Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

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Alphabetic list of cancer genes


- W -
Annotated genes
Alias nameCytobandOfficial Symbol
WAF1 (Wild type p53 activated protein-1) (Alias)6p21.2 CDKN1A
WAGR (Alias)11p13 PAX6
WAMTP1 (Alias)19p13.11 CRTC1
WAP4 (Whey-acidic-protein 4) (Alias)20q13.12 chr20:43,881,055- 43,883,184 (reverse strand) SLPI
Warts (Alias)LATS1 is localized to chromosome 6q24-25.1 LATS1
WASP (Alias)Xp11.23 WAS
WASXp11.23 WAS (Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome)
WBSCR8 (Williams-Beuren syndrome chromosome region 8 protein) (Alias)7q11.23 CLDN4
WCH-CD (Alias)12q13 AQP2
WD1 (Alias)17q21.31 SLC4A1
WD (Alias)17q21.31 SLC4A1
WDR483p22.2 (Starts at 39051986 and ends at 39096671 bp from pter (according to hg-38)) WDR48 (WD repeat domain 48)
WDR771p13.2 WDR77 (WD repeat domain 77)
WDR79 (Alias)17p13.1 WRAP53
WF-1 (Alias)12q24.31 TRIAP1
WFDC116q24.1 WFDC1 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 1)
WFDC4 (WAP four-disulfide core domain protein 4) (Alias)20q13.12 chr20:43,881,055- 43,883,184 (reverse strand) SLPI
WGN1 (Alias)5q14.2 VCAN
WGN (Alias)5q14.2 VCAN
WHS (Alias)4p16.3 NSD2
WHSC1 (Alias)4p16.3 NSD2
WHSC1L1 (Alias)8p11.23 NSD3
WID (Alias)5q31.2 CXXC5
WIF-1 (Alias)12q14.3 WIF1
WIF112q14.3 WIF1 (WNT inhibitory factor 1)
Wip1 phosphatase (Alias)17q23.2 PPM1D
WISP220q13.12 WISP2 (Wnt-1-inducible signaling parthway protein-2)
WISP36q21 WISP3 (WNT-1 inducible signaling pathway protein 3)
WNK29q22.31 WNK2 (WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 2)
WNT10B12q13.2 WNT10B (wingless-type MMTV integration site family)
WNT12 (Alias)12q13.2 WNT10B
Wnt1 signaling pathway protein 3 (Alias)6q21 WISP3
WNT112q13.12 WNT1 (wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 1)
WNT-5A (Alias)3p14.3 WNT5A
WNT5A3p14.3 WNT5A (wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 5A)
Wnt receptor Frizzled -4 (Alias)11q14.2 FZD4
WR (Alias)17q21.31 SLC4A1
WRAP5317p13.1 WRAP53 (WD repeat containing, antisense to TP53)
WRN8p12 WRN (Werner syndrome, RecQ helicase-like)
WS1 (Alias)2q36.1 PAX3
WS2A (Alias)3p14.1 MITF
WS2 (Alias)3p14.1 MITF
WS2E (Alias)22q13.1 SOX10
WS3-10 (Alias)11q23.3 TAGLN
WS3 (Alias)2q36.1 PAX3
WS4 (Alias)22q13.1 SOX10
WS9-14 (Alias)8p21.3 LOXL2
WT111p13 WT1 (Wilms' tumor suppressor gene)
WTX (Wilms Tumor on the X chromosome) (Alias)Xq11.2 AMER1
WVS2 (Alias)7q36.1 EZH2
WVS (Alias)7q36.1 EZH2
WW45 (Alias)14q22.1 SAV1
WW (Alias)16q12.1 ABCC11
WWC15q34 WWC1 (WW and C2 domain containing 1)
