Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

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Alphabetic list of cancer genes


- R -
Annotated genes
R16 (Alias)19q13.32 SLC1A5
R1A (Alias)17q24.2 PRKAR1A
R1 (Alias)11p15.4 RRM1
R2 (Alias)11p11.2 CD82
R2 (Alias)2p25.1 RRM2
R51H3 (Alias)17q12 RAD51D
RAB22B (Alias)18p11.22 RAB31
RAB3118p11.22 RAB31 (Ras-related protein in brain 31)
RAC222q13.1 RAC2 (ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 2 (rho family, small GTP binding protein Rac2))
RAC3 (RAR-associated coactivator 3) (Alias)20q13.12 NCOA3
RAC317q25.3 RAC3 (ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 3 (rho family, small GTP binding protein Rac3))
RAC (Alias)14q32.33 AKT1
RAC-ALPHA (Alias)14q32.33 AKT1
RACGAP112q13.12 RACGAP1 (Rac GTPase activating protein 1)
RACK17 (Alias)21q22.11 OLIG2
RACK15q35.3 RACK1 (receptor for activated C kinase 1)
RAC-PK-alpha (Alias)14q32.33 AKT1
RAC-PK-Beta (rac protein kinase beta) (Alias)19q13.2 AKT2
RAC-PK-gamma (Alias)1q43 AKT3
RAD2 (Alias)11q12.2 FEN1
RAD30A (Alias)6p21.1 POLH
RAD51D (Alias)17q12 RAD51D
RAD51D17q12 RAD51D (RAD51-like 3 (S. cerevisiae))
RAD51L3 (Alias)17q12 RAD51D
RAD5212p13.33 RAD52 (RAD52 homolog (S. cerevisiae))
Rad53 (Alias)22q12.1 CHEK2
RAD9 (Alias)11q13.2 RAD9A
RAD9A11q13.2 RAD9A (RAD9 homolog A (S. pombe))
Raf-1 (Alias)3p25.2 RAF1
RAF13p25.2 RAF1 (v-raf-1 murine leukemia viral oncogene homolog 1)
RAFB1 (Alias)7q34 BRAF
RAFT1 (Alias)1p36.22 MTOR
RAGE (Alias)6p21.32 AGER
RAI3 (Alias)12p13.1 GPRC5A
RAIG1 (Alias)12p13.1 GPRC5A
RAI (relA associated inhibitor) (Alias)19q13.32 PPP1R13L
RaLP (Alias)15q21.1 SHC4
RALT (Alias)1p36.23 ERRFI1
RAMP (Alias)13q12.11 ZMYM2
RANBP22q12.3 RANBP2 (RAN binding protein 2)
RANBP3 (Alias)12q24.33 RAN
RanBP7 (Alias)6p23 RANBP9
RANBP96p23 RANBP9 (RAN binding protein 9)
RANBPM (Alias)6p23 RANBP9
RanGTPase (Alias)12q24.33 RAN
RAN12q24.33 RAN (RAN, member RAS oncogene family)
RAP1 (Alias)4q23 RAP1GDS1
RAP1A1p13.2 RAP1A (RAP11, member of RAS oncogene family)
RAP1B12q15 RAP1B (RAP1B, member of RAS oncogene family)
RAP1GA1 (Alias)1p36.12 RAP1GAP
RAP1GAP1 (Alias)1p36.12 RAP1GAP
RAP1GAPII (Alias)1p36.12 RAP1GAP
RAP1GAP1p36.12 RAP1GAP (RAP1 GTPase activating protein)
RAP1GDS14q23 RAP1GDS1 (RAP1, GTP-GDP dissociation stimulator 1)
RAP2A13q32.1 RAP2A (RAP2A, member of RAS oncogene family)
RAP2B3q25.2 RAP2B (RAP2B, member of RAS oncogene family)
RAP46 (Alias)9p13.3 BAG1
RAPGAP (Alias)1p36.12 RAP1GAP
RAPGEF19q34.13 RAPGEF1 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 1)
RAPH (Alias)11p15.5 CD151
RAPL (Alias)1q32.1 RASSF5
RAPT1 (Alias)1p36.22 MTOR
RARA17q21.2 RARA (Retinoic acid receptor, alpha)
RARHOGAP (Alias)11q23.1 ARHGAP20
RARRES13q25.32 RARRES1 (retinoic acid receptor responder (tazarotene induced) 1)
RARRES311q12.3 RARRES3 (retinoic acid receptor responder (tazarotene induced) 3)
RASFADIN (Alias)20p13 RASSF2
RASGRF115q25.1 RASGRF1 (Ras protein-specific guanine nucleotide-releasing factor 1)
RASI-1 (Alias)12q13.2 MMP19
RASL11B4q12 RASL11B (RAS-like, family 11, member B)
RASSF13p21.31 RASSF1 (Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member)
RASSF220p13 RASSF2 (Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 2)
RASSF3 (Alias)1q32.1 RASSF5
RASSF51q32.1 RASSF5 (Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 5)
RASSF64q13.3 RASSF6 (Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 6)
RB113q14.2 RB1 (retinoblastoma)
Rb2 (Alias)16q12.2 RBL2
RBAP-1 (Alias)20q11.22 E2F1
RBAP1 (Alias)20q11.22 E2F1
RbAp46 (Alias)Xp22.2 RBBP7
RBAP46 (Alias)Xp22.2 RBBP7
RBBP2 (Alias)12p13.33 KDM5A
RBBP-3 (Alias)20q11.22 E2F1
RBBP3 (Alias)20q11.22 E2F1
RBBP-7 (Alias)Xp22.2 RBBP7
RBBP7Xp22.2 RBBP7 (retinoblastoma binding protein 7)
RBBP818q11.2 RBBP8 (retinoblastoma binding protein 8)
RBL216q12.2 RBL2 (retinoblastoma-like 2)
RBM151p13.3 RBM15 (RNA binding motif protein 15)
RBM53p21.31 RBM5 (RNA binding motif protein 5)
RBMS4 (Alias)5q31.3, located between bases 140,670,794-140,673,586 on the reverse strand of human Chr 5 (Ensembl). DND1
RBP2 (Alias)12p13.33 KDM5A
RBP3 (Alias)20q11.22 E2F1
RBP56 (RNA binding protein 56) (Alias)17q12 TAF15
RBR-2 (Alias)16q12.2 RBL2
RBSP3 (Alias)3p22.2 CTDSPL
RBTN1 (Alias)11p15.4 LMO1
RBTN2 (rhombotin-2) (Alias)11p13 LMO2
RBTNL1 (rhombotin-like-1) (Alias)11p13 LMO2
Rbx1 (Alias)22q13.2 RBX1
RBX122q13.2 RBX1 (ring-box 1)
RBX2 (Alias)3q23 RNF7
RCA1 (Alias)8q24.13 RNF139
RCAS1 (Alias)8q23.2 EBAG9
RCCP1 (renal cell carcinoma, papillary, 1) (Alias)1q23.1 PRCC
RCGAP1 (Toure A et al.., 1998; Toure A et al.., 2001; Burkard ME et al., 2009) (Alias)12q13.12 RACGAP1
RCHY14q21.1 RCHY1 (ring finger and CHY zinc finger domain containing 1)
RCS1 (Alias)17q13.2 PIMREG
RDA32 (Alias)3p21.31 RASSF1
RDC1 (Alias)2q37.3 ACKR3
RDC-1 (Alias)13q31.1 POU4F1
RDRC (Alias)19q13.32 SLC1A5
RDX12 (Alias)17q12 MIEN1
RECC (Alias)3q21.2 MUC13
RecQ4 (Alias)8q24.3 RECQL4
RECQL48q24.3 RECQL4 (RecQ protein-like 4
RECQL517q25.1 RECQL5 (RecQ protein-like 5)
RECQL12p12.1 RECQL RecQ protein-like (DNA helicase Q1-like)
RecQ protein like 4 (Alias)8q24.3 RECQL4
REDD-1 (Alias)10q22.1 DDIT4
REDD1 (Alias)10q22.1 DDIT4
REG41p12 REG4 (regenerating gene type IV)
REG-IV (regenerating gene type IV) (Alias)1p12 REG4
REH3P21 (Alias)3p21.31 RASSF1
REIC (Alias)11p15.3 DKK3
REIIBP (Alias)4p16.3 NSD2
RELA11q13.1 RELA (v-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog A (avian))
RELB19q13.32 RELB (v-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog B)
REL2p16.1 REL v-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)
REPA2 (Alias)1p35.3 RPA2
REPP86 (Alias)20q11.21 TPX2
REPRIMO (Alias)2q23.3 RPRM
REPS2Xp22.2 REPS2 (RALBP1 associated Eps domain containing 2)
Reptin52 (Alias)19q13.33 RUVBL2
REPTIN (Alias)19q13.33 RUVBL2
REST4q12 REST (RE1-silencing transcription factor)
Retinoblastoma-like protein 2 (Alias)16q12.2 RBL2
Retinoblastoma-related gene RB2 (Alias)16q12.2 RBL2
RET10q11.21 RET (REarranged during Transfection)
RFG (Alias)10q11.23 NCOA4
RFP (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM27
RGAG3 (Alias)7q21.3 PEG10
RGD-CAP (Alias)5q31.1 TGFBI
RGS-17 (Alias)6q25.2 RGS17
RGS176q25.2 RGS17 (regulator of G-protein signaling 17)
RGS21q31.2 RGS2 (regulator of G-protein signaling 2, 24kDa)
RGSZ2 (Alias)6q25.2 RGS17
RHA (Alias)1q25.3 DHX9
Rhe (Alias)4q12 FIP1L1
RHO12 (Alias)3p21.31 RHOA
Rho8 (Alias)2q23.3 RND3
RHOA3p21.31 RHOA (ras homolog gene family, member A)
RHOB2p24.1 RHOB (ras homolog gene family, member B)
RHOBTB110q21.2 RHOBTB1 (Rho-related BTB domain containing 1)
RHOBTB28p21.3 RHOBTB2 (Rho-related BTB domain containing 2)
RHOBTB35q15 RHOBTB3 (Rho-related BTB domain containing 3)
RhoC (Alias)1p13.2 RHOC
RHOC1p13.2 RHOC (ras homolog gene family, member C)
RhoE (Alias)2q23.3 RND3
Rho GTPase activating protein 21 (Alias)10p12.1 - 10p12.3 ARHGAP21
RHOH12 (Alias)3p21.31 RHOA
RHOH6 (Alias)2p24.1 RHOB
RhoH9 (Alias)1p13.2 RHOC
RHOH4p14 RHOH (Ras homolog gene family, member H)
RHOI (Alias)1p31.3 DIRAS3
RHOM1 (Alias)11p15.4 LMO1
RHOM2 (Alias)11p13 LMO2
RHS (Alias)3q28 TP63
RIC (Alias)19q13.12 FXYD5
RIEG3 (Alias)6p25.3 FOXC1
RIG1 (Alias)11q12.3 RARRES3
RIG (Alias)11p15.3 DKK3
RIGB (Alias)20q12 CHD6
RIIC (Alias)3p24.1 TGFBR2
RIM (Alias)18q11.2 RBBP8
RINF (Alias)5q31.2 CXXC5
RING3L (Alias)9q34.2 BRD3
RIOX23q11.2 RIOX2 (ribosomal oxygenase 2)
RIP140 (Alias)21q11.2 NRIP1
RIP14 (Alias)12q23.1 NR1H4
RIP25 (Alias)6q15 ; CASP8AP2 gene is located on the long arm of chromosome 6 NC_000006.12, in opposite orientation CASP8AP2
RIPE3b1 (Alias)8q24.3 MAFA
RIR1 (Alias)11p15.4 RRM1
RIS2 (Alias)16q24.3 CDT1
Rit1 zinc finger protein hRit1 alpha (not to be confused with RIT1 on chr. 1q22) (Alias)14q32.2 BCL11B
Rit42 (Alias)8q24.22 NDRG1
RIT42 (Alias)8q24.22 NDRG1
RIZ1 (Alias)1p36.21 PRDM2
RIZ2 (Alias)1p36.21 PRDM2
RIZ (retinoblastoma interacting zinc-finger protein) (Alias)1p36.21 PRDM2
RK17 (Alias)21q22.11 OLIG2
RK (Alias)6p21.31 MAPK14
RKIP (Alias)12q24.23 PEBP1
RLC (Alias)3p22.2 ITGA9
RLFB (Alias)6p12.2 MCM3
RLN29p24.1 RLN2 (relaxin 2)
RLXH2 (Alias)9p24.1 RLN2
RMRPR (Alias)9p13.3 RMRP
RMRP9p13.3 RMRP (RNA component of mitochondrial RNA processing endoribonuclease)
RNASE4 (Alias)14q11.2 ANG
RNASE5 (Alias)14q11.2 ANG
RNASE6PL (Alias)6q27 RNASET2
RNASET26q27 RNASET2 (ribonuclease T2)
RND32q23.3 RND3 (Rho family GTPase 3)
RNF111p32.3 RNF11 (ring finger protein 11)
RNF1398q24.13 RNF139 (translocation in renal carcinoma, chromosome 8 gene)
RNF199 (Alias)4q21.1 RCHY1
RNF21317q25.3 RNF213 (lymphoma oligomerization partner on chromosome 17)
RNF45 (Alias)16q12.2 AMFR
RNF48 (Alias)11q22.2 BIRC2
RNF51 (Alias)10p12.2 BMI1
RNF53 (Alias)17q21.31 BRCA1
RNF71 (Alias)15q24.1 PML
RNF75 (Alias)22q13.2 RBX1
RNF76 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM27
RNF73q23 RNF7 (RING finger protein-7)
RNF80 (Alias)3q24 HLTF
RNF82 (Alias)7q33 TRIM24
RNX (Alias)5q35.1 TLX3
RO (Alias)19p13.13 CALR
ROBO13p12.3 ROBO1 (roundabout, axon guidance receptor, homolog 1 (Drosophila))
ROC1 (Alias)22q13.2 RBX1
ROC2 (Alias)3q23 RNF7
ROCK22p25.1 ROCK2 (Rho-associated, coiled-coil containing protein kinase 2)
ROCK-II (Alias)2p25.1 ROCK2
RON protein tyrosine kinase (RON); (Alias)3p21.31 MST1R
ROPP120 (Alias)2p21 EML4
ROR29q22.31 ROR2 (receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 2)
ROS16q22.1 ROS1 (ROS proto-oncogene 1 , receptor tyrosine kinase)
ROS (Alias)6q22.1 ROS1
RP11-229A19.4 (Alias)1p13.1 VTCN1
RP11-322N21.1 (Alias)1p34.1 TSPAN1
RP11-367H5.2 (Alias)10q22.1 AIFM2
RP11-383C12.1 (Alias)Xq12 AR
RP11-403E24.2 (Alias)Xq11.2 AMER1
RP11-422P24.6 (Alias)1q21.3 CRTC2
RP11-514O12.3 (Alias)6q27 RNASET2
RP11-525G3.1 (Alias)6q13 CD109
RP11-552M11.3 (Alias)1p13.2 WDR77
RP11-566C13 (Alias)1p34.3 RSPO1
RP1-18D14.5 (Alias)1p33 PDZK1IP1
RP31 (Alias)9p21.1 TOPORS
RP38 (Alias)2q13 MERTK
RP5-944N15.1 (Alias)1p31.3 MIER1
RPA21p35.3 RPA2 (replication protein A2, 32kDa)
RPA32 (Alias)1p35.3 RPA2
RPD3-2 (Alias)5q31.3 HDAC3
RPD3 (Alias)1p35.2-p35.1 HDAC1
RPD3 (Alias)6q21 HDAC2
RPD3 (Alias)5q31.3 HDAC3
RPD3L1 (Alias)1p35.2-p35.1 HDAC1
RPF-1 (Retina-derived POU-domain factor-1) (Alias)7p14.1 POU6F2
RPL10Xq28 RPL10 (ribosomal protein L10)
RPL2617p13.1 RPL26 (ribosomal protein L26)
RPRM2q23.3 RPRM (reprimo, TP53 dependent G2 arrest mediator candidate)
RPS271q21.3 RPS27 (ribosomal protein S27)
RPS30 (Alias)11q13.1 FAU
RPS6KA11p36.11 RPS6KA1 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase, 90kDa, polypeptide 1)
RPS6KA6Xq21.1 RPS6KA6 (Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinase, 90kDa, Polypeptide 6)
RPTPA (Alias)20p13 PTPRA
R-PTP-alpha (Alias)20p13 PTPRA
R-PTP-delta (Alias)9p24.1 PTPRD
R-PTP-DELTA (Alias)9p24.1 PTPRD
R-PTP-ETA (Alias)11p11.2 PTPRJ
RPTPG (Alias)3p14.2 PTPRG
R-PTP-GAMMA (Alias)3p14.2 PTPRG
RR1 (Alias)11p15.4 RRM1
RR2 (Alias)2p25.1 RRM2
RR2M (Alias)2p25.1 RRM2
RREB-1 (Alias)6p24.3 RREB1
RREB16p24.3 RREB1 (Ras Responsive Element Binding Protein 1)
RRM111p15.4 RRM1 (ribonucleotide reductase M1)
RRM22p25.1 RRM2 (ribonucleotide reductase M2)
RS (Alias)Location Cytogenetic location: 1p36.23; Molecular location: Chromosome 1; Start 7961654; Stop 7985282based on Genome Browser Human Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38) Assembly [Link to chromosome band 1p36] PARK7
RSE (Alias)15q15.1 TYRO3
RSF-1 (Alias)11q14.1 RSF1
RSF111q14.1 RSF1 (remodeling and spacing factor 1)
RSK1 (Alias)1p36.11 RPS6KA1
RSK4 (Alias)Xq21.1 RPS6KA6
RSK (Alias)1p36.11 RPS6KA1
RSPO11p34.3 RSPO1 (R-spondin homolog (Xenopus laevis))
R-spondin1 (Alias)1p34.3 RSPO1
RSPONDIN (Alias)1p34.3 RSPO1
RSS (Alias)7p12.1 GRB10
RSTS (Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome) (Alias)16p13.3 CREBBP
RSU2 (Alias)17q11.1 KSR1
RTA1A (Alias)17q21.31 SLC4A1
RTK6 (Alias)6p21.33 DDR1
RTN4-A (Alias)2p16.1 RTN4
RTN4-B1 (Alias)2p16.1 RTN4
RTN4-B2 (Alias)2p16.1 RTN4
RTN4-C (Alias)2p16.1 RTN4
RTN42p16.1 RTN4 (reticulon 4)
RTN-X (Alias)2p16.1 RTN4
RTP (Alias)8q24.22 NDRG1
RTS (Alias)8q24.3 RECQL4
RUNX121q22.12 RUNX1 (runt-related transcription factor 1 (acute myeloid leukemia 1; aml1 oncogene))
RUNX1T18q21.3 RUNX1T1 (runt-related transcription factor 1; translocated to, 1 (cyclin D-related))
RUNX26p21.1 RUNX2 (Runt-related transcription factor 2)
RUNXBP2 (Alias)8p11.21 KAT6A
RUSH (Alias)3q24 HLTF
RUVBL13q21.3 RUVBL1 (RuvB-like 1 (E. coli))
RUVBL219q13.33 RUVBL2 (RuvB-like 2 (E. coli))
RVB1 (Alias)3q21.3 RUVBL1
Rvb2 (Alias)19q13.33 RUVBL2
RVB2 (Alias)19q13.33 RUVBL2
Other genes with a part possibly implicated in cancer
R00504 (Alias)11q12.1 SLC43A1
R111 (Alias)6p21.33 PPP1R10
R12A-AS1 (Alias)12q21.31 PPP1R12A-AS1
R1 (Alias)1q23.1 CD1B
R1 (Alias)7p15.3 CDCA7L
R24L (Alias)5q13.2 RAD17
R27090_2 (Alias)19p13.11 DDX49
R29124_1 (Alias)19q13.2 CEACAM21
R2 (Alias)1q23.1 CD1E
R30923_1 (Alias)19p13.11 ARMC6
R30953_1 (Alias)19q13.31 IRGC
R32184_1 (Alias)19p13.3 WDR18
R32184_3 (Alias)19p13.3 TMEM259
R33729_1 (Alias)19p13.3 MYDGF
R38A (Alias)17q25.1 SNORD1A
R38B (Alias)17q25.1 SNORD1B
R38C (Alias)17q25.1 SNORD1C
R39B (Alias)3q27.3 SNORD2
R3 (Alias)1q23.1 CD1D
R3F (Alias)Xp11.23 PPP1R3F
R3G1 (Alias)1q23.1 CD1D
R3HCC1L10q24.2 R3HCC1L (R3H domain and coiled-coil containing 1 like)
R3HCC18p21.3 R3HCC1 (R3H domain and coiled-coil containing 1)
R3HDM12q21.3 R3HDM1 (R3H domain containing 1)
R3HDM212q13.3 R3HDM2 (R3H domain containing 2)
R3HDM3 (Alias)3p22.3 ARPP21
R3HDM419p13.3 R3HDM4 (R3H domain containing 4)
R3HDM (Alias)2q21.3 R3HDM1
R3HDML20q13.12 R3HDML (R3H domain containing like)
R4 (Alias)1q23.1 CD1A
R51H2 (Alias)14q24.1 RAD51B
R51H3 (Alias)17q22 RAD51C
R7 (Alias)1q23.1 CD1C
R7BP (Alias)5q12.3 RGS7BP
R85FL (Alias)10q24.1 SORBS1
R9AP (Alias)19q13.11 RGS9BP
RA175 (Alias)11q23.3 CADM1
RA337M (Alias)18p11.32 CLUL1
RA410 (Alias)14q12 SCFD1
RA70 (Alias)7p15.2 SKAP2
RA-A47 (Alias)11q13.5 SERPINH1
RAB10GEF (Alias)9p22.1 DENND4C
RAB102p23.3 RAB10 (RAB10, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB11AP110q23.33 RAB11AP1 (RAB11A, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 1)
RAB11AP212q14.3 RAB11AP2 (RAB11A, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 2)
RAB11A15q22.31 RAB11A (RAB11A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB11B (Alias)3q21.3 RAB43
RAB11B-AS119p13.2 RAB11B-AS1 (RAB11B antisense RNA 1)
RAB11BP (Alias)Xq24 WDR44
RAB11B19p13.2 RAB11B (RAB11B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB11C (Alias)1q22 RAB25
RAB11FIP18p11.23 RAB11FIP1 (RAB11 family interacting protein 1)
Rab11-FIP2 (Alias)10q26.11 RAB11FIP2
RAB11FIP210q26.11 RAB11FIP2 (RAB11 family interacting protein 2)
Rab11-FIP3 (Alias)16p13.3 RAB11FIP3
RAB11FIP316p13.3 RAB11FIP3 (RAB11 family interacting protein 3)
RAB11-FIP4 (Alias)17q11.2 RAB11FIP4
RAB11FIP417q11.2 RAB11FIP4 (RAB11 family interacting protein 4)
RAB11FIP52p13.2 RAB11FIP5 (RAB11 family interacting protein 5)
RAB1218p11.22 RAB12 (RAB12, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB131q21.3 RAB13 (RAB13, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB-14 (Alias)9q33.2 RAB14
RAB149q33.2 RAB14 (RAB14, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB15EP (Alias)12p11.22 REP15
RAB1514q23.3 RAB15 (RAB15, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB16 (Alias)19p13.2 RAB3D
RAB172q37.3 RAB17 (RAB17, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB18LI1 (Alias)10p12.1 RAB18
RAB1810p12.1 RAB18 (RAB18, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB19B (Alias)7q34 RAB19
RAB197q34 RAB19 (RAB19, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB1 (Alias)2p14 RAB1A
RAB1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE4
RAB1A2p14 RAB1A (RAB1A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB1B11q13.2 RAB1B (RAB1B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB1C (Alias)12q24.23 RAB35
RAB1C9p13.2 RAB1C (RAB1C, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene)
RAB2013q34 RAB20 (RAB20, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB2112q21.1 RAB21 (RAB21, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB22A20q13.32 RAB22A (RAB22A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB236p12.1 RAB23 (RAB23, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB245q35.3 RAB24 (RAB24, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB251q22 RAB25 (RAB25, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB2616p13.3 RAB26 (RAB26, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB27 (Alias)15q21.3 RAB27A
RAB27A15q21.3 RAB27A (RAB27A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB27B18q21.2 RAB27B (RAB27B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB28P19p12 RAB28P1 (RAB28, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 1)
RAB28P29q13 RAB28P2 (RAB28, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 2)
RAB28P39p11.1 RAB28P3 (RAB28, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 3)
RAB28P49q21.11 RAB28P4 (RAB28, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 4)
RAB28P5Xq26.3 RAB28P5 (RAB28, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 5)
RAB284p15.33 RAB28 (RAB28, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB291q32.1 RAB29 (RAB29, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB2 (Alias)8q12.1 RAB2A
RAB2A8q12.1 RAB2A (RAB2A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB2B14q11.2 RAB2B (RAB2B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB2L (Alias)6p21.32 RGL2
RAB30-AS111q14.1 RAB30-AS1 (RAB30 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RAB3011q14.1 RAB30 (RAB30, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB326q24.3 RAB32 (RAB32, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB33AXq26.1 RAB33A (RAB33A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB33B4q31.1 RAB33B (RAB33B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3417q11.2 RAB34 (RAB34, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3512q24.23 RAB35 (RAB35, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3622q11.23 RAB36 (RAB36, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3717q25.1 RAB37 (RAB37, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3811q14.2 RAB38 (RAB38, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB39 (Alias)17q11.2 RAB34
