FHIT (Fragile Histidine Triad)

2006-12-01   Teresa Druck , Kay Huebner 

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Atlas Image
Depiction of the more than 1.67 Mb FHIT gene genomic locus with coding exons 5 through 9 (dark purple) and untranslated exons 1-4 and 10 (light purple). The position of the familial kidney cancer associated chromosome translocation is also shown.


The FHIT gene spans more than 1.6 Mb of genomic DNA and is composed of 10 exons.


The FHIT gene encodes a 1.1 kb mRNA which is expressed at low levels in most tissue types. FHIT encompasses the common fragile site FRA3B, where carcinogen-induced damage can lead to deletions, translocations and subsequent aberrant transcripts. Aberrant transcripts from this gene have been found in about half of all esophageal carcinomas, stomach carcinomas, and other carcinomas.


A pseudogene, with sequences nearly identical to the 5UTR of FHIT, is located on chromosome 1.



FHIT encodes a 147 amino acid (16.8 kDa) protein that can be phosphorylated at tyrosine 114 by Src family proteins.


Fhit is expressed at low to moderate levels in most tissue types, with kidney and liver expressing the highest steady state levels


Fhit is primarily located in the cytosol, but is also found in the mitochondria.


Fhit protein is a tumor suppressor with reduced or no expression in many types of cancer. Fhit expression is more frequently lost in cancers of individuals with familial mutations causing deficiency in DNA repair genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 and MSH2. In vitro Fhit acts as a hydrolase that cleaves diadenosine triphosphate (Ap3A) to ADP and AMP. The Fhit-Ap3A enzyme-substrate complex appears to be the tumor suppressor signal. Restoration of Fhit expression in Fhit-deficient cancer cells causes death by apoptosis, involving the intrinsic caspase pathway, in cancer-derived cells and in tumor xenografts.


Fhit is similar to a yeast enzyme, diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A) hydrolase and is a member of the large HIT family of proteins characterized by the histidine triad motif, HxHxHxx (where x is a hydrophobic residue).



The following FHIT polymorphisms have been described:
524 A/G (exon 6) silent
545 G/A (exon 6) silent
626 C/T (exon 7) silent
651 G/T (exon 8) valine to phenylalanine
656 T/C (exon 8) silent
several intronic splice regions


No bona fide somatic point mutations thus far confirmed.

Implicated in

Entity name
Various types of cancer
Loss of expression occurs in more than 60% of human cancers; loss is very early in some cancers such as lung cancer. In a large, 4 generation family, a balanced translocation between FHIT (in intron 3) at 3p14.2 and TRC8, a patched related gene, at chromosome 8q24 is associated with bilateral, multifocal clear cell kidney carcinoma. Also, microsatellite loci within the FHIT gene, were shown to be closely linked to a gene that contributes to susceptibility to familial prostate cancer.
There are numerous reports of association of Fhit loss with specific prognostic or other clinical features of specific types of cancer.
The FHIT locus is involved in translocations and deletions in some fraction of many types of cancer, likely due to the recombinogenicity of the fragile region within FHIT and subsequent selective growth or survival advantage of cells with reduced Fhit protein expression.


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Other Information

Locus ID:

NCBI: 2272
MIM: 601153
HGNC: 3701
Ensembl: ENSG00000189283


dbSNP: 2272
ClinVar: 2272
TCGA: ENSG00000189283


Gene IDTranscript IDUniprot

Expression (GTEx)



PathwaySourceExternal ID
Purine metabolismKEGGko00230
Small cell lung cancerKEGGko05222
Non-small cell lung cancerKEGGko05223
Purine metabolismKEGGhsa00230
Small cell lung cancerKEGGhsa05222
Non-small cell lung cancerKEGGhsa05223

Protein levels (Protein atlas)

Not detected


Entity IDNameTypeEvidenceAssociationPKPDPMIDs
PA130232992bevacizumabChemicalVariantAnnotationnot associatedPD29852030
PA164746012ranibizumabChemicalVariantAnnotationnot associatedPD29852030
PA444987Multiple SclerosisDiseaseClinicalAnnotationassociatedPD27001119
PA447321Depressive Disorder, MajorDiseaseClinicalAnnotationassociatedPD
PA450037interferon beta-1aChemicalClinicalAnnotationassociatedPD27001119
PA450039interferon beta-1bChemicalClinicalAnnotationassociatedPD27001119


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Teresa Druck ; Kay Huebner

FHIT (Fragile Histidine Triad)

Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2006-12-01

Online version: http://atlasgeneticsoncology.org/gene/192/fhit-(fragile-histidine-triad)