WWOX16q23.1 WWOX (WW domain containing oxidoreductase)
WWP18q21.3 WWP1 (WW domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1)
WWP4 (Alias)14q22.1 SAV1
WWTR13q25.1 WWTR1 (WW domain containing transcription regulator 1)
Other genes with a part possibly implicated in cancer
Alias nameCytobandOfficial Symbol
W117m (Alias)11q24.2 ESAM
W264 (Alias)19q13.2 CEACAM3
W282 (Alias)19q13.2 CEACAM3
W5C5 (Alias)22q11.23 SUSD2
W80 (Alias)Xp22.2 EGFL6
WABS (Alias)12p11.21 DDX11
WAC-AS110p12.1 WAC-AS1 (WAC antisense RNA 1 (head to head))
WAC10p12.1 WAC (WW domain containing adaptor with coiled-coil)
WAD (Alias)4p16.2 EVC2
WAIT1 (Alias)11q14.2 EED
WAKMAR26q23.3 WAKMAR2 (wound and keratinocyte migration associated lncRNA 2)
WALp1 (Alias)14q13.1 BAZ1A
WALp3 (Alias)12q13.3 BAZ2A
WALp4 (Alias)2q24.2 BAZ2B
WAML (Alias)17q25.3 BAIAP2
WAP10 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC10A
WAP11 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC11
WAP12 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC10B
WAP13 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC13
WAP14 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC3
WAP1 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC5
WAP2 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC12
WAP3 (Alias)20q13.12 PI3
WAP5 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC2
WAP6 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC6
WAP7 (Alias)20q13.12 EPPIN
WAP8 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC8
WAP9 (Alias)20q13.12 WFDC9
WAPAL (Alias)10q23.2 WAPL
WAPL10q23.2 WAPL (WAPL cohesin release factor)
WARBM1 (Alias)2q21.3 RAB3GAP1
WARBM2 (Alias)1q41 RAB3GAP2
WARBM3 (Alias)10p12.1 RAB18
WARBM4 (Alias)20p13 TBC1D20
WARP (Alias)1p36.33 VWA1
WARS114q32.2 WARS1 (tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase 1)
WARS2-AS11p12 WARS2-AS1 (WARS2 antisense RNA 1)
WARS2-IT11p12 WARS2-IT1 (WARS2 intronic transcript 1)
WARS21p12 WARS2 (tryptophanyl tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial)
WARS (Alias)14q32.2 WARS1
WAS2 (Alias)2q31.1 WIPF1
WASF16q21 WASF1 (WASP family member 1)
WASF21p36.11 WASF2 (WASP family member 2)
WASF313q12.13 WASF3 (WASP family member 3)
WASF4 (Alias)1p36.11 WASF2
WASH1 (Alias)9p24.3 WASHC1
WASH2P2q14.1 WASH2P (WASP family homolog 2, pseudogene)
WASH3P15q26.3 WASH3P (WASP family homolog 3, pseudogene)
WASH5P (Alias)1p36.33 WASH7P
WASH5P19p13.3 WASH5P (WASP family homolog 5, pseudogene)
WASH6PXq28 and Yq12 WASH6P (WASP family homolog 6, pseudogene)
WASH7P1p36.33 WASH7P (WASP family homolog 7, pseudogene)
