t(9;9)(q34;q34) SET/NUP214

2005-08-01   Sabine Strehl 

1.Childrens Cancer Research Institute, Kinderspitalgasse 6, A-1090 Vienna, Austria

Clinics and Pathology


acute undifferentiated leukemia (AUL)


only one case described so far



the only SET-NUP214 positive case described so far had a normal karyotype; on the cytogenetic level it is unclear if the SET-NUP214 fusion is generated by a t(9;9)(q34;q34) or an interstitial deletion at 9q34; the latter is supported by the centromere-telomere orientation of both genes and their local order: centromere-SET-NUP214-telomere

Cytogenetics morphological

the single case described so far had a normal karyotype; may be overlooked

Genes Involved and Proteins

Gene name
SET (SET nuclear oncogene)
Dna rna description
8 exons spanning 6,81 kb of genomic DNA; 2559 bp mRNA
Protein description
two isoforms; isoform 1 (TAF1 alpha) 290 amino acids, 33.5 kDa; isoform 2 (TAF1 beta) - 277 amino acids, 23.1 kDa; DNA associated, transcription factor; multitasking protein, involved in apoptosis, transcription, nucleosome assembly and histone binding; cytoplasmic and nuclear; in the cytoplasm, found both in the cytosol and associated with the endoplasmic reticulum
Gene name
NUP214 (nucleoporin 214kDa)
Dna rna description
36 exons encompassing about 108 kb of genomic DNA; 6.6 kb mRNA
Protein description
2090 amino acids, 213.8 kDa; forms homodimers, contains two leucine zipper dimerization domains, and FG repeats at the C-terminus, which are homologous to those observed in other members of the nucleoporin family; expressed in thymus, spleen, bone marrow, kidney, brain and testis, but hardly in all other tissues or in whole embryos during development; may serve as a docking site in the receptor-mediated import of substrates across the nuclear pore complex (NPC); intracellular localization, cytoplasmic face of the NPC

Result of the Chromosomal Anomaly


5 SET - 3 NUP214


the SET-NUP214 fusion protein consists of almost the whole SET protein fused to the C-terminus of NUP214; 155 kDa


SET-NUP214 leads to disorganization of nuclear export

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Fusion gene

SET/NUP214 SET (9q34.11) NUP214 (9q34.13) M del(9)(q34) del(9)(q34q34) t(9;9)(q34;q34)|SET/NUP214 SET (9q34.11) NUP214 (9q34.13) TIC


Sabine Strehl

t(9;9)(q34;q34) SET/NUP214

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