RAB39 (Alias)11q22.3 RAB39A
RAB39A11q22.3 RAB39A (RAB39A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB39BXq28 RAB39B (RAB39B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3A19p13.11 RAB3A (RAB3A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3B1p32.3 RAB3B (RAB3B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3C5q11.2 RAB3C (RAB3C, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3D19p13.2 RAB3D (RAB3D, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB3GAP130 (Alias)2q21.3 RAB3GAP1
RAB3-GAP150 (Alias)1q41 RAB3GAP2
RAB3GAP150 (Alias)1q41 RAB3GAP2
RAB3GAP12q21.3 RAB3GAP1 (RAB3 GTPase activating protein catalytic subunit 1)
RAB3GAP21q41 RAB3GAP2 (RAB3 GTPase activating non-catalytic protein subunit 2)
RAB3GAP (Alias)2q21.3 RAB3GAP1
RAB3GEP (Alias)11p11.2 MADD
RAB3IL111q12.2 RAB3IL1 (RAB3A interacting protein like 1)
RAB3IP2 (Alias)6q13 RIMS1
RAB3IP3 (Alias)8q22.3 RIMS2
RAB3IP12q15 RAB3IP (RAB3A interacting protein)
RAB40ALXq22.1 RAB40AL (RAB40A, member RAS oncogene family-like)
RAB40AXq22.2 RAB40A (RAB40A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB40B17q25.3 RAB40B (RAB40B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB40C16p13.3 RAB40C (RAB40C, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB41 (Alias)3q21.3 RAB43
RAB41Xq13.1 RAB41 (RAB41, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB42 (Alias)14q32.11 RAB42P1
RAB42P114q32.11 RAB42P1 (RAB42, member RAS oncogene family, pseudogene 1)
RAB42P (Alias)14q32.11 RAB42P1
RAB421p35.3 RAB42 (RAB42, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB433q21.3 RAB43 (RAB43, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB446p21.2 RAB44 (RAB44, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB45 (Alias)9q21.32 RASEF
RAB4 (Alias)1q42.13 RAB4A
RAB4A1q42.13 RAB4A (RAB4A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB4B-EGLN219q13.2 RAB4B-EGLN2 (RAB4B-EGLN2 readthrough (NMD candidate))
RAB4B19q13.2 RAB4B (RAB4B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB5 (Alias)3p24.3 RAB5A
RAB5A3p24.3 RAB5A (RAB5A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB5B12q13.2 RAB5B (RAB5B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB5CL (Alias)17q21.2 RAB5C
RAB5CP110q22.2 RAB5CP1 (RAB5C, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 1)
RAB5CP25q14.3 RAB5CP2 (RAB5C, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 2)
RAB5C17q21.2 RAB5C (RAB5C, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB5EP (Alias)17p13.2 RABEP1
RAB5L (Alias)17q21.2 RAB5C
RAB6 (Alias)11q13.4 RAB6A
RAB6A11q13.4 RAB6A (RAB6A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB6B3q22.1 RAB6B (RAB6B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB6C-AS12q21.1 RAB6C-AS1 (RAB6C antisense RNA 1)
RAB6CL (Alias)2q21.1 RAB6D
RAB6C2q21.1 RAB6C (RAB6C, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB6D2q21.1 RAB6D (RAB6D, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB6IP1 (Alias)11p15.4 DENND5A
RAB6KIFL (Alias)5q31.2 KIF20A
RAB7 (Alias)3q21.3 RAB7A
RAB7 (Alias)1q32.1 RAB7B
RAB7A3q21.3 RAB7A (RAB7A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB7B1q32.1 RAB7B (RAB7B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB7-GAP (Alias)12q21.1 TBC1D15
RAB7L1 (Alias)1q32.1 RAB29
RAB7L (Alias)1q32.1 RAB29
RAB8 (Alias)19p13.11 RAB8A
RAB8A19p13.11 RAB8A (RAB8A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB8B15q22.2 RAB8B (RAB8B, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB8IP (Alias)11q13.1 MAP4K2
RAB8IPL1 (Alias)2p22.1 MAP4K3
RAB9 (Alias)Xp22.2 RAB9A
RAB9AP1Yq11.223 RAB9AP1 (RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 1)
RAB9AP2Yq11.23 RAB9AP2 (RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 2)
RAB9AP3Yq11.23 RAB9AP3 (RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 3)
RAB9AP4Yq11.222 RAB9AP4 (RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 4)
RAB9AP5Yq11.23 RAB9AP5 (RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 5)
RAB9AXp22.2 RAB9A (RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family)
RAB9BP15q21.2 RAB9BP1 (RAB9B, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 1)
RAB9BXq22.2 RAB9B (RAB9B, member RAS oncogene family)
Rab-9L (Alias)Xq22.2 RAB9B
RAB9L (Alias)Xq22.2 RAB9B
RAB9P1 (Alias)5q21.2 RAB9BP1
RAB9P40 (Alias)9q33.3 RABEPK
RABAC119q13.2 RABAC1 (Rab acceptor 1)
RAB (Alias)2q36.3 AGFG1
Rabenosyn-5 (Alias)3p25.1 RBSN
RABEP117p13.2 RABEP1 (rabaptin, RAB GTPase binding effector protein 1)
RABEP216p11.2 RABEP2 (rabaptin, RAB GTPase binding effector protein 2)
RABEPK9q33.3 RABEPK (Rab9 effector protein with kelch motifs)
RABEX5 (Alias)7q11.21 RABGEF1
RABGAP1L1q25.1 RABGAP1L (RAB GTPase activating protein 1 like)
RABGAP19q33.2 RABGAP1 (RAB GTPase activating protein 1)
RabGAP-5 (Alias)22q13.1 SGSM3
RABGAP5 (Alias)22q13.1 SGSM3
RABGD1A (Alias)Xq28 GDI1
RABGDIA (Alias)Xq28 GDI1
RABGDIB (Alias)10p15.1 GDI2
RABGEF17q11.21 RABGEF1 (RAB guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1)
RABGGTA14q12 RABGGTA (Rab geranylgeranyltransferase alpha subunit)
RABGGTB1p31.1 RABGGTB (Rab geranylgeranyltransferase beta subunit)
RABIF1q32.1 RABIF (RAB interacting factor)
RABIN3 (Alias)12q15 RAB3IP
RABIN8 (Alias)12q15 RAB3IP
RABIP4 (Alias)5q35.3 RUFY1
RABIP4R (Alias)10q21.3 RUFY2
RabJS (Alias)2p23.3 DNAJC27
RABL2A2q14.1 RABL2A (RAB, member of RAS oncogene family like 2A)
RABL2B22q13.33 RABL2B (RAB, member of RAS oncogene family like 2B)
RABL33q13.33 RABL3 (RAB, member of RAS oncogene family like 3)
RABL4 (Alias)22q12.3 IFT27
RABL5 (Alias)7q22.1 IFT22
RABL69q34.3 RABL6 (RAB, member RAS oncogene family like 6)
RABL (Alias)17q21.2 RAB5C
RABPT5 (Alias)17p13.2 RABEP1
RABR (Alias)7q22.1 AGFG2
RabS10 (Alias)Xq26.1 RAB33A
Rac-1 (Alias)7p22.1 RAC1
RAC1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE1
RAC17p22.1 RAC1 (ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (rho family, small GTP binding protein Rac1))
RACE (Alias)5p13.2 AMACR
RACGAP1P12q12 RACGAP1P (Rac GTPase activating protein 1 pseudogene)
RACH1 (Alias)18q12.3 SLC14A1
RACH2 (Alias)18q12.3 SLC14A1
RACK7 (Alias)20q13.12 ZMYND8
RACO-1 (Alias)1q42.13 RNF187
RACO1 (Alias)1q42.13 RNF187
RAD175q13.2 RAD17 (RAD17 checkpoint clamp loader component)
RAD17SP (Alias)5q13.2 RAD17
RAD183p25.3 RAD18 (RAD18, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase)
RAD1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE6
RAD1 (Alias)16q22.1 RRAD
RAD15p13.2 RAD1 (RAD1 checkpoint DNA exonuclease)
RAD21-AS18q24.11 RAD21-AS1 (RAD21 antisense RNA 1)
RAD21L120p13 RAD21L1 (RAD21 cohesin complex component like 1)
RAD21L (Alias)20p13 RAD21L1
RAD218q24.11 RAD21 (RAD21 cohesin complex component)
RAD23A19p13.13 RAD23A (RAD23 homolog A, nucleotide excision repair protein)
RAD23BLP21q21.1 RAD23BLP (RAD23 homolog B-like (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene)
RAD23BP13p24.3 RAD23BP1 (RAD23 homolog B, nucleotide excision repair protein pseudogene 1)
RAD23BP27q21.11 RAD23BP2 (RAD23 homolog B, nucleotide excision repair protein pseudogene 2)
RAD23B9q31.2 RAD23B (RAD23 homolog B, nucleotide excision repair protein)
RAD24 (Alias)5q13.2 RAD17
RAD26L (Alias)9q22.32 ERCC6L2
RAD26L (Alias)Xq13.1 ERCC6L
RAD30B (Alias)18q21.2 POLI
RAD3D (Alias)19p13.2 RAB3D
RAD3OB (Alias)18q21.2 POLI
RAD502 (Alias)5q31.1 RAD50
RAD505q31.1 RAD50 (RAD50 double strand break repair protein)
RAD51A (Alias)15q15.1 RAD51
RAD51AP112p13.32 RAD51AP1 (RAD51 associated protein 1)
RAD51AP22p24.2 RAD51AP2 (RAD51 associated protein 2)
RAD51-AS115q15.1 RAD51-AS1 (RAD51 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RAD51B14q24.1 RAD51B (RAD51 paralog B)
RAD51C17q22 RAD51C (RAD51 paralog C)
RAD51L1 (Alias)14q24.1 RAD51B
RAD51L2 (Alias)17q22 RAD51C
RAD51L3-RFFL17q12 RAD51L3-RFFL (RAD51L3-RFFL readthrough)
RAD5115q15.1 RAD51 (RAD51 recombinase)
RAD52B (Alias)17q12 RDM1
RAD54A (Alias)1p34.1 RAD54L
RAD54 (Alias)Xq21.1 ATRX
RAD54B8q22.1 RAD54B (RAD54 homolog B (S. cerevisiae))
RAD54L23p21.2 RAD54L2 (RAD54-like 2 (S. cerevisiae))
RAD54L (Alias)Xq21.1 ATRX
RAD54L1p34.1 RAD54L (RAD54 like (S. cerevisiae))
RAD60 (Alias)16p11.2 NFATC2IP
RAD6A (Alias)Xq24 UBE2A
RAD6B (Alias)5q31.1 UBE2B
RAD9B12q24.11 RAD9B (RAD9 checkpoint clamp component B)
RAD (Alias)16q22.1 RRAD
RADIL7p22.1 RADIL (Rap associating with DIL domain)
RADX (Alias)Xq22.3 CXorf57
RAE1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE7
RAE120q13.31 RAE1 (ribonucleic acid export 1)
RAE28 (Alias)12p13.31 PHC1
RAE2 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE8
RAET1E2 (Alias)6q25.1 RAET1E
RAET1E-AS16q25.1 RAET1E-AS1 (RAET1E antisense RNA 1)
RAET1E6q25.1 RAET1E (retinoic acid early transcript 1E)
RAET1G-AS1 (Alias)6q25.1 RAET1E-AS1
RAET1G6q25.1 RAET1G (retinoic acid early transcript 1G)
RAET1H (Alias)6q25.1 ULBP2
RAET1I (Alias)6q25.1 ULBP1
RAET1K6q25.1 RAET1K (retinoic acid early transcript 1K pseudogene)
RAET1L6q25.1 RAET1L (retinoic acid early transcript 1L)
RAET1N (Alias)6q25.1 ULBP3
RAF1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE3
RAF1B (Alias)2p25.1 TAF1B
RAF1P14p16.1 RAF1P1 (RAF1 pseudogene 1)
RAF3 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE2
RAFA1 (Alias)Xp11.3 ARAF
RAF (Alias)8q24.13 ZHX2
RAFI41 (Alias)11q21 TAF1D
RAFI48 (Alias)1q41 TAF1A
RAFI63 (Alias)2p25.1 TAF1B
RAFTK (Alias)8p21.2 PTK2B
Raftlin-2 (Alias)2q33.1 RFTN2
RAFTLIN (Alias)3p24.3 RFTN1
RAG-1 (Alias)11p12 RAG1
RAG1AP1 (Alias)1q22 SLC50A1
RAG111p12 RAG1 (recombination activating 1)
RAG-2 (Alias)11p12 RAG2
RAG211p12 RAG2 (recombination activating 2)
RAGA (Alias)9p22.1 RRAGA
RAGB (Alias)Xp11.21 RRAGB
RAGC (Alias)1p34.3 RRAGC
RAGD (Alias)6q15 RRAGD
RAGE-1 (Alias)14q32.31 MOK
RAGE1 (Alias)14q32.31 MOK
RAGE (Alias)14q32.31 MOK
RA-GEF-1 (Alias)4q32.1 RAPGEF2
RA-GEF-2 (Alias)5q31.1 RAPGEF6
RAGEF2 (Alias)5q31.1 RAPGEF6
RA-GEF (Alias)4q32.1 RAPGEF2
RAGS (Alias)5q21.3 EFNA5
Ragulator1 (Alias)11q13.4 LAMTOR1
Ragulator2 (Alias)1q22 LAMTOR2
Ragulator3 (Alias)4q23 LAMTOR3
RAH1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE10
RAH (Alias)17q11.2 RAB34
RAI13 (Alias)5p13.2 RAI14
RAI145p13.2 RAI14 (retinoic acid induced 14)
RAI15 (Alias)2p13.2 SMYD5
RAI16 (Alias)8p21.3 FAM160B2
RAI17 (Alias)10q22.3 ZMIZ1
RAI1 (Alias)6p21.33 DXO
RAI1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE12
RAI1-AS117p11.2 RAI1-AS1 (RAI1 antisense RNA 1)
RAI117p11.2 RAI1 (retinoic acid induced 1)
RAI2Xp22.13 RAI2 (retinoic acid induced 2)
RAI (Alias)19p13.11 GDF1
RAI (Alias)11p15.5 RNH1
RAI (Alias)9q22.1 SHC3
RAIDD (Alias)12q22 CRADD
RAIG-2 (Alias)16p12.3 GPRC5B
RAIG2 (Alias)16p12.3 GPRC5B
RAIG-3 (Alias)17q25.1 GPRC5C
RAIG3 (Alias)17q25.1 GPRC5C
RAIN (Alias)19q13.33 RASIP1
RAINB1 (Alias)11p15.1 NAV2
RAJ1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE11
RAK1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE9
RAK (Alias)6q22.1 FRK
RAL1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE13
RAL (Alias)7p14.1 RALA
RALA7p14.1 RALA (RAS like proto-oncogene A)
RALBP1 (Alias)6q24.1 REPS1
RALBP118p11.22 RALBP1 (ralA binding protein 1)
RALB2q14.2 RALB (RAS like proto-oncogene B)
RALDH1 (Alias)9q21.13 ALDH1A1
RALDH2 (Alias)15q21.3 ALDH1A2
RALDH2-T (Alias)15q21.3 ALDH1A2
RALDH3 (Alias)15q26.3 ALDH1A3
RALDH(II) (Alias)15q21.3 ALDH1A2
RALGAPA1P19q31.2 RALGAPA1P1 (Ral GTPase activating protein catalytic alpha subunit 1 pseudogene 1)
RALGAPA1P (Alias)9q31.2 RALGAPA1P1
RALGAPA114q13.2 RALGAPA1 (Ral GTPase activating protein catalytic alpha subunit 1)
RALGAPA220p11.23 RALGAPA2 (Ral GTPase activating protein catalytic alpha subunit 2)
RalGAPalpha1 (Alias)14q13.2 RALGAPA1
RalGAPbeta (Alias)20q11.23 RALGAPB
RALGAPB20q11.23 RALGAPB (Ral GTPase activating protein non-catalytic beta subunit)
RalGDS/AF-6 (Alias)2q33.2 RAPH1
RALGDS9q34.13 RALGDS (ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator)
RALGEF2 (Alias)9q33.3 RALGPS1
RalGEF (Alias)9q34.13 RALGDS
RALGPS1A (Alias)9q33.3 RALGPS1
RALGPS19q33.3 RALGPS1 (Ral GEF with PH domain and SH3 binding motif 1)
RALGPS21q25.2 RALGPS2 (Ral GEF with PH domain and SH3 binding motif 2)
RALR1 (Alias)14q24.1 RDH11
RALY-AS120q11.22 RALY-AS1 (RALY antisense RNA 1)
RALYL8q21.2 RALYL (RALY RNA binding protein-like)
RALY20q11.22 RALY (RALY heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein)
RAM1 (Alias)14q11.2 EDDM3A
Ram-1 (Alias)8p11.21 SLC20A2
RAM1 (Alias)8p11.21 SLC20A2
RAM2 (Alias)7p15.3 CDCA7L
RAM2 (Alias)14q11.2 EDDM3B
RAM41 (Alias)3p25.2 TAMM41
RAMA1 (Alias)13q12.11 SKA3
RAMA3 (Alias)11p14.1 CCDC34
RAM (Alias)8q24.21 CCDC26
RAM (Alias)15q25.2 FAM103A1
RAM (Alias)15q21.3 RAB27A
RAMP12q37.3 RAMP1 (receptor activity modifying protein 1)
RAMP2-AS117q21.2 RAMP2-AS1 (RAMP2 antisense RNA 1)
RAMP217q21.2 RAMP2 (receptor activity modifying protein 2)
RAMP37p13 RAMP3 (receptor activity modifying protein 3)
RAMP4 (Alias)3q25.1 SERP1
RAMP (Alias)1q32.3 DTL
RAMP (Alias)11p13 PAMR1
RAMSVPS (Alias)4q12 IGFBP7
RANBP1016q22.1 RANBP10 (RAN binding protein 10)
RanBP11 (Alias)5q12.1 IPO11
RANBP13 (Alias)1p34.1 IPO13
RANBP16 (Alias)8p21.3 XPO7
RANBP175q35.1 RANBP17 (RAN binding protein 17)
RANBP122q11.21 RANBP1 (RAN binding protein 1)
RANBP20 (Alias)16p12.1 XPO6
RanBP2alpha (Alias)2q13 RGPD8
RanBP2L1 (Alias)2q13 RGPD6
RANBP2L1 (Alias)2q13 RGPD8
RanBP2L2 (Alias)2p11.2 RGPD1
RANBP2L2 (Alias)2p11.2 RGPD2
RanBP2L2 (Alias)2q13 RGPD6
RANBP2L4 (Alias)2q12.3 GCC2
RANBP3L5p13.2 RANBP3L (RAN binding protein 3 like)
RANBP319p13.3 RANBP3 (RAN binding protein 3)
RANBP5 (Alias)13q32.2 IPO5
RANBP69p24.1 RANBP6 (RAN binding protein 6)
RANBP7 (Alias)11p15.4 IPO7
RANBP8 (Alias)12p11.21 IPO8
RANGAP122q13.2 RANGAP1 (Ran GTPase activating protein 1)
RANGAP (Alias)22q13.2 RANGAP1
RANGNRF (Alias)17p13.1 RANGRF
RANGRF17p13.1 RANGRF (RAN guanine nucleotide release factor)
RANK (Alias)18q21.33 TNFRSF11A
RANKL (Alias)13q14.11 TNFSF11
RANP16p22.1 RANP1 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 1)
RANP27q35 RANP2 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 2)
RANP311q13.4 RANP3 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 3)
RANP4Xq26.3 RANP4 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 4)
RANP51p13.3 RANP5 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 5)
RANP64q34.1 RANP6 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 6)
RANP73p24.3 RANP7 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 7)
RANP813q12.11 RANP8 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 8)
RANP98p12 RANP9 (RAN, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 9)
RANSE3L (Alias)5p13.3 DROSHA
RANTES (Alias)17q12 CCL5
RAO (Alias)17q21.31 AOC2
RAP140 (Alias)3p14.3 FAM208A
RAP1 (Alias)7q11.21 RABGEF1
RAP1 (Alias)16q23.1 TERF2IP
RAP1AP14q24.3 RAP1AP (RAP1A, member of RAS oncogene family pseudogene)
RAP1BL5q13.3 RAP1BL (RAP1B, member of RAS oncogene family pseudogene)
RAP1BP19p22.1 RAP1BP1 (RAP1B, member of RAS oncogene family pseudogene 1)
RAP1BP23q13.11 RAP1BP2 (RAP1B, member of RAS oncogene family pseudogene 2)
RAP1BP36q22.1 RAP1BP3 (RAP1B, member of RAS oncogene family pseudogene 3)
RAP1GA1 (Alias)1p36.12 USP48
RAP1GA3 (Alias)17p13.3 RAP1GAP2
RAP1GAP217p13.3 RAP1GAP2 (RAP1 GTPase activating protein 2)
RAP1GN1 (Alias)12p12.3 ARHGDIB
RAP250 (Alias)20q11.22 NCOA6
RAP2C-AS1Xq26.2 RAP2C-AS1 (RAP2C antisense RNA 1)
RAP2CXq26.2 RAP2C (RAP2C, member of RAS oncogene family)
RAP2IP (Alias)17q21.31 RUNDC3A
RAP30 (Alias)13q14.12 GTF2F2
RAP3 (Alias)11q23.3 APOA5
RAP55A (Alias)19q13.11 LSM14A
RAP55 (Alias)19q13.11 LSM14A
RAP55B (Alias)20q13.33 LSM14B
RAP6 (Alias)9q33.3 GAPVD1
RAP74 (Alias)19p13.3 GTF2F1
RAP80 (Alias)5q35.2 UIMC1
RAPA (Alias)6p21.1 TRERF1
RAP (Alias)4p16.3 LRPAP1
RAPGEF24q32.1 RAPGEF2 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor 2)
RAPGEF312q13.11 RAPGEF3 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor 3)
RAPGEF4-AS12q31.1 RAPGEF4-AS1 (RAPGEF4 antisense RNA 1)
RAPGEF42q31.1 RAPGEF4 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor 4)
RAPGEF57p15.3 RAPGEF5 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor 5)
RAPGEF65q31.1 RAPGEF6 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor 6)
RAPGEFL117q21.1 RAPGEFL1 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor like 1)
Rap-GEP (Alias)4q32.1 RAPGEF2
RAPH12q33.2 RAPH1 (Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) and pleckstrin homology domains 1)
RAPSN11p11.2 RAPSN (receptor associated protein of the synapse)
RAPSYN (Alias)11p11.2 RAPSN
RAR2A (Alias)Xq22.2 RAB40A
RAR2 (Alias)Xq22.1 RAB40AL
RAR2 (Alias)Xq22.2 RAB40A
RARA-AS117q21.2 RARA-AS1 (RARA antisense RNA 1)
RAR (Alias)17q25.3 RAB40B
RARbeta1 (Alias)3p24.2 RARB
RARB3p24.2 RARB (retinoic acid receptor beta)
RARC (Alias)12q13.13 RARG
RaRF (Alias)17q25.3 CCDC137
RaRF (Alias)3q27.3 MASP1
RARG-1 (Alias)6p23 NOL7
RARG12q13.13 RARG (retinoic acid receptor gamma)
RARL (Alias)16p13.3 RAB40C
RARP1 (Alias)10p12.1 APBB1IP
RARRES27q36.1 RARRES2 (retinoic acid receptor responder 2)
RARS26q15 RARS2 (arginyl-tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial)
RARS5q34 RARS (arginyl-tRNA synthetase)
RARSL (Alias)6q15 RARS2
RASA1 (Alias)6p21.32 SYNGAP1
RASA15q14.3 RASA1 (RAS p21 protein activator 1)
RASA23q23 RASA2 (RAS p21 protein activator 2)
RASA313q34 RASA3 (RAS p21 protein activator 3)
RASA4B7q22.1 RASA4B (RAS p21 protein activator 4B)
RASA4CP7p13 RASA4CP (RAS p21 protein activator 4C, pseudogene)
RASA4DP7q22.1 RASA4DP (RAS p21 protein activator 4CD, pseudogene)
RASA4P (Alias)7p13 RASA4CP
RASA47q22.1 RASA4 (RAS p21 protein activator 4)
RASA5 (Alias)6p21.32 SYNGAP1
RASA (Alias)5q14.3 RASA1
RASAL112q24.13 RASAL1 (RAS protein activator like 1)
RASAL2-AS11q25.2 RASAL2-AS1 (RASAL2 antisense RNA 1)
RASAL21q25.2 RASAL2 (RAS protein activator like 2)
RASAL319p13.12 RASAL3 (RAS protein activator like 3)
RASAL (Alias)12q24.13 RASAL1
RASD117p11.2 RASD1 (ras related dexamethasone induced 1)
RASD222q12.3 RASD2 (RASD family member 2)
RASD3 (Alias)6p21.2 RAB44
RASEF9q21.32 RASEF (RAS and EF-hand domain containing)
RASGAP (Alias)5q14.3 RASA1
RASGEF1A10q11.21 RASGEF1A (RasGEF domain family member 1A)