WASH8P12p13.33 WASH8P (WAS protein family homolog 8, pseudogene)
WASH (Alias)Xq28 and Yq12 WASH6P
WASH (Alias)9p24.3 WASHC1
WASHC19p24.3 WASHC1 (WASH complex subunit 1)
WASHC2A10q11.23 WASHC2A (WASH complex subunit 2A)
WASHC2C10q11.22 WASHC2C (WASH complex subunit 2C)
WASHC312q23.2 WASHC3 (WASH complex subunit 3)
WASHC412q23.3 WASHC4 (WASH complex subunit 4)
WASHC58q24.13 WASHC5 (WASH complex subunit 5)
WASIR1Xq28 WASIR1 (WASH and IL9R antisense RNA 1)
WASIR216p13.3 WASIR2 (WASH and IL9R antisense RNA 2)
WASL7q31.32 WASL (WASP like actin nucleation promoting factor)
WASPB (Alias)7q31.32 WASL
WASPIP (Alias)2q31.1 WIPF1
WAT1 (Alias)16p13.3 MLST8
WAVE1 (Alias)6q21 WASF1
WAVE2 (Alias)1p36.11 WASF2
WAVE3 (Alias)13q12.13 WASF3
WAVE (Alias)6q21 WASF1
WBCQ1 (Alias)1q23.2 ACKR1
WBMT (Alias)7q11.23 BUD23
WBP-11 (Alias)12p12.3 WBP11
WBP11P118q12.1 WBP11P1 (WBP11 pseudogene 1)
WBP1112p12.3 WBP11 (WW domain binding protein 11)
WBP15 (Alias)16p12.1 ARHGAP17
WBP1 (Alias)1p36.12 DDOST
WBP-1 (Alias)2p13.1 WBP1
WBP1L2 (Alias)7p11.2 VOPP1
WBP1LP27q22.3 WBP1LP2 (WBP1L pseudogene 2)
WBP1L10q24.32 WBP1L (WW domain binding protein 1 like)
WBP12p13.1 WBP1 (WW domain binding protein 1)
WBP-2 (Alias)17q25.1 WBP2
WBP2NL22q13.2 WBP2NL (WBP2 N-terminal like)
WBP217q25.1 WBP2 (WW domain binding protein 2)
WBP-3 (Alias)12q13.12 FMNL3
WBP3 (Alias)12q13.12 FMNL3
WBP413q14.11 WBP4 (WW domain binding protein 4)
WBP5 (Alias)Xq22.2 TCEAL9
WBP-7 (Alias)19q13.12 KMT2B
WBP7 (Alias)19q13.12 KMT2B
WBS (Alias)11p15.4 CDKN1C
WBS (Alias)7q11.23 ELN
WBS (Alias)7q11.23 GTF2IRD1
WBS (Alias)7q11.23 GTF2I
WBSCR10 (Alias)7q11.23 BAZ1B
WBSCR11 (Alias)7q11.23 GTF2IRD1
WBSCR12 (Alias)7q11.23 GTF2IRD1
WBSCR13 (Alias)7q11.23 TBL2
WBSCR14 (Alias)7q11.23 MLXIPL
WBSCR15 (Alias)7q11.23 LAT2
WBSCR16 (Alias)7q11.23 RCC1L
WBSCR17 (Alias)7q11.22 GALNT17
WBSCR18 (Alias)7q11.23 DNAJC30
WBSCR19 (Alias)7p13 SPDYE1
WBSCR1 (Alias)7q11.23 EIF4H
WBSCR20A (Alias)7q11.23 NSUN5
WBSCR20 (Alias)7q11.23 NSUN5
WBSCR20B (Alias)7q11.23 NSUN5P1
WBSCR20B (Alias)7q11.23 NSUN5P2
WBSCR20C (Alias)7q11.23 NSUN5P2
WBSCR21 (Alias)7q11.23 ABHD11
WBSCR22 (Alias)7q11.23 BUD23
WBSCR24 (Alias)7q11.23 VPS37D
WBSCR26 (Alias)7q11.23 ABHD11-AS1
WBSCR27 (Alias)7q11.23 METTL27
WBSCR28 (Alias)7q11.23 TMEM270
WBSCR3 (Alias)7q11.23 CLIP2
WBSCR4 (Alias)7q11.23 CLIP2
WBSCR5 (Alias)7q11.23 LAT2
WBSCR6 (Alias)7q11.23 GTF2I
WBSCR7 (Alias)7q11.23 GTF2IP1
WBSCR9 (Alias)7q11.23 BAZ1B
WC1 (Alias)13q14.3 ATP7B
WC1 (Alias)12p13.31 CD163L1
WCRF135 (Alias)4q31.21 SMARCA5
WCRF180 (Alias)14q13.1 BAZ1A
WD (Alias)13q14.3 ATP7B
