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Lung: Translocations in Adenocarcinoma

Written2014-09Jean-Loup Huret
Genetics, Dept Medical Information, University of Poitiers, CHU Poitiers Hospital, F-86021 Poitiers, France

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Atlas_Id 6751
Phylum Lung, Heart, Skin, Other::Adenocarcinoma
WHO/OMS Classification Lung, Heart, Skin, Other


    In the group of malignant epithelial tumours of the lungs, adenocarcinomas belong to the non-small cell carcinomas (non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)), as opposed to small cell carcinomas (SCLC). Other NSCLCs of the lungs are: squamous cell carcinomas, adenosquamous carcinomas, large cell carcinomas, sarcomatoid carcinomas, carcinoid tumours, and salivary gland tumours.

Clinics and Pathology

Disease Lung adenocarcinoma
Note KRAS (12p12) and EGFR (7p11) are mutated in 15% and 10% of NSCLCs, and PIK3CA (3q26), BRAF (7q34), and ERBB2 (17q12) are mutated in another 5% of NSCLCs. The presence of EGFR or KRAS mutations and translocations such as EML4/ALK or other tyrosine kinase fusions (see below), are mutually exclusive in lung adenocarcinoma.
Three tyrosine kinase receptors are recurrently found implicated in translocations: ALK (2p23), ROS1 (6q22), and RET (10q11). Kinase fusion positive (ALK, ROS1 and RET fusions) lung cancers are (almost) exclusively adenocarcinomas, at times squamous or adenosquamous carcinomas.
In a study of 16 patients with adenocarcinoma and one patient with large cell carcinoma, never-smokers have more often EGFR mutations or ALK-ROS1-RET translocations and smokers more often KRAS, TP53, BRAF, JAK2, JAK3 and mismatch repair gene mutations (Govindan et al., 2012).
Epidemiology Adenocarcinomas comprise 30% to 40% of lung cancers, with geographical variations, and it is becoming more prevalent. Tobacco smoking is the major cause of lung cancer of each histological subtype, but adenocarcinoma is more frequently found in non-smokers than any other histologic types of lung cancer.
Clinics Adenocarcinomas are more common in the peripheral lung (alveolar or bronchioalveolar cell) than in central location, and the visceral pleura is therefore frequently involved, with fibrosis. Patients with ALK, ROS1, or RET fusion transcripts are often younger nonsmoking female patients, with early lymph node metastases.
Pathology Presence of either solid signet ring cell or cribriform patterns with abundant extracellular mucus is frequently found in ALK-ROS1-RET translocations cases (Takeuchi et al., 2012; Yoshida et al., 2013).
Genes - As said above, three membrane associated tyrosine kinase receptors are recurrently involved in translocations in adenocarcinomas: ALK, implicated with six possible different partners; ROS1, implicated with nine possible partners; RET, implicated with three possible partners. Other tyrosine kinases can also be involved (PDGFRA (4q12), DDR1 (6p21), FGFR2 (10q26), AXL (19q13), ...).
- Eight others genes were found implicated in two distinct translocations: APAF1 (12q23, structural core of the apoptosome), CCDC6 (10q21, structural constituent of the cytoskeleton), GOPC (6q22, ion channel binding protein), H19 (11p15, non-protein coding sequence), KDELR2 (7p22, receptor), KIF5B (10p11, motor protein), SFTPA2 and SFTPB (10q22 and 2p11, surfactant-associated proteins); 138 other genes were implicated once.
Treatment Targeted therapies: the treatments for NSCLCs have shown impressive clinical responses in patients with EGFR mutations treated with EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy. ALK and ROS1 fusions proteins are both sensitive to treatment with the new ALK tyrosine kinase inhibitors, and clinical trials report an overall response rate of 57% in patients with ALK rearrangements. Cells expressing KIF5B/RET were found sensitive to multitargeted kinase inhibitors that inhibit RET. Therefore, more than 50% of the patients with lung adenocarcinoma may benefit from treatments with corresponding kinase inhibitors (Takeuchi et al., 2012).
Prognosis In a study of 248 patients with NSCLC, the 2-year overall survival rates were 89% for EGFR, 73% for KRAS, 74% for ALK, and 62% for RET. There was no significant difference between patients with RET-positive and RET-negative tumors. Patients with EGFR mutations had a significantly longer overall survival than patients with KRAS mutations (Wang et al., 2012). Patients lacking EGFR mutations or translocations involving tyrosine kinases are left with a dismal 5-year survival rate of 15%.


Note The most frequent ALK fusion in adenocarcinomas of the lung is EML4/ALK (4% to 7% of cases), and the second is KIF5B/ALK (0.5%). ROS1 fusions are found in 1% to 2.5% of patients with NSCLCs (Davies et al., 2012; Yoshida et al., 2013). RET fusions occur in 1.4% of NSCLCs and 1.7% of lung adenocarcinomas (Takeuchi et al., 2012; Yoshida et al., 2013).
- ALK is implicated with six possible different partners: inv(2)(p21p23) or del(2)(p21p23) EML4/ALK, t(2;2)(p23;p22) STRN/ALK, t(2;3)(p23;q12) TFG/ALK, t(2;9)(p23;q31) ALK/PTPN3, t(2;10)(p23;p11) KIF5B/ALK and t(2;14)(p23;q32) KLC1/ALK;
- ROS1 is implicated with nine possible partners: t(1;6)(q21;q22) TPM3/ROS1, t(4;6)(p15;q22) SLC34A2/ROS1, t(5;6)(q33;q22) CD74/ROS1, t(6;6)(q22;q22) GOPC/ROS1, inv(6)(q22q25) EZR/ROS1, t(6;7)(q22;p22) KDELR2/ROS1, t(6;10)(q22;q21) CCDC6/ROS1, t(6;12)(q22;q14) LRIG3/ROS1, and t(6;20)(q22;q12) SDC4/ROS1;
- RET is implicated with three possible partners: inv(10)(p11q11) CCDC6/RET, inv(10)(p11q11) KIF5B/RET, and inv(10)(q11q11) NCOA4/RET.
These translocations lead to aberrant tyrosine kinase activation.
The eighty six translocations reported so far in adenocarcinomas of the lung greatly differ from that ones found in squamous cell carcinoma, or that ones found in small cell carcinoma. They are the following:

t(X;X)(p22;q13) EDA/MID1 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(X;1)(q23;q24) ACSL4/DCAF6 (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(X;20)(p11;p12) SPTLC3/MAOA (Seo et al., 2012)

