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MYBL1 (v-myb myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)-like 1)


Other namesA-MYB
LocusID (NCBI) 4603
Atlas_Id 41468
Location 8q13.1
Location_base_pair Starts at 67474410 and ends at 67525484 bp from pter ( according to hg19-Feb_2009)  [Mapping]

  Red boxes: untranslated regions; Black boxes: coding regions.
Description 50,762 bases DNA with 15 exons.
Transcription 4,879 bases mRNA.


  R1, R2 and R3 form DNA-binding domain, TA - transactivation domain, CR - conserved region, RD - negative regulatory domain.
Description 752 amino acids, 95 kDa protein.
R1, R2, R3 - three repeats 50 amino acids long, R2 and R3 contain HTH (helix-turn-helix) motives with unconventional turns required for DNA-binding activity, R1 serves as a DNA/protein complex stabilizer;
TA contains acidic amino acids and responsible for transcriptional activation;
CR known as an inhibitor of specific DNA binding activity;
RD is responsible for repression of transactivation function of A-MYB.
Expression Mainly in spermatocytes, neuronal cells and B-lymphoid cells. Also was reported to be expressed in uterine cells and B-cells germinal centres.
Localisation Nucleus.
Function Transcription factor which play a role in the proliferation and differentiation of neurogenic, spermatogenic and B-lymphoid cells. A-MYB knockout mice demonstrated growth abnormalities, and defects in spermatogenesis and female breast development, whereas constantly high expression level of A-MYB in transgenic mice caused hyperplasia in the lymph nodes and spleen.
Homology A-MYB is a member of MYB transcription factors family, which includes C-MYB and B-MYB, with high homology within TA and RD regions. DNA-binding domain is almost identical with that of B-MYB and C-MYB and conserved between mouse, human, drosophila and chicken.

Implicated in

Entity Uterine leiomyoma
Disease Amplification of A-MYB was detected in uterine leiomyoma cells (UtLM) after estrogen stimulation.
Oncogenesis A-MYB overexpression results in promotion of cells proliferation.
Entity B-cell haematological malignancies
Disease High A-MYB mRNA and protein expression was described in Burkitt's Lymphoma and sIg+ B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia cell lines and patient samples. A-MYB was also notably expressed in some Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemias (CLL).
Oncogenesis Deregulation of B-cells differentiation that may be caused by A-MYB.
Entity Lymphoma
Disease Expression of A-MYB was demonstrated in the DHL-4 lymphoma cell line with t(14;18)(q32;q21) translocation.
Oncogenesis A-MYB activates BCL2 P2 promoter through a Cdx binding site promoting resistance of these cells to apoptosis.