WDC146 (Alias)2q14.3 WDR33
WDCP2p23.3 WDCP (WD repeat and coiled coil containing)
WDF1 (Alias)2q36.1 WDFY1
WDF2 (Alias)13q14.3 WDFY2
WDFY12q36.1 WDFY1 (WD repeat and FYVE domain containing 1)
WDFY213q14.3 WDFY2 (WD repeat and FYVE domain containing 2)
WDFY3-AS24q21.23 WDFY3-AS2 (WDFY3 antisense RNA 2)
WDFY34q21.23 WDFY3 (WD repeat and FYVE domain containing 3)
WDFY410q11.23 WDFY4 (WDFY family member 4)
WDHD114q22.2 WDHD1 (WD repeat and HMG-box DNA binding protein 1)
WDM (Alias)2p13.3 TIA1
WDPCP2p15 WDPCP (WD repeat containing planar cell polarity effector)
WDR10 (Alias)3q21.3 IFT122
WDR10p (Alias)3q21.3 IFT122
WDR11 (Alias)6q14.1 PHIP
WDR11-AS1- WDR11-AS1 (-)
WDR1110q26.12 WDR11 (WD repeat domain 11)
WDR122q33.2 WDR12 (WD repeat domain 12)
WDR13Xp11.23 WDR13 (WD repeat domain 13)
WDR140 (Alias)3q21.3 IFT122
WDR14 (Alias)22q11.21 GNB1L
WDR15 (Alias)10q26.12 WDR11
WDR16 (Alias)17p13.1 CFAP52
WDR174q34.2 WDR17 (WD repeat domain 17)
WDR1819p13.3 WDR18 (WD repeat domain 18)
WDR194p14 WDR19 (WD repeat domain 19)
WDR14p16.1 WDR1 (WD repeat domain 1)
WDR2014q32.31 WDR20 (WD repeat domain 20)
WDR21A (Alias)14q24.2 DCAF4
WDR21 (Alias)14q24.2 DCAF4
WDR21B (Alias)4p13 DCAF4L1
WDR21C (Alias)8q21.3 DCAF4L2
WDR22 (Alias)14q24.1 DCAF5
WDR23 (Alias)14q12 DCAF11
WDR2416p13.3 WDR24 (WD repeat domain 24)
WDR2514q32.2 WDR25 (WD repeat domain 25)
WDR261q42.11 WDR26 (WD repeat domain 26)
WDR276q27 WDR27 (WD repeat domain 27)
WDR28 (Alias)19q13.33 GRWD1
WDR29 (Alias)2q34 SPAG16
WDR2 (Alias)9q22.33 CORO2A
WDR30 (Alias)2q37.1 ATG16L1
WDR319q32 WDR31 (WD repeat domain 31)
WDR32 (Alias)9p13.2 DCAF10
WDR332q14.3 WDR33 (WD repeat domain 33)
WDR34 (Alias)9q34.11 DYNC2I2
WDR352p24.1 WDR35 (WD repeat domain 35)
WDR365q22.1 WDR36 (WD repeat domain 36)
WDR3710p15.3 WDR37 (WD repeat domain 37)
WDR389q33.3 WDR38 (WD repeat domain 38)
WDR39 (Alias)2q11.2 CIAO1
WDR31p12 WDR3 (WD repeat domain 3)
WDR40A (Alias)9p13.3 DCAF12
WDR40B (Alias)Xq25 DCAF12L1
WDR40C (Alias)Xq25 DCAF12L2
WDR415q13.3 WDR41 (WD repeat domain 41)
WDR42A (Alias)1q23.2 DCAF8
WDR42B (Alias)Xp21.3 DCAF8L1
WDR42C (Alias)Xp21.3 DCAF8L2
WDR432p23.2 WDR43 (WD repeat domain 43)
WDR44Xq24 WDR44 (WD repeat domain 44)
WDR45B17q25.3 WDR45B (WD repeat domain 45B)
WDR45L (Alias)17q25.3 WDR45B
WDR45Xp11.23 WDR45 (WD repeat domain 45)
WDR466p21.32 WDR46 (WD repeat domain 46)
WDR471p13.3 WDR47 (WD repeat domain 47)
WDR493q26.1 WDR49 (WD repeat domain 49)
WDR421q22.3 WDR4 (WD repeat domain 4)
WDR50 (Alias)17q21.33 UTP18
WDR51A (Alias)3p21.2 POC1A
WDR51B (Alias)12q21.33 POC1B
WDR52 (Alias)3q13.2 CFAP44