RASGEF1B4q21.21 RASGEF1B (RasGEF domain family member 1B)
RASGEF1C5q35.3 RASGEF1C (RasGEF domain family member 1C)
RASGEF2 (Alias)10q26.3 KNDC1
RASGFR3 (Alias)1q32.1 RABIF
RAS-GRF2 (Alias)5q14.1 RASGRF2
RASGRF2-AS15q14.1 RASGRF2-AS1 (RASGRF2 antisense RNA 1)
RASGRF25q14.1 RASGRF2 (Ras protein specific guanine nucleotide releasing factor 2)
RASGRF3 (Alias)1q32.1 RABIF
RASGRP115q14 RASGRP1 (RAS guanyl releasing protein 1)
RASGRP211q13.1 RASGRP2 (RAS guanyl releasing protein 2)
RASGRP32p22.3 RASGRP3 (RAS guanyl releasing protein 3)
RASGRP419q13.2 RASGRP4 (RAS guanyl releasing protein 4)
RASGRP (Alias)15q14 RASGRP1
RASIP119q13.33 RASIP1 (Ras interacting protein 1)
RASIP2 (Alias)7p22.1 RADIL
RASL10A22q12.2 RASL10A (RAS like family 10 member A)
RASL10B17q12 RASL10B (RAS like family 10 member B)
RASL11A13q12.2 RASL11A (RAS like family 11 member A)
RASL1215q22.31 RASL12 (RAS like family 12)
RASL13 (Alias)6p21.2 RAB44
RASL7A (Alias)2p21 RHOQ
RASL7B (Alias)14q23.2 RHOJ
RASL8C (Alias)16p13.3 RAB40C
RASL (Alias)16p13.3 RHOT2
Ras-like (Alias)6p22.1 RANP1
RASSF1011p15.3 RASSF10 (Ras association domain family member 10)
RASSF1-AS13p21.31 RASSF1-AS1 (RASSF1 antisense RNA 1)
RASSF312q14.2 RASSF3 (Ras association domain family member 3)
RASSF4 (Alias)20p11.23 RIN2
RASSF410q11.21 RASSF4 (Ras association domain family member 4)
RASSF5 (Alias)12q14.2 RASSF3
RASSF711p15.5 RASSF7 (Ras association domain family member 7)
RASSF8-AS112p12.1 RASSF8-AS1 (RASSF8 antisense RNA 1)
RASSF812p12.1 RASSF8 (Ras association domain family member 8)
RASSF912q21.31 RASSF9 (Ras association domain family member 9)
RATOR (Alias)13q34 COL4A1
RAVER119p13.2 RAVER1 (ribonucleoprotein, PTB binding 1)
RAVER21p31.3 RAVER2 (ribonucleoprotein, PTB binding 2)
RAX219p13.3 RAX2 (retina and anterior neural fold homeobox 2)
RAX (Alias)2q31.2 PRKRA
RAXL1 (Alias)19p13.3 RAX2
RAXLX (Alias)22q12.3 ISX
RAX18q21.32 RAX (retina and anterior neural fold homeobox)
RAY1 (Alias)7q31.2 ST7
RAY (Alias)12q24.23 RAB35
RAY (Alias)2p25.3 SH3YL1
RAYL (Alias)22q12.3 IFT27
RAZ1 (Alias)20q11.23 SCAND1
RB18A (Alias)17q12 MED1
RB-1 (Alias)2q31.2 RBM45
RB1CC18q11.23 RB1CC1 (RB1 inducible coiled-coil 1)
RB3 (Alias)8p21.2 STMN4
RBAF600 (Alias)1p36.13 UBR4
RBAKDN7p22.1 RBAKDN (RBAK downstream neighbor (non-protein coding))
RBAK-LOC389458 (Alias)7p22.1 RBAK-RBAKDN
RBAK7p22.1 RBAK (RB associated KRAB zinc finger)
RBAP2 (Alias)7q11.23 GTF2IRD1
RBAP48 (Alias)1p35.1 RBBP4
RBAT (Alias)2p21 SLC3A1
RBB (Alias)9q34.3 NACC2
RBBP10 (Alias)20p11.23 RBBP9
RBBP-1 (Alias)14q23.1 ARID4A
RBBP1 (Alias)14q23.1 ARID4A
RBBP1L1 (Alias)1q42.3 ARID4B
RBBP2H1A (Alias)1q32.1 KDM5B
RBBP41p35.1 RBBP4 (RB binding protein 4, chromatin remodeling factor)
RBBP51q32.1 RBBP5 (RB binding protein 5, histone lysine methyltransferase complex subunit)
RBBP616p12.1 RBBP6 (RB binding protein 6, ubiquitin ligase)
RBBP8NL20q13.33 RBBP8NL (RBBP8 N-terminal like)
RBBP920p11.23 RBBP9 (RB binding protein 9, serine hydrolase)
RBCC728 (Alias)5q22.3 TRIM36
RBCC (Alias)1q42.13 TRIM17
RBCK120p13 RBCK1 (RANBP2-type and C3HC4-type zinc finger containing 1)
RBCK2 (Alias)20p13 RBCK1
RBED1 (Alias)2p11.2 ELMOD3
RBEL1 (Alias)9q34.3 RABL6
RbEST47 (Alias)9q34.3 C9orf116
RBFADN18q23 RBFADN (RBFA downstream neighbor (non-protein coding))
RBFA18q23 RBFA (ribosome binding factor A (putative))
RBFOX116p13.3 RBFOX1 (RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog 1)
RBFOX222q12.3 RBFOX2 (RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog 2)
RBFOX317q25.3 RBFOX3 (RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog 3)
RBFVD (Alias)17p13.2 SLC52A1
RBIG1 (Alias)11q24.2 ROBO3
RBJ (Alias)2p23.3 DNAJC27
RBK1 (Alias)12p13.32 KCNA1
RBK2 (Alias)1p13.3 KCNA2
RBKIN (Alias)6p22.3 KIF13A
RBKS2p23.2 RBKS (ribokinase)
RBL120q11.23 RBL1 (RB transcriptional corepressor like 1)
RBM10Xp11.3 RBM10 (RNA binding motif protein 10)
RBM1121q11.2 RBM11 (RNA binding motif protein 11)
RBM12B-AS18q22.1 RBM12B-AS1 (RBM12B antisense RNA 1)
RBM12B8q22.1 RBM12B (RNA binding motif protein 12B)
RBM1220q11.22 RBM12 (RNA binding motif protein 12)
RBM13 (Alias)8p12 MAK16
RBM14-RBM411q13.2 RBM14-RBM4 (RBM14-RBM4 readthrough)
RBM1411q13.2 RBM14 (RNA binding motif protein 14)
RBM15-AS11p13.3 RBM15-AS1 (RBM15 antisense RNA 1)
RBM15B3p21.2 RBM15B (RNA binding motif protein 15B)
RBM15C (Alias)1p36.21 SPEN
RBM16 (Alias)6q25.2 SCAF8
RBM1710p15.1 RBM17 (RNA binding motif protein 17)
RBM189q33.2 RBM18 (RNA binding motif protein 18)
RBM1912q24.13 RBM19 (RNA binding motif protein 19)
RBM1 (Alias)1p22.2 RBMXL1
RBM1 (Alias)Yq11.223 RBMY1A1
RBM2010q25.2 RBM20 (RNA binding motif protein 20)
RBM21 (Alias)11q12.3 TUT1
RBM225q33.1 RBM22 (RNA binding motif protein 22)
RBM2314q11.2 RBM23 (RNA binding motif protein 23)
RBM246p22.3 RBM24 (RNA binding motif protein 24)
RBM2514q24.2 RBM25 (RNA binding motif protein 25)
RBM26-AS113q31.1 RBM26-AS1 (RBM26 antisense RNA 1)
RBM2613q31.1 RBM26 (RNA binding motif protein 26)
RBM275q32 RBM27 (RNA binding motif protein 27)
RBM287q32.1 RBM28 (RNA binding motif protein 28)
RBM29 (Alias)2p11.2 ELMOD3
RBM2 (Alias)Yq11.223 RBMY1A1
RBM30 (Alias)11q13.2 RBM4B
RBM32A (Alias)Xq13.2 PABPC1L2A
RBM32B (Alias)Xq13.2 PABPC1L2B
RBM337q36.3 RBM33 (RNA binding motif protein 33)
RBM341q42.3 RBM34 (RNA binding motif protein 34)
RBM35A (Alias)8q22.1 ESRP1
RBM35B (Alias)16q22.1 ESRP2
RBM36 (Alias)12q12 ZCRB1
RBM3820q13.31 RBM38 (RNA binding motif protein 38)
RBM3920q11.22 RBM39 (RNA binding motif protein 39)
RBM3Xp11.23 RBM3 (RNA binding motif (RNP1, RRM) protein 3)
RBM40 (Alias)1p21.1 RNPC3
RBM41Xq22.3 RBM41 (RNA binding motif protein 41)
RBM4219q13.12 RBM42 (RNA binding motif protein 42)
RBM432q23.3 RBM43 (RNA binding motif protein 43)
RBM442q37.3 RBM44 (RNA binding motif protein 44)
RBM452q31.2 RBM45 (RNA binding motif protein 45)
RBM464q32.1 RBM46 (RNA binding motif protein 46)
RBM474p14 RBM47 (RNA binding motif protein 47)
RBM487q21.2 RBM48 (RNA binding motif protein 48)
RBM4A (Alias)11q13.2 RBM4
RBM4B11q13.2 RBM4B (RNA binding motif protein 4B)
RBM4L (Alias)11q13.2 RBM4B
RBM411q13.2 RBM4 (RNA binding motif protein 4)
RBM5-AS1 (Alias)3p21.31 SEMA3F-AS1
RBM5-AS13p21.31 RBM5-AS1 (RBM5 antisense RNA 1)
RBM63p21.31 RBM6 (RNA binding motif protein 6)
RBM711q23.2 RBM7 (RNA binding motif protein 7)
RBM8 (Alias)1q21.1 RBM8A
RBM8A1q21.1 RBM8A (RNA binding motif protein 8A)
RBM8B (Alias)1q21.1 RBM8A
RBM9 (Alias)22q12.3 RBFOX2
RBM (Alias)Yq11.223 RBMY1A1
RBMS12q24.2 RBMS1 (RNA binding motif single stranded interacting protein 1)
RBMS212q13.3 RBMS2 (RNA binding motif single stranded interacting protein 2)
RBMS3-AS13p24.1 RBMS3-AS1 (RBMS3 antisense RNA 1)
RBMS3-AS33p24.1 RBMS3-AS3 (RBMS3 antisense RNA 3)
RBMS33p24.1 RBMS3 (RNA binding motif single stranded interacting protein 3)
RBMX1A (Alias)Xq26.3 FHL1
RBMX1B (Alias)Xq26.3 FHL1
RBMX2Xq26.1 RBMX2 (RNA binding motif protein, X-linked 2)
RBMXL11p22.2 RBMXL1 (RNA binding motif protein, X-linked like 1)
RBMXL211p15.4 RBMXL2 (RNA binding motif protein, X-linked like 2)
RBMXL3Xq23 RBMXL3 (RNA binding motif protein, X-linked like 3)
RBMXP1 (Alias)Xq26.3 RBMX
RBMXP16p12.3 RBMXP1 (RNA binding motif protein, X-linked pseudogene 1)
RBMXXq26.3 RBMX (RNA binding motif protein, X-linked)
RBMXRT (Alias)Xq26.3 RBMX
RBMY1A1Yq11.223 RBMY1A1 (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member A1)
RBMY1A3PYp11.2 RBMY1A3P (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member A3 pseudogene)
RBMY1BYq11.223 RBMY1B (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member B)
RBMY1C (Alias)Yq11.223 RBMY1A1
RBMY1DYq11.223 RBMY1D (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member D)
RBMY1EYq11.223 RBMY1E (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member E)
RBMY1FYq11.223 RBMY1F (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member F)
RBMY1JYq11.223 RBMY1J (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member J)
RBMY2EPYq11.223 RBMY2EP (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 2, member E pseudogene)
RBMY2FPYq11.223 RBMY2FP (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 2, member F pseudogene)
RBMY3APYp11.2 RBMY3AP (RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 3, member A pseudogene)
RBMY3P (Alias)Yp11.2 RBMY3AP
RBMY4P (Alias)Yp11.2 RBMY3AP
RBMY (Alias)Yq11.223 RBMY1A1
RBP10 (Alias)11p15.5 POLR2L
RBP-1 (Alias)14q23.1 ARID4A
RBP1 (Alias)14q23.1 ARID4A
RBP1L1 (Alias)1q42.3 ARID4B
RBP13q23 RBP1 (retinol binding protein 1)
RBP21 (Alias)15q21.1 EID1
RBP2 (Alias)12q24.33 RIMBP2
RBP2-H1 (Alias)1q32.1 KDM5B
RBP23q23 RBP2 (retinol binding protein 2)
RBP310q11.22 RBP3 (retinol binding protein 3)
RBP4 (Alias)2q14.3 POLR2D
RBP410q23.33 RBP4 (retinol binding protein 4)
RBP50 (Alias)12q13.3 DCTN2
RBP5 (Alias)15q25.1 CRABP1
RBP512p13.31 RBP5 (retinol binding protein 5)
RBP6 (Alias)1q23.1 CRABP2
RBP71p36.22 RBP7 (retinol binding protein 7)
RBP95 (Alias)16p11.2 RNF40
RBP (Alias)Xq28 RENBP
RBP (Alias)19p13.11 SUGP1
RBPC2 (Alias)3q23 RBP2
RBPC (Alias)3q23 RBP1
RBPH1 (Alias)3q21.3 RPN1
RBPI (Alias)10q11.22 RBP3
RBP-J (Alias)4p15.2 RBPJ
RBPJK (Alias)4p15.2 RBPJ
RBPJL20q13.12 RBPJL (recombination signal binding protein for immunoglobulin kappa J region like)
RBPJ4p15.2 RBPJ (recombination signal binding protein for immunoglobulin kappa J region)
RBPL (Alias)20q13.12 RBPJL
RBPMS215q22.31 RBPMS2 (RNA binding protein with multiple splicing 2)
RBPMS-AS18p12 RBPMS-AS1 (RBPMS antisense RNA 1)
RBPMS8p12 RBPMS (RNA binding protein with multiple splicing)
RBPSUH (Alias)4p15.2 RBPJ
RBPSUHL (Alias)20q13.12 RBPJL
RBQ-1 (Alias)16p12.1 RBBP6
RBQ3 (Alias)1q32.1 RBBP5
RBS (Alias)8p21.1 ESCO2
RBSEC1 (Alias)9q34.11 STXBP1
RBSG2- RBSG2 (-)
RBSG4 (Alias)1q24.1 LINC01363
RBSK (Alias)2p23.2 RBKS
RBSN3p25.1 RBSN (rabenosyn, RAB effector)
RBT1 (Alias)19q13.2 SERTAD3
RBTN3 (Alias)12p12.3 LMO3
RBTNL2 (Alias)12p12.3 LMO3
RC1 (Alias)17q25.3 CBX8
RC3 (Alias)15q21.2 DMXL2
RC3 (Alias)11q24.2 NRGN
RC3H11q25.1 RC3H1 (ring finger and CCCH-type domains 1)
RC3H29q33.2 RC3H2 (ring finger and CCCH-type domains 2)
RC6-1 (Alias)20q13.33 PSMA7
RC-68 (Alias)1p36.33 INTS11
RC68 (Alias)1p36.33 INTS11
RC74 (Alias)8p21.1 INTS9
R-CAD (Alias)20q13.33 CDH4
RCAD (Alias)20q13.33 CDH4
RCAD (Alias)6q16.1 UFL1
RCAL (Alias)11p13 RCN1
RC (Alias)Xp11.3 RGN
RCAN121q22.12 RCAN1 (regulator of calcineurin 1)
RCAN26p12.3 RCAN2 (regulator of calcineurin 2)
RCAN3AS1p36.11 RCAN3AS (RCAN3 antisense)
RCAN31p36.11 RCAN3 (RCAN family member 3)
RCBTB113q14.2 RCBTB1 (RCC1 and BTB domain containing protein 1)
RCBTB213q14.2 RCBTB2 (RCC1 and BTB domain containing protein 2)
RCC1-I (Alias)1p35.3 RCC1
RCC1L7q11.23 RCC1L (RCC1 like)
RCC11p35.3 RCC1 (regulator of chromosome condensation 1)
RCC21p36.13 RCC2 (regulator of chromosome condensation 2)
RCC (Alias)19q13.31 XRCC1
RCCD115q26.1 RCCD1 (RCC1 domain containing 1)
RCD-1 (Alias)2q35 CNOT9
RCD1 (Alias)2q35 CNOT9
Rcd1 (Alias)2q11.2 KANSL3
RCD2 (Alias)17p13.1 GUCY2D
RCD3 (Alias)12p12.3 PDE6H
RCD3B (Alias)9p24.2 KCNV2
RCD4 (Alias)12p13.33 CACNA2D4
RCD-8 (Alias)16q22.1 EDC4
RCD8 (Alias)16q22.1 EDC4
RCDG1 (Alias)4q32.1 C4orf46
RCDP1 (Alias)6q23.3 PEX7
RCDP2 (Alias)1q42.2 GNPAT
RCDP3 (Alias)2q31.2 AGPS
RCDP5 (Alias)12p13.31 PEX5
RCE1A (Alias)11q13.2 RCE1
RCE1B (Alias)11q13.2 RCE1
RCE111q13.2 RCE1 (Ras converting CAAX endopeptidase 1)
RCET11 (Alias)20p11.21 CSTL1
RCF1a (Alias)3p22.1 HIGD1A
RCF1b (Alias)5q35.2 HIGD2A
RC-GAP72 (Alias)4q21.23 ARHGAP24
RCGAP72 (Alias)4q21.23 ARHGAP24
RCH04A07 (Alias)21q21.3 GABPA
RCH1 (Alias)17q24.2 KPNA2
RCH2 (Alias)3q21.1 KPNA1
RCHF1 (Alias)2q14.3 TSN
RCK (Alias)11q23.3 DDX6
RCK (Alias)2q21.3 MAP3K19
RCL19p24.1 RCL1 (RNA terminal phosphate cyclase like 1)
RCL (Alias)6p21.1 DNPH1
RCM1 (Alias)19q13.42 TNNI3
RCM3 (Alias)1q32.1 TNNT2
RCM4 (Alias)10q21.3 MYPN
RCM5 (Alias)7q32.1 FLNC
RCN1 (Alias)21q22.12 RCAN1
RCN111p13 RCN1 (reticulocalbin 1)
RCN2 (Alias)6p12.3 RCAN2
RCN215q24.3 RCN2 (reticulocalbin 2)
RCN3 (Alias)1p36.11 RCAN3
RCN319q13.33 RCN3 (reticulocalbin 3)
RCN (Alias)11p13 RCN1
RCNC1 (Alias)4p12 CNGA1
RCNC2 (Alias)16q21 CNGB1
RCNCa (Alias)4p12 CNGA1
RCNCalpha (Alias)4p12 CNGA1
RCNCb (Alias)16q21 CNGB1
RCNCbeta (Alias)16q21 CNGB1
RCoR-1 (Alias)6p21.32 RXRB
RCOR114q32.31 RCOR1 (REST corepressor 1)
RCOR211q13.1 RCOR2 (REST corepressor 2)
RCOR31q32.2 RCOR3 (REST corepressor 3)
RCOR (Alias)14q32.31 RCOR1
RCP9 (Alias)7q11.21 CRCP
RCP (Alias)7q11.21 CRCP
RCP (Alias)Xq28 OPN1LW
RCP (Alias)8p11.23 RAB11FIP1
RCPS (Alias)17q25.3 EIF4A3
RCS (Alias)3p22.3 ARPP21
RCSD11q24.2 RCSD1 (RCSD domain containing 1)
RCV1 (Alias)17p13.1 RCVRN
RCVRN17p13.1 RCVRN (recoverin)
RD3L14q32.33 RD3L (retinal degeneration 3-like)
RD31q32.3 RD3 (retinal degeneration 3)
RD6 (Alias)11q23.3 MFRP
Rd9 (Alias)11q13.2 PITPNM1
RD (Alias)15q21.3 DNAAF4
RD (Alias)15 DYX1
RD (Alias)1p34.2 ERMAP
RD (Alias)6p21.33 NELFE
RD (Alias)6q23.3 PEX7
RD (Alias)10p13 PHYH
RDBP (Alias)6p21.33 NELFE
RDC1 (Alias)3p22.1 VIPR1
RDC4 (Alias)1p36.12 HTR1D
RDC7 (Alias)1q32.1 ADORA1
RDC8 (Alias)22q11.23 ADORA2A
RDCCAS (Alias)10q23.33 RBP4
RDCVF2 (Alias)9q22.1 NXNL2
RDCVF (Alias)19p13.11 NXNL1
RDEOA (Alias)13q14.2 RCBTB1
RDGB1 (Alias)11q13.2 PITPNM1
RDGB2 (Alias)12q24.31 PITPNM2
RDGBA1 (Alias)11q13.2 PITPNM1
RDGBA2 (Alias)12q24.31 PITPNM2
RDGBA3 (Alias)17p13.2 PITPNM3
RDGBA (Alias)11q13.2 PITPNM1
RDGB (Alias)11q13.2 PITPNM1
RDGBB1 (Alias)17q24.2 PITPNC1
RDGBB (Alias)17q24.2 PITPNC1
RDGB-BETA (Alias)17q24.2 PITPNC1
RDGCA (Alias)13q14.2 ITM2B
RDH10-AS18q21.11 RDH10-AS1 (RDH10 antisense RNA 1)
RDH108q21.11 RDH10 (retinol dehydrogenase 10)
RDH1114q24.1 RDH11 (retinol dehydrogenase 11 (all-trans/9-cis/11-cis))
RDH1214q24.1 RDH12 (retinol dehydrogenase 12 (all-trans/9-cis/11-cis))
RDH1319q13.42 RDH13 (retinol dehydrogenase 13)
RDH142p24.2 RDH14 (retinol dehydrogenase 14 (all-trans/9-cis/11-cis))
RDH15 (Alias)2q31.1 DHRS9
RDH1612q13.3 RDH16 (retinol dehydrogenase 16 (all-trans))
RDH17 (Alias)1p36.21 DHRS3
RDH1 (Alias)12q13.2 RDH5
RDH#2 (Alias)8q12.1 SDR16C5
RDH54 (Alias)8q22.1 RAD54B
RDH512q13.2 RDH5 (retinol dehydrogenase 5)
RDH819p13.2 RDH8 (retinol dehydrogenase 8 (all-trans))
RDH-E2 (Alias)2q31.1 DHRS9
RDH-E2 (Alias)8q12.1 SDR16C5
RDHE2 (Alias)8q12.1 SDR16C5
RDHL (Alias)2q31.1 DHRS9
RDHS (Alias)12q13.3 SDR9C7
RDH-TBE (Alias)2q31.1 DHRS9
RDHTBE (Alias)2q31.1 DHRS9
RDICC (Alias)9q21.12 MIR204
RDJ2 (Alias)16q11.2 DNAJA2
RDJCSS (Alias)14q24.1 RDH11
RDL (Alias)15q21.2 LEO1
RDM117q12 RDM1 (RAD52 motif containing 1)
RDOB (Alias)11p15.4 TUB
RDP (Alias)19q13.2 ATP1A3
RDP (Alias)16q24.3 DPEP1
RDP (Alias)6p21.33 NELFE
RDRTA2 (Alias)7q34 ATP6V0A4
Rds3 (Alias)22q13.2 PHF5A
RDS (Alias)6p21.1 PRPH2
RDS (Alias)22q12.3 TST
RDX11q22.3 RDX (radixin)
RE2 (Alias)1q24.2 GPR161
Rea1 (Alias)6q15 MDN1
REA (Alias)12p13.31 PHB2
REC01035 (Alias)3p22.1 ULK4
REC11415q24.1 REC114 (REC114 meiotic recombination protein)
REC14 (Alias)15q25.1 WDR61
REC1 (Alias)5p13.2 RAD1
REC1L (Alias)13q12.3 SLC7A1
REC2 (Alias)14q24.1 RAD51B
REC8L1 (Alias)14q12 REC8
Rec8p (Alias)14q12 REC8
REC814q12 REC8 (REC8 meiotic recombination protein)
RECA (Alias)15q15.1 RAD51
RECC1 (Alias)4p14 RFC1
RECK9p13.3 RECK (reversion inducing cysteine rich protein with kazal motifs)
RECS1 (Alias)2q35 TMBIM1
RED120 (Alias)14q24.2 RBM25
RED1 (Alias)21q22.3 ADARB1
RED2 (Alias)10p15.3 ADARB2
RED (Alias)1q32.1 DYRK3
RED (Alias)5q31.3 IK
REDD2 (Alias)4q24 DDIT4L
REDK (Alias)1q32.1 DYRK3
REEP12p11.2 REEP1 (receptor accessory protein 1)
REEP25q31.2 REEP2 (receptor accessory protein 2)
REEP310q21.3 REEP3 (receptor accessory protein 3)
REEP48p21.3 REEP4 (receptor accessory protein 4)
REEP55q22.2 REEP5 (receptor accessory protein 5)
REEP6.1 (Alias)19p13.3 REEP6
REEP6.2 (Alias)19p13.3 REEP6
REEP619p13.3 REEP6 (receptor accessory protein 6)
REF1 (Alias)14q11.2 APEX1
REF1 (Alias)11p15.3 TEAD1
REF1 (Alias)7q21.3 TFPI2
REF (Alias)17q25.3 ALYREF
REFC (Alias)21q22.3 SLC19A1
Reg1 (Alias)1p34.3 ZC3H12A
REG1A2p12 REG1A (regenerating family member 1 alpha)
REG1B2p12 REG1B (regenerating family member 1 beta)
REG1CP2p12 REG1CP (regenerating family member 1 gamma, pseudogene)
REG1P (Alias)2p12 REG1CP
REG1P- REG1P (-)
REG3 (Alias)2p12 REG3A
REG3A2p12 REG3A (regenerating family member 3 alpha)
REG3G2p12 REG3G (regenerating family member 3 gamma)
REG (Alias)2p12 REG1A
REGalpha (Alias)14q12 PSME1
REGbeta (Alias)14q12 PSME2
REG-GAMMA (Alias)17q21.31 PSME3
REGH (Alias)2p12 REG1B
REGI-BETA (Alias)2p12 REG1B
REG-III (Alias)2p12 REG3A
REG III (Alias)2p12 REG3G
REG-III (Alias)2p12 REG3G
REGL (Alias)2p12 REG1B
REGL (Alias)2p12 REG1CP
REGR (Alias)8p21.1 EXTL3
REH (Alias)16q12.2 CES1
REHF-1 (Alias)2q14.3 TSN
RELL14p14 RELL1 (RELT like 1)
RELL25q31.3 RELL2 (RELT like 2)
RELMb (Alias)3q13.13 RETNLB
RELM-beta (Alias)3q13.13 RETNLB
RELMbeta (Alias)3q13.13 RETNLB
RELN7q22.1 RELN (reelin)
RELT11q13.4 RELT (RELT, TNF receptor)
REM120q11.21 REM1 (RRAD and GEM like GTPase 1)
REM214q11.2 REM2 (RRAD and GEM like GTPase 2)
REM3 (Alias)16q22.1 RRAD
REMP (Alias)22q13.1 SLC16A8
REN53 (Alias)2q12.3 GCC2
REN64 (Alias)12q12 IRAK4
RENALASE (Alias)10q23.31 RNLS
REN (Alias)17p13.1 KCTD11
RENBPXq28 RENBP (renin binding protein)
REN/KCTD11 (Alias)17p13.1 KCTD11
RENOX (Alias)11q14.3 NOX4
RENR (Alias)Xp11.4 ATP6AP2
REN1q32.1 REN (renin)
RENS1 (Alias)Xp11.23 PQBP1
RENT1 (Alias)19p13.11 UPF1
RENT2 (Alias)10p14 UPF2
RENT3A (Alias)13q34 UPF3A
RENT3B (Alias)Xq24 UPF3B
REP1512p11.22 REP15 (RAB15 effector protein)
REP-1 (Alias)Xq21.2 CHM
REP2 (Alias)1q43 CHML
REP8 (Alias)8p12 UBXN8
REPA1 (Alias)17p13.3 RPA1
REPA3 (Alias)7p21.3 RPA3
REPAC (Alias)7p15.3 RAPGEF5
REPIN17q36.1 REPIN1 (replication initiator 1)
Repo-Man (Alias)8p21.2 CDCA2
Repro-SA-1 (Alias)10p12.2 SPAG6
REPS16q24.1 REPS1 (RALBP1 associated Eps domain containing 1)
REQ (Alias)11q13.1 DPF2
RER11p36.32 RER1 (retention in endoplasmic reticulum sorting receptor 1)
RER (Alias)5q31.3 IK
RERE1p36.23 RERE (arginine-glutamic acid dipeptide repeats)
REREP315q11.2 REREP3 (arginine-glutamic acid dipeptide repeats pseudogene 3)
RERG-AS112p12.3 RERG-AS1 (RERG antisense RNA 1)
RERGL12p12.3 RERGL (RERG like)
RERG12p12.3 RERG (RAS like estrogen regulated growth inhibitor)