t(1;1)(p36;p36) UBR4/ATP13A2 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(p36;p34) ARHGEF16/TCTEX1D4 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(p35;p35) SRSF4/SNRNP40 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(p34;p32) FGGY/TESK2 (Majewski et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p13;p12) IGSF3/MAN1A2 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(p13;p12) VANGL1/HAO2 (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(q24;q24) CD247/GPR161 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(1;6)(p32;q14) ZFYVE9/CGA (Seo et al., 2012)
t(1;6)(q21;q22) TPM3/ROS1 (Takeuchi et al., 2012)
t(1;19)(q23;p13) TCF3/PBX1 (Mo et al., 2013)

t(2;2)(p23;p22) STRN/ALK (Majewski et al., 2013)
inv(2)(p21p23) del(2)(p21p23) EML4/ALK (Rikova et al., 2007; Choi et al., 2008; Koivunen et al., 2008; Majewski et al., 2013)
t(2;2)(p22;p21) MAP4K3/PRKCE (Seo et al., 2012)
t(2;2)(q21;q22) MGAT5/HNMT (Seo et al., 2012)
t(2;2)(q24;q24) STK39/B3GALT1 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(2;2)(q33;q33) ADAM23/SGOL2 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(2;3)(p23;q12) TFG/ALK (Rikova et al., 2007)
t(2;8)(p11;p21) SFTPB/DPYSL2 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(2;9)(p23;q31) ALK/PTPN3 (Jung et al., 2012)
t(2;10)(p23;p11) KIF5B/ALK (Takeuchi et al., 2009; Wong et al., 2011)
t(2;10)(p11;q22) SFTPA2/SFTPB (Seo et al., 2012)
t(2;14)(p23;q32) KLC1/ALK (Togashi et al., 2012)
t(2;19)(q11;q13) XRCC1/MAL (Seo et al., 2012)

t(3;3)(p25;p25) TTLL3/MTMR14 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(3;3)(p24;p24) EOMES/SLC4A7 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(3;3)(p21;p14) CACNA2D3/FLNB (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(3;3)(q21;q22) MGLL/SLCO2A1 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(3;3)(q25;q25) CP/WWTR1 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(3;6)(p24;q16) UBE2E1/ASCC3 (Seo et al., 2012)

t(4;6)(p15;q22) SLC34A2/ROS1 (Davies et al., 2012; Rimkunas et al 2012; Seo et al., 2012; Takeuchi et al., 2012)
t(4;12)(q12;q12) SCAF11/PDGFRA (Seo et al., 2012)

t(5;5)(q12;q12) ERBB2IP/MAST4 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(5;5)(q13;q13) ARHGEF28/UTP15 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(5;5)(q31;q31) UBE2D2/MATR3 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(5;6)(q11;p22) IL6ST/KDM1B (Seo et al., 2012)
t(5;6)(q33;q22) CD74/ROS1 (Rikova et al., 2007; Davies et al., 2012; Rimkunas et al., 2012; Seo et al., 2012)
t(5;6)(q33;q22) ROS1/CD74 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(5;8)(p15;q22) CMBL/NDUFAF6 (Seo et al., 2012; Takeuchi et al., 2012)
t(5;10)(q35;q11) SGMS1/STK10 (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(5;12)(q33;q14) GRIP1/TNIP1 (Govindan et al., 2012)

t(6;6)(q22;q22) GOPC/ROS1 (Rimkunas et al., 2012; Suehara et al., 2012)
t(6;6)(q22;q22) TPD52L1/TRMT11 (Seo et al., 2012)
inv(6)(q22q25) EZR/ROS1 (Takeuchi et al., 2012; Yoshida et al., 2013)
t(6;7)(q22;p22) KDELR2/GOPC (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(6;7)(q22;p22) KDELR2/ROS1 (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(6;10)(q22;q21) CCDC6/ROS1 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(6;12)(q22;q14) LRIG3/ROS1 (Takeuchi et al., 2012)
t(6;12)(q24;q13-14) UTRN/OS9 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(6;20)(q22;q12) SDC4/ROS1 (Davies et al., 2012; Takeuchi et al., 2012)

t(9;9)(q34;q34) TUBB4B/COBRA1 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(9;12)(p13;q23) APAF1/TLN1 (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(9;12)(p13;q23) APAF1/UNC13B (Govindan et al., 2012)

inv(10)(p11q11) CCDC6/RET (Matsubara et al., 2012; Takeuchi et al., 2012; Wang et al., 2012)
inv(10)(p11q11) KIF5B/RET (Ju et al., 2012; Kohno et al., 2012; Lipson et al., 2012; Seo et al., 2012; Suehara et al., 2012; Takeuchi et al., 2012; Wang et al., 2012)
inv(10)(q11q11) NCOA4/RET (Wang et al., 2012)
t(10;10)(q11;q11) MARCH8/PRKG1 (Govindan et al., 2012)
t(10;10)(q25;q25) SHOC2/RBM20 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(10;12)(q26;q24) FGFR2/CIT (Seo et al., 2012)
t(10;19)(q22;q13) FTL/SFTPA2 (Seo et al., 2012)

t(11;11)(q13;q13) RBM14/FGF3 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(11;11)(q23;q23) HYOU1/C11ORF93 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(11;13)(q24;q14) APLP2/TNFSF11 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(11;14)(p15;q11) MMP14/H19 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(11;19)(p15;p13) H19/CALR (Seo et al., 2012)

t(12;12)(q13;q14) SLC16A7/MUCL1 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(12;12)(q15;q21) RAB21/FRS2 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(12;12)(q23;q24) TXNRD1/GPR133 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(12;16)(p12;q23) KRAS/CDH13 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(12;17)(q14;q25) RASSF3/TTYH2 (Govindan et al., 2012)

t(14;19)(q13;q13) AXL/MBIP (Seo et al., 2012)

t(15;15)(q22;q24) CYP1A2/SPG21 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(15;22)(q21;q12) MCM5/TRPM7 (Majewski et al., 2013)

t(16;16)(p13;p13) MSLN/WDR90 (Majewski et al., 2013)

t(17;17)(p13;p13) XAF1/FAM64A (Seo et al., 2012)
t(17;17)(p12;p11) TTC19/ATPAF2 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(17;17)(q11;q12) IKZF3/NF1 (Majewski et al., 2013)
t(17;17)(q23;q23) BCAS3/MAP3K3 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(17;21)(q24;q22) BRWD1/CCDC46 (Seo et al., 2012)

t(18;18)(q11;q11) LAMA3/RIOK3 (Majewski et al., 2013)
t(18;20)(p11;q13) PHACTR3/PTPRM (Imielinski et al., 2012)

t(19;19)(p13;p13) MIER2/NMRK2 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(19;19)(p13;p13) OAZ1/SF3A2 (Imielinski et al., 2012)
t(19;19)(q13;q13) LSM14A/SIPA1L3 (Seo et al., 2012)
t(19;19)(q13;q13) RHPN2/ANKRD27 (Govindan et al., 2012)