WDR52-AS1 (Alias)3q13.2 CFAP44-AS1
WDR533q29 WDR53 (WD repeat domain 53)
WDR542p13.1 WDR54 (WD repeat domain 54)
WDR555q31.3 WDR55 (WD repeat domain 55)
WDR56 (Alias)3q25.33 IFT80
WDR57 (Alias)1p35.2 SNRNP40
WDR58 (Alias)16p13.3 THOC6
WDR5916q23.1 WDR59 (WD repeat domain 59)
WDR5B3q21.1 WDR5B (WD repeat domain 5B)
WDR59q34.2 WDR5 (WD repeat domain 5)
WDR60- WDR60 (-)
WDR6115q25.1 WDR61 (WD repeat domain 61)
WDR6219q13.12 WDR62 (WD repeat domain 62)
WDR641q43 WDR64 (WD repeat domain 64)
WDR65 (Alias)1p34.2 CFAP57
WDR66 (Alias)12q24.31 CFAP251
WDR67 (Alias)8q24.13 TBC1D31
WDR68 (Alias)17q23.3 DCAF7
WDR69 (Alias)2q36.3 DAW1
WDR63p21.31 WDR6 (WD repeat domain 6)
WDR705p13.2 WDR70 (WD repeat domain 70)
WDR71 (Alias)11q13.4 PAAF1
WDR7215q21.3 WDR72 (WD repeat domain 72)
WDR7315q25.2 WDR73 (WD repeat domain 73)
WDR7411q12.3 WDR74 (WD repeat domain 74)
WDR752q32.2 WDR75 (WD repeat domain 75)
WDR7615q15.3 WDR76 (WD repeat domain 76)
WDR718q21.31 WDR7 (WD repeat domain 7)
WDR80 (Alias)11q13.4 ATG16L2
WDR8117p13.3 WDR81 (WD repeat domain 81)
WDR82A (Alias)3p21.2 WDR82
WDR823p21.2 WDR82 (WD repeat domain 82)
WDR83OS19p13.13 WDR83OS (WD repeat domain 83 opposite strand)
WDR8319p13.13 WDR83 (WD repeat domain 83)
WDR84 (Alias)6p24.2 PAK1IP1
WDR85 (Alias)9q34.3 DPH7
WDR86-AS17q36.1 WDR86-AS1 (WDR86 antisense RNA 1)
WDR867q36.1 WDR86 (WD repeat domain 86)
WDR8719q13.13 WDR87 (WD repeat domain 87)
WDR8819q13.11 WDR88 (WD repeat domain 88)
WDR8914q23.2 WDR89 (WD repeat domain 89)
WDR8 (Alias)1p36.32 WRAP73
WDR9016p13.3 WDR90 (WD repeat domain 90)
WDR917q33 WDR91 (WD repeat domain 91)
WDR92 (Alias)2p14 DNAAF10
WDR9315q26.1 WDR93 (WD repeat domain 93)
WDR94 (Alias)11p11.2 AMBRA1
WDR96 (Alias)10q25.1 CFAP43
WDR978q24.3 WDR97 (WD repeat domain 97)
WDR98 (Alias)18q11.2 RMC1
WDR9 (Alias)21q22.2 BRWD1
WDRPUH (Alias)17p13.1 CFAP52
WDRTS (Alias)10q22.3 POLR3A
WDRX1 (Alias)Xp11.23 WDR45
WDSAM1 (Alias)2q24.2 WDSUB1
WDSOF1 (Alias)8q22.3 DCAF13
WDSUB12q24.2 WDSUB1 (WD repeat, sterile alpha motif and U-box domain containing 1)
WDT2 (Alias)2q35 MREG
WDTC11p36.11 WDTC1 (WD and tetratricopeptide repeats 1)
WDTC2 (Alias)16p13.3 IFT140
WDVCF (Alias)22q11.21 GNB1L
WEDAS (Alias)15q25.1 ARNT2
WEE1A (Alias)11p15.4 WEE1
WEE1B (Alias)7q34 WEE2
WEE1hu (Alias)11p15.4 WEE1
WEE111p15.4 WEE1 (WEE1 G2 checkpoint kinase)
WEE2-AS17q34 WEE2-AS1 (WEE2 antisense RNA 1)
WEE27q34 WEE2 (WEE2 oocyte meiosis inhibiting kinase)
WEX1 (Alias)Xq22.1 TCEAL2
WEX2 (Alias)Xq22.1 TCEAL6
WEX3 (Alias)Xq22.1 TCEAL8
WEX4 (Alias)Xq22.1 TCEAL5
WEX5 (Alias)Xq22.2 TCEAL7
WEX6 (Alias)Xq22.2 TCEAL9
