Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

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Alphabetic list of cancer genes


- J -
Annotated genes
J03278 (Alias)5q32 PDGFRB
J1 (Alias)9q33.1 TNC
JAB (JAK binding protein) (Alias)16p13.13 SOCS1
JAG120p12.2 JAG1 jagged 1 (Alagille syndrome)
JAG214q32.33 JAG2 (Human Jagged2)
JAGGED1 (Alias)20p12.2 JAG1
Jagged2 (Alias)14q32.33 JAG2
JAGL1 (Alias)20p12.2 JAG1
JAK1A (Alias)1p31.3 JAK1
JAK-1 (Alias)1p31.3 JAK1
JAK1B (Alias)1p31.3 JAK1
JAK11p31.3 JAK1 (Janus kinase 1)
JAK29p24.1 JAK2 (janus kinase 2)
JAK-3 (Alias)19p13.11 JAK3
JAK319p13.11 JAK3 (Janus Kinase 3 or Just Another Kinase 3)
JAK_HUMAN (Alias)19p13.11 JAK3
JARID1A (Alias)12p13.33 KDM5A
JAZF17p15.2 JAZF1 (JAZF zinc finger 1)
JFY1 (Alias)19q13.32 BBC3
JIP (Alias)18q21.2 SMAD4
JJAZ1 (joined to JAZF1) (Alias)17q11.2 SUZ12
JM2 (Alias)Xp11.23 FOXP3
JMJD2C (Alias)9p24.1 KDM4C
JNK1 (C-Jun N-terminal kinase 1) (Alias)10q11.22 MAPK8
JNK2 (C-Jun N-terminal kinase 2) (Alias)5q35.3 MAPK9
JNK3 (C-Jun N-terminal kinase 3) (Alias)4q21.3 MAPK10
JNKK1 (Alias)17p12 MAP2K4
JNKK (Alias)17p12 MAP2K4
JSX (Alias)15q21.1 SLC24A5
JTK11 (Alias)19q13.2 AXL
JTK12 (Alias)5q32 PDGFRB
JTK13 (Alias)15q26.3 IGF1R
JTK14 (Alias)1p34.2 TIE1
JTK2 (Alias)5q35.2 FGFR4
JTK3 (Alias)1p31.3 JAK1
JUN-B (Alias)19p13.2 JUNB
JUNB19p13.2 JUNB (jun B proto-oncogene)
JUND19p13.11 JUND (jun D proto-oncogene)
JUN-D proto-oncogene (Alias)19p13.11 JUND
JUN protooncogene homolog B (Alias)19p13.2 JUNB
JUN1p32.1 JUN (V-Jun sarcoma virus 17 oncogene homolog (avian))
JV18-1 (Alias)18q21.1 SMAD2
JV18 (Alias)18q21.1 SMAD2
Other genes with a part possibly implicated in cancer
J3 (Alias)22q11.22 IGLJ3
J6B7 (Alias)12q24.31 ATP6V0A2
JAB1 (Alias)8q13.1 COPS5
JAC1 (Alias)22q12.1 HSCB
JACOP (Alias)15q21.3 CGNL1
JADE14q28.2 JADE1 (jade family PHD finger 1)
JADE-2 (Alias)5q31.1 JADE2
JADE25q31.1 JADE2 (jade family PHD finger 2)
JADE-3 (Alias)Xp11.3 JADE3
JADE3Xp11.3 JADE3 (jade family PHD finger 3)
JADRR4q28.2 JADRR (JADE1 adjacent regulatory RNA)
JAGN13p25.3 JAGN1 (jagunal homolog 1)
JAKMIP14p16.1 JAKMIP1 (janus kinase and microtubule interacting protein 1)
JAKMIP2-AS15q32 JAKMIP2-AS1 (JAKMIP2 antisense RNA 1)
JAKMIP25q32 JAKMIP2 (janus kinase and microtubule interacting protein 2)
JAKMIP310q26.3 JAKMIP3 (Janus kinase and microtubule interacting protein 3)
JAL (Alias)1q21.3 CREB3L4