RERT-lncRNA (Alias)19q13.2 RAB4B-EGLN2
RES4-22 (Alias)4p16.3 FAM193A
RES4-23 (Alias)4p16.3 SH3BP2
RES4-24 (Alias)4p16.3 NOP14-AS1
RES4-25 (Alias)4p16.3 NOP14
RES425 (Alias)4p16.3 NOP14
RES4-26 (Alias)4p16.3 RNF4
RESA1 (Alias)1p32.3 COA7
RESDA1 (Alias)3p21.31 CELSR3
RESDX (Alias)Xq22.1 SRPX2
RESP182q35 RESP18 (regulated endocrine specific protein 18)
RET1 (Alias)14q24.3 VSX2
RET1L (Alias)10q25.3 GFRA1
RETCOR (Alias)3p21.31 DHX30
RETGC-1 (Alias)17p13.1 GUCY2D
RETGC-2 (Alias)Xq22.3 GUCY2F
RETL1 (Alias)10q25.3 GFRA1
RETL2 (Alias)8p21.3 GFRA2
RETN1 (Alias)19p13.2 RETN
RETNLB3q13.13 RETNLB (resistin like beta)
RETN19p13.2 RETN (resistin)
RET/PCM-1 (Alias)8p22 PCM1
RETREG15p15.1 RETREG1 (reticulophagy regulator 1)
RETREG22q35 RETREG2 (reticulophagy regulator family member 2)
RETREG317q21.2 RETREG3 (reticulophagy regulator family member 3)
RETSAT2p11.2 RETSAT (retinol saturase)
RETSDR2 (Alias)4q22.1 HSD17B11
RETSDR8 (Alias)2q31.1 DHRS9
REUL (Alias)17q11.2 RNF135
REV1L (Alias)2q11.2 REV1
REV12q11.2 REV1 (REV1, DNA directed polymerase)
REV3 (Alias)6q21 REV3L
REV3L6q21 REV3L (REV3 like, DNA directed polymerase zeta catalytic subunit)
REV7 (Alias)1p36.22 MAD2L2
REX1 (Alias)19p13.3 REXO1
REX-1 (Alias)4q35.2 ZFP42
REX1 (Alias)4q35.2 ZFP42
REX1BD19p13.11 REX1BD (required for excision 1-B domain containing)
REX2 (Alias)11q23.2 REXO2
REX4 (Alias)9q34.2 REXO4
REXO1L1 (Alias)8q21.2 REXO1L1P
REXO1L1P8q21.2 REXO1L1P (REX1, RNA exonuclease 1 homolog-like 1, pseudogene)
REXO1L2P8q21.2 REXO1L2P (REX1, RNA exonuclease 1 homolog-like 2, pseudogene)
REXO119p13.3 REXO1 (RNA exonuclease 1 homolog)
REXO211q23.2 REXO2 (RNA exonuclease 2)
REXO49q34.2 REXO4 (REX4 homolog, 3'-5' exonuclease)
REXO516p12.3 REXO5 (RNA exonuclease 5)
RF1 (Alias)5q31.2 ETF1
RF1 (Alias)13q14.11 MTRF1
RF-A (Alias)17p13.3 RPA1
RFB30 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM10
RFC140 (Alias)4p14 RFC1
RFC1 (Alias)21q22.3 SLC19A1
RFC14p14 RFC1 (replication factor C subunit 1)
RFC27q11.23 RFC2 (replication factor C subunit 2)
RFC36 (Alias)12q24.23 RFC5
RFC37 (Alias)3q27.3 RFC4
RFC38 (Alias)13q13.2 RFC3
RFC313q13.2 RFC3 (replication factor C subunit 3)
RFC40 (Alias)7q11.23 RFC2
RFC43q27.3 RFC4 (replication factor C subunit 4)
RFC512q24.23 RFC5 (replication factor C subunit 5)
RFC (Alias)4p14 RFC1
RFESD5q15 RFESD (Rieske Fe-S domain containing)
RFFL17q12 RFFL (ring finger and FYVE like domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase)
RFG5 (Alias)14q32.12 GOLGA5
RFG7 (Alias)1p13.2 TRIM33
RFI (Alias)12q24.31 RNF34
RFK9q21.13 RFK (riboflavin kinase)
RFLAT-1 (Alias)15q13.3 KLF13
RFLAT1 (Alias)15q13.3 KLF13
RFLNA12q24.31 RFLNA (ZNF664-RFLNA readthrough)
RFLNB17p13.3 RFLNB (refilin B)
RFMN (Alias)2q14.2 RNU4ATAC
RFN (Alias)11q23.2 REXO2
RFNG17q25.3 RFNG (RFNG O-fucosylpeptide 3-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase)
RFP2 (Alias)13q14.2 TRIM13
RFP2OS (Alias)13q14.2 DLEU2
RFPL1-AS1 (Alias)22q12.2 RFPL1S
RFPL1-AS (Alias)22q12.2 RFPL1S
RFPL1AS (Alias)22q12.2 RFPL1S
RFPL122q12.2 RFPL1 (ret finger protein like 1)
RFPL1S22q12.2 RFPL1S (RFPL1 antisense RNA 1)
RFPL222q12.3 RFPL2 (ret finger protein like 2)
RFPL3ANT (Alias)22q12.3 RFPL3S
RFPL3-AS1 (Alias)22q12.3 RFPL3S
RFPL3-AS (Alias)22q12.3 RFPL3S
RFPL3AS (Alias)22q12.3 RFPL3S
RFPL322q12.3 RFPL3 (ret finger protein like 3)
RFPL3S22q12.3 RFPL3S (RFPL3 antisense)
RFPL4AL119q13.42 RFPL4AL1 (ret finger protein like 4A like 1)
RFPL4 (Alias)19q13.42 RFPL4A
RFPL4A19q13.42 RFPL4A (ret finger protein like 4A)
RFPL4B6q21 RFPL4B (ret finger protein like 4B)
RFRP (Alias)7p15.3 NPVF
RFSN (Alias)17q25.3 FSCN2
RFT1 (Alias)17p13.2 SLC52A1
RFT13p21.1 RFT1 (RFT1 homolog)
RFT2 (Alias)20p13 SLC52A3
RFT3 (Alias)8q24.3 SLC52A2
RFT (Alias)18q21.1 MBD1
RFTN13p24.3 RFTN1 (raftlin, lipid raft linker 1)
RFTN22q33.1 RFTN2 (raftlin family member 2)
RFVT1 (Alias)17p13.2 SLC52A1
RFVT2 (Alias)8q24.3 SLC52A2
RFVT3 (Alias)20p13 SLC52A3
RFWD1 (Alias)16p13.3 TRAF7
RFWD21q25.1 RFWD2 (ring finger and WD repeat domain 2)
RFWD316q23.1 RFWD3 (ring finger and WD repeat domain 3)
RFX119p13.12 RFX1 (regulatory factor X1)
RFX219p13.3 RFX2 (regulatory factor X2)
RFX3-AS19p24.2 RFX3-AS1 (RFX3 antisense RNA 1)
RFX39p24.2 RFX3 (regulatory factor X3)
RFX412q23.3 RFX4 (regulatory factor X4)
RFX51q21.3 RFX5 (regulatory factor X5)
RFX66q22.1 RFX6 (regulatory factor X6)
RFX715q21.3 RFX7 (regulatory factor X7)
RFX82q11.2 RFX8 (RFX family member 8, lacking RFX DNA binding domain)
RFX (Alias)19p13.12 RFX1
RFXANK19p13.11 RFXANK (regulatory factor X associated ankyrin containing protein)
RFXAP13q13.3 RFXAP (regulatory factor X associated protein)
RFX-B (Alias)19p13.11 RFXANK
RFXDC1 (Alias)6q22.1 RFX6
RFXDC2 (Alias)15q21.3 RFX7
RG083M05.2 (Alias)7q21.2 GATAD1
RG208K23 (Alias)7q31.1 EIF3IP1
RG7MT1 (Alias)18p11.21 RNMT
RG9MTD1 (Alias)3q12.3 TRMT10C
RG9MTD2 (Alias)4q23 TRMT10A
RG9MTD3 (Alias)9p13.2 TRMT10B
RGAG1 (Alias)Xq23 RTL9
RGAG1- RGAG1 (-)
RGAG2 (Alias)8p21.2 PNMA2
RGAG4 (Alias)Xq13.1 RTL5
RGAG4- RGAG4 (-)
RG (Alias)6p21.33 C4A
RGC1 (Alias)Xq28 ARHGAP4
RGC-32 (Alias)13q14.11 RGCC
RGC32 (Alias)13q14.11 RGCC
RGCC13q14.11 RGCC (regulator of cell cycle)
RGDS (Alias)9q34.13 RALGDS
RGF (Alias)9q34.13 RALGDS
RGI1 (Alias)14q11.2 RPGRIP1
RGL1 (Alias)12q13.3 ARHGAP9
RGL11q25.3 RGL1 (ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator like 1)
RGL26p21.32 RGL2 (ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator like 2)
RGL319p13.2 RGL3 (ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator like 3)
RGL422q11.23 RGL4 (ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator like 4)
RGL (Alias)1q25.3 RGL1
RGM (Alias)15q26.1 RGMA
RGMA15q26.1 RGMA (repulsive guidance molecule family member a)
RGMB-AS15q15 RGMB-AS1 (RGMB antisense RNA 1)
RGMB5q15 RGMB (repulsive guidance molecule family member b)
RGMC (Alias)1q21.1 HFE2
RGNEF (Alias)5q13.2 ARHGEF28
RGNXp11.3 RGN (regucalcin)
RGP1 (Alias)2p11.2 RGPD1
RGP19p13.3 RGP1 (RGP1 homolog, RAB6A GEF complex partner 1)
RGP2 (Alias)2p11.2 RGPD2
RGP3 (Alias)2q12.2 RGPD3
RGP3 (Alias)9q32 RGS3
RGP4 (Alias)2q12.3 RGPD4
RGP4 (Alias)1q23.3 RGS4
RGP5 (Alias)2q13 RGPD5
RGP6 (Alias)2q13 RGPD6
RGP8 (Alias)2q13 RGPD8
RGPD12p11.2 RGPD1 (RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 1)
RGPD2 (Alias)2p11.2 RGPD1
RGPD22p11.2 RGPD2 (RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 2)
RGPD32q12.2 RGPD3 (RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 3)
RGPD4-AS12q12.3 RGPD4-AS1 (RGPD4 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RGPD42q12.3 RGPD4 (RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 4)
RGPD52q13 RGPD5 (RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 5)
RGPD62q13 RGPD6 (RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 6)
RGPD7 (Alias)2q13 RGPD6
RGPD82q13 RGPD8 (RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 8)
RGPG542 (Alias)2p25.3 ALKAL2
RGPR (Alias)1q25.2 SEC16B
RGR1 (Alias)Xp11.4 MED14
Rgr (Alias)22q11.23 RGL4
RGRIP (Alias)14q11.2 RPGRIP1
RGR10q23.1 RGR (retinal G protein coupled receptor)
RGS1010q26.11 RGS10 (regulator of G protein signaling 10)
RGS1116p13.3 RGS11 (regulator of G protein signaling 11)
RGS124p16.3 RGS12 (regulator of G protein signaling 12)
RGS13 (Alias)1q31.2 RGS18
RGS131q31.2 RGS13 (regulator of G protein signaling 13)
RGS145q35.3 RGS14 (regulator of G protein signaling 14)
RGS161q25.3 RGS16 (regulator of G protein signaling 16)
RGS181q31.2 RGS18 (regulator of G protein signaling 18)
RGS19IP1 (Alias)19p13.12 GIPC1
RGS1920q13.33 RGS19 (regulator of G protein signaling 19)
RGS11q31.2 RGS1 (regulator of G protein signaling 1)
RGS208q11.23 RGS20 (regulator of G protein signaling 20)
RGS211q31.2 RGS21 (regulator of G protein signaling 21)
RGS228q22.2 RGS22 (regulator of G protein signaling 22)
RGS39q32 RGS3 (regulator of G protein signaling 3)
RGS41q23.3 RGS4 (regulator of G protein signaling 4)
RGS51q23.3 RGS5 (regulator of G protein signaling 5)
RGS614q24.2 RGS6 (regulator of G protein signaling 6)
RGS7BP5q12.3 RGS7BP (regulator of G protein signaling 7 binding protein)
RGS71q43 RGS7 (regulator of G protein signaling 7)
RGS81q25.3 RGS8 (regulator of G protein signaling 8)
RGS9 (Alias)19q13.11 RGS9BP
RGS9BP19q13.11 RGS9BP (regulator of G protein signaling 9 binding protein)
RGS9L (Alias)17q24.1 RGS9
RGS917q24.1 RGS9 (regulator of G protein signaling 9)
RGS (Alias)4q25 PITX2
RGSGAIP (Alias)20q13.33 RGS19
RGSL11q25.3 RGSL1 (regulator of G protein signaling like 1)
RGSL2 (Alias)1q25.3 RGSL1
RGSL (Alias)1q25.3 RGSL1
RGS-PX1 (Alias)7p21.1 SNX13
RGS-PX2 (Alias)6q14.3 SNX14
RGS-R (Alias)1q25.3 RGS16
RGSZ1 (Alias)8q11.23 RGS20
RH2 (Alias)6p12.3 RHAG
RH30A (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RH30 (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
Rh4 (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
Rh4 (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RH50A (Alias)6p12.3 RHAG
Rh50 (Alias)6p12.3 RHAG
Rh50GP (Alias)6p12.3 RHAG
RH70 (Alias)22q13.1 DDX17
RHAG6p12.3 RHAG (Rh-associated glycoprotein)
RH (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RH (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHAMM (Alias)5q34 HMMR
RHAU (Alias)3q25.2 DHX36
RHBDD12q36.3 RHBDD1 (rhomboid domain containing 1)
RHBDD27q11.23 RHBDD2 (rhomboid domain containing 2)
RHBDD322q12.2 RHBDD3 (rhomboid domain containing 3)
RHBDF116p13.3 RHBDF1 (rhomboid 5 homolog 1)
RHBDF217q25.1 RHBDF2 (rhomboid 5 homolog 2)
RHBDL116p13.3 RHBDL1 (rhomboid like 1)
RHBDL21p34.3 RHBDL2 (rhomboid like 2)
RHBDL317q11.2 RHBDL3 (rhomboid like 3)
RHBDL4 (Alias)2q36.3 RHBDD1
RHBDL4 (Alias)17q11.2 RHBDL3
RHBDL5 (Alias)17q25.1 RHBDF2
RHBDL6 (Alias)17q25.1 RHBDF2
RHBDL7 (Alias)7q11.23 RHBDD2
RHBDL (Alias)16p13.3 RHBDL1
RHBDS1 (Alias)3q27.1 PARL
RHBG1q22 RHBG (Rh family B glycoprotein (gene/pseudogene))
RHC (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RHCe(152N) (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RHCED (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHCE1p36.11 RHCE (Rh blood group CcEe antigens)
RHCG15q26.1 RHCG (Rh family C glycoprotein)
RHDA2 (Alias)8p22 FGF20
RhDCw (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHDel (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHD1p36.11 RHD (Rh blood group D antigen)
RHDVA(TT) (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHE (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RHEB1 (Alias)10q11.22 RHEBP1
RHEB2 (Alias)7q36.1 RHEB
RHEB (Alias)10q11.22 RHEBP1
RHEBL1c (Alias)12q13.12 RHEBL1
RHEBL112q13.12 RHEBL1 (Ras homolog enriched in brain like 1)
RHEBP110q11.22 RHEBP1 (Ras-homolog enriched in brain pseudogene 1)
RHEB7q36.1 RHEB (Ras homolog enriched in brain)
RHELP (Alias)17q23.3 DDX42
Rhes (Alias)22q12.3 RASD2
RHEX (Alias)1q32.1 C1orf186
RHFCA (Alias)2p13.2 CYP26B1
RHGK (Alias)15q26.1 RHCG
RhII (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RH-II/GuA (Alias)10q22.1 DDX21
RH-II/GU (Alias)10q22.1 DDX21
RH-II/GuB (Alias)10q22.1 DDX50
RHINO (Alias)12p13.33 RHNO1
RhitH (Alias)16p13.3 ZNF205
RhIVb(J) (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RHIXB (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RhK562-II (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHLP (Alias)20q13.13 DDX27
RHNO112p13.33 RHNO1 (RAD9-HUS1-RAD1 interacting nuclear orphan 1)
RHO6 (Alias)12q13.12 RND1
RHO7 (Alias)17q21.31 RND2
Rho (Alias)11q13.2 RHOD
RHOBP (Alias)19q13.11 RHPN2
RHOD11q13.2 RHOD (ras homolog family member D)
RHOF12q24.31 RHOF (ras homolog family member F, filopodia associated)
RHOGAP1 (Alias)11p11.2 ARHGAP1
RhoGap22 (Alias)10q11.22 ARHGAP22
RhoGAP2 (Alias)10q11.22 ARHGAP22
RHOGAP2 (Alias)2q31.1 CHN1
RHOGAP3 (Alias)7p14.3 CHN2
RhoGAP4 (Alias)Xq28 ARHGAP4
RhoGAP5 (Alias)14q12 ARHGAP5
RHOGAP6 (Alias)Xp22.2 ARHGAP6
RHOGAP (Alias)11p11.2 ARHGAP1
RHOGAPX-1 (Alias)Xp22.2 ARHGAP6
RHOGDI-1 (Alias)17q25.3 ARHGDIA
RhoGDI2 (Alias)12p12.3 ARHGDIB
RHOGDI-3 (Alias)16p13.3 ARHGDIG
RHOGDI (Alias)17q25.3 ARHGDIA
RHOGEF17 (Alias)11q13.4 ARHGEF17
RHOG11p15.4 RHOG (ras homolog family member G)
RHOHP1 (Alias)11q13.2 RHOD
RHOIP3 (Alias)17p11.2 MPRIP
RHOJ14q23.2 RHOJ (ras homolog family member J)
RHOK (Alias)13q34 GRK1
Rhom-3 (Alias)12p12.3 LMO3
RHOM3 (Alias)12p12.3 LMO3
RHOM (Alias)11q13.2 RHOD
RhoN (Alias)17q21.31 RND2
RHOPHILIN (Alias)8q24.3 RHPN1
RHOQ2p21 RHOQ (ras homolog family member Q)
RHO3q22.1 RHO (rhodopsin)
RHOS (Alias)12q13.12 RND1
RHOT1P317q11.2 RHOT1P3 (ras homolog family member T1 pseudogene 3)
RHOT117q11.2 RHOT1 (ras homolog family member T1)
RHOT216p13.3 RHOT2 (ras homolog family member T2)
RHOU1q42.13 RHOU (ras homolog family member U)
RHOV15q15.1 RHOV (ras homolog family member V)
RHOXF1-AS1Xq24 RHOXF1-AS1 (RHOXF1 antisense RNA 1)
RHOXF1P1Xq24 RHOXF1P1 (Rhox homeobox family member 1 pseudogene 1)
RHOXF1Xq24 RHOXF1 (Rhox homeobox family member 1)
RHOXF2BXq24 RHOXF2B (Rhox homeobox family member 2B)
RHOXF2Xq24 RHOXF2 (Rhox homeobox family member 2)
RHPD1 (Alias)3q22.1 NPHP3
RHPD2 (Alias)17q11.2 NEK8
RHPD (Alias)3q22.1 NPHP3
RHPI (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RhPI (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHPII (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RHPN1-AS18q24.3 RHPN1-AS1 (RHPN1 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RHPN18q24.3 RHPN1 (rhophilin Rho GTPase binding protein 1)
RHPN219q13.11 RHPN2 (rhophilin Rho GTPase binding protein 2)
RHPN (Alias)8q24.3 RHPN1
RHPNAP1 (Alias)3q21.1 ROPN1
RHR (Alias)10q25.3 ADRB1
RhVI (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RhVIII (Alias)1p36.11 RHCE
RHXIII (Alias)1p36.11 RHD
RI58 (Alias)10q23.31 IFIT5
RIA1 (Alias)15q25.2 EFL1
RIAM (Alias)10p12.1 APBB1IP
Rian (Alias)14q32.2 MEG8
RIAZ (Alias)22q12.2 PATZ1
RIB1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE1
RIBA (Alias)18q12.3 RIT2
RIBB (Alias)1q22 RIT1
RIBC1Xp11.22 RIBC1 (RIB43A domain with coiled-coils 1)
RIBC222q13.31 RIBC2 (RIB43A domain with coiled-coils 2)
RIBIIR (Alias)20q11.23 RPN2
RIC19p24.1 RIC1 (RIC1 homolog, RAB6A GEF complex partner 1)
RIC311p15.4 RIC3 (RIC3 acetylcholine receptor chaperone)
RIC-4 (Alias)20p12.2 SNAP25
RIC4 (Alias)20p12.2 SNAP25
RIC8 (Alias)11p15.5 RIC8A
RIC8 (Alias)12q23.3 RIC8B
RIC8A11p15.5 RIC8A (RIC8 guanine nucleotide exchange factor A)
RIC8B12q23.3 RIC8B (RIC8 guanine nucleotide exchange factor B)
RICH-1 (Alias)16p12.1 ARHGAP17
RICH1 (Alias)16p12.1 ARHGAP17
RICH2 (Alias)17p12 ARHGAP44
RICK (Alias)8q21.3 RIPK2
RICS (Alias)11q24.3 ARHGAP32
RICTOR5p13.1 RICTOR (RPTOR independent companion of MTOR complex 2)
RIDA8q22.2 RIDA (reactive intermediate imine deaminase A homolog)
RIE2 (Alias)12q24.31 RNF10
RIEG1 (Alias)4q25 PITX2
RIEG (Alias)4q25 PITX2
RIF1 (Alias)9p24.1 INSL6
RIF1 (Alias)1p13.3 LRIF1
RIF12q23.3 RIF1 (replication timing regulatory factor 1)
RIF (Alias)12q24.31 RHOF
RIF (Alias)12q24.31 RNF34
RIFF (Alias)12q24.31 RNF34
RIFK (Alias)9q21.13 RFK
RIFL (Alias)19p13.2 ANGPTL8
RIFLE (Alias)9q33.3 LRSAM1
RIG1 (Alias)11q24.2 ROBO3
RIG (Alias)19p13.3 DIRAS1
RIG (Alias)19p13.3 RPS15
RIG-B (Alias)11q12.1 UBE2L6
RIG-E (Alias)8q24.3 LY6E
RIGE (Alias)8q24.3 LY6E
RIG-G (Alias)10q23.31 IFIT3
RIG-I (Alias)9p21.1 DDX58
RIGI (Alias)9p21.1 DDX58
RIGUI (Alias)17p13.1 PER1
RIIAD11q21.3 RIIAD1 (regulatory subunit of type II PKA R-subunit (RIIa) domain containing 1)
RII-BETA (Alias)7q22.3 PRKAR2B
RIL (Alias)5q31.1 PDLIM4
RILP (Alias)12q12 PRICKLE1
RILPL112q24.31 RILPL1 (Rab interacting lysosomal protein like 1)
RILPL212q24.31 RILPL2 (Rab interacting lysosomal protein like 2)
RILP17p13.3 RILP (Rab interacting lysosomal protein)
RIM1 (Alias)6q13 RIMS1
RIM2 (Alias)8q22.3 RIMS2
RIM3 (Alias)1p34.2 RIMS3
RIM 4 (Alias)20q13.12 RIMS4
RIM-4 (Alias)20q13.12 RIMS4
RIM4 (Alias)20q13.12 RIMS4
RIM4-gamma (Alias)20q13.12 RIMS4
RIM4gamma (Alias)20q13.12 RIMS4
RIM (Alias)6q13 RIMS1
RIM-BP1 (Alias)17q22 TSPOAP1
RIMBP1 (Alias)17q22 TSPOAP1
RIM-BP2 (Alias)12q24.33 RIMBP2
RIMBP212q24.33 RIMBP2 (RIMS binding protein 2)
RIM-BP3.1 (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3
RIMBP3.1 (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3
RIM-BP3.2 (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3B
RIMBP3.2 (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3B
RIM-BP3.3 (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3C
RIMBP3.3 (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3C
RIM-BP3.A (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3
RIMBP3A (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3
RIM-BP3 (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3
RIM-BP3.B (Alias)22q11.21 RIMBP3B
RIMBP3B22q11.21 RIMBP3B (RIMS binding protein 3B)
RIMBP3C22q11.21 RIMBP3C (RIMS binding protein 3C)
RIMBP322q11.21 RIMBP3 (RIMS binding protein 3)
RIMKLA1p34.2 RIMKLA (ribosomal modification protein rimK like family member A)
RIMKLB12p13.31 RIMKLB (ribosomal modification protein rimK like family member B)
RIMS16q13 RIMS1 (regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis 1)
RIMS28q22.3 RIMS2 (regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis 2)
RIMS31p34.2 RIMS3 (regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis 3)
RIMS420q13.12 RIMS4 (regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis 4)
RIN111q13.2 RIN1 (Ras and Rab interactor 1)
RIN220p11.23 RIN2 (Ras and Rab interactor 2)
RIN314q32.12 RIN3 (Ras and Rab interactor 3)
RIN (Alias)18q12.3 RIT2
RINCK (Alias)5q35.3 TRIM41
RINES (Alias)5q12.3 RNF180
RING105 (Alias)17p13.2 RNF167
RING10 (Alias)6p21.32 PSMB8
RING11 (Alias)6p21.32 TAP2
RING12 (Alias)6p21.32 PSMB9
RING1A (Alias)6p21.32 RING1
RING1B (Alias)1q25.3 RNF2
RING16p21.32 RING1 (ring finger protein 1)
RING2 (Alias)6p21.32 HSD17B8
RING2 (Alias)1q25.3 RNF2
RING3 (Alias)6p21.32 BRD2
RING4 (Alias)6p21.32 TAP1
RING5 (Alias)6p21.32 RNF5
RING5 (Alias)6p21.32 SLC39A7
RING6 (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DMA
RING7 (Alias)6p21.32 HLA-DMB
Ringo1 (Alias)7p13 SPDYE1
Ringo2 (Alias)11q13.1 SPDYC
RINGO3 (Alias)2p23.2 SPDYA
RINGOA (Alias)2p23.2 SPDYA
RINGOC (Alias)11q13.1 SPDYC
RINL19q13.2 RINL (Ras and Rab interactor like)
RINT-1 (Alias)7q22.3 RINT1