WEX7 (Alias)Xq22.2 TCEAL4
WEX8 (Alias)Xq22.2 TCEAL3
WEX9 (Alias)Xq22.2 TCEAL1
WFDC10A20q13.12 WFDC10A (WAP four-disulfide core domain 10A)
WFDC10B20q13.12 WFDC10B (WAP four-disulfide core domain 10B)
WFDC1120q13.12 WFDC11 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 11)
WFDC1220q13.12 WFDC12 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 12)
WFDC1320q13.12 WFDC13 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 13)
WFDC14 (Alias)20q13.12 PI3
WFDC19 (Alias)Xp22.31 ANOS1
WFDC20A (Alias)16p13.3 WFIKKN1
WFDC20B (Alias)17q21.33 WFIKKN2
WFDC21P17q23.1 WFDC21P (WAP four-disulfide core domain 21, pseudogene)
WFDC220q13.12 WFDC2 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 2)
WFDC320q13.12 WFDC3 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 3)
WFDC520q13.12 WFDC5 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 5)
WFDC620q13.12 WFDC6 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 6)
WFDC7 (Alias)20q13.12 EPPIN
WFDC820q13.12 WFDC8 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 8)
WFDC920q13.12 WFDC9 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 9)
WFIKKN116p13.3 WFIKKN1 (WAP, follistatin/kazal, immunoglobulin, kunitz and netrin domain containing 1)
WFIKKN217q21.33 WFIKKN2 (WAP, follistatin/kazal, immunoglobulin, kunitz and netrin domain containing 2)
WFIKKN (Alias)16p13.3 WFIKKN1
WFIKKNRP (Alias)17q21.33 WFIKKN2
WFRS (Alias)4p16.1 WFS1
WFS14p16.1 WFS1 (wolframin ER transmembrane glycoprotein)
WFS2 (Alias)4q24 CISD2
WFS (Alias)4p16.1 WFS1
WFSL (Alias)4p16.1 WFS1
WGAR9166 (Alias)13q12.13 SHISA2
WGEF (Alias)1p36.13 ARHGEF19
WGG1 (Alias)Xp11.22 TSR2
WHAMM1 (Alias)15q25.2 WHAMM
WHAMM2 (Alias)5q14.1 JMY
WHAMML1 (Alias)15q11.2 WHAMMP3
WHAMML2 (Alias)15q13.1 WHAMMP2
WHAMMP115q13.2 WHAMMP1 (WHAMM pseudogene 1)
WHAMMP215q13.1 WHAMMP2 (WHAMM pseudogene 2)
WHAMMP315q11.2 WHAMMP3 (WHAMM pseudogene 3)
WHAMM15q25.2 WHAMM (WASP homolog associated with actin, golgi membranes and microtubules)
WHDC1 (Alias)15q25.2 WHAMM
WHDC1L1 (Alias)15q11.2 WHAMMP3
WHDC1L2 (Alias)15q13.1 WHAMMP2
WHDC1L3 (Alias)5q14.1 JMY
WHDC1P1 (Alias)15q13.2 WHAMMP1
WHIKERS (Alias)11q12.2 DDB1
WHIM (Alias)2q22.1 CXCR4
WHIMS1 (Alias)2q22.1 CXCR4
WHIMS2 (Alias)2q35 CXCR2
WHIMS (Alias)2q22.1 CXCR4
WHIP (Alias)6p25.2 WRNIP1
WHITE1 (Alias)21q22.3 ABCG1
WHITE2 (Alias)11q23.3 ABCG4
WHN (Alias)17q11.2 FOXN1
WHRN9q32 WHRN (whirlin)
WHSC2 (Alias)4p16.3 NELFA
WHSUS (Alias)1q21.3 POGZ
WI2-2373I1.2 (Alias)7p22.3 FOXL3-OT1
WI2-81516E3.1 (Alias)22q13.32 LINC01310
WI2-925H4.1 (Alias)1q21.1 NBPF25P
WI31133 (Alias)2p16.2 GPR75