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HGNC (Hugo)MYBL1   7547
Entrez_Gene (NCBI)MYBL1  4603  v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog-like 1
GeneCards (Weizmann)MYBL1
Ensembl hg19 (Hinxton)ENSG00000185697 [Gene_View]  chr8:67474410-67525484 [Contig_View]  MYBL1 [Vega]
Ensembl hg38 (Hinxton)ENSG00000185697 [Gene_View]  chr8:67474410-67525484 [Contig_View]  MYBL1 [Vega]
ICGC DataPortalENSG00000185697
TCGA cBioPortalMYBL1
Genatlas (Paris)MYBL1
SOURCE (Princeton)MYBL1
Genomic and cartography
GoldenPath hg19 (UCSC)MYBL1  -     chr8:67474410-67525484 -  8q22   [Description]    (hg19-Feb_2009)
GoldenPath hg38 (UCSC)MYBL1  -     8q22   [Description]    (hg38-Dec_2013)
EnsemblMYBL1 - 8q22 [CytoView hg19]  MYBL1 - 8q22 [CytoView hg38]
Mapping of homologs : NCBIMYBL1 [Mapview hg19]  MYBL1 [Mapview hg38]
Gene and transcription
Genbank (Entrez)AK308490 BC032233 BC046930 BC069252 BC101186
RefSeq transcript (Entrez)NM_001080416 NM_001144755 NM_001294282
RefSeq genomic (Entrez)NC_000008 NC_018919 NT_008183 NW_004929339
Consensus coding sequences : CCDS (NCBI)MYBL1
Cluster EST : UnigeneHs.445898 [ NCBI ]
CGAP (NCI)Hs.445898
Alternative Splicing : Fast-db (Paris)GSHG0029618
Alternative Splicing GalleryENSG00000185697
Gene ExpressionMYBL1 [ NCBI-GEO ]     MYBL1 [ SEEK ]   MYBL1 [ MEM ]
SOURCE (Princeton)Expression in : [Normal Tissue Atlas]  [carcinoma Classsification]  [NCI60]
Protein : pattern, domain, 3D structure
UniProt/SwissProtP10243 (Uniprot)
NextProtP10243  [Medical]
With graphics : InterProP10243
Splice isoforms : SwissVarP10243 (Swissvar)
Domaine pattern : Prosite (Expaxy)HTH_MYB (PS51294)   
Domains : Interpro (EBI)C-myb_C    Homeodomain-like    Myb_dom    MYBL1    SANT/Myb    Tscrpt_reg_Wos2-domain   
Related proteins : CluSTrP10243
Domain families : Pfam (Sanger)Cmyb_C (PF09316)    LMSTEN (PF07988)    Myb_DNA-binding (PF00249)   
Domain families : Pfam (NCBI)pfam09316    pfam07988    pfam00249   
Domain families : Smart (EMBL)SANT (SM00717)  
DMDM Disease mutations4603
Blocks (Seattle)P10243
Human Protein AtlasENSG00000185697
Peptide AtlasP10243
IPIIPI01012630   IPI00742040   IPI00979904   
Protein Interaction databases
IntAct (EBI)P10243
Ontologies - Pathways
Ontology : AmiGORNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding  RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity involved in positive regulation of transcription  chromatin binding  nucleus  transcription, DNA-templated  gene expression  piRNA metabolic process  positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated  positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter  
Ontology : EGO-EBIRNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding  RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity involved in positive regulation of transcription  chromatin binding  nucleus  transcription, DNA-templated  gene expression  piRNA metabolic process  positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated  positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter  
Pathways : KEGGHTLV-I infection   
Protein Interaction DatabaseMYBL1
DoCM (Curated mutations)MYBL1
Wikipedia pathwaysMYBL1
Gene fusion - Rearrangements
Gene fusion: TCGA
Polymorphisms : SNP, variants
NCBI Variation ViewerMYBL1 [hg38]
dbSNP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (NCBI)MYBL1
Exome Variant ServerMYBL1
Genetic variants : HAPMAPMYBL1
Genomic Variants (DGV)MYBL1 [DGVbeta]
ICGC Data PortalMYBL1 
TCGA Data PortalMYBL1 
Tumor PortalMYBL1
Somatic Mutations in Cancer : COSMICMYBL1 
LOVD (Leiden Open Variation Database)Whole genome datasets
LOVD (Leiden Open Variation Database)LOVD 3.0 shared installation
Impact of mutations[PolyPhen2] [SIFT Human Coding SNP] [Buck Institute : MutDB] [Mutation Assessor] 
DECIPHER (Syndromes)8:67474410-67525484
CONAN: Copy Number AnalysisMYBL1 
Mutations and Diseases : HGMDMYBL1
NextProtP10243 [Medical]
Disease Genetic AssociationMYBL1
Huge Navigator MYBL1 [HugePedia]  MYBL1 [HugeCancerGEM]
snp3D : Map Gene to Disease4603
DGIdb (Drug Gene Interaction db)MYBL1
General knowledge
Homologs : HomoloGeneMYBL1
Homology/Alignments : Family Browser (UCSC)MYBL1
Phylogenetic Trees/Animal Genes : TreeFamMYBL1
Chemical/Protein Interactions : CTD4603
Chemical/Pharm GKB GenePA31347
Clinical trialMYBL1
Cancer Resource (Charite)ENSG00000185697
Other databases
PubMed14 Pubmed reference(s) in Entrez


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Ectopic expression of A-myb in transgenic mice causes follicular hyperplasia and enhanced B lymphocyte proliferation.
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Arrest of spermatogenesis and defective breast development in mice lacking A-myb.
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The A-Myb transcription factor is a marker of centroblasts in vivo.
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The myb gene family in cell growth, differentiation and apoptosis.
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A-Myb up-regulates Bcl-2 through a Cdx binding site in t(14;18) lymphoma cells.
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J Biol Chem. 2000 Mar 3;275(9):6499-508.
PMID 10692454
Estrogen-induced changes in IGF-I, Myb family and MAP kinase pathway genes in human uterine leiomyoma and normal uterine smooth muscle cell lines.
Swartz CD, Afshari CA, Yu L, Hall KE, Dixon D.
Mol Hum Reprod. 2005 Jun;11(6):441-50. Epub 2005 May 6.
PMID 15879465
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Written01-2009Olesya Chayka, Arturo Sala
Institute of Child Health Molecular Haematology and Cancer Biology Unit 30 Guilford street London, WC1N 1EH, UK


This paper should be referenced as such :
Chayka, O ; Sala, A
MYBL1 (v-myb myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)-like 1)
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2009;13(12):950-951.
Free journal version : [ pdf ]   [ DOI ]
On line version :
Chayka, O ; Sala, A. MYBL1 (v-myb myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)-like 1). Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2009;13(12):950-951.

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