JAM1 (Alias)1q23.3 F11R
JAM-2 (Alias)11q25 JAM3
JAM221q21.3 JAM2 (junctional adhesion molecule 2)
JAM-3 (Alias)11q25 JAM3
JAM311q25 JAM3 (junctional adhesion molecule 3)
JAM4 (Alias)21q22.2 IGSF5
JAMA (Alias)1q23.3 F11R
JAM (Alias)1q23.3 F11R
JAM-B (Alias)21q21.3 JAM2
JAMB (Alias)21q21.3 JAM2
JAM-C (Alias)11q25 JAM3
JAMC (Alias)11q25 JAM3
JAMIP1 (Alias)4p16.1 JAKMIP1
JAMIP2 (Alias)5q32 JAKMIP2
Jamip3 (Alias)10q26.3 JAKMIP3
JAML11q23.3 JAML (junction adhesion molecule like)
JAMP (Alias)14q23.1 JKAMP
JAP3 (Alias)11p15.3 ARNTL
JARID1B (Alias)1q32.1 KDM5B
JARID1C (Alias)Xp11.22 KDM5C
JARID1D (Alias)Yq11.223 KDM5D
JARID2-AS16p22.3 JARID2-AS1 (JARID2 antisense RNA 1)
JARID26p22.3 JARID2 (jumonji and AT-rich interaction domain containing 2)
JAW1 (Alias)12p12.1 LRMP
JAW1L (Alias)11p15.4 MRVI1
JAZ (Alias)5q35.2 ZNF346
JAZF1-AS17p15.1 JAZF1-AS1 (JAZF1 antisense RNA 1)
JBP1 (Alias)14q11.2 PRMT5
JBP (Alias)1q21.2 PLEKHO1
JBS (Alias)15q15.2 UBR1
JBS11q24.1 JBS (Jacobsen syndrome)
JBTS10 (Alias)Xp22.2 OFD1
JBTS11 (Alias)2q24.3 TTC21B
JBTS12 (Alias)15q26.1 KIF7
JBTS13 (Alias)12q24.11 TCTN1
JBTS14 (Alias)2q33.1 TMEM237
JBTS15 (Alias)7q32.2 CEP41
JBTS17 (Alias)5p13.2 C5orf42
JBTS18 (Alias)10q24.1 TCTN3
JBTS19 (Alias)16q12.1 ZNF423
JBTS1 (Alias)9q34.3 INPP5E
JBTS20 (Alias)16q23.1 TMEM231
JBTS21 (Alias)8q13.1 CSPP1
JBTS22 (Alias)2q37.1 PDE6D
JBTS23 (Alias)14q23.1 KIAA0586
JBTS24 (Alias)12q24.31 TCTN2
JBTS25 (Alias)1p36.32 CEP104
JBTS26 (Alias)16p12.1 KIAA0556
JBTS27 (Alias)17p11.2 B9D1
JBTS28 (Alias)17q22 MKS1
JBTS3 (Alias)6q23.3 AHI1
JBTS4 (Alias)2q13 NPHP1
JBTS5 (Alias)12q21.32 CEP290
JBTS6 (Alias)8q22.1 TMEM67
JBTS7 (Alias)16q12.2 RPGRIP1L
JBTS8 (Alias)3q11.1 ARL13B
JBTS9 (Alias)4p15.32 CC2D2A
JC310 (Alias)9q33.3 MAPKAP1
JC7 (Alias)1q32.1 NUCKS1
JC8.6 (Alias)4q21.22 LIN54
JCAM (Alias)1q23.3 F11R
JCAP (Alias)1q31.1 PRG4
JCG10 (Alias)1q44 OR2M1P
JCG1 (Alias)11p15.4 OR5P3
JCG2 (Alias)11q24.2 OR8D2
JCG3 (Alias)11p15.4 OR5P2
JCG4 (Alias)11p15.4 OR5P2
JCG5 (Alias)11p15.4 OR10A4
JCG6 (Alias)11p15.4 OR10A5
JCG9 (Alias)11q24.2 OR8D1
JCHAIN4q13.3 JCHAIN (joining chain of multimeric IgA and IgM)
JCH (Alias)4q13.3 JCHAIN
JCK (Alias)17q11.2 NEK8
JCLN1 (Alias)16p11.2 ZG16
JCLN2 (Alias)16p13.3 ZG16B
JCLN (Alias)16p11.2 ZG16
JCTN (Alias)8q12.3 ASPH
JDD1 (Alias)10q22.2 DNAJC9
JDP1 (Alias)1q32.3 BATF3
JDP1 (Alias)10q21.3 DNAJC12
JDP214q24.3 JDP2 (Jun dimerization protein 2)