WI (Alias)9q32 WHRN
WIBG (Alias)12q13.2 PYM1
WICH (Alias)17q21.2 WIPF2
WIG-1 (Alias)3q26.32 ZMAT3
WIG1 (Alias)3q26.32 ZMAT3
Willin (Alias)14q22.1 FRMD6
WINS1 (Alias)15q26.3 LINS1
WIP (Alias)2q31.1 WIPF1
WIPF12q31.1 WIPF1 (WAS/WASL interacting protein family member 1)
WIPF217q21.2 WIPF2 (WAS/WASL interacting protein family member 2)
WIPF37p14.3 WIPF3 (WAS/WASL interacting protein family member 3)
WIPI117q24.2 WIPI1 (WD repeat domain, phosphoinositide interacting 1)
WIPI-2 (Alias)7p22.1 WIPI2
WIPI27p22.1 WIPI2 (WD repeat domain, phosphoinositide interacting 2)
WIPI-3 (Alias)17q25.3 WDR45B
WIPI3 (Alias)17q25.3 WDR45B
WIPI49 (Alias)17q24.2 WIPI1
WIPI-4 (Alias)Xp11.23 WDR45
WIPI4 (Alias)Xp11.23 WDR45
WIRE (Alias)17q21.2 WIPF2
WISP1 (Alias)8q24.22 CCN4
WISP1c (Alias)8q24.22 CCN4
WISP1i (Alias)8q24.22 CCN4
WISP1-OT1 (Alias)8q24.22 CCN4
WISP1tc (Alias)8q24.22 CCN4
WISP1-UT1 (Alias)8q24.22 CCN4
WISP39 (Alias)6p21.32 FKBPL
WISP (Alias)6q25.3 SNX9
WIT-1 (Alias)11p13 WT1-AS
WIT1 (Alias)11p13 WT1-AS
WIT3.0 (Alias)12p11.23 FGFR1OP2
WITKOS (Alias)15q24.2 SIN3A
WIZ19p13.12 WIZ (WIZ zinc finger)
WLS1p31.3 WLS (Wnt ligand secretion mediator)
WMS1 (Alias)19p13.2 ADAMTS10
WMS2 (Alias)15q21.1 FBN1
WMS3 (Alias)14q24.3 LTBP2
WMS4 (Alias)15q26.3 ADAMTS17
WMS (Alias)19p13.2 ADAMTS10
WMS (Alias)15q21.1 FBN1
WND (Alias)13q14.3 ATP7B
WNK112p13.33 WNK1 (WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 1)
WNK3Xp11.22 WNK3 (WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 3)
WNK417q21.2 WNK4 (WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 4)
WNT10A2q35 WNT10A (Wnt family member 10A)
WNT1111q13.5 WNT11 (Wnt family member 11)
WNT13 (Alias)1p13.2 WNT2B
WNT14 (Alias)1q42.13 WNT9A
WNT14B (Alias)17q21.32 WNT9B
WNT15 (Alias)17q21.32 WNT9B
WNT167q31.31 WNT16 (Wnt family member 16)
WNT2B1p13.2 WNT2B (Wnt family member 2B)
WNT27q31.2 WNT2 (Wnt family member 2)
WNT3A1q42.13 WNT3A (Wnt family member 3A)
WNT317q21.31 WNT3 (Wnt family member 3)
WNT-4 (Alias)1p36.12 WNT4
WNT41p36.12 WNT4 (Wnt family member 4)
WNT5B12p13.33 WNT5B (Wnt family member 5B)
WNT62q35 WNT6 (Wnt family member 6)
Wnt-7a (Alias)3p25.1 WNT7A
WNT7A3p25.1 WNT7A (Wnt family member 7A)
WNT7B22q13.31 WNT7B (Wnt family member 7B)
WNT8A5q31.2 WNT8A (Wnt family member 8A)
WNT8B10q24.31 WNT8B (Wnt family member 8B)
WNT8D (Alias)5q31.2 WNT8A
WNT9A1q42.13 WNT9A (Wnt family member 9A)
WNT9B17q21.32 WNT9B (Wnt family member 9B)
WO3.3 (Alias)7q22.1 SLC12A9
WP34 (Alias)11p15.5 LSP1
WPWS (Alias)7q36.1 PRKAG2
WR (Alias)2p15 VPS54
WRAP731p36.32 WRAP73 (WD repeat containing, antisense to TP73)