RINT17q22.3 RINT1 (RAD50 interactor 1)
RINX (Alias)20p11.21 VSX1
RINZF (Alias)8q21.13 ZBTB10
RINZF (Alias)20q13.33 ZBTB46
RIO2 (Alias)5q15 RIOK2
RIOK16p24.3 RIOK1 (RIO kinase 1)
RIOK25q15 RIOK2 (RIO kinase 2)
RIOK318q11.2 RIOK3 (RIO kinase 3)
RIOX114q24.3 RIOX1 (ribosomal oxygenase 1)
RIP11 (Alias)2p13.2 RAB11FIP5
RIP15 (Alias)19q13.33 NR1H2
RIP160 (Alias)2p23.3 NCOA1
RIP-1 (Alias)12q21.2 KRR1
RIP1 (Alias)18p11.22 RALBP1
RIP-1 (Alias)6p25.2 RIPK1
RIP1 (Alias)6p25.2 RIPK1
RIP1 (Alias)19q12 UQCRFS1
RIP2 (Alias)5q13.2 ARHGEF28
RIP2 (Alias)8q21.3 RIPK2
RIP3 (Alias)17p11.2 MPRIP
RIP3 (Alias)14q12 RIPK3
RIP4 (Alias)21q22.3 RIPK4
RIP5 (Alias)20q11.23 C20orf24
RIP5 (Alias)1q32.1 DSTYK
RIP60 (Alias)7q36.1 REPIN1
RIP (Alias)2q36.3 AGFG1
RIP (Alias)3p21.2 DCAF1
RIP (Alias)6p25.2 RIPK1
RIP (Alias)17p13.2 RPAIN
RIPK16p25.2 RIPK1 (receptor interacting serine/threonine kinase 1)
RIPK28q21.3 RIPK2 (receptor interacting serine/threonine kinase 2)
RIPK314q12 RIPK3 (receptor interacting serine/threonine kinase 3)
RIPK421q22.3 RIPK4 (receptor interacting serine/threonine kinase 4)
RIPK5 (Alias)1q32.1 DSTYK
RIPK6 (Alias)15q26.3 LRRK1
RIPK7 (Alias)12q12 LRRK2
Riplet (Alias)17q11.2 RNF135
RIPOR116q22.1 RIPOR1 (RHO family interacting cell polarization regulator 1)
RIPOR26p22.3 RIPOR2 (RHO family interacting cell polarization regulator 2)
RIPOR320q13.13 RIPOR3 (RIPOR family member 3)
RIPPLY1Xq22.3 RIPPLY1 (ripply transcriptional repressor 1)
RIPPLY26q14.2 RIPPLY2 (ripply transcriptional repressor 2)
RIPPLY321q22.13 RIPPLY3 (ripply transcriptional repressor 3)
RIPX (Alias)4q13.3 RUFY3
RIR (Alias)11p15.4 APBB1
RIS1 (Alias)3p21.31 TMEM158
RIS1 (Alias)19q12 UQCRFS1
RIS (Alias)15q22.31 RASL12
RISC (Alias)17q22 SCPEP1
RISP (Alias)19q12 UQCRFS1
RIT11q22 RIT1 (Ras like without CAAX 1)
RIT218q12.3 RIT2 (Ras like without CAAX 2)
RITA112q24.13 RITA1 (RBPJ interacting and tubulin associated 1)
RITA (Alias)12q24.13 RITA1
RITA (Alias)19q13.42 ZNF331
RIT (Alias)1q22 RIT1
RJD2 (Alias)16p13.3 WFIKKN1
RJD9 (Alias)16p13.3 GNPTG
RK5 (Alias)7q31.31 KCND2
RK (Alias)13q34 GRK1
RK (Alias)2p23.2 RBKS
RKHD1 (Alias)19p13.3 MEX3D
RKHD2 (Alias)18q21.2 MEX3C
RKHD3 (Alias)15q25.2 MEX3B
RKHD4 (Alias)1q22 MEX3A
RKST1 (Alias)16p12.1 SLC5A11
RKTG (Alias)4q21.21 PAQR3
RL14 (Alias)3p22.1 RPL14
RL-4 (Alias)6q25.1 RAET1E
RL (Alias)7q22.1 RELN
Rlb1 (Alias)5q23.1 SRFBP1
RLBP1L1 (Alias)8q12.2 CLVS1
RLBP1L2 (Alias)6q22.31 CLVS2
RLBP115q26.1 RLBP1 (retinaldehyde binding protein 1)
RLD-1 (Alias)11p11.2 NR1H3
RLF (Alias)19p13.11 INSL3
RLFP14q26 RLFP1 (rearranged L-myc fusion pseudogene 1)
RLFP (Alias)4q26 RLFP1
RLF1p34.2 RLF (rearranged L-myc fusion)
RLG (Alias)13q14.2 RCBTB2
RLGP (Alias)Xq22.1 RAB40AL
RLGS1930 (Alias)4p16.3 PIGG
RLI1 (Alias)4q31.21 ABCE1
RLI (Alias)4q31.21 ABCE1
RLIMXq13.2 RLIM (ring finger protein, LIM domain interacting)
RLIP1 (Alias)18p11.22 RALBP1
RLIP76 (Alias)18p11.22 RALBP1
RLK (Alias)4p12 TXK
RLLM1 (Alias)14q22.1 C14orf166
RLLM1 (Alias)14q22.1 RTRAF
RLN19p24.1 RLN1 (relaxin 1)
RLN3R1 (Alias)5p13.2 RXFP3
RLN3R2 (Alias)1q22 RXFP4
RLN319p13.12 RLN3 (relaxin 3)
RLNL (Alias)19p13.11 INSL3
RLP1 (Alias)11q12.3 HRASLS5
RLP1 (Alias)12q24.31 RILPL1
RLP24 (Alias)15q21.3 RSL24D1
RLP2 (Alias)12q24.31 RILPL2
RLP49 (Alias)19q13.33 RCN3
RLPK (Alias)14q32.11 RPS6KA5
RLR-1 (Alias)9p21.1 DDX58
RLR-2 (Alias)2q24.2 IFIH1
RLR-3 (Alias)17q21.2 DHX58
RLTPR (Alias)16q22.1 CARMIL2
RLUCL (Alias)16p13.3 RPUSD1
RLX1 (Alias)2p12 MRPL19
RLXH1 (Alias)9p24.1 RLN1
RMA1 (Alias)6p21.32 RNF5
RM (Alias)5p13.2 AMACR
RMB35A (Alias)8q22.1 ESRP1
RMD11 (Alias)16p13.3 NPRL3
RMD-1 (Alias)8q21.3 RMDN1
RMD1 (Alias)8q21.3 RMDN1
RMD1 (Alias)6q25.1 RMND1
RMD-2 (Alias)2p22.2 RMDN2
RMD2 (Alias)2p22.2 RMDN2
RMD-3 (Alias)15q15.1 RMDN3
RMD3 (Alias)15q15.1 RMDN3
RMD4 (Alias)2p22.2 RMDN2
RMD5 (Alias)2p11.2 RMND5A
RMDN18q21.3 RMDN1 (regulator of microtubule dynamics 1)
RMDN2-AS12p22.2 RMDN2-AS1 (RMDN2 antisense RNA 1)
RMDN22p22.2 RMDN2 (regulator of microtubule dynamics 2)
RMDN315q15.1 RMDN3 (regulator of microtubule dynamics 3)
RME8 (Alias)3q22.1 DNAJC13
RMFSL (Alias)7p22.3 BRAT1
RMI19q21.32 RMI1 (RecQ mediated genome instability 1)
RMI216p13.13 RMI2 (RecQ mediated genome instability 2)
RMLP-R-I (Alias)19q13.41 FPR3
RMND16q25.1 RMND1 (required for meiotic nuclear division 1 homolog)
RMND5A2p11.2 RMND5A (required for meiotic nuclear division 5 homolog A)
RMND5B5q35.3 RMND5B (required for meiotic nuclear division 5 homolog B)
RMO1 (Alias)2q33.2 RAPH1
RMP (Alias)1p22.1 ABCA4
RMP (Alias)7p22.3 GNA12
RMP (Alias)19q12 URI1
RMPL32 (Alias)6p21.1 MRPL14
RMS2 (Alias)1p36.13 PAX7
RMSE2 (Alias)14q32.13 DICER1
RMST12q23.1 RMST (rhabdomyosarcoma 2 associated transcript (non-protein coding))
RMTL1 (Alias)17p13.3 MRM3
RN18S1 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA18SN4
RN18S1 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA18SN5
RN28S1 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA28SN5
RN3 (Alias)5p13.3 DROSHA
RN49018 (Alias)3p21.31 ALS2CL
RN5-8S1 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA5-8S5
RN5-8S1 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA5-8SN4
RN5-8S1 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA5-8SN5
RN5S10 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S10
RN5S11 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S11
RN5S12 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S12
RN5S13 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S13
RN5S14 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S14
RN5S15 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S15
RN5S16 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S16
RN5S17 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S17
RN5S1 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S1
RN5S1@1q42.13 RN5S1@ (RNA, 5S ribosomal 1q42 cluster)
RN5S2 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S2
RN5S3 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S3
RN5S4 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S4
RN5S5 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S5
RN5S6 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S6
RN5S7 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S7
RN5S8 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S8
RN5S9 (Alias)1q42.13 RNA5S9
RN5S (Alias)1q42.13 RN5S1@
RN7SKP2316p12.2 RN7SKP23 (RNA, 7SK small nuclear pseudogene 23)
RN7SK6p12.2 RN7SK (RNA, 7SK small nuclear)
RN7SL114q21.3 RN7SL1 (RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 1)
RN7SL214q21.3 RN7SL2 (RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 2)
RN7SL314q21.3 RN7SL3 (RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 3)
RN7SL631P (Alias)14q21.3 RN7SL3
RN7SL737P12q22 RN7SL737P (RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 737, pseudogene)
RN7SL832P2p25.1 RN7SL832P (RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 832, pseudogene)
RN7SL (Alias)14q21.3 RN7SL1
RNA18S4 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA18SN1
RNA18S5 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA18SN4
RNA18S5 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA18SN5
RNA18SN121p11.2 RNA18SN1 (RNA, 18S ribosomal N1)
RNA18SN221p11.2 RNA18SN2 (RNA, 18S ribosomal N2)
RNA18SN321p11.2 RNA18SN3 (RNA, 18S ribosomal N3)
RNA18SN421p11.2 RNA18SN4 (RNA, 18S pre-ribosomal N4)
RNA18SN521p11.2 RNA18SN5 (RNA, 18S ribosomal N5)
RNA18SP321p11.2 RNA18SP3 (RNA, 18S ribosomal pseudogene 3)
RNA18SP421p11.2 RNA18SP4 (RNA, 18S ribosomal pseudogene 4)
RNA18SP521p11.2 RNA18SP5 (RNA, 18S ribosomal pseudogene 5)
RNA28S4 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA28SN1
RNA28S5 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA28SN5
RNA28SN121p11.2 RNA28SN1 (RNA, 28S ribosomal N1)
RNA28SN221p11.2 RNA28SN2 (RNA, 28S ribosomal N2)
RNA28SN321p11.2 RNA28SN3 (RNA, 28S ribosomal N3)
RNA28SN521p11.2 RNA28SN5 (RNA, 28S ribosomal N5)
RNA40057 (Alias)22q13.2 CYP2D7
RNA45S4 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA45SN1
RNA45S5 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA45SN5
RNA45SN121p11.2 RNA45SN1 (RNA, 45S pre-ribosomal N1)
RNA45SN221p11.2 RNA45SN2 (RNA, 45S pre-ribosomal N2)
RNA45SN321p11.2 RNA45SN3 (RNA, 45S pre-ribosomal N3)
RNA45SN521p11.2 RNA45SN5 (RNA, 45S pre-ribosomal N5)
RNA5-8N2 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA5-8SN2
RNA5-8S4 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA5-8SN1
RNA5-8S5 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA5-8SN4
RNA5-8S5 (Alias)21p11.2 RNA5-8SN5
RNA5-8S521p11.2 RNA5-8S5 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal 5)
RNA5-8SN121p11.2 RNA5-8SN1 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal N1)
RNA5-8SN221p11.2 RNA5-8SN2 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal N2)
RNA5-8SN321p11.2 RNA5-8SN3 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal N3)
RNA5-8SN421p11.2 RNA5-8SN4 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal N4)
RNA5-8SN521p11.2 RNA5-8SN5 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal N5)
RNA5-8SP1021p11.2 RNA5-8SP10 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal pseudogene 10)
RNA5-8SP821p11.2 RNA5-8SP8 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal pseudogene 8)
RNA5-8SP921p11.2 RNA5-8SP9 (RNA, 5.8S ribosomal pseudogene 9)
RNA5S101q42.13 RNA5S10 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 10)
RNA5S111q42.13 RNA5S11 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 11)
RNA5S121q42.13 RNA5S12 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 12)
RNA5S131q42.13 RNA5S13 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 13)
RNA5S141q42.13 RNA5S14 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 14)
RNA5S151q42.13 RNA5S15 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 15)
RNA5S161q42.13 RNA5S16 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 16)
RNA5S171q42.13 RNA5S17 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 17)
RNA5S11q42.13 RNA5S1 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 1)
RNA5S21q42.13 RNA5S2 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 2)
RNA5S31q42.13 RNA5S3 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 3)
RNA5S41q42.13 RNA5S4 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 4)
RNA5S51q42.13 RNA5S5 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 5)
RNA5S61q42.13 RNA5S6 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 6)
RNA5S71q42.13 RNA5S7 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 7)
RNA5S81q42.13 RNA5S8 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 8)
RNA5S91q42.13 RNA5S9 (RNA, 5S ribosomal 9)
RNAC (Alias)9p24.1 RCL1
RNAH (Alias)6q16.3 ASCC3
RNAh (Alias)16q22.1 DDX19B
RNAHP (Alias)17q23.3 DDX42
RN (Alias)21q22.3 U2AF1
RN (Alias)1p35.1 ZNF362
RNANC (Alias)10q21.3 ATOH7
RNASE1014q11.2 RNASE10 (ribonuclease A family member 10 (inactive))
RNASE1114q11.2 RNASE11 (ribonuclease A family member 11 (inactive))
RNASE1214q11.2 RNASE12 (ribonuclease A family member 12 (inactive))
RNASE1314q11.2 RNASE13 (ribonuclease A family member 13 (inactive))
RNASE114q11.2 RNASE1 (ribonuclease A family member 1, pancreatic)
RNASE214q11.2 RNASE2 (ribonuclease A family member 2)
RNASE3L (Alias)5p13.3 DROSHA
RNASE314q11.2 RNASE3 (ribonuclease A family member 3)
RNASE414q11.2 RNASE4 (ribonuclease A family member 4)
RNASE614q11.2 RNASE6 (ribonuclease A family member k6)
RNASE714q11.2 RNASE7 (ribonuclease A family member 7)
RNASE814q11.2 RNASE8 (ribonuclease A family member 8)
RNASE9 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE10
RNASE914q11.2 RNASE9 (ribonuclease A family member 9 (inactive))
RNASEH1-AS12p25.3 RNASEH1-AS1 (RNASEH1 antisense RNA 1)
RNASEH12p25.3 RNASEH1 (ribonuclease H1)
RNASEH2A19p13.13 RNASEH2A (ribonuclease H2 subunit A)
RNASEH2B-AS113q14.3 RNASEH2B-AS1 (RNASEH2B antisense RNA 1)
RNASEH2B13q14.3 RNASEH2B (ribonuclease H2 subunit B)
RNASEH2C11q13.1 RNASEH2C (ribonuclease H2 subunit C)
RNASEHI (Alias)19p13.13 RNASEH2A
RNasek6 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE6
RNASEK-C17orf4917p13.1 RNASEK-C17orf49 (RNASEK-C17orf49 readthrough)
RNASEK17p13.1 RNASEK (ribonuclease K)
RNASEL1 (Alias)4q31.21 ABCE1
RNASELI (Alias)4q31.21 ABCE1
RNASEL1q25.3 RNASEL (ribonuclease L)
RNASEN (Alias)5p13.3 DROSHA
RNASEP1 (Alias)6p25.1 RPP40
RNB6 (Alias)14q32.2 EVL
RNBP (Alias)Xq28 RENBP
RNCR2 (Alias)22q12.1 MIAT
Rncr3 (Alias)8p23.1 LINC00599
RND112q13.12 RND1 (Rho family GTPase 1)
RND217q21.31 RND2 (Rho family GTPase 2)
RNE1 (Alias)1p35.3 SNORA73A
RNE2 (Alias)3p22.1 SNORA62
RNE3 (Alias)3q27.3 SNORA63
RNF100 (Alias)17q25.1 TRIM47
RNF101 (Alias)11q11 TRIM48
RNF102 (Alias)5q35.3 TRIM52
RNF103-CHMP32p11.2 RNF103-CHMP3 (RNF103-CHMP3 readthrough)
RNF1032p11.2 RNF103 (ring finger protein 103)
RNF103-VPS24 (Alias)2p11.2 RNF103-CHMP3
RNF104 (Alias)3q25.33 TRIM59
RNF105 (Alias)21q22.13 TTC3
RNF105L (Alias)Xq13.3 TTC3P1
RNF106 (Alias)19p13.3 UHRF1
RNF107 (Alias)9p24.1 UHRF2
RNF108 (Alias)11q23.3 VPS11
RNF109 (Alias)7q22.1 TRIM56
RNF1012q24.31 RNF10 (ring finger protein 10)
RNF110 (Alias)17q12 PCGF2
RNF111L1 (Alias)18q21.1 C18orf25
RNF111L2 (Alias)18q21.1 RNF165
RNF11115q22.1 RNF111 (ring finger protein 111)
RNF11217p11.2 RNF112 (ring finger protein 112)
RNF113 (Alias)Xq24 RNF113A
RNF113AXq24 RNF113A (ring finger protein 113A)
RNF113B13q32.2 RNF113B (ring finger protein 113B)
RNF11420q13.13 RNF114 (ring finger protein 114)
RNF1151q21.1 RNF115 (ring finger protein 115)
RNF119 (Alias)16p13.3 TRAF7
RNF12111q13.4 RNF121 (ring finger protein 121)
RNF1228p12 RNF122 (ring finger protein 122)
RNF1233p21.31 RNF123 (ring finger protein 123)
RNF124 (Alias)17q22 RNF43
RNF12518q12.1 RNF125 (ring finger protein 125)
RNF126P117q22 RNF126P1 (ring finger protein 126 pseudogene 1)
RNF12619p13.3 RNF126 (ring finger protein 126)
RNF127 (Alias)Xq24 LONRF3
RNF128Xq22.3 RNF128 (ring finger protein 128, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase)
RNF129 (Alias)4q32.3 TRIM60
RNF12 (Alias)Xq13.2 RLIM
RNF1305q35.3 RNF130 (ring finger protein 130)
RNF131 (Alias)5q21.3 PJA2
RNF1337q31.32 RNF133 (ring finger protein 133)
RNF134 (Alias)10q24.33 PCGF6
RNF13517q11.2 RNF135 (ring finger protein 135)
RNF137 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM68
RNF138P15q11.2 RNF138P1 (ring finger protein 138 pseudogene 1)
RNF13818q12.1 RNF138 (ring finger protein 138)
RNF139-AS18q24.13 RNF139-AS1 (RNF139 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RNF133q25.1 RNF13 (ring finger protein 13)
RNF14111p15.4 RNF141 (ring finger protein 141)
RNF142 (Alias)4q32.3 SH3RF1
RNF144A-AS12p25.1 RNF144A-AS1 (RNF144A antisense RNA 1)
RNF144 (Alias)2p25.1 RNF144A
RNF144A2p25.1 RNF144A (ring finger protein 144A)
RNF144B6p22.3 RNF144B (ring finger protein 144B)
RNF1455q33.3 RNF145 (ring finger protein 145)
RNF1466q22.33 RNF146 (ring finger protein 146)
RNF147 (Alias)17q22 TRIM25
RNF1487q31.32 RNF148 (ring finger protein 148)
RNF1492q11.2 RNF149 (ring finger protein 149)
RNF145q31.3 RNF14 (ring finger protein 14)
RNF1504q31.21 RNF150 (ring finger protein 150)
RNF15116p13.3 RNF151 (ring finger protein 151)
RNF15218q21.33 RNF152 (ring finger protein 152)
RNF153 (Alias)10q23.32 MARCH5
RNF154 (Alias)12q13.3 DTX3
RNF155 (Alias)11q12.1 DTX4
RNF156 (Alias)16p13.3 MGRN1
RNF157-AS117q25.1 RNF157-AS1 (RNF157 antisense RNA 1)
RNF15717q25.1 RNF157 (ring finger protein 157)
RNF158 (Alias)5q32 SH3RF2
RNF159 (Alias)10q23.32 PCGF5
RNF15 (Alias)6p22.2 TRIM38
RNF160 (Alias)21q21.3 LTN1
RNF161 (Alias)13q32.2 RNF113B
RNF162A (Alias)19q13.2 ZFP36
RNF162C (Alias)2p21 ZFP36L2
RNF163 (Alias)3q21.3 CNBP
RNF164 (Alias)9q33.2 RC3H2
RNF16518q21.1 RNF165 (ring finger protein 165)
RNF16616q24.2 RNF166 (ring finger protein 166)
RNF16717p13.2 RNF167 (ring finger protein 167)
RNF1683q29 RNF168 (ring finger protein 168)
RNF16911q13.4 RNF169 (ring finger protein 169)
RNF16 (Alias)1q42.13 TRIM17
RNF1708p11.21 RNF170 (ring finger protein 170)
RNF171 (Alias)4q32.2 MARCH1
RNF172 (Alias)19p13.2 MARCH2
RNF173 (Alias)5q23.2 MARCH3
RNF174 (Alias)2q35 MARCH4
RNF1754q31.3 RNF175 (ring finger protein 175)
RNF176 (Alias)5p15.2 MARCH6
RNF177 (Alias)2q24.2 MARCH7
RNF178 (Alias)10q11.21 MARCH8
RNF179 (Alias)12q14.1 MARCH9
RNF1713q12.12 RNF17 (ring finger protein 17)
RNF1805q12.3 RNF180 (ring finger protein 180)
RNF1812p11.2 RNF181 (ring finger protein 181)
RNF1826p23 RNF182 (ring finger protein 182)
RNF1839q32 RNF183 (ring finger protein 183)
RNF184 (Alias)3q22.3 MSL2
RNF185-AS122q12.2 RNF185-AS1 (RNF185 antisense RNA 1)
RNF18522q12.2 RNF185 (ring finger protein 185)
RNF1861p36.13 RNF186 (ring finger protein 186)
RNF1871q42.13 RNF187 (ring finger protein 187)
RNF188 (Alias)7q22.3 CBLL1
RNF189 (Alias)17q12 RFFL
RNF18 (Alias)11q14.3 TRIM49
RNF190 (Alias)17q23.2 MARCH10
RNF191 (Alias)8p23.1 LONRF1
RNF192 (Alias)2q11.2 LONRF2
RNF193 (Alias)19p13.3 MEX3D
RNF194 (Alias)18q21.2 MEX3C
RNF195 (Alias)15q25.2 MEX3B
RNF197 (Alias)14q22.2 CGRRF1
RNF198 (Alias)1q25.1 RC3H1
RNF19 (Alias)8q22.2 RNF19A
RNF19A8q22.2 RNF19A (ring finger protein 19A, RBR E3 ubiquitin protein ligase)
RNF19B1p35.1 RNF19B (ring finger protein 19B)
RNF1 (Alias)6p21.32 RING1
RNF200 (Alias)1q25.1 RFWD2
RNF201 (Alias)16q23.1 RFWD3
RNF202 (Alias)7p14.3 ZNRF2
RNF203 (Alias)22q12.1 ZNRF3
RNF204 (Alias)19p13.3 ZNRF4
RNF205 (Alias)11p11.2 RAPSN
RNF206 (Alias)3p21.31 TRAIP
RNF2071p36.31 RNF207 (ring finger protein 207)
RNF2089q34.3 RNF208 (ring finger protein 208)
RNF209 (Alias)4q35.2 TRIML1
RNF209q31.1 RNF20 (ring finger protein 20)
RNF210 (Alias)19q13.42 RFPL4A
RNF211 (Alias)6q21 RFPL4B
RNF212B14q11.2 RNF212B (ring finger protein 212B)
RNF2124p16.3 RNF212 (ring finger protein 212)
RNF21411q23.3 RNF214 (ring finger protein 214)
RNF21522q12.2 RNF215 (ring finger protein 215)
RNF216-IT17p22.1 RNF216-IT1 (RNF216 intronic transcript 1)
RNF216L (Alias)7p22.1 RNF216P1
RNF216P17p22.1 RNF216P1 (ring finger protein 216 pseudogene 1)
RNF2167p22.1 RNF216 (ring finger protein 216)
RNF217-AS16q22.31 RNF217-AS1 (RNF217 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RNF2176q22.31 RNF217 (ring finger protein 217)