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JL Huret
Lung: Translocations in Adenocarcinoma
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2015;19(4):311-315.
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Other genes implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas) [ 5 ]


Translocations implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas)

 t(X;X)(p22;q13) EDA/MID1
 t(X;1)(q23;q24) ACSL4/DCAF6
 t(X;20)(p11;p12) SPTLC3/MAOA
 t(1;1)(p36;p36) UBR4/ATP13A2
 t(1;1)(p36;p34) ARHGEF16/TCTEX1D4
 t(1;1)(p35;p35) SRSF4/SNRNP40
 t(1;1)(p34;p32) FGGY/TESK2
 t(1;1)(p13;p12) IGSF3/MAN1A2
 t(1;1)(p13;p12) VANGL1/HAO2
 t(1;1)(q24;q24) CD247/GPR161
 t(1;6)(p32;q14) ZFYVE9/CGA
 t(1;6)(q21;q22) TPM3/ROS1
 t(1;19)(q23;p13) TCF3/PBX1
 t(2;2)(p23;p22) STRN/ALK
 inv(2)(p21p23) EML4/ALK
 del(2)(p21p23) EML4/ALK
 t(2;2)(p22;p21) MAP4K3/PRKCE
 t(2;2)(q21;q22) MGAT5/HNMT
 t(2;2)(q24;q24) STK39/B3GALT1
 t(2;2)(q33;q33) ADAM23/SGOL2
 t(2;3)(p23;q12) TFG/ALK
 t(2;8)(p11;p21) SFTPB/DPYSL2
 t(2;9)(p23;q31) ALK/PTPN3
 t(2;10)(p23;p11) KIF5B/ALK
 t(2;10)(p11;q22) SFTPA2/SFTPB
 t(2;14)(p23;q32) KLC1/ALK
 t(2;19)(q11;q13) XRCC1/MAL
 t(3;3)(p25;p25) TTLL3/MTMR14
 t(3;3)(p24;p24) EOMES/SLC4A7
 t(3;3)(p21;p14) CACNA2D3/FLNB
 t(3;3)(q21;q22) MGLL/SLCO2A1
 t(3;3)(q25;q25) CP/WWTR1
 t(3;6)(p24;q16) UBE2E1/ASCC3
 t(4;6)(p15;q22) SLC34A2/ROS1
 t(4;12)(q12;q12) SCAF11/PDGFRA
 t(5;5)(q12;q12) ERBB2IP/MAST4
 t(5;5)(q13;q13) ARHGEF28/UTP15
 t(5;5)(q31;q31) UBE2D2/MATR3
 t(5;6)(q11;p22) IL6ST/KDM1B
 t(5;6)(q33;q22) CD74/ROS1
 t(5;6)(q33;q22) ROS1/CD74
 t(5;8)(p15;q22) CMBL/NDUFAF6
 t(5;10)(q35;q11) SGMS1/STK10
 t(5;12)(q33;q14) GRIP1/TNIP1
 t(6;6)(q22;q22) GOPC/ROS1
 t(6;6)(q22;q22) TPD52L1/TRMT11
 inv(6)(q22q25) EZR/ROS1
 t(6;7)(q22;p22) KDELR2/GOPC
 t(6;7)(q22;p22) KDELR2/ROS1
 t(6;10)(q22;q21) CCDC6/ROS1
 t(6;12)(q22;q14) LRIG3/ROS1
 t(6;12)(q24;q13-14) UTRN/OS9
 t(6;20)(q22;q12) SDC4/ROS1
 t(9;9)(q34;q34) TUBB4B/COBRA1
 t(9;12)(p13;q23) APAF1/TLN1
 t(9;12)(p13;q23) APAF1/UNC13B
 inv(10)(p11q11) CCDC6/RET
 inv(10)(p11q11) KIF5B/RET
 inv(10)(q11q11) NCOA4/RET
 t(10;10)(q11;q11) MARCH8/PRKG1
 t(10;10)(q25;q25) SHOC2/RBM20
 t(10;12)(q26;q24) FGFR2/CIT
 t(10;19)(q22;q13) FTL/SFTPA2
 t(11;11)(q13;q13) RBM14/FGF3
 t(11;11)(q23;q23) HYOU1/C11ORF93
 t(11;13)(q24;q14) APLP2/TNFSF11
 t(11;14)(p15;q11) MMP14/H19
 t(11;19)(p15;p13) H19/CALR
 t(12;12)(q13;q14) SLC16A7/MUCL1
 t(12;12)(q15;q21) RAB21/FRS2
 t(12;12)(q23;q24) TXNRD1/GPR133
 t(12;16)(p12;q23) KRAS/CDH13
 t(12;17)(q14;q25) RASSF3/TTYH2
 t(14;19)(q13;q13) AXL/MBIP
 t(15;15)(q22;q24) CYP1A2/SPG21
 t(15;22)(q21;q12) MCM5/TRPM7
 t(16;16)(p13;p13) MSLN/WDR90
 t(17;17)(p13;p13) XAF1/FAM64A
 t(17;17)(p12;p11) TTC19/ATPAF2
 t(17;17)(q11;q12) IKZF3/NF1
 t(17;17)(q23;q23) BCAS3/MAP3K3
 t(17;21)(q24;q22) BRWD1/CCDC46
 t(18;18)(q11;q11) LAMA3/RIOK3
 t(18;20)(p11;q13) PHACTR3/PTPRM
 t(19;19)(p13;p13) MIER2/NMRK2
 t(19;19)(p13;p13) OAZ1/SF3A2
 t(19;19)(q13;q13) LSM14A/SIPA1L3
 t(19;19)(q13;q13) RHPN2/ANKRD27