WRB (Alias)21q22.2 GET1
WRB-SH3BGR (Alias)21q22.2 GET1-SH3BGR
WRCH1 (Alias)1q42.13 RHOU
WRCH2 (Alias)15q15.1 RHOV
WRCN (Alias)1q23.3 DDR2
WRD9 (Alias)21q22.2 BRWD1
WRNIP16p25.2 WRNIP1 (WRN helicase interacting protein 1)
WRP (Alias)3p25.3 SRGAP3
WRS (Alias)2p11.2 EIF2AK3
WRS (Alias)11p15.5 KCNQ1
WRWF (Alias)Xq11.2 ZC4H2
WRWFFR (Alias)Xq11.2 ZC4H2
WS-3 (Alias)8p12 DCTN6
WS3 (Alias)8p12 DCTN6
WS4A (Alias)13q22.3 EDNRB
WS4B (Alias)20q13.32 EDN3
WS (Alias)Xq13.1 AWAT2
WS (Alias)7q11.23 ELN
WSB-1 (Alias)17q11.1 WSB1
WSB117q11.1 WSB1 (WD repeat and SOCS box containing 1)
WSB212q24.23 WSB2 (WD repeat and SOCS box containing 2)
WS-betaTRP (Alias)7q11.23 TBL2
WS-bHLH (Alias)7q11.23 MLXIPL
WSC4 (Alias)4q13.3 PARM1
WSCD117p13.2 WSCD1 (WSC domain containing 1)
WSCD212q23.3 WSCD2 (WSC domain containing 2)
WSCR1 (Alias)7q11.23 EIF4H
WSCR3 (Alias)7q11.23 CLIP2
WSCR4 (Alias)7q11.23 CLIP2
WSCR5 (Alias)7q11.23 LAT2
WSKA (Alias)9q31.2 ZNF462
WSL-1 (Alias)1p36.31 TNFRSF25
WSL-LR (Alias)1p36.31 TNFRSF25
WSMN (Alias)Xq28 RAB39B
WSN1 (Alias)12q13.13 KRT4
WSN2 (Alias)17q21.2 KRT13
WSN (Alias)Xq28 RAB39B
WSPAR5q31.1 WSPAR (WNT signaling pathway activating non-coding RNA)
WSS (Alias)12q24.31 ATP6V0A2
WSTF (Alias)7q11.23 BAZ1B
WSX1 (Alias)19p13.12 IL27RA
WT1-AS1 (Alias)11p13 WT1-AS
WT1AS (Alias)11p13 WT1-AS
WT1-AS11p13 WT1-AS (WT1 antisense RNA)
WT2 (Alias)11p15.5 H19-ICR
WT2 (Alias)11p15.5 H19
WT211p15.5 WT2 (Wilms tumor 2)
WT316q WT3 (Wilms tumor-3)
WT417q12-q21 WT4 (Wilms tumor-4)
WTAPP111q22.2 WTAPP1 (Wilms tumor 1 associated protein pseudogene 1)
WTAP6q25.3 WTAP (WT1 associated protein)
WTH3 (Alias)2q21.1 RAB6C
WTH3DI (Alias)2q21.1 RAB6D
WTIP19q13.11 WTIP (WT1 interacting protein)
WTS (Alias)Xq13.1 HDAC8
WTS (Alias)Xq12 LAS1L
WUCAM (Alias)3q13.31 TIGIT
Wuho (Alias)21q22.3 WDR4
WWC2-AS14q35.1 WWC2-AS1 (WWC2 antisense RNA 1)
WWC2-AS24q35.1 WWC2-AS2 (WWC2 antisense RNA 2)
WWC24q35.1 WWC2 (WW and C2 domain containing 2)
WWC3Xp22.2 WWC3 (WWC family member 3)
WWFQ154 (Alias)1p13.3 DRAM2
WWLS2783 (Alias)1p32.3 SHISAL2A
WWOX-AS116q23.1 WWOX-AS1 (WWOX antisense RNA 1)
WWp2-like (Alias)16q22.1 WWP2
WWP216q22.1 WWP2 (WW domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 2)
WWP3 (Alias)3p14.1 MAGI1
Wwp4 (Alias)10p12.1 WAC
WWS (Alias)Xq11.2 ZC4H2
WWTR1-AS13q25.1 WWTR1-AS1 (WWTR1 antisense RNA 1)

These entries belong to a list of genes implicated in cancer which is a compilation of genes selected for their interest.

X Y 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 NA

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