JDSCD (Alias)11q12.3 B3GAT3
JEAP (Alias)11q21 AMOTL1
JEDI (Alias)1q23.1 PEAR1
JEM-1 (Alias)1q24.2 BLZF1
JEM1 (Alias)1q24.2 BLZF1
JEM-1s (Alias)1q24.2 BLZF1
JET (Alias)10q24.32 FBXL15
JFC1 (Alias)1p36.11 SYTL1
JFK (Alias)1p36.13 FBXO42
JFP10 (Alias)16p13.3 CCDC78
JFP11 (Alias)16p13.3 LMF1
JFP2 (Alias)16p13.3 METTL26
JFP7 (Alias)16p13.3 WDR24
JH8 (Alias)8q24.3 JRK
JH (Alias)1q21.1 HFE2
JHDM1A (Alias)11q13.2 KDM2A
JHDM1B (Alias)12q24.31 KDM2B
JHDM1C (Alias)16p11.2 FBXL19
JHDM1D (Alias)7q34 KDM7A
JHDM1D-AS17q34 JHDM1D-AS1 (JHDM1D antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
JHDM1E (Alias)9q22.31 PHF2
JHDM1F (Alias)Xp11.22 PHF8
JHDM2A (Alias)2p11.2 KDM3A
JHDM3A (Alias)1p34.2 KDM4A
JHF (Alias)4q21.21 ANTXR2
JHMD2A (Alias)2p11.2 KDM3A
JIK (Alias)12q24.23 TAOK3
JIP-1 (Alias)11p11.2 MAPK8IP1
JIP1 (Alias)11p11.2 MAPK8IP1
JIP2 (Alias)22q13.33 MAPK8IP2
JIP-3 (Alias)16p13.3 MAPK8IP3
JIP3 (Alias)16p13.3 MAPK8IP3
JIP-4 (Alias)17q21.33 SPAG9
JIP4 (Alias)17q21.33 SPAG9
JJJ1 (Alias)5p13.2 DNAJC21
JJJ3 (Alias)11p13 DNAJC24
JK-1 (Alias)5p15.1 RETREG1
JK1 (Alias)5p15.1 RETREG1
JK (Alias)18q12.3 SLC14A1
JKAMP14q23.1 JKAMP (JNK1/MAPK8-associated membrane protein)
JKAP (Alias)6p25.3 DUSP22
JKTBP2 (Alias)4q21.22 HNRNPDL
JKTBP (Alias)4q21.22 HNRNPDL
JLNS1 (Alias)11p15.5 KCNQ1
JLNS2 (Alias)21q22.12 KCNE1
JLNS (Alias)21q22.12 KCNE1
JLP (Alias)17q21.33 SPAG9
JM10 (Alias)Xp11.23 MAGIX
JM11 (Alias)Xp11.23 CCDC120
JM1 (Alias)Xp11.23 CCDC22
JM21 (Alias)Xp11.23 HDAC6
JM23 (Alias)Xp11.23 FTSJ1
JM24 (Alias)Xp11.23 SLC38A5
JM-27 (Alias)Xp11.23 PAGE4
JM27 (Alias)Xp11.23 PAGE4
JM3 (Alias)Xp11.23 TIMM17B
JM4 (Alias)Xp11.23 PRAF2
JM5 (Alias)Xp11.23 WDR45
JM8 (Alias)Xp11.23 CACNA1F
JMC8 (Alias)Xp11.23 CACNA1F
JMH (Alias)15q24.1 SEMA7A
JMJ (Alias)6p22.3 JARID2
JMJD1A (Alias)2p11.2 KDM3A
JMJD1 (Alias)2p11.2 KDM3A
JMJD1B (Alias)5q31.2 KDM3B
JMJD1C-AS110q21.3 JMJD1C-AS1 (JMJD1C antisense RNA 1)
JMJD1C10q21.3 JMJD1C (jumonji domain containing 1C)
JMJD2A (Alias)1p34.2 KDM4A
JMJD2 (Alias)1p34.2 KDM4A
JMJD2B (Alias)19p13.3 KDM4B
JMJD2D (Alias)11q21 KDM4D
JMJD2E (Alias)11q21 KDM4E
JMJD3 (Alias)17p13.1 KDM6B
JMJD41q42.13 JMJD4 (jumonji domain containing 4)
JMJD5 (Alias)16p12.1 KDM8
JMJD617q25.1 JMJD6 (arginine demethylase and lysine hydroxylase)
JMJD715q15.1 JMJD7 (jumonji domain containing 7)
JMJD7-PLA2G4B15q15.1 JMJD7-PLA2G4B (JMJD7-PLA2G4B readthrough)