External links

Mitelman database t(X;X)(p22;q13) [CaseList]     t(X;X)(p22;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   EDA/MID1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ EDA ]   [ MID1 ]
Mitelman database t(X;1)(q23;q24) [CaseList]     t(X;1)(q23;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   ACSL4/DCAF6 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(X;20)(p11;p12) [CaseList]     t(X;20)(p11;p12) [Transloc - MCList]   SPTLC3/MAOA Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p36;p36) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p36;p36) [Transloc - MCList]   UBR4/ATP13A2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ UBR4 ]   [ ATP13A2 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p36;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p36;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   ARHGEF16/TCTEX1D4 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p35;p35) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p35;p35) [Transloc - MCList]   SRSF4/SNRNP40 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p32) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p32) [Transloc - MCList]   FGGY/TESK2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p13;p12) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p13;p12) [Transloc - MCList]   IGSF3/MAN1A2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ IGSF3 ]   [ MAN1A2 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p13;p12) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p13;p12) [Transloc - MCList]   VANGL1/HAO2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(q24;q24) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(q24;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   CD247/GPR161 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CD247 ]   [ GPR161 ]
Mitelman database t(1;6)(p32;q14) [CaseList]     t(1;6)(p32;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   ZFYVE9/CGA Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;6)(q21;q22) [CaseList]     t(1;6)(q21;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   TPM3/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TPM3 ]   [ ROS1 ]
Mitelman database t(1;19)(q23;p13) [CaseList]     t(1;19)(q23;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   TCF3/PBX1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TCF3 ]   [ PBX1 ]
Mitelman database t(2;2)(p23;p22) [CaseList]     t(2;2)(p23;p22) [Transloc - MCList]   STRN/ALK Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database inv(2)(p21p23) [CaseList]     inv(2)(p21p23) [Transloc - MCList]   EML4/ALK Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ EML4 ]   [ ALK ]
Mitelman database del(2)(p21p23) [CaseList]     del(2)(p21p23) [Transloc - MCList]   EML4/ALK Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ EML4 ]   [ ALK ]
Mitelman database t(2;2)(p22;p21) [CaseList]     t(2;2)(p22;p21) [Transloc - MCList]   MAP4K3/PRKCE Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;2)(q21;q22) [CaseList]     t(2;2)(q21;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   MGAT5/HNMT Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;2)(q24;q24) [CaseList]     t(2;2)(q24;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   STK39/B3GALT1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ STK39 ]   [ B3GALT1 ]
Mitelman database t(2;2)(q33;q33) [CaseList]     t(2;2)(q33;q33) [Transloc - MCList]   ADAM23/SGOL2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ ADAM23 ]   [ SGOL2 ]
Mitelman database t(2;3)(p23;q12) [CaseList]     t(2;3)(p23;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   TFG/ALK Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;8)(p11;p21) [CaseList]     t(2;8)(p11;p21) [Transloc - MCList]   SFTPB/DPYSL2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;9)(p23;q31) [CaseList]     t(2;9)(p23;q31) [Transloc - MCList]   ALK/PTPN3 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;10)(p23;p11) [CaseList]     t(2;10)(p23;p11) [Transloc - MCList]   KIF5B/ALK Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;10)(p11;q22) [CaseList]     t(2;10)(p11;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   SFTPA2/SFTPB Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;14)(p23;q32) [CaseList]     t(2;14)(p23;q32) [Transloc - MCList]   KLC1/ALK Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ KLC1 ]   [ ALK ]
Mitelman database t(2;19)(q11;q13) [CaseList]     t(2;19)(q11;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   XRCC1/MAL Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(p25;p25) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(p25;p25) [Transloc - MCList]   TTLL3/MTMR14 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TTLL3 ]   [ MTMR14 ]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(p24;p24) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(p24;p24) [Transloc - MCList]   EOMES/SLC4A7 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(p21;p14) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(p21;p14) [Transloc - MCList]   CACNA2D3/FLNB Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(q21;q22) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(q21;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   MGLL/SLCO2A1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(q25;q25) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(q25;q25) [Transloc - MCList]   CP/WWTR1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CP ]   [ WWTR1 ]
Mitelman database t(3;6)(p24;q16) [CaseList]     t(3;6)(p24;q16) [Transloc - MCList]   UBE2E1/ASCC3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ UBE2E1 ]   [ ASCC3 ]
