (hyaluronoglucosaminidase pseudogene 1)
HYC2 (Alias)9p23 MPDZ
HYCC1 (Alias)7p15.3 FAM126A
HYCC2 (Alias)2q33.1 FAM126B
HYD1 (Alias)4p16.2 MSX1
HYD (Alias)8q22.3 UBR5
HYDIN1 (Alias)16q22.2 HYDIN
HYDIN2 (Alias)16q22.2 HYDIN
HYDIN16q22.2 HYDIN (HYDIN, axonemal central pair apparatus protein)
HYDM2 (Alias)6q13 KHDC3L
HYDM (Alias)19q13.42 NLRP7
HYGN1 (Alias)9p24.1 GLDC
HYI1p34.2 HYI (hydroxypyruvate isomerase (putative))
HYKK15q25.1 HYKK (hydroxylysine kinase)
HYKPP (Alias)17q23.3 SCN4A
HYL1 (Alias)1q42.12 EPHX1
HYL (Alias)19p13.3 MATK
HYLS111q24.2 HYLS1 (HYLS1, centriolar and ciliogenesis associated)
HYLTK (Alias)19p13.3 MATK
HYMAI6q24.2 HYMAI (hydatidiform mole associated and imprinted (non-protein coding))
HYOU111q23.3 HYOU1 (hypoxia up-regulated 1)
HYP1 (Alias)Xp22.11 PHEX
HYPA (Alias)2q23.3 PRPF40A
HYP (Alias)Xp22.11 PHEX
HYPB (Alias)3p21.31 SETD2
HYPC (Alias)12q13.12 PRPF40B
HYPDH (Alias)19q13.12 PRODH2
HYPE (Alias)12q23.3 FICD
HYPF (Alias)12p13.32 FGF23
HYPF (Alias)19q13.2 PSMD8
HYPG (Alias)4p14 UBE2K
HYPH (Alias)12q21.2 ZDHHC17
HYPJ (Alias)11p15.5 AP2A2
HYPK15q15.3 HYPK (huntingtin interacting protein K)
HYPL1D (Alias)8q24.3 GPIHBP1
HYPL (Alias)10p13 OPTN
HYPMXp11.4 HYPM (huntingtin interacting protein M)
HYPP (Alias)11q13.4 KCNE3
HYPP (Alias)17q23.3 SCN4A
HYPT11 (Alias)1q32.1 SNRPE
HYPT12 (Alias)10q26.12 RPL21
HYPT13 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT71
HYPT1 (Alias)18p11.22 APCDD1
HYPT2 (Alias)6p21.33 CDSN
HYPT3 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT74
H-YPT3 (Alias)19p13.2 RAB11B
HYPT4 (Alias)8p21.3 HR
HYPT6 (Alias)18q12.1 DSG4
HYPT7 (Alias)3q27.2 LIPH
HYPT8 (Alias)13q14.2 LPAR6
HYRC1 (Alias)8q11.21 PRKDC
HYRC (Alias)8q11.21 PRKDC
HYS (Alias)6p21.1 MEA1
HYSP2 (Alias)Xq28 MAMLD1
HYST0841 (Alias)9p23 LURAP1L
HYST1046 (Alias)16p12.3 ACSM2B
HYST1481 (Alias)19p13.3 CREB3L3
HYST1888 (Alias)1p36.11 MTFR1L
HYST2477 (Alias)19q13.43 A1BG
HZF10 (Alias)19q13.12 ZNF345
HZF11 (Alias)7p22.1 ZNF12
HZF12 (Alias)19p13.11 ZNF101
HZF-16 (Alias)1q44 ZNF124
HZF16 (Alias)1q44 ZNF124
HZF19 (Alias)19q13.31 ZNF283
HZF1 (Alias)8q24.3 ZNF16
HZF1 (Alias)19p13.2 ZNF266
HZF22 (Alias)Xp11.3 ZNF157
HZF28 (Alias)19q13.12 ZNF461
HZF2 (Alias)16p11.2 ZNF267
HZF-3 (Alias)2q24.1 NR4A2
HZF3 (Alias)12q24.33 ZNF268
HZF41 (Alias)19q13.31 ZNF283
HZF4 (Alias)19q13.31 ZNF234
HZF5 (Alias)19q13.41 ZNF160
HZF6 (Alias)19q13.31 ZNF235
HZF7 (Alias)18q12.2 ZNF271P
HZF8 (Alias)19q13.43 ZNF460
HZF9 (Alias)7q11.21 ZNF273
HZF (Alias)6p22.1 RNF39
HZF (Alias)12q13.13 ZNF385A
HZFW (Alias)6p22.1 RNF39
HZW10 (Alias)11q23.2 ZW10
HZwint-1 (Alias)10q21.1 ZWINT

These entries belong to a list of genes implicated in cancer which is a compilation of genes selected for their interest.

X Y 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 NA

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