Chromosome Y

Chromosome Y : G-banding, diagram and R-banding - Claude Léonard, Jean-Loup Huret

Chromosome Y diagrams ISCN 2009 - Courtesy Nicole Chia

Alteration Genes Involved Chr/Band Chr/Band References
del(Y)(p11p11) P2RY8::CRLF2Y p11 p11 Link to Pubmed
Y loss in leukemiaY Link to Pubmed
t(Y;1)(q12;q12)Y q121 q12 Link to Pubmed
der(Y)t(Y;1)(q11-12;q12-21)Y q11-12Y q12-21 Link to Pubmed
del(Y)(p11p11)P2RY8::CRLF2Y p11Y p11 Link to Pubmed