RNF218 (Alias)1p36.12 MUL1
RNF219-AS113q22.3 RNF219-AS1 (RNF219 antisense RNA 1)
RNF21913q31.1 RNF219 (ring finger protein 219)
RNF21 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM34
RNF21 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM6-TRIM34
RNF2201p34.1 RNF220 (ring finger protein 220)
RNF221 (Alias)11p15.5 PHRF1
RNF22217p13.1 RNF222 (ring finger protein 222)
RNF2231p36.33 RNF223 (ring finger protein 223)
RNF2249q34.3 RNF224 (ring finger protein 224)
RNF22519q13.43 RNF225 (ring finger protein 225)
RNF22 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM3
RNF23 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM39
RNF2420p13 RNF24 (ring finger protein 24)
RNF252q35 RNF25 (ring finger protein 25)
RNF2611q23.3 RNF26 (ring finger protein 26)
RNF27 (Alias)10q24.32 TRIM8
RNF28 (Alias)1p36.11 TRIM63
RNF29 (Alias)8q13.1 TRIM55
RNF21q25.3 RNF2 (ring finger protein 2)
RNF30 (Alias)2p23.3 TRIM54
RNF3114q12 RNF31 (ring finger protein 31)
RNF327q36.3 RNF32 (ring finger protein 32)
RNF33 (Alias)4q32.3 TRIM60
RNF34L (Alias)17q12 RFFL
RNF3412q24.31 RNF34 (ring finger protein 34)
RNF35 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM40
RNF35 (Alias)4q32.3 TRIM61
RNF36 (Alias)15q21.1 TRIM69
RNF37 (Alias)20p13 UBOX5
RNF389p13.2 RNF38 (ring finger protein 38)
RNF396p22.1 RNF39 (ring finger protein 39)
RNF3A-2 (Alias)2p13.1 PCGF1
RNF3A (Alias)4p16.3 PCGF3
RNF3 (Alias)6p21.32 BRD2
RNF3 (Alias)4p16.3 PCGF3
RNF4016p11.2 RNF40 (ring finger protein 40)
RNF4112q13.3 RNF41 (ring finger protein 41)
RNF4317q22 RNF43 (ring finger protein 43)
RNF445q35.2 RNF44 (ring finger protein 44)
RNF46 (Alias)5q12.3 TRIM23
RNF47 (Alias)16p13.12 BFAR
RNF44p16.3 RNF4 (ring finger protein 4)
RNF50 (Alias)20q13.33 BIRC7
RNF52 (Alias)12q24.12 BRAP
RNF54 (Alias)20p13 RBCK1
RNF58 (Alias)7q11.23 DTX2
RNF59 (Alias)Xp22.2 MID1
RNF5P18p11.22 RNF5P1 (ring finger protein 5 pseudogene 1)
RNF56p21.32 RNF5 (ring finger protein 5)
RNF60 (Alias)Xq22.3 MID2
RNF61 (Alias)7q34 MKRN1
RNF62 (Alias)3p25.2 MKRN2
RNF63 (Alias)15q11.2 MKRN3
RNF65 (Alias)12q21.32 MKRN9P
RNF66 (Alias)14q23.1 MNAT1
RNF67 (Alias)10q24.33 NEURL1
RNF68 (Alias)2p13.1 PCGF1
RNF69 (Alias)1p36.32 PEX10
RNF613q12.13 RNF6 (ring finger protein 6)
RNF70 (Alias)Xq13.1 PJA1
RNF72 (Alias)8q21.13 PEX2
RNF73 (Alias)3p25.3 RAD18
RNF74 (Alias)11p12 RAG1
RNF77 (Alias)13q14.2 TRIM13
RNF78 (Alias)22q12.2 RFPL1
RNF79 (Alias)22q12.3 RFPL2
RNF81 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM21
RNF84 (Alias)1q32.3 TRAF5
RNF85 (Alias)11p12 TRAF6
RNF86 (Alias)4q31.3 TRIM2
RNF87 (Alias)7q22.1 TRIM4
RNF88 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM5
RNF89 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM6
RNF86p21.2 RNF8 (ring finger protein 8)
RNF90 (Alias)5q35.3 TRIM7
RNF91 (Alias)14q22.1 TRIM9
RNF92 (Alias)1q42.13 TRIM11
RNF93 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM15
RNF94 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM22
RNF95 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM26
RNF96 (Alias)19q13.43 TRIM28
RNF97 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM3
RNF98 (Alias)5q22.3 TRIM36
RNF99 (Alias)1p13.1 TRIM45
RNF9 (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM10
RNF (Alias)6p22.1 TRIM31
RNFT117q23.1 RNFT1 (ring finger protein, transmembrane 1)
RNFT212q24.22 RNFT2 (ring finger protein, transmembrane 2)
RNG105 (Alias)11p13 CAPRIN1
RNG140 (Alias)12p11.21 CAPRIN2
RNGTT6q15 RNGTT (RNA guanylyltransferase and 5'-phosphatase)
RNH1 (Alias)2p25.3 RNASEH1
RNH111p15.5 RNH1 (ribonuclease/angiogenin inhibitor 1)
RNH2 (Alias)19q13.43 NLRP4
RNH (Alias)11p15.5 RNH1
RNHBII52 (Alias)15q11.2 SNORD115-1
RNHF (Alias)14q24.3 TGFB3
RNHIA (Alias)19p13.13 RNASEH2A
RNHL (Alias)19p13.13 RNASEH2A
RNLS10q23.31 RNLS (renalase, FAD dependent amine oxidase)
RNM561 (Alias)10q23.31 IFIT1
RNMT1 (Alias)10p13 TRDMT1
RNMTL1 (Alias)17p13.3 MRM3
RNMT18p11.21 RNMT (RNA guanine-7 methyltransferase)
RNMX (Alias)Xq26.3 RBMX
RNN (Alias)1_KI270765v1_alt TRN-GTT2-1
RNO2 (Alias)19q13.42 NLRP12
RNO (Alias)19q13.42 NLRP12
RNP24 (Alias)12q24.31 TMED2
RNPA2 (Alias)7p15.2 HNRNPA2B1
RNP (Alias)1p21.1 RNPC3
RNPC1 (Alias)20q13.31 RBM38
RNPC2 (Alias)20q11.22 RBM39
RNPC31p21.1 RNPC3 (RNA binding region (RNP1, RRM) containing 3)
RNPC4 (Alias)14q11.2 RBM23
RNPC6 (Alias)6p22.3 RBM24
RNPC7 (Alias)14q24.2 RBM25
RNPEP1q32.1 RNPEP (arginyl aminopeptidase)
RNPEPL12q37.3 RNPEPL1 (arginyl aminopeptidase like 1)
RNPL (Alias)Xp11.23 RBM3
RNPS116p13.3 RNPS1 (RNA binding protein with serine rich domain 1)
RNPU1Z (Alias)19q13.33 SNRNP70
RNR1 (Alias)2q24.1 NR4A2
RNR113p12 not on reference assembly RNR1 (RNA, ribosomal 45S cluster 1)
RNR (Alias)15q23 NR2E3
RNS1 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE1
RNS2 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE2
RNS3 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE3
RNS4 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE4
RNS4 (Alias)1q25.3 RNASEL
RNS4I (Alias)4q31.21 ABCE1
RNS6 (Alias)14q11.2 RNASE6
RNS (Alias)7p22.3 FAM20C
RNSRP1 (Alias)14q21.3 RN7SL1
RNSRP2 (Alias)14q21.3 RN7SL2
RNSRP3 (Alias)14q21.3 RN7SL3
RNTLS (Alias)5q32 LARS
RNTRE (Alias)10p14 USP6NL
RNU100 (Alias)1q25.1 SNORD80
RNU101A (Alias)17q11.2 SNORD4A
RNU101B (Alias)17q11.2 SNORD4B
RNU102 (Alias)13q12.2 SNORD102
RNU103 (Alias)1q25.1 SNORD79
RNU104 (Alias)1q25.1 SNORD81
RNU105A (Alias)1p35.3 SNORA73B
RNU105B20p12.3 RNU105B (RNA, U105B small nucleolar)
RNU105C8q11.23 RNU105C (RNA, U105C small nucleolar)
RNU106 (Alias)20q13.13 SNORD12C
RNU107 (Alias)3q27.3 SNORA63
RNU108 (Alias)3p22.1 SNORA62
RNU1-102 (Alias)1p11.2 RNVU1-4
RNU1-10P (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-1
RNU1-110 (Alias)1p11.2 RNVU1-20
RNU1-113 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-3
RNU11-1 (Alias)1p35.3 RNU11
RNU1-121 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-15
RNU1-126 (Alias)1p11.2 RNVU1-19
RNU1-127 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-17
RNU1-12P (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-11
RNU1-13P1q21.2 RNU1-13P (RNA, U1 small nuclear 13, pseudogene)
RNU1-145 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-8
RNU1-147 (Alias)1p11.2 RNVU1-19
RNU1-151 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-3
RNU111p35.3 RNU11 (RNA, U11 small nuclear)
RNU1-11q21.1 RNU1-1 (RNA, U1 small nuclear 1)
RNU12-1 (Alias)22q13.2 RNU12
RNU1-25 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-18
RNU1-25P (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-18
RNU1-26P (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-7
RNU12L (Alias)22q13.2 RNU12
RNU12P (Alias)22q13.2 RNU12
RNU1222q13.2 RNU12 (RNA, U12 small nuclear)
RNU1-21q21.1 RNU1-2 (RNA, U1 small nuclear 2)
RNU1-37 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-14
RNU13 (Alias)8p12 SNORD13
RNU13P1 (Alias)22q13.2 SNORD13P1
RNU13P2 (Alias)7p22.1 SNORD13P2
RNU13P3 (Alias)3p21.31 SNORD13P3
RNU1-31q21.1 RNU1-3 (RNA, U1 small nuclear 3)
RNU14A (Alias)11p15.1 SNORD14A
RNU14 (Alias)11p15.1 SNORD14A
RNU14B (Alias)11p15.1 SNORD14B
RNU1-41q21.1 RNU1-4 (RNA, U1 small nuclear 4)
RNU1-50 (Alias)1p11.2 RNVU1-4
RNU1-53 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-1
RNU15A (Alias)11q13.4 SNORD15A
RNU1-5 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-18
RNU15B (Alias)11q13.4 SNORD15B
RNU1-66 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-15
RNU1-6 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-7
RNU1-6P (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-7
RNU1-71 (Alias)1q21.2 RNU1-13P
RNU17A (Alias)1p35.3 SNORA73A
RNU17B (Alias)1p35.3 SNORA73B
RNU17C (Alias)1p35.3 SNHG3
RNU17D (Alias)1p35.3 SNHG3
RNU1-99 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-6
RNU1-9 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-7
RNU19 (Alias)5q31.2 SNORA74A
RNU1-9P (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-7
Rnu1a1 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-1
RNU1A3 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-1
RNU1A (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-1
RNU1 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-1
RNU1 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-4
RNU1C1 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-2
RNU1C2 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-2
RNU1D2 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-4
RNU1E2 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-4
RNU1F1 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-4
RNU1G1 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-4
RNU1G2 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-4
RNU1G3 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-3
RNU1G4 (Alias)1q21.1 RNU1-1
RNU1P10 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-1
RNU1P1 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-18
RNU1P2 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-11
RNU1P6 (Alias)1q21.2 RNU1-13P
RNU1P9 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-18
RNU20 (Alias)2q37.1 SNORD20
RNU21 (Alias)1p22.1 SNORD21
RNU2-117q21.31 RNU2-1 (RNA, U2 small nuclear 1)
RNU2-2 (Alias)11q12.3 RNU2-2P
RNU22 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD22
RNU2-2P11q12.3 RNU2-2P (RNA, U2 small nuclear 2, pseudogene)
RNU24 (Alias)9q34.2 SNORD24
RNU25 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD25
RNU26 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD26
RNU27 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD27
RNU28 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD28
RNU29 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD29
RNU2AF1 (Alias)21q22.3 U2AF1
RNU2 (Alias)17q21.31 RNU2-1
RNU2B (Alias)11q12.3 RNU2-2P
RNU30 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD30
RNU31 (Alias)11q12.3 SNORD31
RNU32 (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD32A
RNU33 (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD33
RNU3-3 (Alias)17p11.2 SNORD3C
RNU34 (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD34
RNU3-4 (Alias)17p11.2 SNORD3D
RNU35A (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD35A
RNU35 (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD35A
RNU35B (Alias)19q13.33 SNORD35B
RNU36A (Alias)9q34.2 SNORD36A
RNU36B (Alias)9q34.2 SNORD36B
RNU36C (Alias)9q34.2 SNORD36C
RNU37 (Alias)19p13.3 SNORD37
RNU38A (Alias)1p34.1 SNORD38A
RNU38B (Alias)1p34.1 SNORD38B
RNU39 (Alias)1p34.1 SNORD55
RNU3A1 (Alias)17p11.2 SNORD3B-1
RNU3 (Alias)17p11.2 SNORD3A
RNU3IP1 (Alias)19q13.2 FBL
RNU3IP2 (Alias)3p21.2 RRP9
RNU3P3 (Alias)14q31.3 SNORD3P3
RNU40 (Alias)1p34.1 SNORD46
RNU41 (Alias)19p13.13 SNORD41
RNU4-1B (Alias)12q24.23 RNU4-2
RNU4-112q24.23 RNU4-1 (RNA, U4 small nuclear 1)
RNU42A (Alias)17q11.2 SNORD42A
RNU42B (Alias)17q11.2 SNORD42B
RNU4-212q24.23 RNU4-2 (RNA, U4 small nuclear 2)
RNU43 (Alias)22q13.1 SNORD43
RNU44 (Alias)1q25.1 SNORD44
RNU45A (Alias)1p31.1 SNORD45A
RNU45B (Alias)1p31.1 SNORD45B
RNU46 (Alias)1p34.1 SNORD46
RNU47 (Alias)1q25.1 SNORD47
RNU48 (Alias)6p21.33 SNORD48
RNU49 (Alias)17p11.2 SNORD49A
RNU4A (Alias)12q24.23 RNU4-1
RNU4ATAC1 (Alias)2q14.2 RNU4ATAC
RNU4ATAC2q14.2 RNU4ATAC (RNA, U4atac small nuclear (U12-dependent splicing))
RNU4B1 (Alias)12q24.23 RNU4-2
RNU4B2 (Alias)12q24.23 RNU4-1
RNU4C (Alias)12q24.23 RNU4-2
RNU50 (Alias)6q14.3 SNORD50A
RNU51 (Alias)2q33.3 SNORD51
RNU52 (Alias)6p21.33 SNORD52
RNU53 (Alias)2p23.2 SNORD53
RNU54 (Alias)8q12.1 SNORD54
RNU55 (Alias)1p34.1 SNORD55
RNU56 (Alias)20p13 SNORD56
RNU56B (Alias)14q24.2 SNORD56B
RNU57 (Alias)20p13 SNORD57
RNU58A (Alias)18q21.1 SNORD58A
RNU58B (Alias)18q21.1 SNORD58B
RNU59 (Alias)12q13.3 SNORD59A
RNU5A-115q22.31 RNU5A-1 (RNA, U5A small nuclear 1)
RNU5A (Alias)15q22.31 RNU5A-1
RNU5 (Alias)15q22.31 RNU5A-1
RNU5B-1P (Alias)15q22.31 RNU5B-1
RNU5B-115q22.31 RNU5B-1 (RNA, U5B small nuclear 1)
RNU5B (Alias)15q22.31 RNU5B-1
RNU5C (Alias)15q22.31 RNU5A-1
RNU5D-11p34.1 RNU5D-1 (RNA, U5D small nuclear 1)
RNU5D (Alias)1p34.1 RNU5D-1
RNU5E-11p36.22 RNU5E-1 (RNA, U5E small nuclear 1)
RNU5E (Alias)1p36.22 RNU5E-1
RNU5F-11p34.1 RNU5F-1 (RNA, U5F small nuclear 1)
RNU5F (Alias)1p34.1 RNU5F-1
RNU60 (Alias)16p13.3 SNORD60
RNU6-1002P (Alias)13q11 RNU6-76P
RNU6-16 (Alias)- RNU6-16P
RNU6-16P- RNU6-16P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 16, pseudogene)
RNU6-19 (Alias)15q22.31 RNU6-19P
RNU6-19P15q22.31 RNU6-19P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 19, pseudogene)
RNU61 (Alias)Xq26.3 SNORD61
RNU6-110p13 RNU6-1 (RNA, U6 small nuclear 1)
RNU6-28 (Alias)22q12.2 RNU6-28P
RNU6-28P22q12.2 RNU6-28P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 28, pseudogene)
RNU62 (Alias)9q34.13 SNORD62A
RNU6-210p13 RNU6-2 (RNA, U6 small nuclear 2)
RNU6-31 (Alias)- RNU6-31P
RNU6-31P- RNU6-31P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 31, pseudogene)
RNU6-33 (Alias)- RNU6-33P
RNU6-33P- RNU6-33P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 33, pseudogene)
RNU6-34 (Alias)4q22.3 RNU6-34P
RNU6-34P4q22.3 RNU6-34P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 34, pseudogene)
RNU6-35 (Alias)4q25 RNU6-35P
RNU6-35P4q25 RNU6-35P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 35, pseudogene)
RNU63 (Alias)5q31.2 SNORD63
RNU6-48 (Alias)1p36.11 RNU6-48P
RNU6-48P1p36.11 RNU6-48P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 48, pseudogene)
RNU64 (Alias)16p13.3 SNORA64
RNU6-501P1q32.1 RNU6-501P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 501, pseudogene)
RNU6-52 (Alias)13q12.11 RNU6-52P
RNU6-52P13q12.11 RNU6-52P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 52, pseudogene)
RNU6-53 (Alias)13q12.3 RNU6-53P
RNU6-53P13q12.3 RNU6-53P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 53, pseudogene)
RNU6-57 (Alias)13q14.11 RNU6-57P
RNU6-57P13q14.11 RNU6-57P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 57, pseudogene)
RNU65 (Alias)9q33.3 SNORA65
RNU6-64 (Alias)13q12.3 RNU6-64P
RNU6-64P13q12.3 RNU6-64P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 64, pseudogene)
RNU6-66 (Alias)13q22.1 RNU6-66P
RNU6-66P13q22.1 RNU6-66P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 66, pseudogene)
RNU6-67 (Alias)13q31.1 RNU6-67P
RNU6-67P13q31.1 RNU6-67P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 67, pseudogene)
RNU6-69 (Alias)13q14.12 RNU6-69P
RNU6-69P13q14.12 RNU6-69P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 69, pseudogene)
RNU6-6 (Alias)- RNU6-31P
RNU6-6 (Alias)Xq27.1 RNU6-6P
RNU66 (Alias)1p22.1 SNORA66
RNU6-6PXq27.1 RNU6-6P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 6, pseudogene)
RNU6-71 (Alias)13q13.3 RNU6-71P
RNU6-71P13q13.3 RNU6-71P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 71, pseudogene)
RNU6-72 (Alias)13q31.1 RNU6-72P
RNU6-72P13q31.1 RNU6-72P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 72, pseudogene)
RNU6-76 (Alias)13q11 RNU6-76P
RNU6-76P13q11 RNU6-76P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 76, pseudogene)
RNU6-78 (Alias)13q12.13 RNU6-78P
RNU6-78P13q12.13 RNU6-78P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 78, pseudogene)
RNU6-79 (Alias)13q22.1 RNU6-79P
RNU6-79P13q22.1 RNU6-79P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 79, pseudogene)
RNU67 (Alias)17p13.1 SNORA67
RNU6-710p13 RNU6-7 (RNA, U6 small nuclear 7)
RNU6-81 (Alias)13q21.31 RNU6-81P
RNU6-81P13q21.31 RNU6-81P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 81, pseudogene)
RNU6-83 (Alias)13q32.3 RNU6-83P
RNU6-83P13q32.3 RNU6-83P (RNA, U6 small nuclear 83, pseudogene)
RNU68 (Alias)19p13.11 SNORA68
RNU6-810p13 RNU6-8 (RNA, U6 small nuclear 8)
RNU69 (Alias)Xq24 SNORA69
RNU6-910p13 RNU6-9 (RNA, U6 small nuclear 9)
RNU6A (Alias)10p13 RNU6-1
RNU6 (Alias)10p13 RNU6-1
RNU6ATAC1 (Alias)9q34.2 RNU6ATAC
RNU6ATAC9q34.2 RNU6ATAC (RNA, U6atac small nuclear (U12-dependent splicing))
RNU6B (Alias)Xq27.1 RNU6-6P
RNU6C (Alias)14q11.2 SNORD8
RNU70 (Alias)Xq28 SNORA70
RNU71A (Alias)20q11.23 SNORA71A
RNU71B (Alias)20q11.23 SNORA71B
RNU7-112p13.31 RNU7-1 (RNA, U7 small nuclear 1)
RNU72 (Alias)8q22.2 SNORA72
RNU73A (Alias)4q31.3 SNORD73A
RNU73 (Alias)4q31.3 SNORD73A
RNU73B (Alias)4q31.3 SNORD73B
RNU7 (Alias)12p13.31 RNU7-1
RNU82 (Alias)2q37.1 SNORD82
RNU83A (Alias)22q13.1 SNORD83A
RNU83B (Alias)22q13.1 SNORD83B
RNU86 (Alias)22q13.1 SNORD139
RNU86- RNU86 (-)
RNUT1 (Alias)15q24.2 SNUPN
RNUXA (Alias)5q23.2 PHAX
RNVU1-10 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-1
RNVU1-111q21.1 RNVU1-11 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 11)
RNVU1-12 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-3
RNVU1-13 (Alias)1p11.2 RNVU1-19
RNVU1-141q21.1 RNVU1-14 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 14)
RNVU1-151q21.1 RNVU1-15 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 15)
RNVU1-16 (Alias)1q21.1 RNVU1-15
RNVU1-171q21.1 RNVU1-17 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 17)
RNVU1-181q21.1 RNVU1-18 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 18)
RNVU1-191p11.2 RNVU1-19 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 19)
RNVU1-11q21.2 RNVU1-1 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 1)
RNVU1-201p11.2 RNVU1-20 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 20)
RNVU1-2 (Alias)1q21.2 RNU1-13P
RNVU1-31q21.2 RNVU1-3 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 3)
RNVU1-41p11.2 RNVU1-4 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 4)
RNVU1-5 (Alias)1p11.2 RNVU1-4
RNVU1-61q21.1 RNVU1-6 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 6)
RNVU1-71q21.2 RNVU1-7 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 7)
RNVU1-81q21.1 RNVU1-8 (RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 8)
RNVU1-9 (Alias)1q21.2 RNVU1-7
RNY17q36.1 RNY1 (RNA, Ro-associated Y1)
RNY37q36.1 RNY3 (RNA, Ro-associated Y3)
RNY47q36.1 RNY4 (RNA, Ro-associated Y4)
RNY57q36.1 RNY5 (RNA, Ro-associated Y5)
RO52 (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM21
RO60 (Alias)1q31.2 TROVE2
RO (Alias)19p13.13 CALR
ROAT1 (Alias)11q12.3 SLC22A6
Roaz (Alias)16q12.1 ZNF423
ROBLD1 (Alias)20q11.22 DYNLRB1
