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Bone and Soft Tissue: Ewing-like sarcoma

Written2019-07Kelly M Bailey
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology,

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Abstract Ewing-like sarcoma is a recently defined subset of bone or soft tissue sarcomas. It is one of the pediatric small, round, blue cell tumors and is fusion gene-driven cancer. However, the driving fusions are distinct from that of the FET-ETS family rearrangements that define Ewing sarcoma (see separate entry for Ewing sarcoma).


ICD-Topo C470-C476,C478-C479,C490-C496,C498-C499 CONNECTIVE & SOFT TISSUE
ICD-Morpho 9364/3 9260/3
Atlas_Id 6988
Phylum Soft Tissues::Ewing-like sarcoma
WHO/OMS Classification Soft Tissues
Other namesPreviously classified as Ewing tumors.


    Ewing-like sarcoma can arise in the bone or soft tissue.

Clinics and Pathology

Disease Ewing-like sarcoma
Etiology Ewing-like sarcomas are characterized by EWSR1/NFATC2 fusions, CIC fusions, or BCOR rearrangements.
Clinics Ewing-like sarcoma is a very rare subtype of bone, soft tissue or visceral sarcoma.
Pathology Small, round blue cells, with variable CD99 staining.
Treatment Patients with Ewing-like sarcoma are currently treated following Ewing sarcoma therapy protocols. This may change over time as more is understood about the individual fusions driving Ewing-like sarcomas.
Prognosis Survival is generally poorer for Ewing-like sarcomas compared to that of Ewing sarcoma. The exact prognoses for individual Ewing-like fusions types is still under investigation. In general, CIC-fused Ewing-like sarcomas have a very poor prognosis (<50%).


Note Ewing-like sarcomas harbor distinct fusions from that of Ewing sarcoma:
t(X;4)(p11.4; q31.1) BCOR/MALM3
t(X;22)(p11.4;q13.2) ZC3H7B/BCOR
t(X;4)(q13.1; q35.2) CIC/FOXO4
t(4;15)(q35.2; q14)CIC/NUTM1
t(4;19)(q35.2; q13.2)CIC/DUX4
t(20;22)(q13.2;q12.2) EWSR1/NFATC2
and fusion BCOR/CCNB3 (Xp11.4-Xp11.22)

Genes involved and Proteins

Note The following genes have been identified in Ewing-like sarcomas: EWSR1, NFATC2, BCOR, CCNB3, MAML3, CIC, DUX4, ZC3H7B, FOXO4, NUTM1
Gene NameEWSR1 (Ewing sarcoma breakpoint region 1)
Location 22q12.2
Protein Contains both a transcriptional activation domain and an RNA-binding domain.

Gene NameNFATC2 (Nuclear factor of activated T cells 2)
Location 20q13.2
Protein DNA binding protein, responsive to T-cell receptor signaling.

Gene NameBCOR (BCL6 corepressor)
Location Xp11.4
Protein Suppresses some genes by interacting with proteins comprising DNA binding complexes.

Gene NameMAML3 (Mastermind like transcriptional coactivator 3)
Location 4q31.1
Protein Involved in the NOTCH pathway.

Gene NameCCNB3 (Cyclin B3)
Location Xp11.22
Protein Cyclin family member; involved in cell cycle regulation.

Gene NameCIC (Capicua transcriptional repressor)
Location 19q13.2
Protein HMG-box family member.

Gene NameDUX4 (Double homeobox 4)
Location 4q35.2
Protein Associated with various forms of muscular dystrophy.

Gene NameZC3H7B (Zinc Finger CCCH-type containing 7B)
Location 22q13.2
Protein Nuclear protein; Contains domains involved in protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions.

Gene NameFOXO4 (Forkhead Box O4)
Location Xq13.1
Protein Involved in cell growth and differentiation.

Gene NameNUTM1 (NUT midline carcinoma family member 1)
Location 15q14
Protein TERT expression regulation.

Result of the chromosomal anomaly

Fusion Protein


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This paper should be referenced as such :
Kelly M Bailey
Bone and Soft Tissue: Ewing-like sarcoma
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2020;24(05):215-216.
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Translocations implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas)

 t(20;22)(q13.2;q12.2) EWSR1/NFATC2
 t(X;22)(p11.4;q13.2) ZC3H7B/BCOR
 t(X;4)(q13.1;q35.2) CIC/FOXO4

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