An approach to study autophagy in hematological disorders


Written 2021-09-09 Inmaculada Serramito Gómez
Department of Medicine, Cancer Research Centre, University of Salamanca, IBSAL, IBMCC, CSIC, Salamanca, Spain.


Autophagy is a cellular degradation and recycling pathway which performs a cytoplasmic quality control by removing damaged organelles, misfolded proteins and invading microorganisms. This pathway has important pathophysiological implications (tumorigenesis, neurodegeneration, development, innate and adaptative immunity and inflammatory disease). Therefore, autophagy?s alterations are linked to the pathogenesis of several disorders such as the hematologic neoplasms. These slides show a set of basic definitions, notions and medical implications of the autophagic pathway. (Images: source Servier Medical ART: SMART).




Inmaculada Serramito Gómez

Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology 2021-09-09

An approach to study autophagy in hematological disorders

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