ROBLD2 (Alias)16q23.2 DYNLRB2
ROBLD3 (Alias)1q22 LAMTOR2
ROBO23p12.3 ROBO2 (roundabout guidance receptor 2)
ROBO311q24.2 ROBO3 (roundabout guidance receptor 3)
ROBO411q24.2 ROBO4 (roundabout guidance receptor 4)
RoBPI (Alias)8q24.3 PUF60
ROC1 (Alias)1q22 RIT1
ROC22 (Alias)1p36.32 CEP104
ROC2 (Alias)18q12.3 RIT2
ROCK1P118p11.32 ROCK1P1 (Rho associated coiled-coil containing protein kinase 1 pseudogene 1)
ROCK118q11.1 ROCK1 (Rho associated coiled-coil containing protein kinase 1)
ROCK-I (Alias)18q11.1 ROCK1
Roco1 (Alias)15q26.3 LRRK1
ROCO2 (Alias)12q12 LRRK2
ROCO4 (Alias)8p23.1 MFHAS1
ROD1 (Alias)9q32 PTBP3
ROD (Alias)12q24.31 KNTC1
RODH-4 (Alias)12q13.3 RDH16
RODH (Alias)12q13.3 HSD17B6
RODX (Alias)15q22.31 SLC24A1
Rog (Alias)19q13.12 ZBTB32
ROGDI16p13.3 ROGDI (rogdi homolog)
ROK1 (Alias)17q12 DDX52
ROLSA (Alias)17q23.2 TANC2
ROLSB (Alias)2q24.2 TANC1
ROLT (Alias)1p36.13 CROCC
ROM111q12.3 ROM1 (retinal outer segment membrane protein 1)
ROM (Alias)11q12.3 ROM1
ROMK1 (Alias)11q24.3 KCNJ1
ROMK (Alias)11q24.3 KCNJ1
ROMO120q11.22 ROMO1 (reactive oxygen species modulator 1)
RONIN (Alias)16q22.1 THAP11
RONU (Alias)17q11.2 FOXN1
ROP (Alias)Xq28 OPN1LW
ROPN1A (Alias)3q21.1 ROPN1
ROPN1B3q21.2 ROPN1B (rhophilin associated tail protein 1B)
ROPN1L-AS15p15.2 ROPN1L-AS1 (ROPN1L antisense RNA 1)
ROPN1L5p15.2 ROPN1L (rhophilin associated tail protein 1 like)
ROPN13q21.1 ROPN1 (rhophilin associated tail protein 1)
ROQUIN (Alias)1q25.1 RC3H1
ROR1 (Alias)15q22.2 RORA
ROR1-AS11p31.3 ROR1-AS1 (ROR1 antisense RNA 1)
ROR11p31.3 ROR1 (receptor tyrosine kinase like orphan receptor 1)
ROR2 (Alias)15q22.2 RORA
ROR3 (Alias)15q22.2 RORA
RORA-AS115q22.2 RORA-AS1 (RORA antisense RNA 1)
RORA-AS215q22.2 RORA-AS2 (RORA antisense RNA 2)
ROR (Alias)18q21.31 LINC-ROR
RORA15q22.2 RORA (RAR related orphan receptor A)
RORB-AS19q21.13 RORB-AS1 (RORB antisense RNA 1)
ROR-BETA (Alias)9q21.13 RORB
RORBP70 (Alias)16q22.1 LRRC36
RORB9q21.13 RORB (RAR related orphan receptor B)
RORC1q21.3 RORC (RAR related orphan receptor C)
RORET (Alias)6p22.2 TRIM38
RORG (Alias)1q21.3 RORC
RORNP (Alias)1q31.2 TROVE2
ROSBIN (Alias)1p13.2 RSBN1
ROS-GC1 (Alias)17p13.1 GUCY2D
ROS-GC2 (Alias)Xq22.3 GUCY2F
ROSGC (Alias)17p13.1 GUCY2D
ROSP1 (Alias)11q12.3 ROM1
Ro/SSA (Alias)11p15.4 TRIM21
ROSSY (Alias)4q25 PLA2G12A
ROX (Alias)17p13.3 MNT
ROX (Alias)14q24.3 RIOX1
RoXaN (Alias)22q13.2 ZC3H7B
RP105 (Alias)5q12.3 CD180
RP10 (Alias)7q32.1 IMPDH1
RP11-13G14 (Alias)12q23.3 SART3
RP11-363D14 (Alias)2q11.2 ARID5A
RP11-89 (Alias)2p21 LINC01833
RP11-95H11 (Alias)2q33.3 MDH1B
RP11 (Alias)19q13.42 PRPF31
RP1-299I16 (Alias)Xq26.3 ADGRG4
RP12 (Alias)1q31.3 CRB1
RP13 (Alias)17p13.3 PRPF8
RP14 (Alias)6p21.31 TULP1
RP15 (Alias)Xp11.4 RPGR
RP17 (Alias)17q23.1 CA4
RP18 (Alias)1q21.2 PRPF3
RP19 (Alias)1p22.1 ABCA4
RP1 (Alias)18q12.1 MAPRE2
RP1 (Alias)6p21.33 STK19
RP1L18p23.1 RP1L1 (RP1 like 1)
RP18q12.1 RP1 (RP1, axonemal microtubule associated)
RP20 (Alias)1p31.3 RPE65
RP23 (Alias)Xp22.2 OFD1
RP25 (Alias)6q12 EYS
RP26 (Alias)2q31.3 CERKL
RP27 (Alias)14q11.2 NRL
RP28 (Alias)2p15 FAM161A
RP2 (Alias)19q13.11 NUDT19
RP2Xp11.3 RP2 (RP2, ARL3 GTPase activating protein)
RP30 (Alias)17q25.3 FSCN2
RP33 (Alias)2q11.2 SNRNP200
RP35 (Alias)1q22 SEMA4A
RP36 (Alias)17q25.1 PRCD
RP37 (Alias)15q23 NR2E3
RP39 (Alias)1q41 USH2A
RP3 (Alias)Xp11.4 DYNLT3
RP3 (Alias)2p23.3 MAPRE3
RP3 (Alias)Xp11.4 RPGR
RP40 (Alias)4p16.3 PDE6B
RP41 (Alias)4p15.32 PROM1
RP42 (Alias)3q26.33 DCUN1D1
RP43 (Alias)5q32 PDE6A
RP44 (Alias)10q23.1 RGR
RP45 (Alias)16q21 CNGB1
RP4-622L5 (Alias)1p35.2 TMEM234
RP4-678I3 (Alias)1p22.3 LPAR3
RP46 (Alias)20p13 IDH3B
RP47 (Alias)2q37.1 SAG
RP48 (Alias)6p21.1 GUCA1B
RP49 (Alias)4p12 CNGA1
RP4 (Alias)3q22.1 RHO
RP50 (Alias)11q12.3 BEST1
RP51 (Alias)14q31.3 TTC8
RP53 (Alias)14q24.1 RDH12
RP54 (Alias)2p23.2 C2orf71
RP55 (Alias)3q11.2 ARL6
RP56 (Alias)3q12.3 IMPG2
RP57 (Alias)17q25.3 PDE6G
RP58 (Alias)1q44 ZBTB18
RP58 (Alias)2p23.3 ZNF513
RP59 (Alias)1p36.11 DHDDS
RP60 (Alias)20q13.33 PRPF6
RP61 (Alias)3q25.1 CLRN1
RP62 (Alias)6p24.2 MAK
RP64 (Alias)8q22.1 C8orf37
RP65 (Alias)10q23.1 CDHR1
RP66 (Alias)16q13 ARL2BP
RP66 (Alias)10q11.22 RBP3
RP67 (Alias)1q32.3 NEK2
RP69 (Alias)20p11.23 KIZ
RP70 (Alias)9q32 PRPF4
RP71 (Alias)2p23.3 IFT172
RP72 (Alias)11p11.2 ZNF408
RP73 (Alias)8p11.21 HGSNAT
RP74 (Alias)16q13 BBS2
RP75 (Alias)2p23.3 AGBL5
RP76 (Alias)1p34.1 POMGNT1
RP77 (Alias)19p13.3 REEP6
RP78 (Alias)19p13.2 ARHGEF18
RP7 (Alias)6p21.1 PRPH2
RP7 (Alias)11q12.3 ROM1
RP8 (Alias)6q27 PDCD2
RP9P7p14.3 RP9P (retinitis pigmentosa 9 pseudogene)
RP97p14.3 RP9 (retinitis pigmentosa 9 (autosomal dominant))
Rpa12 (Alias)6p22.1 ZNRD1
RPA135 (Alias)2q14.1 POLR1B
RPA16 (Alias)13q12.2 POLR1D
RPA194 (Alias)2p11.2 POLR1A
RPA1 (Alias)2p11.2 POLR1A
RPA117p13.3 RPA1 (replication protein A1)
RPA2 (Alias)2q14.1 POLR1B
RPA-32 (Alias)10q24.33 STN1
RPA39 (Alias)6p21.1 POLR1C
RPA3-AS1 (Alias)7p21.3 UMAD1
RPA3OS (Alias)7p21.3 UMAD1
RPA37p21.3 RPA3 (replication protein A3)
RPA40 (Alias)6p21.1 POLR1C
RPA4Xq21.33 RPA4 (replication protein A4)
RPA5 (Alias)6p21.1 POLR1C
RPA70 (Alias)17p13.3 RPA1
RPA9 (Alias)13q12.2 POLR1D
RP-A (Alias)17p13.3 RPA1
RPABC14.4 (Alias)22q13.1 POLR2F
RPABC1 (Alias)19p13.3 POLR2E
RPABC2 (Alias)22q13.1 POLR2F
RPABC3 (Alias)3q27.1 POLR2H
RPABC4 (Alias)8q22.2 POLR2K
RPABC5 (Alias)11p15.5 POLR2L
RPAC1 (Alias)6p21.1 POLR1C
RPAC2 (Alias)13q12.2 POLR1D
RPAIN17p13.2 RPAIN (RPA interacting protein)
RP (Alias)19q13.32 BLOC1S3
RP-A p14 (Alias)7p21.3 RPA3
RPAP115q15.1 RPAP1 (RNA polymerase II associated protein 1)
RPAP21p22.1 RPAP2 (RNA polymerase II associated protein 2)
RPAP312q13.11 RPAP3 (RNA polymerase II associated protein 3)
RPAP4 (Alias)2p23.3 GPN1
RPARP-AS110q24.32 RPARP-AS1 (RPARP antisense RNA 1)
RPB10 (Alias)11p15.5 POLR2L
RPB10alpha (Alias)8q22.2 POLR2K
RPB10beta (Alias)11p15.5 POLR2L
RPB11A (Alias)7q22.1 POLR2J
RPB11 (Alias)7q22.1 POLR2J
RPB11b1 (Alias)7q22.1 POLR2J2
RPB11b1 (Alias)7q22.1 POLR2J3
RPB11b2 (Alias)7q22.1 POLR2J3
RPB11m (Alias)7q22.1 POLR2J
RPB11-phi (Alias)7p13 POLR2J4
RPB12 (Alias)8q22.2 POLR2K
RPB14.4 (Alias)22q13.1 POLR2F
RPB16 (Alias)2q14.3 POLR2D
RPB17 (Alias)3q27.1 POLR2H
RPB19 (Alias)11q12.3 POLR2G
RPB1 (Alias)17p13.1 POLR2A
RPB2 (Alias)4q12 POLR2B
RPB31 (Alias)16q21 POLR2C
RPB3 (Alias)16q21 POLR2C
RPB5 (Alias)19p13.3 POLR2E
RPB6 (Alias)22q13.1 POLR2F
RPB7.0 (Alias)8q22.2 POLR2K
RPB7.6 (Alias)11p15.5 POLR2L
RPB7 (Alias)11q12.3 POLR2G
RPB8 (Alias)3q27.1 POLR2H
RPB9 (Alias)19q13.12 POLR2I
RPBh1 (Alias)17p13.1 POLR2A
RPC10 (Alias)16p13.3 POLR3K
RPC11 (Alias)16p13.3 POLR3K
RPC12.5 (Alias)16p13.3 POLR3K
RPC155 (Alias)10q22.3 POLR3A
RPC15 (Alias)22q13.1 POLR2F
RPC16 (Alias)13q12.2 POLR1D
RPC1 (Alias)10q22.3 POLR3A
RPC22.9 (Alias)22q13.2 POLR3H
RPC2 (Alias)12q23.3 POLR3B
RPC32 (Alias)5q14.3 POLR3G
RPC32HOM (Alias)1q21.1 POLR3GL
RPC39 (Alias)20p11.23 POLR3F
RPC3 (Alias)1q21.1 POLR3C
RPC40 (Alias)6p21.1 POLR1C
RPC4 (Alias)8p21.3 POLR3D
RPC53 (Alias)8p21.3 POLR3D
RPC5 (Alias)16p12.2 POLR3E
RPC62 (Alias)1q21.1 POLR3C
RPC6 (Alias)20p11.23 POLR3F
RPC7 (Alias)5q14.3 POLR3G
RPC8 (Alias)22q13.2 POLR3H
RP-C (Alias)5q31.1 PPP2CA
RPC (Alias)1p21.2 RTCA
RPCL1 (Alias)9p24.1 RCL1
RPD3 (Alias)Xq13.1 HDAC8
RPE2-1 (Alias)2q34 RPE
RPE651p31.3 RPE65 (RPE65, retinoid isomerohydrolase)
RPEL1 (Alias)6p24.1 PHACTR1
RPEL110q24.33 RPEL1 (ribulose-5-phosphate-3-epimerase like 1)
RPEL (Alias)6p24.1 PHACTR1
RPEM (Alias)3p26.2 TRNT1
RPE2q34 RPE (ribulose-5-phosphate-3-epimerase)
RPESP (Alias)8q21.11 SBSPON
RPF1 (Alias)15q21.3 NEDD4
RPF11p22.3 RPF1 (ribosome production factor 1 homolog)
RPF26q21 RPF2 (ribosome production factor 2 homolog)
RPGRIP1d (Alias)14q11.2 RPGRIP1
RPGRIP114q11.2 RPGRIP1 (retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator interacting protein 1)
RPGRIP (Alias)14q11.2 RPGRIP1
RPGRXp11.4 RPGR (retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator)
RPH11 (Alias)Xq24 WDR44
RPH3AL17p13.3 RPH3AL (rabphilin 3A like (without C2 domains))
RPH3A12q24.13 RPH3A (rabphilin 3A)
RPIAD (Alias)2p11.2 RPIA
RPI (Alias)2p11.2 RPIA
RPIA2p11.2 RPIA (ribose 5-phosphate isomerase A)
RPIB9 (Alias)7q21.12 RUNDC3B
RpIILS (Alias)17p13.1 POLR2A
RPIP-8 (Alias)17q21.31 RUNDC3A
RPIP8 (Alias)17q21.31 RUNDC3A
RPIP9 (Alias)7q21.12 RUNDC3B
RPK118 (Alias)1q32.3 RPS6KC1
RPK (Alias)1q22 PKLR
RPL10_5_1358 (Alias)14q21.2 RPL10L
RPL10A_1_376 (Alias)6p21.31 RPL10AP6
RPL10 (Alias)3p24.2 RPL15
RPL10AP66p21.31 RPL10AP6 (ribosomal protein L10a pseudogene 6)
RPL10A6p21.31 RPL10A (ribosomal protein L10a)
RPL10L14q21.2 RPL10L (ribosomal protein L10 like)
RPL10P171p36.22 RPL10P17 (ribosomal protein L10 pseudogene 17)
RPL111p36.11 RPL11 (ribosomal protein L11)
RPL12_14_1564 (Alias)17q23.2 RPL12P38
RPL12_4_315 (Alias)2q33.2 RPL12P16
RPL12P162q33.2 RPL12P16 (ribosomal protein L12 pseudogene 16)
RPL12P3817q23.2 RPL12P38 (ribosomal protein L12 pseudogene 38)
RPL129q33.3 RPL12 (ribosomal protein L12)
RPL13-2 (Alias)12p13.31 RPL13P5
RPL13_4_1199 (Alias)12p13.31 RPL13P5
RPL13A_11_1370 (Alias)14q22.3 RPL13AP3
RPL13A_6_816 (Alias)7q21.11 RPL13AP17
RPL13A_7_1096 (Alias)10q25.2 RPL13AP6
RPL13A_8_1086 (Alias)10q24.1 RPL13AP5
RPL13A_9_1211 (Alias)12p13.1 RPL13AP20
RPL13 (Alias)8q24.12 MRPL13
RPL13AP177q21.11 RPL13AP17 (ribosomal protein L13a pseudogene 17)
RPL13AP2012p13.1 RPL13AP20 (ribosomal protein L13a pseudogene 20)
RPL13AP314q22.3 RPL13AP3 (ribosomal protein L13a pseudogene 3)
RPL13AP510q24.1 RPL13AP5 (ribosomal protein L13a pseudogene 5)
RPL13AP610q25.2 RPL13AP6 (ribosomal protein L13a pseudogene 6)
RPL13A19q13.33 RPL13A (ribosomal protein L13a)
RPL13L (Alias)12p13.31 RPL13P5
RPL13P512p13.31 RPL13P5 (ribosomal protein L13 pseudogene 5)
RPL1316q24.3 RPL13 (ribosomal protein L13)
RPL143p22.1 RPL14 (ribosomal protein L14)
RPL153p24.2 RPL15 (ribosomal protein L15)
RPL17_2_309 (Alias)2q33.1 RPL17P10
RPL17-C18orf3218q21.1 RPL17-C18orf32 (RPL17-C18orf32 readthrough)
RPL17L (Alias)11p15.4 MRPL17
RPL17P102q33.1 RPL17P10 (ribosomal protein L17 pseudogene 10)
RPL1718q21.1 RPL17 (ribosomal protein L17)
RPL18A19p13.11 RPL18A (ribosomal protein L18a)
RPL1819q13.33 RPL18 (ribosomal protein L18)
RPL19_4_829 (Alias)7q22.1 RPL19P12
RPL19P127q22.1 RPL19P12 (ribosomal protein L19 pseudogene 12)
RPL1917q12 RPL19 (ribosomal protein L19)
RPL21_17_477 (Alias)4q12 RPL21P44
RPL21_7_151 (Alias)1q32.1 RPL21P19
RPL21_8_160 (Alias)1q32.3 RPL21P28
RPL21P191q32.1 RPL21P19 (ribosomal protein L21 pseudogene 19)
RPL21P281q32.3 RPL21P28 (ribosomal protein L21 pseudogene 28)
RPL21P444q12 RPL21P44 (ribosomal protein L21 pseudogene 44)
RPL2110q26.12 RPL21 (ribosomal protein L21)
RPL22_5_435 (Alias)3q26.2 RPL22P1
RPL22L13q26.2 RPL22L1 (ribosomal protein L22 like 1)
RPL22P13q26.2 RPL22P1 (ribosomal protein L22 pseudogene 1)
RPL221p36.31 RPL22 (ribosomal protein L22)
RPL23_4_790 (Alias)7p21.1 RPL23P8
RPL23A_20_869 (Alias)8p23.3 RPL23AP53
RPL23A_25_1182 (Alias)11q23.3 RPL23AP64
RPL23A_35_1465 (Alias)16p13.3 RPL23AP5
RPL23A_43_1761 (Alias)22q13.33 RPL23AP82
RPL23A_6_267 (Alias)2q14.1 RPL23AP7
RPL23A_9_220 (Alias)2p16.2 RPL23AP32
RPL23AL1 (Alias)2q14.1 RPL23AP7
RPL23AL (Alias)16p13.3 RPL23AP5
RPL23 (Alias)11p15.5 MRPL23
RPL23 (Alias)18q21.1 RPL17
RPL23AP322p16.2 RPL23AP32 (ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 32)
RPL23AP538p23.3 RPL23AP53 (ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 53)
RPL23AP516p13.3 RPL23AP5 (ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 5)
RPL23AP6411q23.3 RPL23AP64 (ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 64)
RPL23AP72q14.1 RPL23AP7 (ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 7)
RPL23AP8222q13.33 RPL23AP82 (ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 82)
RPL23AP8717q25.3 RPL23AP87 (ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 87)
RPL23A17q11.2 RPL23A (ribosomal protein L23a)
RPL23L (Alias)11p15.5 MRPL23
RPL23P87p21.1 RPL23P8 (ribosomal protein L23 pseudogene 8)
RPL2317q12 RPL23 (ribosomal protein L23)
RPL24 (Alias)15q21.3 RSL24D1
RPL24L (Alias)15q21.3 RSL24D1
RPL243q12.3 RPL24 (ribosomal protein L24)
RPL26L15q35.1 RPL26L1 (ribosomal protein L26 like 1)
RPL26P1 (Alias)5q35.1 RPL26L1
RPL27A11p15.4 RPL27A (ribosomal protein L27a)
RPL2717q21.31 RPL27 (ribosomal protein L27)
RPL2819q13.42 RPL28 (ribosomal protein L28)
RPL29_10_1510 (Alias)17p13.1 RPL29P2
RPL29_3_370 (Alias)3p21.2 RPL29
RPL29P10 (Alias)3p21.2 RPL29
RPL29P217p13.1 RPL29P2 (ribosomal protein L29 pseudogene 2)
RPL293p21.2 RPL29 (ribosomal protein L29)
RPL2B (Alias)16p13.3 RPL23AP5
RPL308q22.2 RPL30 (ribosomal protein L30)
RPL31_1_108 (Alias)1q23.3 RPL31P11
RPL31P111q23.3 RPL31P11 (ribosomal protein L31 pseudogene 11)
RPL312q11.2 RPL31 (ribosomal protein L31)
RPL32P33q21.3 RPL32P3 (ribosomal protein L32 pseudogene 3)
RPL323p25.2 RPL32 (ribosomal protein L32)
RPL33L (Alias)2p23.2 MRPL33
RPL34-AS14q25 RPL34-AS1 (RPL34 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RPL344q25 RPL34 (ribosomal protein L34)
RPL35A3q29 RPL35A (ribosomal protein L35a)
RPL359q33.3 RPL35 (ribosomal protein L35)
RPL36A_15_1127 (Alias)11p14.3 RPL36AP40
RPL36A_15_975 (Alias)9p13.3 RPL36AP33
RPL36A (Alias)14q21.3 RPL36AL
RPL36A-HNRNPH2Xq22.1 RPL36A-HNRNPH2 (RPL36A-HNRNPH2 readthrough)
RPL36AL14q21.3 RPL36AL (ribosomal protein L36a like)
RPL36AP339p13.3 RPL36AP33 (ribosomal protein L36a pseudogene 33)
RPL36AP4011p14.3 RPL36AP40 (ribosomal protein L36a pseudogene 40)
RPL36AXq22.1 RPL36A (ribosomal protein L36a)
RPL3619p13.3 RPL36 (ribosomal protein L36)
RPL37A2q35 RPL37A (ribosomal protein L37a)
RPL375p13.1 RPL37 (ribosomal protein L37)
RPL3817q25.1 RPL38 (ribosomal protein L38)
RPL39_23_1806 (Alias)Xq24 RPL39
RPL39_7_406 (Alias)3q22.2 RPL39P5
RPL39L1 (Alias)3q27.3 RPL39L
RPL39L3q27.3 RPL39L (ribosomal protein L39 like)
RPL39P42 (Alias)Xq24 RPL39
RPL39P53q22.2 RPL39P5 (ribosomal protein L39 pseudogene 5)
RPL39Xq24 RPL39 (ribosomal protein L39)
RPL3L16p13.3 RPL3L (ribosomal protein L3 like)
RPL322q13.1 RPL3 (ribosomal protein L3)
RPL40_1_352 (Alias)3p22 UBA52P4
RPL40_1_796 (Alias)7p15.2 UBA52P1
RPL40_2_1281 (Alias)12q24.21 UBA52P7
RPL40_2_948 (Alias)8q24.13 UBA52P5
RPL40_3_1481 (Alias)16q12.1 UBA52P8
RPL40_3_969 (Alias)9p21.3 UBA52P6
RPL40_4_1339 (Alias)14q11.2 UBA52P2
RPL40_4_1591 (Alias)18q11.2 UBA52P9
RPL40_5_1373 (Alias)14q23.1 UBA52P3
RPL40 (Alias)19p13.11 UBA52
RPL41L (Alias)15_KI270905v1_alt RPL41P5
RPL41P515_KI270905v1_alt RPL41P5 (ribosomal protein L41 pseudogene 5)
RPL4112q13.2 RPL41 (ribosomal protein L41)
RPL44 (Alias)Xq22.1 RPL36A
RPL415q22.31 RPL4 (ribosomal protein L4)
RPL51p22.1 RPL5 (ribosomal protein L5)
RPL6_10_1582 (Alias)18q11.2 RPL6P27
RPL6_16_1757 (Alias)22q13.31 RPL6P28
RPL6P2718q11.2 RPL6P27 (ribosomal protein L6 pseudogene 27)
RPL6P2822q13.31 RPL6P28 (ribosomal protein L6 pseudogene 28)
RPL612q24.13 RPL6 (ribosomal protein L6)
RPL7A_32_1700 (Alias)9q34.2 RPL7AP14
RPL7AL4 (Alias)9q34.2 RPL7AP14
RPL7AP149q34.2 RPL7AP14 (ribosomal protein L7a pseudogene 14)
RPL7A9q34.2 RPL7A (ribosomal protein L7a)
RPL7L16p21.1 RPL7L1 (ribosomal protein L7 like 1)
RPL78q21.11 RPL7 (ribosomal protein L7)
RPL88q24.3 RPL8 (ribosomal protein L8)
RPL9_1_9 (Alias)1p36.22 RPL9P11
RPL9P111p36.22 RPL9P11 (ribosomal protein L9 pseudogene 11)
RPL94p14 RPL9 (ribosomal protein L9)
RPLP0_3_1146 (Alias)11q12.2 RPLP0P2
RPLP0L2 (Alias)11q12.2 RPLP0P2
RPLP0P211q12.2 RPLP0P2 (ribosomal protein lateral stalk subunit P0 pseudogene 2)
RPLP012q24.23 RPLP0 (ribosomal protein lateral stalk subunit P0)
RPLP115q23 RPLP1 (ribosomal protein lateral stalk subunit P1)
RPLP211p15.5 RPLP2 (ribosomal protein lateral stalk subunit P2)
RPLY10 (Alias)3p24.2 RPL15
RPMJ (Alias)5p15.33 MRPL36
RPML12 (Alias)17q25.3 MRPL12
RPML13 (Alias)8q24.12 MRPL13
RPML14 (Alias)6p21.1 MRPL2
RPML15 (Alias)2p12 MRPL19
RPML25 (Alias)5q33.2 MRPL22
RPML26 (Alias)11p15.4 MRPL17
RPML27 (Alias)9q34.3 MRPL41
RPML28 (Alias)2q11.2 MRPL30
RPML2 (Alias)1p32.3 MRPL37
RPML31 (Alias)12q22 MRPL42
RPML32 (Alias)6p21.1 MRPL14
RPML3 (Alias)17q25.1 MRPL38
RPML3 (Alias)3q22.1 MRPL3
RPML5 (Alias)21q21.3 MRPL39
RPML7 (Alias)8q11.23 MRPL15
RPML8 (Alias)17q21.32 MRPL10
RPMS12 (Alias)19q13.2 MRPS12
RPMS13 (Alias)20p13 MRPS26
RPMS15 (Alias)1p34.3 MRPS15
RPMS16 (Alias)10q22.2 MRPS16
RPMS17 (Alias)7p11.2 MRPS17
RPMS21 (Alias)1q21.2 MRPS21
RPMS22 (Alias)3q23 MRPS22
RPMS25 (Alias)3p25.1 MRPS25
RPMS6 (Alias)21q22.11 MRPS6
RPMS7 (Alias)17q25.1 MRPS7
RPMS9 (Alias)2q12.1 MRPS9
Rpn10 (Alias)1q21.3 PSMD4
RPN11 (Alias)2q24.2 PSMD14
Rpn12 (Alias)19q13.2 PSMD8
Rpn14 (Alias)11q13.4 PAAF1
RPN1 (Alias)3q27.1 PSMD2
RPN13q21.3 RPN1 (ribophorin I)
Rpn2 (Alias)2q37.1 PSMD1
RPN220q11.23 RPN2 (ribophorin II)
RPN3 (Alias)17q21.1 PSMD3
Rpn4 (Alias)12q24.31 PSMD9
Rpn5 (Alias)17q24.2 PSMD12
Rpn6 (Alias)17q11.2 PSMD11
Rpn7 (Alias)3p14.1 PSMD6
Rpn8 (Alias)16q23.1 PSMD7
Rpn9 (Alias)11p15.5 PSMD13
RPN-II (Alias)20q11.23 RPN2
RPNII (Alias)20q11.23 RPN2
Rpo1-2 (Alias)2q14.1 POLR1B
RPO1-3 (Alias)13q12.2 POLR1D
RPO1-4 (Alias)2p11.2 POLR1A
RPO14 (Alias)2p11.2 POLR1A
RPO2 (Alias)17p13.1 POLR2A
RPOL2 (Alias)17p13.1 POLR2A
RPP0 (Alias)12q24.23 RPLP0
RPP143p14.3 RPP14 (hydroxyacyl-thioester dehydratase type 2, mitochondrial)
RPP1 (Alias)15q23 RPLP1
RPP20 (Alias)12q24.31 POP5
RPP20 (Alias)7q22.1 POP7
RPP216p22.1 RPP21 (ribonuclease P/MRP subunit p21)
RPP25L9p13.3 RPP25L (ribonuclease P/MRP subunit p25 like)
RPP2515q24.2 RPP25 (ribonuclease P and MRP subunit p25)
RPP29 (Alias)19q12 POP4
RPP2 (Alias)12q24.31 POP5
RPP2 (Alias)7q22.1 POP7
RPP2 (Alias)11p15.5 RPLP2
RPP3010q23.31 RPP30 (ribonuclease P/MRP subunit p30)
RPP3810p13 RPP38 (ribonuclease P/MRP subunit p38)
RPP406p25.1 RPP40 (ribonuclease P/MRP subunit p40)
RPPH1-1 (Alias)14q11.2 RPPH1
RPPH114q11.2 RPPH1 (ribonuclease P RNA component H1)
RPR-1 (Alias)10p13 PTER
RPR (Alias)8p21.1 EXTL3
RPRC1 (Alias)1p34.3 MAP7D1
RPRD1A18q12.2 RPRD1A (regulation of nuclear pre-mRNA domain containing 1A)
RPRD1B20q11.23 RPRD1B (regulation of nuclear pre-mRNA domain containing 1B)
RPRD21q21.2 RPRD2 (regulation of nuclear pre-mRNA domain containing 2)
RPRGL1 (Alias)1q24.2 F5
RPRGL2 (Alias)11p11.2 F2
RPRGL3 (Alias)4q27 ANXA5
RPRGL4 (Alias)12q23.2 SYCP3