Mitelman database t(4;6)(p15;q22) [CaseList]     t(4;6)(p15;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   SLC34A2/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SLC34A2 ]   [ ROS1 ]
Mitelman database t(4;12)(q12;q12) [CaseList]     t(4;12)(q12;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   SCAF11/PDGFRA Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(5;5)(q12;q12) [CaseList]     t(5;5)(q12;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   ERBB2IP/MAST4 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(5;5)(q13;q13) [CaseList]     t(5;5)(q13;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   ARHGEF28/UTP15 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ ARHGEF28 ]   [ UTP15 ]
Mitelman database t(5;5)(q31;q31) [CaseList]     t(5;5)(q31;q31) [Transloc - MCList]   UBE2D2/MATR3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ UBE2D2 ]   [ MATR3 ]
Mitelman database t(5;6)(q11;p22) [CaseList]     t(5;6)(q11;p22) [Transloc - MCList]   IL6ST/KDM1B Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(5;6)(q33;q22) [CaseList]     t(5;6)(q33;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   CD74/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CD74 ]   [ ROS1 ]
Mitelman database t(5;6)(q33;q22) [CaseList]     t(5;6)(q33;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   ROS1/CD74 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ ROS1 ]   [ CD74 ]
Mitelman database t(5;8)(p15;q22) [CaseList]     t(5;8)(p15;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   CMBL/NDUFAF6 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(5;10)(q35;q11) [CaseList]     t(5;10)(q35;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   SGMS1/STK10 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SGMS1 ]   [ STK10 ]
Mitelman database t(5;12)(q33;q14) [CaseList]     t(5;12)(q33;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   GRIP1/TNIP1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(6;6)(q22;q22) [CaseList]     t(6;6)(q22;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   GOPC/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(6;6)(q22;q22) [CaseList]     t(6;6)(q22;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   TPD52L1/TRMT11 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TPD52L1 ]   [ TRMT11 ]
Mitelman database inv(6)(q22q25) [CaseList]     inv(6)(q22q25) [Transloc - MCList]   EZR/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ EZR ]   [ ROS1 ]
Mitelman database t(6;7)(q22;p22) [CaseList]     t(6;7)(q22;p22) [Transloc - MCList]   KDELR2/GOPC Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(6;7)(q22;p22) [CaseList]     t(6;7)(q22;p22) [Transloc - MCList]   KDELR2/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(6;10)(q22;q21) [CaseList]     t(6;10)(q22;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   CCDC6/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CCDC6 ]   [ ROS1 ]
Mitelman database t(6;12)(q22;q14) [CaseList]     t(6;12)(q22;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   LRIG3/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ LRIG3 ]   [ ROS1 ]
Mitelman database t(6;12)(q24;q13-14) [CaseList]     t(6;12)(q24;q13-14) [Transloc - MCList]   UTRN/OS9 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ UTRN ]   [ OS9 ]
Mitelman database t(6;20)(q22;q12) [CaseList]     t(6;20)(q22;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   SDC4/ROS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SDC4 ]   [ ROS1 ]
Mitelman database t(9;9)(q34;q34) [CaseList]     t(9;9)(q34;q34) [Transloc - MCList]   TUBB4B/COBRA1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(9;12)(p13;q23) [CaseList]     t(9;12)(p13;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   APAF1/TLN1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ APAF1 ]   [ TLN1 ]
Mitelman database t(9;12)(p13;q23) [CaseList]     t(9;12)(p13;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   APAF1/UNC13B Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ APAF1 ]   [ UNC13B ]
Mitelman database inv(10)(p11q11) [CaseList]     inv(10)(p11q11) [Transloc - MCList]   CCDC6/RET Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database inv(10)(p11q11) [CaseList]     inv(10)(p11q11) [Transloc - MCList]   KIF5B/RET Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database inv(10)(q11q11) [CaseList]     inv(10)(q11q11) [Transloc - MCList]   NCOA4/RET Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(10;10)(q11;q11) [CaseList]     t(10;10)(q11;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   MARCH8/PRKG1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(10;10)(q25;q25) [CaseList]     t(10;10)(q25;q25) [Transloc - MCList]   SHOC2/RBM20 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SHOC2 ]   [ RBM20 ]
Mitelman database t(10;12)(q26;q24) [CaseList]     t(10;12)(q26;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   FGFR2/CIT Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(10;19)(q22;q13) [CaseList]     t(10;19)(q22;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   FTL/SFTPA2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(11;11)(q13;q13) [CaseList]     t(11;11)(q13;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   RBM14/FGF3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RBM14 ]   [ FGF3 ]
Mitelman database t(11;11)(q23;q23) [CaseList]     t(11;11)(q23;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   HYOU1/C11ORF93 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ HYOU1 ]   [ C11ORF93 ]
