Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

April 15, 2015

We are herein undertaking a market study concerning the future of the Atlas.
We are in discussions with a publishing company.
We would like to know whether your University and/or Hospital and/or Lab. And/or Company
would be willing to pay an annual fees of 600 Euros to have an unlimited access to the Atlas
Please, send the following at: :
  • Name of your public institution or private company and precise also non-for profit or for profit
  • Answer Yes/No
  • Comments
  • Including: in your opinion 600 Euros is too much, or should we ask for more?

  • Dear Colleagues,

    The Atlas, once more, is in great danger, for economic reasons.

    I had to proceed to a collective economic lay-off of all the team involved in the Atlas in the mid of March 2015, a foundation having suddenly withdrawn its commitment to support the Atlas.

    I herein ask you if any Scientific Society (a Society of Cytogenetics, of Clinical Genetics, of Hematology, or a Cancer Society, or any other...), any University and/or Hospital, any Charity, or any database would be interested in sharing charge of the Atlas.

    A consortium of various actors could be the solution (I am myself trying to find partners, American Cytogeneticists being one of them).

    Could you please spread the information, contact the relevant authorities, and find partners.

    Survival of the Atlas will be critically dependant upon your ability to find solutions.

    Kind regards.
    Jean-Loup Huret

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