IGL (Immunoglobulin Lambda)

2000-07-01   Marie-Paule Lefranc 

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V-GENE: Green box: Functional; Yellow box: Open reading frame; Red: Pseudogene.
J-GENE: Grey: Functional .
C-GENE: Blue: Functional; Blue open box: Pseudogene; Blue triangle: Not sequenced.
GENES NOT RELATED: Purple open box: Pseudogene.
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  • The human IGL locus at 22q11.2 spans 1050 kb. It consists of 70 to 71 IGLV genes, localized on 900 kb, 7 to 11 IGLJ and 7 to 11 IGLC genes depending on the haplotypes, each IGLC gene being preceded by one IGLJ segment.
  • Fifty-six to 57 genes belong to 11 subgroups, whereas 14 pseudogenes which are too divergent to be assigned to subgroups, have been assigned to 3 clans.
  • The most 5 IGLV genes occupy the more centromeric position, whereas the IGLC genes, in 3 of the locus, are the most telomeric genes in the IGL locus.
  • The potential genomic IGL repertoire comprises 29 to 32 functional IGLV genes belonging to 10 subgroups, 4 to 5 IGLJ, and 4 to 5 IGLC functional genes in the 7-IGLC gene haplotype. One, 2, 3 or 4 additional IGLC genes, each one probably preceded by one IGLJ, have been shown to characterize IGLC haplotypes with 8, 9, 10 or 11 genes, but these genes have not yet been sequenced.
  • Two IGLV orphons have been identified on chromosome 8 at 8q11.2 and one of them belonging to subgroup 8 has been sequenced.
  • The recent sequencing of the chromosome 22q showed that the IGL locus is localized at 6 megabases from the centromere. Two IGLC orphons and two IGLV orphons have also been characterized on 22q outside of the major IGL locus (See also IMGT Repertoire)
  • The total number of human IGL genes per haploid genome is 84-93 (90-99 genes, if the orphons are included) of which 37-42 genes are functional
  • List of the human IGL genes
  • Mutations


    Mutations which correspond to allelic polymorphisms of the functional germline IGLV, IGLJ and IGLC genes are described in the IMGT database: (IMGT Repertoire>Alignments of alleles)

    Implicated in

    Entity name
    Translocations which frequently result from errors of the recombinase enzyme complexe (RAG1, RAG2, etc.), responsable of the Immunoglobulin and T cell receptor V-J and V-D-J rearrangements. IGLV or IGLJ recombination signals or isolated heptamer are observed at the breakpoints.
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    c-Immunoglobulin gene IgL at 22q11, in normal cells: PAC 1019H10 and PAC 869I1 - Courtesy Mariano Rocchi, Resources for Molecular Cytogenetics.
    Entity name
    t(3;22)(q27;q11); involve IGL - BCL6 in 3q27
    B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL), mainly diffuse large cell lymphoma; adult aggressive lymphoma
    Entity name
    t(8;22)(q24;q11); involve IGL - C-MYC in 8q24
    B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL3) and non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL), especially in the Burkitt lymphoma
    the prognosis has evolved with new treatments


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    Other Information

    Locus ID:

    NCBI: 3535
    HGNC: 5853


    dbSNP: 3535
    ClinVar: 3535


    Pubmed IDYearTitleCitations
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    Marie-Paule Lefranc

    IGL (Immunoglobulin Lambda)

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