JMJD816p13.3 JMJD8 (jumonji domain containing 8)
JMJD9 (Alias)14q24.3 RIOX1
JMP (Alias)6p21.32 PSMB8
JMS (Alias)Xq21.1 ATRX
JMY5q14.1 JMY (junction mediating and regulatory protein, p53 cofactor)
JN (Alias)2q24.1 ERMN
JNCL (Alias)16p12.1 CLN3
JNKBP-1 (Alias)15q15.1 MAPKBP1
JNKBP1 (Alias)15q15.1 MAPKBP1
JNKK2 (Alias)19p13.2 MAP2K7
JOAG1 (Alias)1q24.3 MYOC
JOAG (Alias)1q24.3 MYOC
JOS (Alias)14q32.12 ATXN3
JOSD122q13.1 JOSD1 (Josephin domain containing 1)
JOSD219q13.33 JOSD2 (Josephin domain containing 2)
JOSD3 (Alias)11q21 TAF1D
JP-1 (Alias)8q21.11 JPH1
JP1 (Alias)8q21.11 JPH1
JP-2 (Alias)20q13.12 JPH2
JP2 (Alias)20q13.12 JPH2
JP-3 (Alias)16q24.2 JPH3
JP3 (Alias)16q24.2 JPH3
JP-45 (Alias)19p13.3 JSRP1
JP45 (Alias)19p13.3 JSRP1
JP4 (Alias)14q11.2 JPH4
JP (Alias)11q14.2 CTSC
JPD (Alias)11q14.2 CTSC
JPDI (Alias)2q32.1 DNAJC10
JPH18q21.11 JPH1 (junctophilin 1)
JPH220q13.12 JPH2 (junctophilin 2)
JPH316q24.2 JPH3 (junctophilin 3)
JPH414q11.2 JPH4 (junctophilin 4)
JPHL1 (Alias)14q11.2 JPH4
JPO1 (Alias)2q31.1 CDCA7
JPO2 (Alias)7p15.3 CDCA7L
JPT117q25.1 JPT1 (Jupiter microtubule associated homolog 1)
JPXXq13.2 JPX (JPX transcript, XIST activator (non-protein coding))
JRAB (Alias)7p22.3 MICALL2
JRK8q24.3 JRK (Jrk helix-turn-helix protein)
JRKL-AS111q21 JRKL-AS1 (JRKL antisense RNA 1)
JRKL11q21 JRKL (JRK-like)
JS-1 (Alias)5p15.2 CMBL
JS-2 (Alias)5p15.2 FAM173B
JSAP1 (Alias)16p13.3 MAPK8IP3
JSP-1 (Alias)6p25.3 DUSP22
JSP1 (Alias)6p25.3 DUSP22
JSRP119p13.3 JSRP1 (junctional sarcoplasmic reticulum protein 1)
JST- JST (tumor suppressor gene JST)
JTB1q21.3 JTB (jumping translocation breakpoint)
JTBP122q13.2 JTBP1 (jumping translocation breakpoint pseudogene 1)
JTK1 (Alias)19p13.2 TYK2
JTK5A (Alias)3q22.2 RYK
JTK5 (Alias)3q22.2 RYK
JTK8 (Alias)8q12.1 LYN
JTK9 (Alias)20q11.21 HCK
JTV-1 (Alias)7p22.1 AIMP2
JTV1 (Alias)7p22.1 AIMP2
JUB (Alias)14q11.2 AJUBA
JULF2 (Alias)14q12 LTB4R2
JUNB (Alias)19p13.13 RNASEH2A
JUNDM1 (Alias)1q32.3 BATF3
JUNDM2 (Alias)14q24.3 JDP2
JUNO (Alias)11q21 IZUMO1R
JUP17q21.2 JUP (junction plakoglobin)
JV15-2 (Alias)15q22.33 SMAD3
JV4-1 (Alias)4q31.21 SMAD1
JV41 (Alias)4q31.21 SMAD1
JV5-1 (Alias)5q31.1 SMAD5
JWA (Alias)3p14.1 ARL6IP5
JXC1 (Alias)6q21 SOBP

These entries belong to a list of genes implicated in cancer which is a compilation of genes selected for their interest.

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