Mitelman database t(11;13)(q24;q14) [CaseList]     t(11;13)(q24;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   APLP2/TNFSF11 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(11;14)(p15;q11) [CaseList]     t(11;14)(p15;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   MMP14/H19 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ MMP14 ]   [ H19 ]
Mitelman database t(11;19)(p15;p13) [CaseList]     t(11;19)(p15;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   H19/CALR Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ H19 ]   [ CALR ]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(q13;q14) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(q13;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   SLC16A7/MUCL1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SLC16A7 ]   [ MUCL1 ]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(q15;q21) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(q15;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   RAB21/FRS2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RAB21 ]   [ FRS2 ]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(q23;q24) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(q23;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   TXNRD1/GPR133 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TXNRD1 ]   [ GPR133 ]
Mitelman database t(12;16)(p12;q23) [CaseList]     t(12;16)(p12;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   KRAS/CDH13 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ KRAS ]   [ CDH13 ]
Mitelman database t(12;17)(q14;q25) [CaseList]     t(12;17)(q14;q25) [Transloc - MCList]   RASSF3/TTYH2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(14;19)(q13;q13) [CaseList]     t(14;19)(q13;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   AXL/MBIP Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(15;15)(q22;q24) [CaseList]     t(15;15)(q22;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   CYP1A2/SPG21 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CYP1A2 ]   [ SPG21 ]
Mitelman database t(15;22)(q21;q12) [CaseList]     t(15;22)(q21;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   MCM5/TRPM7 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ MCM5 ]   [ TRPM7 ]
Mitelman database t(16;16)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(16;16)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   MSLN/WDR90 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ MSLN ]   [ WDR90 ]
Mitelman database t(17;17)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(17;17)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   XAF1/FAM64A Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ XAF1 ]   [ FAM64A ]
Mitelman database t(17;17)(p12;p11) [CaseList]     t(17;17)(p12;p11) [Transloc - MCList]   TTC19/ATPAF2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TTC19 ]   [ ATPAF2 ]
Mitelman database t(17;17)(q11;q12) [CaseList]     t(17;17)(q11;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   IKZF3/NF1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ IKZF3 ]   [ NF1 ]
Mitelman database t(17;17)(q23;q23) [CaseList]     t(17;17)(q23;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   BCAS3/MAP3K3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCAS3 ]   [ MAP3K3 ]
Mitelman database t(17;21)(q24;q22) [CaseList]     t(17;21)(q24;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   BRWD1/CCDC46 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BRWD1 ]   [ CCDC46 ]
Mitelman database t(18;18)(q11;q11) [CaseList]     t(18;18)(q11;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   LAMA3/RIOK3 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(18;20)(p11;q13) [CaseList]     t(18;20)(p11;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   PHACTR3/PTPRM Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(19;19)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(19;19)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   MIER2/NMRK2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(19;19)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(19;19)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   OAZ1/SF3A2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ OAZ1 ]   [ SF3A2 ]
Mitelman database t(19;19)(q13;q13) [CaseList]     t(19;19)(q13;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   LSM14A/SIPA1L3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ LSM14A ]   [ SIPA1L3 ]
Mitelman database t(19;19)(q13;q13) [CaseList]     t(19;19)(q13;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   RHPN2/ANKRD27 Fusion - MCList]
arrayMap arrayMap ((UZH-SIB Zurich)   [auto + random 100 samples .. if exist ]   [tabulated segments]
Mitelman databaseEDA/MID1[MCList]    EDA (Xq13.1) MID1 (Xp22.2)   
Mitelman databaseEDA/MID1[MCList]    EDA (Xq13.1) MID1 (Xp22.2)   t(X;X)(p22;q13)
Mitelman databaseACSL4/DCAF6[MCList]    ACSL4 (Xq23) DCAF6 (1q24.2)   
Mitelman databaseACSL4/DCAF6[MCList]    ACSL4 (Xq23) DCAF6 (1q24.2)   t(X;1)(q23;q24)
Mitelman databaseSPTLC3/MAOA[MCList]    SPTLC3 (20p12.1) MAOA (Xp11.3)   
Mitelman databaseSPTLC3/MAOA[MCList]    SPTLC3 (20p12.1) MAOA (Xp11.3)   t(X;20)(p11;p12)
Mitelman databaseUBR4/ATP13A2[MCList]    UBR4 (1p36.13) ATP13A2 (1p36.13)   t(1;1)(p36;p36)
Mitelman databaseARHGEF16/TCTEX1D4[MCList]    ARHGEF16 (1p36.32) TCTEX1D4 (1p34.1)   
Mitelman databaseARHGEF16/TCTEX1D4[MCList]    ARHGEF16 (1p36.32) TCTEX1D4 (1p34.1)   t(1;1)(p34;p36)
Mitelman databaseSRSF4/SNRNP40[MCList]    SRSF4 (1p35.3) SNRNP40 (1p35.2)   
Mitelman databaseSRSF4/SNRNP40[MCList]    SRSF4 (1p35.3) SNRNP40 (1p35.2)   t(1;1)(p35;p35)
Mitelman databaseIGSF3/MAN1A2[MCList]    IGSF3 (1p13.1) MAN1A2 (1p12)   t(1;1)(p12;p13)
