del(7q) in non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL)

2001-01-01   Gianluigi Castoldi , Antonio Cuneo 

1.Hematology Section, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Ferrara, Corso Giovecca 203, Ferrara, Italy

Clinics and Pathology


the frequency of 7q deletions in unseletced NHL is less than 5%; an association with splenic marginal zone B-cell lymphomas (MZBCL) was established, with a 20-30% incidence; sensitive molecular genetic studies found a 40% incidence in splenic MZBCL, as against a 7% incidence in other forms of NHL


there may be an association of 7q- with tumor progression or transformation into a high-grade MZBCL


Cytogenetics morphological

7q deletions or unbalanced 7q translocations in NHL usually involve a relatively large segment, usually centered around the 7q22-q32 region

Cytogenetics molecular

conventional G- or R-banded preparations detect the majority of cases; however some patients with submicroscopic deletion were detected by FISH or loss-of-heterozigosity studies

Genes Involved and Proteins

the involved gene(s) are unknown; the minimal region of deletion in MZBCL carrying a 7q- chromosome was narrowed down to a 5cM segment defined by the D7S685 and D7S514 markers; homozygous deletion of the D7S685 was reported, suggesting that a tumor suppressor gene relevant to lymphomagenesis may be located in this region; a recurrent 7q21 translocation involving a small 3.6 Kb segment upstream of the cyclin-dependent kinase 6 gene ( CDK6), with resultant CDK6 overexpression, was described


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del(7q) in non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) G- banding - Courtesy Melanie Zenger and Claudia Haferlach.


Gianluigi Castoldi ; Antonio Cuneo

del(7q) in non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL)

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