RPRML17q21.32 RPRML (reprimo like)
RPS10_2_147 (Alias)1q32.1 RPS10P7
RPS10_7_1142 (Alias)11p11.2 RPS10P19
RPS10-NUDT36p21.31 RPS10-NUDT3 (RPS10-NUDT3 readthrough)
RPS10P1911p11.2 RPS10P19 (ribosomal protein S10 pseudogene 19)
RPS10P71q32.1 RPS10P7 (ribosomal protein S10 pseudogene 7)
RPS106p21.31 RPS10 (ribosomal protein S10)
RPS11_2_1249 (Alias)12q14.2 RPS11P6
RPS11P612q14.2 RPS11P6 (ribosomal protein S11 pseudogene 6)
RPS1119q13.33 RPS11 (ribosomal protein S11)
RPS12 (Alias)19q13.2 MRPS12
RPS126q23.2 RPS12 (ribosomal protein S12)
RPS1311p15.1 RPS13 (ribosomal protein S13)
RPS14_1_16 (Alias)1p36.13 RPS14P3
RPS14P31p36.13 RPS14P3 (ribosomal protein S14 pseudogene 3)
RPS145q33.1 RPS14 (ribosomal protein S14)
RPS15A_4_42 (Alias)1p34.1 RPS15AP10
RPS15AP101p34.1 RPS15AP10 (ribosomal protein S15a pseudogene 10)
RPS15A16p12.3 RPS15A (ribosomal protein S15a)
RPS1519p13.3 RPS15 (ribosomal protein S15)
RPS16_3_702 (Alias)6p12.1 RPS16P5
RPS16P56p12.1 RPS16P5 (ribosomal protein S16 pseudogene 5)
RPS1619q13.2 RPS16 (ribosomal protein S16)
RPS17L1 (Alias)15q25.2 RPS17
RPS17L2 (Alias)15q25.2 RPS17
RPS17L (Alias)15q25.2 RPS17
RPS1715q25.2 RPS17 (ribosomal protein S17)
RPS18_6_767 (Alias)6q25.1 RPS18P9
RPS18P96q25.1 RPS18P9 (ribosomal protein S18 pseudogene 9)
RPS186p21.32 RPS18 (ribosomal protein S18)
RPS19BP122q13.1 RPS19BP1 (ribosomal protein S19 binding protein 1)
RPS1919q13.2 RPS19 (ribosomal protein S19)
RPS20_12_1158 (Alias)11q14.1 RPS20P27
RPS20P2711q14.1 RPS20P27 (ribosomal protein S20 pseudogene 27)
RPS208q12.1 RPS20 (ribosomal protein S20)
RPS2_14_794 (Alias)7p15.3 RPS2P32
RPS2120q13.33 RPS21 (ribosomal protein S21)
RPS2_21_1492 (Alias)16q22.1 RPS2P45
RPS2_22_1525 (Alias)17p11.2 RPS2P46
RPS2_25_1553 (Alias)17q21.32 RPS2P47
RPS235q14.2 RPS23 (ribosomal protein S23)
RPS2410q22.3 RPS24 (ribosomal protein S24)
RPS2511q23.3 RPS25 (ribosomal protein S25)
RPS26_10_512 (Alias)8q22.3 RPS26P25
RPS26_22_1784 (Alias)Xq13.1 RPS26P11
RPS26L1 (Alias)Xq13.1 RPS26P11
RPS26P11Xq13.1 RPS26P11 (ribosomal protein S26 pseudogene 11)
RPS26P258q22.3 RPS26P25 (ribosomal protein S26 pseudogene 25)
RPS2612q13.2 RPS26 (ribosomal protein S26)
RPS27A2p16.1 RPS27A (ribosomal protein S27a)
RPS27L15q22.2 RPS27L (ribosomal protein S27 like)
RPS2819p13.2 RPS28 (ribosomal protein S28)
RPS2914q21.3 RPS29 (ribosomal protein S29)
RPS2P327p15.3 RPS2P32 (ribosomal protein S2 pseudogene 32)
RPS2P4516q22.1 RPS2P45 (ribosomal protein S2 pseudogene 45)
RPS2P4617p11.2 RPS2P46 (ribosomal protein S2 pseudogene 46)
RPS2P4717q21.32 RPS2P47 (ribosomal protein S2 pseudogene 47)
RPS216p13.3 RPS2 (ribosomal protein S2)
RPS30_1_440 (Alias)3q26.33 FAUP2
RPS30_1_539 (Alias)4q35.2 FAUP3
RPS30_2_1613 (Alias)18q22.3 FAUP1
RPS3A4q31.3 RPS3A (ribosomal protein S3A)
RPS311q13.4 RPS3 (ribosomal protein S3)
RPS4 (Alias)Xq13.1 RPS4X
RPS4XXq13.1 RPS4X (ribosomal protein S4, X-linked)
RPS4Y1Yp11.2 RPS4Y1 (ribosomal protein S4, Y-linked 1)
RPS4Y2P (Alias)Yq11.223 RPS4Y2
RPS4Y2Yq11.223 RPS4Y2 (ribosomal protein S4, Y-linked 2)
RPS4Y (Alias)Yp11.2 RPS4Y1
RPS519q13.43 RPS5 (ribosomal protein S5)
RPS6KA2-AS16q27 RPS6KA2-AS1 (RPS6KA2 antisense RNA 1)
RPS6KA2-IT16q27 RPS6KA2-IT1 (RPS6KA2 intronic transcript 1)
RPS6KA26q27 RPS6KA2 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase A2)
RPS6KA3Xp22.12 RPS6KA3 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase A3)
RPS6KA411q13.1 RPS6KA4 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase A4)
RPS6KA514q32.11 RPS6KA5 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase A5)
RPS6KB117q23.1 RPS6KB1 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase B1)
RPS6KB211q13.2 RPS6KB2 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase B2)
RPS6KC11q32.3 RPS6KC1 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase C1)
RPS6KL114q24.3 RPS6KL1 (ribosomal protein S6 kinase like 1)
RPS6P64q21.22 RPS6P6 (ribosomal protein S6 pseudogene)
RPS69p22.1 RPS6 (ribosomal protein S6)
RPS7_2_183 (Alias)1q43 RPS7P5
RPS7_4_1531 (Alias)2p25.3 RPS7P1
RP-S7 (Alias)17q25.1 MRPS7
RPS7P12p25.3 RPS7P1 (ribosomal protein S7 pseudogene 1)
RPS7P51q43 RPS7P5 (ribosomal protein S7 pseudogene 5)
RPS72p25.3 RPS7 (ribosomal protein S7)
RPS81p34.1 RPS8 (ribosomal protein S8)
RPS919q13.42 RPS9 (ribosomal protein S9)
RPSA_14_525 (Alias)4q31.21 RPSAP36
RPSA_17_1251 (Alias)12q14.3 RPSAP52
RPSA_17_711 (Alias)6q13 RPSAP41
RPSA_20_986 (Alias)9q21.13 RPSAP9
RPSA_25_1791 (Alias)Xq21.31 RPSAP15
RPSA_2_81 (Alias)1p21.2 RPSAP19
RPSA_30_1642 (Alias)19p12 RPSAP58
RPSAP15Xq21.31 RPSAP15 (ribosomal protein SA pseudogene 15)
RPSAP191p21.2 RPSAP19 (ribosomal protein SA pseudogene 19)
RPSAP364q31.21 RPSAP36 (ribosomal protein SA pseudogene 36)
RPSAP416q13 RPSAP41 (ribosomal protein SA pseudogene 41)
RPSAP5212q14.3 RPSAP52 (ribosomal protein SA pseudogene 52)
RPSAP5819p12 RPSAP58 (ribosomal protein SA pseudogene 58)
RPSAP99q21.13 RPSAP9 (ribosomal protein SA pseudogene 9)
RPSA3p22.1 RPSA (ribosomal protein SA)
RPSM12 (Alias)19q13.2 MRPS12
RPT3 (Alias)19q13.2 PSMC4
RPTN1q21.3 RPTN (repetin)
RPTOR17q25.3 RPTOR (regulatory associated protein of MTOR complex 1)
RPTPB (Alias)7q31.32 PTPRZ1
R-PTP-BETA (Alias)12q15 PTPRB
RPTPbeta (Alias)7q31.32 PTPRZ1
R-PTP-EPSILON (Alias)10q26.2 PTPRE
R-PTP-H (Alias)19q13.42 PTPRH
R-PTP-kappa (Alias)6q22.33 PTPRK
RPTPM (Alias)18p11.23 PTPRM
R-PTP-MU (Alias)18p11.23 PTPRM
R-PTP-N2 (Alias)7q36.3 PTPRN2
R-PTP-N (Alias)2q35 PTPRN
R-PTP-O (Alias)12p12.3 PTPRO
R-PTP-PSI (Alias)1p35.3 PTPRU
R-PTP-Q (Alias)12q21.31 PTPRQ
RPTPrho (Alias)20q12 PTPRT
R-PTP-S (Alias)19p13.3 PTPRS
R-PTP-sigma (Alias)19p13.3 PTPRS
RPTPU (Alias)18p11.23 PTPRM
R-PTP-U (Alias)1p35.3 PTPRU
R-PTP-zeta-2 (Alias)7q31.32 PTPRZ1
RPU1 (Alias)19q13.33 SNRNP70
RPUSD116p13.3 RPUSD1 (RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 1)
RPUSD215q15.1 RPUSD2 (RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 2)
RPUSD33p25.3 RPUSD3 (RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 3)
RPUSD411q24.2 RPUSD4 (RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 4)
RPX (Alias)3p14.3 HESX1
RPYL10 (Alias)3p24.2 RPL15
RQCD1 (Alias)2q35 CNOT9
RRAD16q22.1 RRAD (RRAD, Ras related glycolysis inhibitor and calcium channel regulator)
RRAGA9p22.1 RRAGA (Ras related GTP binding A)
RRAGBXp11.21 RRAGB (Ras related GTP binding B)
RRAGC1p34.3 RRAGC (Ras related GTP binding C)
RRAGD6q15 RRAGD (Ras related GTP binding D)
RRAS211p15.2 RRAS2 (related RAS viral (r-ras) oncogene homolog 2)
R-RAS3 (Alias)3q22.3 MRAS
RRAS3 (Alias)3q22.3 MRAS
RRAS19q13.33 RRAS (related RAS viral (r-ras) oncogene homolog)
RRB1 (Alias)19q13.33 GRWD1
RRB2 (Alias)3p24.2 RARB
RRBP120p12.1 RRBP1 (ribosome binding protein 1)
RREI (Alias)8q22.3 SLC25A32
RRF2 (Alias)5q13.3 GFM2
RRF2mt (Alias)5q13.3 GFM2
RRF (Alias)9q33.2 MRRF
RRG1 (Alias)2p13.2 SMYD5
RRH4q25 RRH (retinal pigment epithelium-derived rhodopsin homolog)
RRIG1 (Alias)9q34.11 SH3GLB2
RRM2B8q22.3 RRM2B (ribonucleotide reductase regulatory TP53 inducible subunit M2B)
RRMJ2 (Alias)7p22.3 MRM2
RRN3P116p12.2 RRN3P1 (RRN3 homolog, RNA polymerase I transcription factor pseudogene 1)
RRN3P216p11.2 RRN3P2 (RRN3 homolog, RNA polymerase I transcription factor pseudogene 2)
RRN3P316p12.2 RRN3P3 (RRN3 homolog, RNA polymerase I transcription factor pseudogene 3)
RRN316p13.11 RRN3 (RRN3 homolog, RNA polymerase I transcription factor)
RRNAD11q23.1 RRNAD1 (ribosomal RNA adenine dimethylase domain containing 1)
RRP10 (Alias)6p24.3 RIOK1
RRP1210q24.1 RRP12 (ribosomal RNA processing 12 homolog)
RRP14 (Alias)9q34.2 SURF6
RRP151q41 RRP15 (ribosomal RNA processing 15 homolog)
RRP17 (Alias)17q12 RASL10B
RRP1A (Alias)21q22.3 RRP1
RRP1 (Alias)21q22.3 RRP1B
RRP1B21q22.3 RRP1B (ribosomal RNA processing 1B)
RRP121q22.3 RRP1 (ribosomal RNA processing 1)
RRP20 (Alias)2p14 PNO1
RRP22 (Alias)22q12.2 RASL10A
RRP2 (Alias)1p34.3 RHBDL2
RRP366p21.1 RRP36 (ribosomal RNA processing 36)
RRP3 (Alias)12p13.1 DDX47
RRP40 (Alias)9p13.2 EXOSC3
Rrp40p (Alias)9p13.2 EXOSC3
RRP41A (Alias)8q24.3 EXOSC4
RRP41 (Alias)8q24.3 EXOSC4
RRP41B (Alias)19q13.2 EXOSC5
Rrp41p (Alias)8q24.3 EXOSC4
RRP42 (Alias)3p21.31 EXOSC7
Rrp42p (Alias)3p21.31 EXOSC7
RRP43 (Alias)13q13.3 EXOSC8
Rrp43p (Alias)13q13.3 EXOSC8
RRP44 (Alias)13q21.33 DIS3
RRP45 (Alias)4q27 EXOSC9
Rrp45p (Alias)4q27 EXOSC9
RRP46 (Alias)19q13.2 EXOSC5
Rrp46p (Alias)19q13.2 EXOSC5
Rrp47 (Alias)2p14 C1D
RRP4 (Alias)9q34.12 EXOSC2
RRP4 (Alias)2q36.3 RHBDD1
Rrp4p (Alias)9q34.12 EXOSC2
RRP5 (Alias)10q24.33 PDCD11
RRP6 (Alias)1p36.22 EXOSC10
Rrp6p (Alias)1p36.22 EXOSC10
RRP7A22q13.2 RRP7A (ribosomal RNA processing 7 homolog A)
RRP7B (Alias)22q13.2 RRP7BP
RRP7BP22q13.2 RRP7BP (ribosomal RNA processing 7 homolog B, pseudogene)
RRP811p15.4 RRP8 (ribosomal RNA processing 8, methyltransferase, homolog (yeast))
RRP93p21.2 RRP9 (ribosomal RNA processing 9, small subunit (SSU) processome component, homolog (yeast))
RRP (Alias)16p13.3 RHBDL1
RRp (Alias)20p12.1 RRBP1
RRPL13L (Alias)12p13.31 RPL13P5
RRR1 (Alias)19q13.32 DACT3
RRS1-AS18q13.1 RRS1-AS1 (RRS1 antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
RRS18q13.1 RRS1 (ribosome biogenesis regulator homolog)
RRT2 (Alias)9q34.3 DPH7
RS11 (Alias)16p13.3 RGS11
RS1 (Alias)1p36.21 RSC1A1
RS1Xp22.13 RS1 (retinoschisin 1)
RS21C6 (Alias)16p11.2 DCTPP1
RS447 (Alias)4p16.1 USP17L9P
RSAD117q21.33 RSAD1 (radical S-adenosyl methionine domain containing 1)
RSAD22p25.2 RSAD2 (radical S-adenosyl methionine domain containing 2)
RSAFD1 (Alias)7q11.21 TYW1
RSAFD2 (Alias)7q11.22 TYW1B
RS (Alias)Xq28 MECP2
RS (Alias)4q25 PITX2
RS (Alias)2p12 REG1CP
RS (Alias)Xp22.13 RS1
RSBN1L-AS1 (Alias)7q11.23 APTR
RSBN1L7q11.23 RSBN1L (round spermatid basic protein 1 like)
RSBN11p13.2 RSBN1 (round spermatid basic protein 1)
RSC1A11p36.21 RSC1A1 (regulator of solute carriers 1)
Rsc6p (Alias)12q13.12 SMARCD1
Rsc6p (Alias)17q23.3 SMARCD2
Rsc6p (Alias)7q36.1 SMARCD3
Rsc8 (Alias)3p21.31 SMARCC1
Rsc8 (Alias)12q13.2 SMARCC2
Rsdr1 (Alias)1p36.21 DHRS3
RSE1 (Alias)16q22.1 SF3B3
RSG11p36.13 RSG1 (REM2 and RAB like small GTPase 1)
RSG-A (Alias)18q12.2 ZNF24
RSHL1 (Alias)19q13.32 RSPH6A
RSHL2 (Alias)6q25.3 RSPH3
RSHL3 (Alias)6q22.1 RSPH4A
RSK2 (Alias)Xp22.12 RPS6KA3
RSK3 (Alias)6q27 RPS6KA2
RSK (Alias)6q27 RPS6KA2
RSK (Alias)Xp22.12 RPS6KA3
RSK-B (Alias)11q13.1 RPS6KA4
RSKL1 (Alias)1q32.3 RPS6KC1
RSKL2 (Alias)14q24.3 RPS6KL1
RSL1D116p13.13 RSL1D1 (ribosomal L1 domain containing 1)
RSL24D115q21.3 RSL24D1 (ribosomal L24 domain containing 1)
RSMD1 (Alias)1p36.11 SELENON
RSN (Alias)12q24.31 CLIP1
RSNL1 (Alias)19q13.12 CLIP3
RSNL2 (Alias)2p23.2 CLIP4
RSP-1 (Alias)10p13 RSU1
RSP3 (Alias)6q25.3 RSPH3
RSP44 (Alias)21q22.3 RSPH1
RSP4 (Alias)19q13.32 RSPH6A
RSP5 (Alias)18q21.31 NEDD4L
RSP6 (Alias)19q13.32 RSPH6A
RSPH10A (Alias)21q22.3 RSPH1
RSPH10B27p22.1 RSPH10B2 (radial spoke head 10 homolog B2)
RSPH10B7p22.1 RSPH10B (radial spoke head 10 homolog B)
RSPH11 (Alias)5p15.2 ROPN1L
RSPH12 (Alias)6q21 PPIL6
RSPH1422q11.22 RSPH14 (radial spoke head 14 homolog)
RSPH16A (Alias)11q13.4 DNAJB13
RSPH16B (Alias)19p13.12 DNAJB1
RSPH121q22.3 RSPH1 (radial spoke head 1 homolog)
RSPH22 (Alias)17q22 DYNLL2
RSPH23 (Alias)5q31.2 NME5
RSPH36q25.3 RSPH3 (radial spoke 3 homolog)
RSPH4A6q22.1 RSPH4A (radial spoke head 4 homolog A)
RSPH4B (Alias)19q13.32 RSPH6A
RSPH6A19q13.32 RSPH6A (radial spoke head 6 homolog A)
RSPH6B (Alias)6q22.1 RSPH4A
RSPH96p21.1 RSPH9 (radial spoke head 9 homolog)
RSPO28q23.1 RSPO2 (R-spondin 2)
RSPO36q22.33 RSPO3 (R-spondin 3)
RSPO420p13 RSPO4 (R-spondin 4)
RSPRY116q13 RSPRY1 (ring finger and SPRY domain containing 1)
RSRC13q25.32 RSRC1 (arginine and serine rich coiled-coil 1)
RSRC212q24.31 RSRC2 (arginine and serine rich coiled-coil 2)
RSRFC4 (Alias)15q26.3 MEF2A
RSRFC9 (Alias)15q26.3 MEF2A
RSRFR2 (Alias)19p13.11 MEF2B
RSRP11p36.11 RSRP1 (arginine and serine rich protein 1)
RSS (Alias)1p36.11 SELENON
RS-SCID (Alias)10p13 DCLRE1C
RST (Alias)11q13.1 SLC22A12
RSTN (Alias)19p13.2 RETN
RSU1P210q11.21 RSU1P2 (Ras suppressor protein 1 pseudogene 2)
RSU110p13 RSU1 (Ras suppressor protein 1)
RSUME (Alias)1p21.3 RWDD3
RT14 (Alias)12q13.2 BLOC1S1
RT6 (Alias)11p15.4 ART1
RT7 (Alias)8q22.3 ODF1
RTA1B (Alias)2p13.3 ATP6V1B1
RTA1C (Alias)7q34 ATP6V0A4
RTA (Alias)11q13.3 MRGPRF
RTA (Alias)22q12.3 RBFOX2
RTADR (Alias)7q34 ATP6V0A4
RT (Alias)9q34.13 POMT1
RTBDN19p13.13 RTBDN (retbindin)
RTC1 (Alias)1p21.2 RTCA
RTCA-AS11p21.2 RTCA-AS1 (RTCA antisense RNA 1)
RTCA1p21.2 RTCA (RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase)
RTCB22q12.3 RTCB (RNA 2',3'-cyclic phosphate and 5'-OH ligase)
RTCD1 (Alias)1p21.2 RTCA
RTDR1 (Alias)22q11.22 RSPH14
RTE1- RTE1 (repressor of telomerase expression 1)
RTEF1 (Alias)12p13.33 TEAD4
RTEL120q13.33 RTEL1 (regulator of telomere elongation helicase 1)
RTEL1-TNFRSF6B20q13.33 RTEL1-TNFRSF6B (RTEL1-TNFRSF6B readthrough (NMD candidate))
RTEL (Alias)20q13.33 RTEL1
RTF115q15.1 RTF1 (RTF1 homolog, Paf1/RNA polymerase II complex component)
RTF (Alias)12q24.31 ATP6V0A2
RTFC (Alias)14q11.2 C14orf93
RTFDC120q13.31 RTFDC1 (replication termination factor 2 domain containing 1)
RTKN210q21.2 RTKN2 (rhotekin 2)
RTKN2p13.1 RTKN (rhotekin)
RTL1022q11.21 RTL10 (retrotransposon Gag like 10)
RTL114q32.2 RTL1 (retrotransposon Gag like 1)
RTL3Xq21.1 RTL3 (retrotransposon Gag like 3)
RTL4Xq23 RTL4 (retrotransposon Gag like 4)
RTL5Xq13.1 RTL5 (retrotransposon Gag like 5)
RTL622q13.31 RTL6 (retrotransposon Gag like 6)
RTL8AXq26.3 RTL8A (retrotransposon Gag like 8A)
RTL8BXq26.3 RTL8B (retrotransposon Gag like 8B)
RTL8CXq26.3 RTL8C (retrotransposon Gag like 8C)
RTL9Xq23 RTL9 (retrotransposon Gag like 9)
RT-LI (Alias)15q11.2 SNRPN
RTLN (Alias)3q22.1 TMEM108
RTN114q23.1 RTN1 (reticulon 1)
RTN219q13.32 RTN2 (reticulon 2)
RTN3-A1 (Alias)11q13.1 RTN3
RTN311q13.1 RTN3 (reticulon 3)
RTN4IP16q21 RTN4IP1 (reticulon 4 interacting protein 1)
RTN4RL117p13.3 RTN4RL1 (reticulon 4 receptor like 1)
RTN4RL211q12.1 RTN4RL2 (reticulon 4 receptor like 2)
RTN4R22q11.21 RTN4R (reticulon 4 receptor)
RTP13q27.3 RTP1 (receptor transporter protein 1)
RTP23q27.3 RTP2 (receptor transporter protein 2)
RTP33p21.31 RTP3 (receptor transporter protein 3)
RTP43q27.3 RTP4 (receptor transporter protein 4)
RTP52q37.3 RTP5 (receptor transporter protein 5 (putative))
Rtp801L (Alias)4q24 DDIT4L
Rtr1 (Alias)1p22.1 RPAP2
RTRAF14q22.1 RTRAF (RNA transcription, translation and transport factor)
RTR (Alias)9q33.3 NR6A1
Rts2 (Alias)10p14 KIN
RTS (Alias)18p11.32 ENOSF1
RTS (Alias)Xq28 MECP2
RTSC1 (Alias)8q24.13 WASHC5
RTSC2 (Alias)Xp11.23 CCDC22
RTSC (Alias)8q24.13 WASHC5
RTT (Alias)Xq28 MECP2
RTTN18q22.2 RTTN (rotatin)
RTVP1 (Alias)12q21.2 GLIPR1
RU1 (Alias)3p21.1 SFMBT1
RU2 (Alias)6p22.3 DCDC2
RU2AS (Alias)6p22.3 KAAG1
RU2S (Alias)6p22.3 DCDC2
RUBCNL13q14.13 RUBCNL (RUN and cysteine rich domain containing beclin 1 interacting protein like)
RUBCN3q29 RUBCN (RUN and cysteine rich domain containing beclin 1 interacting protein)
RUFY15q35.3 RUFY1 (RUN and FYVE domain containing 1)
RUFY210q21.3 RUFY2 (RUN and FYVE domain containing 2)
RUFY3 (Alias)3p21.31 FYCO1
RUFY34q13.3 RUFY3 (RUN and FYVE domain containing 3)
RUFY42q35 RUFY4 (RUN and FYVE domain containing 4)
Rumi (Alias)3q13.33 POGLUT1
RUNDC117q21.31 RUNDC1 (RUN domain containing 1)
RUNDC2A (Alias)16p13.13 SNX29
RUNDC2B (Alias)16p11.2 SNX29P1
RUNDC2C (Alias)16p11.2 SNX29P2
RUNDC2L (Alias)16p11.2 SNX29P1
RUNDC3A-AS117q21.31 RUNDC3A-AS1 (RUNDC3A antisense RNA 1)
RUNDC3A17q21.31 RUNDC3A (RUN domain containing 3A)
RUNDC3B7q21.12 RUNDC3B (RUN domain containing 3B)
RUNX1-IT121q22.12 RUNX1-IT1 (RUNX1 intronic transcript 1)
RUNX2-AS16p21.1 RUNX2-AS1 (RUNX2 antisense RNA 1)
RUNX31p36.11 RUNX3 (runt related transcription factor 3)
RUS (Alias)16p11.2 C16orf58
RUSC1-AS11q22 RUSC1-AS1 (RUSC1 antisense RNA 1)
RUSC11q22 RUSC1 (RUN and SH3 domain containing 1)
RUSC29p13.3 RUSC2 (RUN and SH3 domain containing 2)
RUSC3 (Alias)22q13.1 SGSM3
RUTBC1 (Alias)17p13.3 SGSM2
RUTBC2 (Alias)22q11.23 SGSM1
RUTBC3 (Alias)22q13.1 SGSM3
RUVBL1-AS13q21.3 RUVBL1-AS1 (RUVBL1 antisense RNA 1)
RUVBL (Alias)16p13.3 CHTF18
RVDR1 (Alias)19q13.33 GPR32
RVER1 (Alias)12q23.3 CMKLR1
RVP1 (Alias)7q11.23 CLDN3
RVR (Alias)3p24.2 NR1D2
RW1 (Alias)2q11.2 TMEM131
RWDD16q22.1 RWDD1 (RWD domain containing 1)
RWDD2 (Alias)6q14.1 RWDD2A
RWDD2A6q14.1 RWDD2A (RWD domain containing 2A)
RWDD2B21q21.3 RWDD2B (RWD domain containing 2B)
RWDD31p21.3 RWDD3 (RWD domain containing 3)
RWDD4A (Alias)4q35.1 RWDD4
RWDD44q35.1 RWDD4 (RWD domain containing 4)
RWDD5 (Alias)18q11.2 IMPACT
RWS (Alias)11p15.5 KCNQ1
RX (Alias)18q21.32 RAX
RXFP14q32.1 RXFP1 (relaxin/insulin like family peptide receptor 1)
RXFP213q13.1 RXFP2 (relaxin/insulin like family peptide receptor 2)
RXFP35p13.2 RXFP3 (relaxin/insulin like family peptide receptor 3)
RXFP41q22 RXFP4 (relaxin/insulin like family peptide receptor 4)
RXFPR1 (Alias)4q32.1 RXFP1
RXFPR2 (Alias)13q13.1 RXFP2
RXFPR3 (Alias)5p13.2 RXFP3
RXFPR4 (Alias)1q22 RXFP4
RXN3 (Alias)19p13.12 RLN3
RXRA9q34.2 RXRA (retinoid X receptor alpha)
RXRB6p21.32 RXRB (retinoid X receptor beta)
RXRC (Alias)1q23.3 RXRG
RXRG1q23.3 RXRG (retinoid X receptor gamma)
RY1 (Alias)2p13.3 SNRNP27
RY2G5 (Alias)20q11.21 BPIFB4
RYA3 (Alias)20q11.21 BPIFB3
RY (Alias)5q31.1 HSPA4
RYBP3p13 RYBP (RING1 and YY1 binding protein)
RYD5 (Alias)11p15.5 SCGB1C1
RyDEN (Alias)19p13.2 C19orf66
RYDR (Alias)19q13.2 RYR1
RYK1 (Alias)3q22.2 RYK
RYK3q22.2 RYK (receptor-like tyrosine kinase)
RYR-1 (Alias)19q13.2 RYR1
RYR119q13.2 RYR1 (ryanodine receptor 1)
RYR-2 (Alias)1q43 RYR2
RYR21q43 RYR2 (ryanodine receptor 2)
RYR-3 (Alias)15q13.3 RYR3
RYR315q13.3 RYR3 (ryanodine receptor 3)
RYR (Alias)19q13.2 RYR1
RyR (Alias)1q43 RYR2
RYSR (Alias)20q11.21 BPIFB2
RYZN (Alias)17p11.2 TNFRSF13B
RZF (Alias)3q25.1 RNF13
RZF (Alias)12q13.13 ZNF385A
RZRA (Alias)15q22.2 RORA
RZR-ALPHA (Alias)15q22.2 RORA
RZRB (Alias)9q21.13 RORB
RZR-BETA (Alias)9q21.13 RORB
RZRG (Alias)1q21.3 RORC
RZR-GAMMA (Alias)1q21.3 RORC

These entries belong to a list of genes implicated in cancer which is a compilation of genes selected for their interest.

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