TCGA_FusionIGSF3/MAN1A2    IGSF3 (1p13.1) MAN1A2 (1p12)
Mitelman databaseVANGL1/HAO2[MCList]    VANGL1 (1p13.1) HAO2 (1p12)   t(1;1)(p12;p13)
Mitelman databaseCD247/GPR161[MCList]    CD247 (1q24.2) GPR161 (1q24.2)   
Mitelman databaseCD247/GPR161[MCList]    CD247 (1q24.2) GPR161 (1q24.2)   t(1;1)(q24;q24)
Mitelman databaseZFYVE9/CGA[MCList]    ZFYVE9 (1p32.3) CGA (6q14.3)   t(1;6)(p32;q14)
COSMIC_fusionTPM3 (1q21.3) ROS1 (6q22.1)    [fusion1273] [fusion1274] [fusion1663] [fusion1664]
Mitelman databaseTPM3/ROS1[MCList]    TPM3 (1q21.3) ROS1 (6q22.1)   t(1;6)(q21;q22)
COSMIC_fusionTCF3 (19p13.3) PBX1 (1q23.3)    [fusion1489] [fusion1490] [fusion2121] [fusion2122] [fusion2123] [fusion2124] [fusion2125] [fusion2126] [fusion2127] [fusion2128] [fusion2129] [fusion2130] [fusion2131] [fusion2132] [fusion2133] [fusion2134] [fusion2135] [fusion2136] [fusion2137] [fusion2138] [fusion2140] [fusion2141] [fusion2142] [fusion2143] [fusion2144] [fusion2145] [fusion2146] [fusion2147]
Mitelman databaseTCF3/PBX1[MCList]    TCF3 (19p13.3) PBX1 (1q23.3)   der(19)t(1;19)(q23;p13)
TICdbTCF3/PBX1    TCF3 (19p13.3) PBX1 (1q23.3)
COSMIC_fusionSTRN (2p22.2) ALK (2p23.2)    [fusion1430] [fusion1431] [fusion1538] [fusion1669] [fusion1670]
Mitelman databaseSTRN/ALK[MCList]    STRN (2p22.2) ALK (2p23.2)   del(2)(p22p23)
TCGA_FusionSTRN/ALK    STRN (2p22.2) ALK (2p23.2)
COSMIC_fusionEML4 (2p21) ALK (2p23.2)    [fusion1062] [fusion1063] [fusion1064] [fusion1065] [fusion1127] [fusion1128] [fusion1296] [fusion1297] [fusion1368] [fusion1376] [fusion1539] [fusion1540] [fusion1541] [fusion1542] [fusion1543] [fusion1544] [fusion1545] [fusion408] [fusion409] [fusion410] [fusion411] [fusion413] [fusion414] [fusion462] [fusion463] [fusion464] [fusion465] [fusion473] [fusion474] [fusion475] [fusion476] [fusion477] [fusion478] [fusion479] [fusion480] [fusion487] [fusion488] [fusion489] [fusion490] [fusion491] [fusion493] [fusion730] [fusion731] [fusion732] [fusion733] [fusion734]
Mitelman databaseEML4/ALK[MCList]    EML4 (2p21) ALK (2p23.2)   
Mitelman databaseEML4/ALK[MCList]    EML4 (2p21) ALK (2p23.2)   del(2)(p21p23)
TCGA_FusionEML4/ALK    EML4 (2p21) ALK (2p23.2)
TICdbEML4/ALK    EML4 (2p21) ALK (2p23.2)
Mitelman databaseMAP4K3/PRKCE[MCList]    MAP4K3 (2p22.1) PRKCE (2p21)   t(2;2)(p21;p22)
Mitelman databaseMGAT5/HNMT[MCList]    MGAT5 (2q21.2) HNMT (2q22.1)   t(2;2)(q21;q22)
Mitelman databaseSTK39/B3GALT1[MCList]    STK39 (2q24.3) B3GALT1 (2q24.3)   t(2;2)(q24;q24)
Mitelman databaseADAM23/SGOL2[MCList]    ADAM23 (2q33.3) SGOL2 (2q33.1)   t(2;2)(q33;q33)
Mitelman databaseTFG/ALK[MCList]    TFG (3q12.2) ALK (2p23.2)   t(2;3)(p23;q12)
TICdbTFG/ALK    TFG (3q12.2) ALK (2p23.2)
Mitelman databaseSFTPB/DPYSL2[MCList]    SFTPB (2p11.2) DPYSL2 (8p21.2)   t(2;8)(p11;p21)
Mitelman databaseALK/PTPN3[MCList]    ALK (2p23.2) PTPN3 (9q31.3)   t(2;9)(p23;q31)
TICdbALK/PTPN3    ALK (2p23.2) PTPN3 (9q31.3)
Mitelman databaseKIF5B/ALK[MCList]    KIF5B (10p11.22) ALK (2p23.2)   t(2;10)(p23;p11)
TICdbKIF5B/ALK    KIF5B (10p11.22) ALK (2p23.2)
Mitelman databaseSFTPA2/SFTPB[MCList]    SFTPA2 (10q22.3) SFTPB (2p11.2)   t(2;10)(p11;q22)
COSMIC_fusionKLC1 (14q32.33) ALK (2p23.2)    [fusion1276] [fusion1277]
Mitelman databaseKLC1/ALK[MCList]    KLC1 (14q32.33) ALK (2p23.2)   
Mitelman databaseKLC1/ALK[MCList]    KLC1 (14q32.33) ALK (2p23.2)   t(2;14)(p23;q32)
Mitelman databaseXRCC1/MAL[MCList]    XRCC1 (19q13.31) MAL (2q11.1)   t(2;19)(q11;q13)
Mitelman databaseTTLL3/MTMR14[MCList]    TTLL3 (3p25.3) MTMR14 (3p25.3)   
Mitelman databaseTTLL3/MTMR14[MCList]    TTLL3 (3p25.3) MTMR14 (3p25.3)   t(3;3)(p25;p25)
Mitelman databaseEOMES/SLC4A7[MCList]    EOMES (3p24.1) SLC4A7 (3p24.1)   
Mitelman databaseEOMES/SLC4A7[MCList]    EOMES (3p24.1) SLC4A7 (3p24.1)   t(3;3)(p24;p24)
Mitelman databaseCACNA2D3/FLNB[MCList]    CACNA2D3 (3p21.1) FLNB (3p14.3)   
Mitelman databaseCACNA2D3/FLNB[MCList]    CACNA2D3 (3p21.1) FLNB (3p14.3)   t(3;3)(p14;p21)
Mitelman databaseMGLL/SLCO2A1[MCList]    MGLL (3q21.3) SLCO2A1 (3q22.1)   t(3;3)(q21;q22)
Mitelman databaseCP/WWTR1[MCList]    CP (3q24) WWTR1 (3q25.1)   t(3;3)(q25;q25)
TCGA_FusionCP/WWTR1    CP (3q24) WWTR1 (3q25.1)
Mitelman databaseUBE2E1/ASCC3[MCList]    UBE2E1 (3p24.3) ASCC3 (6q16.3)   
Mitelman databaseUBE2E1/ASCC3[MCList]    UBE2E1 (3p24.3) ASCC3 (6q16.3)   t(3;6)(p24;q16)
COSMIC_fusionSLC34A2 (4p15.2) ROS1 (6q22.1)    [fusion1196] [fusion1197] [fusion1198] [fusion1259] [fusion1260] [fusion1261] [fusion1618]
Fusion_CancerSLC34A2/ROS1 [FUSC003670]    SLC34A2 (4p15.2) ROS1 (6q22.1)
Mitelman databaseSLC34A2/ROS1[MCList]    SLC34A2 (4p15.2) ROS1 (6q22.1)   t(4;6)(p15;q22)
TICdbSLC34A2/ROS1    SLC34A2 (4p15.2) ROS1 (6q22.1)
Mitelman databaseERBB2IP/MAST4[MCList]    ERBB2IP (5q12.3) MAST4 (5q12.3)   t(5;5)(q12;q12)
Mitelman databaseARHGEF28/UTP15[MCList]    ARHGEF28 (5q13.2) UTP15 (5q13.2)   
Mitelman databaseARHGEF28/UTP15[MCList]    ARHGEF28 (5q13.2) UTP15 (5q13.2)   t(5;5)(q13;q13)
Mitelman databaseUBE2D2/MATR3[MCList]    UBE2D2 (5q31.2) MATR3 (5q31.2)   t(5;5)(q31;q31)
Mitelman databaseIL6ST/KDM1B[MCList]    IL6ST (5q11.2) KDM1B (6p22.3)   t(5;6)(q11;p22)
COSMIC_fusionCD74 (5q32) ROS1 (6q22.1)    [fusion1200] [fusion1201] [fusion1202] [fusion1203] [fusion1478] [fusion1619]
Fusion_CancerCD74/ROS1 [FUSC003425]    CD74 (5q32) ROS1 (6q22.1)
Mitelman databaseCD74/ROS1[MCList]    CD74 (5q32) ROS1 (6q22.1)   t(5;6)(q33;q22)
TICdbCD74/ROS1    CD74 (5q32) ROS1 (6q22.1)
Mitelman databaseROS1/CD74[MCList]    ROS1 (6q22.1) CD74 (5q32)   t(5;6)(q33;q22)
Mitelman databaseCMBL/NDUFAF6[MCList]    CMBL (5p15.2) NDUFAF6 (8q22.1)   t(5;8)(p15;q22)
