t(16;21)(q24;q22) RUNX1/CBFA2T3

2003-08-01   Jean-Loup Huret 

1.Genetics, Dept Medical Information, University of Poitiers, CHU Poitiers Hospital, F-86021 Poitiers, France

Clinics and Pathology


Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and acute myeloid leukemias (AML) and therapy related AML

Phenotype stem cell origin

M1 or M2 AML


11 of 15 cases have had treatment for a previous malignancy (treatment related MDS or AML (t-MDS/AML)). Previous disease was a breast cancer in 5 cases, a hematologic malignancy in 4.


15 available cases at least, sex ratio: 2M / 13F; mediane age around 50 yrs (range


blood data: pancytopenia



Genes Involved and Proteins

Gene name
CBFA2T3 (core-binding factor, runt domain, alpha subunit 2; translocated to, 3)
Protein description
member of the ETO (MTG8) family
Gene name
RUNX1 (runt-related transcription factor 1 (acute myeloid leukemia 1; aml1 oncogene))
Dna rna description
transcription is from telomere to centromere
Protein description
contains a Runt domain and, in the C-term, a transactivation domain; forms heterodimers; widely expressed; nuclear localisation; transcription factor (activator) for various hematopoietic-specific genes.

Result of the Chromosomal Anomaly


5 AML1 - 3 CBFA2T3

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Fusion gene

RUNX1/CBFA2T3 RUNX1 (21q22.12) CBFA2T3 (16q24.3) M t(16;21)(q24;q22)|RUNX1/CBFA2T3 RUNX1 (21q22.12) CBFA2T3 (16q24.3) TIC
Atlas Image
t(16;21)(q24;q22) G-banding: 2 Top left - Courtesy Jean Luc Laï; 3 Bottom left - Courtesy Dorothy Hung, Luke St Heaps and Dale Wright, The Cytogenetics Department of Childrens Hospital at Westmead Sydney, Australia. R-banding: Top right - Courtesy Jean Luc Laï and Bottom right - Courtesy Pascale Cornillet-Lefebvre and Stéphanie Struski). Fish studies: Top: chromosome 16 and 21 paints; Middle: RUNX1 probe: the 2 chromosomes 21 and the der(16) are labelled - Courtesy Pascale Cornillet-Lefebvre and Stéphanie Struski; Bottom: ETV6 and RUNX1 probes - Courtesy Dorothy Hung Luke St Heaps and Dale Wright, The Cytogenetics Department of Childrens Hospital at Westmead Sydney, Australia.


Jean-Loup Huret

t(16;21)(q24;q22) RUNX1/CBFA2T3

Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2003-08-01

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