TRG (T cell Receptor Gamma)

2000-07-01   Marie-Paule Lefranc 

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V-GENE: Green box: Functional; Yellow box: Open reading frame; Red: Pseudogene; Triangle: Not sequenced.
J-GENE: Grey: Functional .
C-GENE: Blue: Functional.
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  • The human TRG locus at 7p15-p14 spans 160 kb. It consists of 12-15 TRGV genes belonging to 6 subgroups, upstream of a duplicated J-C-cluster, which comprises, for the first part, three TRGJ and the TRGC1 gene, and for the second part, two TRGJ and the TRGC2 gene.
  • The most 5 TRGV genes occupy the most centromeric position, whereas the TRGC2 gene, 3 of the locus, is the most telomeric in the TRG locus.
  • The potentiel repertoire consists of 4-6 functional TRGV genes belonging to two subgroups, the 5 TRGJ and the 2 TRGC genes.
  • Polymorphisms in the number of TRGV genes and in the exon number of the TRGC2 gene have been described in different populations.
  • Enhancer and silencer sequences have been characterized downstream of the TRGC2 gene
  • List of the human TRG genes
  • Mutations


    Mutations which correspond to allelic polymorphisms of the functional germline TRGV, TRGJ and TRGC genes are described in the IMGT database: (IMGT Repertoire>Alignments of alleles)

    Implicated in

    Entity name
    Inversions which result from errors of the recombinase enzyme complexe (RAG1, RAG2, etc.), responsable of the Immunoglobulin and T cell receptor V-J and V-D-J rearrangements. TRGV or TRGJ recombination signals or isolated heptamer are observed at the breakpoints

    Other Information

    Locus ID:

    NCBI: 6965
    HGNC: 12271


    dbSNP: 6965
    ClinVar: 6965


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    Marie-Paule Lefranc

    TRG (T cell Receptor Gamma)

    Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2000-07-01

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