Mitelman databaseSGMS1/STK10[MCList]    SGMS1 (10q11.23) STK10 (5q35.1)   t(5;10)(q35;q11)
Mitelman databaseGRIP1/TNIP1[MCList]    GRIP1 (12q14.3) TNIP1 (5q33.1)   t(5;12)(q33;q14)
COSMIC_fusionGOPC (6q22.1) ROS1 (6q22.1)    [fusion1139] [fusion1140] [fusion1188] [fusion1210] [fusion1243] [fusion1251] [fusion1295]
Mitelman databaseGOPC/ROS1[MCList]    GOPC (6q22.1) ROS1 (6q22.1)   del(6)(q22)
TICdbGOPC/ROS1    GOPC (6q22.1) ROS1 (6q22.1)
Mitelman databaseTPD52L1/TRMT11[MCList]    TPD52L1 (6q22.31) TRMT11 (6q22.32)   t(6;6)(q22;q22)
COSMIC_fusionEZR (6q25.3) ROS1 (6q22.1)    [fusion1267] [fusion1268]
Mitelman databaseEZR/ROS1[MCList]    EZR (6q25.3) ROS1 (6q22.1)   inv(6)(q22q25)
TCGA_FusionEZR/ROS1    EZR (6q25.3) ROS1 (6q22.1)
Mitelman databaseKDELR2/GOPC[MCList]    KDELR2 (7p22.1) GOPC (6q22.1)   
Mitelman databaseKDELR2/GOPC[MCList]    KDELR2 (7p22.1) GOPC (6q22.1)   t(6;7)(q22;p22)
Mitelman databaseKDELR2/ROS1[MCList]    KDELR2 (7p22.1) ROS1 (6q22.1)   t(6;7)(q22;p22)
Fusion_CancerCCDC6/ROS1 [FUSC002622]    CCDC6 (10q21.2) ROS1 (6q22.1)
Mitelman databaseCCDC6/ROS1[MCList]    CCDC6 (10q21.2) ROS1 (6q22.1)   t(6;10)(q22;q21)
COSMIC_fusionLRIG3 (12q14.1) ROS1 (6q22.1)    [fusion1269] [fusion1270]
Mitelman databaseLRIG3/ROS1[MCList]    LRIG3 (12q14.1) ROS1 (6q22.1)   t(6;12)(q22;q14)
COSMIC_fusionSDC4 (20q13.12) ROS1 (6q22.1)    [fusion1265] [fusion1266] [fusion1278] [fusion1279] [fusion1280] [fusion1671] [fusion1672] [fusion1673]
Mitelman databaseSDC4/ROS1[MCList]    SDC4 (20q13.12) ROS1 (6q22.1)   t(6;20)(q22;q12)
Mitelman databaseAPAF1/TLN1[MCList]    APAF1 (12q23.1) TLN1 (9p13.3)   
Mitelman databaseAPAF1/TLN1[MCList]    APAF1 (12q23.1) TLN1 (9p13.3)   t(9;12)(p13;q23)
Mitelman databaseAPAF1/UNC13B[MCList]    APAF1 (12q23.1) UNC13B (9p13.3)   t(9;12)(p13;q23)
COSMIC_fusionCCDC6 (10q21.2) RET (10q11.21)    [fusion1271] [fusion1272] [fusion1480] [fusion1515] [fusion1516] [fusion1518] [fusion1532] [fusion1533]
Mitelman databaseCCDC6/RET[MCList]    CCDC6 (10q21.2) RET (10q11.21)   inv(10)(p11q11)
TCGA_FusionCCDC6/RET    CCDC6 (10q21.2) RET (10q11.21)
TICdbCCDC6/RET    CCDC6 (10q21.2) RET (10q11.21)
COSMIC_fusionKIF5B (10p11.22) RET (10q11.21)    [fusion1230] [fusion1231] [fusion1232] [fusion1233] [fusion1234] [fusion1235] [fusion1236] [fusion1237] [fusion1238] [fusion1239] [fusion1240] [fusion1241] [fusion1242] [fusion1252] [fusion1253] [fusion1254] [fusion1255] [fusion1256] [fusion1262] [fusion1263] [fusion1610]
Mitelman databaseKIF5B/RET[MCList]    KIF5B (10p11.22) RET (10q11.21)   inv(10)(p11q11)
TICdbKIF5B/RET    KIF5B (10p11.22) RET (10q11.21)
Mitelman databaseNCOA4/RET[MCList]    NCOA4 (10q11.23) RET (10q11.21)   inv(10)(p11q11)
TCGA_FusionNCOA4/RET    NCOA4 (10q11.23) RET (10q11.21)
TICdbNCOA4/RET    NCOA4 (10q11.23) RET (10q11.21)
Mitelman databaseMARCH8/PRKG1[MCList]    MARCH8 (10q11.21) PRKG1 (10q11.23)   t(10;10)(q11;q11)
Mitelman databaseSHOC2/RBM20[MCList]    SHOC2 (10q25.2) RBM20 (10q25.2)   
Mitelman databaseSHOC2/RBM20[MCList]    SHOC2 (10q25.2) RBM20 (10q25.2)   t(10;10)(q25;q25)
Mitelman databaseFGFR2/CIT[MCList]    FGFR2 (10q26.13) CIT (12q24.23)   t(10;12)(q26;q24)
Mitelman databaseFTL/SFTPA2[MCList]    FTL (19q13.33) SFTPA2 (10q22.3)   t(10;19)(q22;q13)
Mitelman databaseRBM14/FGF3[MCList]    RBM14 (11q13.2) FGF3 (11q13.3)   t(11;11)(q13;q13)
Mitelman databaseAPLP2/TNFSF11[MCList]    APLP2 (11q24.3) TNFSF11 (13q14.11)   t(11;13)(q24;q14)
Mitelman databaseMMP14/H19[MCList]    MMP14 (14q11.2) H19 (11p15.5)   
Mitelman databaseMMP14/H19[MCList]    MMP14 (14q11.2) H19 (11p15.5)   t(11;14)(p15;q11)
Mitelman databaseH19/CALR[MCList]    H19 (11p15.5) CALR (19p13.2)   
Mitelman databaseH19/CALR[MCList]    H19 (11p15.5) CALR (19p13.2)   t(11;19)(p15;p13)
Mitelman databaseSLC16A7/MUCL1[MCList]    SLC16A7 (12q14.1) MUCL1 (12q13.2)   t(12;12)(q13;q14)
Mitelman databaseRAB21/FRS2[MCList]    RAB21 (12q21.1) FRS2 (12q15)   
Mitelman databaseRAB21/FRS2[MCList]    RAB21 (12q21.1) FRS2 (12q15)   t(12;12)(q15;q21)
Mitelman databaseTXNRD1/GPR133[MCList]    TXNRD1 (12q23.3) GPR133 ()   
Mitelman databaseKRAS/CDH13[MCList]    KRAS (12p12.1) CDH13 (16q23.3)   
Mitelman databaseKRAS/CDH13[MCList]    KRAS (12p12.1) CDH13 (16q23.3)   t(12;16)(p12;q23)
Mitelman databaseRASSF3/TTYH2[MCList]    RASSF3 (12q14.2) TTYH2 (17q25.1)   t(12;17)(q14;q25)
Fusion_CancerAXL/MBIP [FUSC003133]    AXL (19q13.2) MBIP (14q13.3)
Mitelman databaseAXL/MBIP[MCList]    AXL (19q13.2) MBIP (14q13.3)   
Mitelman databaseAXL/MBIP[MCList]    AXL (19q13.2) MBIP (14q13.3)   t(14;19)(q13;q13)
Mitelman databaseCYP1A2/SPG21[MCList]    CYP1A2 (15q24.1) SPG21 (15q22.31)   
Mitelman databaseCYP1A2/SPG21[MCList]    CYP1A2 (15q24.1) SPG21 (15q22.31)   t(15;15)(q22;q24)
Mitelman databaseXAF1/FAM64A[MCList]    XAF1 (17p13.1) FAM64A (17p13.2)   
Mitelman databaseXAF1/FAM64A[MCList]    XAF1 (17p13.1) FAM64A (17p13.2)   t(17;17)(p13;p13)
Mitelman databaseTTC19/ATPAF2[MCList]    TTC19 (17p12) ATPAF2 (17p11.2)   t(17;17)(p11;p12)
Mitelman databaseBCAS3/MAP3K3[MCList]    BCAS3 (17q23.2) MAP3K3 (17q23.3)   t(17;17)(q23;q23)
Mitelman databasePHACTR3/PTPRM[MCList]    PHACTR3 (20q13.32) PTPRM (18p11.23)   t(18;20)(p11;q13)
Mitelman databaseMIER2/NMRK2[MCList]    MIER2 (19p13.3) NMRK2 (19p13.3)   t(19;19)(p13;p13)
Mitelman databaseOAZ1/SF3A2[MCList]    OAZ1 (19p13.3) SF3A2 (19p13.3)   t(19;19)(p13;p13)
Mitelman databaseLSM14A/SIPA1L3[MCList]    LSM14A (19q13.11) SIPA1L3 (19q13.13)   t(19;19)(q13;q13)
Mitelman databaseRHPN2/ANKRD27[MCList]    RHPN2 (19q13.11) ANKRD27 (19q13.11)   t(19;19)(q13;q13)
Disease databaseLung: Translocations in Adenocarcinoma
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