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Lung: Translocations in Small Cell Carcinoma

Written2014-08Jean-Loup Huret
Genetics, Dept Medical Information, University of Poitiers, CHU Poitiers Hospital, F-86021 Poitiers, France

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Atlas_Id 6651
Phylum Lung, Heart, Skin, Other::Small cell carcinoma
WHO/OMS Classification Lung, Heart, Skin, Other


    In the group of malignant epithelial tumours of the lungs, small cell carcinomas (small cell lung cancer (SCLC)) are usually opposed to non-small cell carcinomas (non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)). Small cell carcinoma is a pulmonary neuroendocrine tumour. Other neuroendocrine tumours of the lungs are large cell neuroendocrine carcinomas, typical carcinoids, and atypical carcinoids.

Clinics and Pathology

Disease Lung small cell carcinoma
Epidemiology Small cell carcinomas comprise about 15-20% of lung cancers. Small cell carcinoma is more often associated with tobacco smoking than adenocarcinoma, and less than squamous cell carcinoma.
Clinics Patients are typically men older than 60-70 years. Small cell carcinoma more often presents with symptoms of early metastases. Location of the tumour is usually central, but SCLC may occur in a peripheral location. Bronchoscopic biopsy is often positive (van Meerbeeck et al., 2011).
Cytology Small round or oval cells with a finely granular nucleus and frequent mitoses.
Pathology Immunohistochemistry is often positive for neuroendocrine markers, such as chromogranin, synaptophysin, and CD56; SCLCs are also positive for NKX2-1 (14q13, also called TTF-1, a tissue-specific transcription factor in lung epithelial cells) in most cases.
Prognosis Although SCLC is extremely sensitive to initial chemotherapy and radiotherapy, most patients eventually relapse. SCLC is an aggressive disease with poor prognosis, with a five years survival of 5%. High expression of SOX2 (3q26) and FGFR1 (8p11) are associated with the worst outcome (Yang et al., 2013).


Note TP53 (17p13) mutations are detected in 70 to 90% of SCLCs. RB1 (13q14) and the retinoblastoma pathway are inactivated in most SCLCs. PTEN (10q23) is mutated in 2 to 10%. MYC (8q24) amplifications and amplification of MYC family members are found in 30% of SCLCs in pre-invasive stages. Loss of heterozygocity (LOH) on chromosome arm 3p is found in more than 80% of SCLCs, including the loss of FHIT (3p14) protein expression. FHIT controls the invasive phenotype of lung cancer cells by regulating the expression of genes associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition. FHIT loss confers cisplatin resistance in lung cancer via the AKT/NF-KB/SLUG pathway (Wu et al., 2014). In wide genomic analyses, an elevated rate of C:G>A:T transversions were found, compared to neutral mutations, consistent with demonstrated effects of tobacco smoke carcinogens on DNA. SOX2, a transcription factor, one of the genes able to reprogram human somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells (Lin et al., 2011) was amplified in 27% of the samples. A recurrent RLF/MYCL translocation was found in 9% of SCLCs, and the RLF/MYCL fusion overexpressed MYCL (1p34). FGFR1 was amplified in 6%. Chromatin-modifying enzymes such as EP300 (22q13) were frequently mutated (Peifer et al., 2012; Rudin et al., 2012). To be noted that SOX2 and FGFR1 are also known to be implicated in a subset of squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (Pietanza and Ladanyi, 2012). In contrast with lung adenocarcinomas, there is no molecularly targeted agents yet for small cell carcinomas of the lung.


Note Only a few genes have been found implicated in many different translocations:
- RLF (1p34), a zinc finger protein, which may be involved in transcriptional regulation. Depletion of Rlf leads to DNA hypermethylation in the mouse. RLF is likely to be involved in epigenetic processes (Daxinger et al., 2013), RLF is translocated with 10 different partners (herein below) in SCLCs;
- BCL2L1 (20q11) an inhibitor of cell death, involved in various cancers, translocated with 7 different partners (herein below) in SCLCs;
- PVT1 (8q24), a non-protein coding and oncofetal gene, translocated with various partners in: breast cancer, Ewing/PNET spectrum, and hematological malignancies, and with 7 different partners (herein below) in SCLCs; PVT1 is a hotspot for chromosomal breaks during MYC amplification (L'Abbate et al., 2014).
- Other genes recurrently found are HM13 (20q11), translocated with 3 different partners, and MYCL, BMP8B (1p34), CAP1 (1p34), CREBBP (16p13), and DNM2 (19p13), implicated twice each.
Fusion transcripts were often found in amplified regions in 1p34, 2p24, 8q24, and 9p24, suggesting that amplification and fusion of genes occur simultaneously by chromothripsis (Iwakawa et al., 2013). One hundred translocations have so far been reported in small cell carcinoma of the lung. They are the following:

t(1;1)(p36;p36) RERE/SLC2A5 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p36;p34) RLF/FAM132A (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p36;p34) RLF/UBE2J2 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p35;p35) SERINC2/ZCCHC17 (Rudin et al., 2012)
inv(1)(p34p34) BMP8B/RLF (Rudin et al., 2012)
inv(1)(p34p34) CAP1/BMP8B (Rudin et al., 2012)
inv(1)(p34p34) RLF/PPT1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) CAP1/MACF1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) INPP5B/SF3A3 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) inv(1)(p34p34) RLF/MYCL (Rudin et al., 2012; Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) RLF/COL9A2 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) RLF/SMAP2 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) SF3A3/GNL2 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) SMAP2/MYCL (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(p34;p34) ZMPSTE24/MFSD2A (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;1)(q21;q21) TXNIP/NOTCH2NL (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(1;1)(q25;q25) XPR1/TRMT1L (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
del(1)(q44q44) ZNF695/TFB2M (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(1;12)(p34;q24) TRIT1/EP400 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;19)(p36;q13) UBE4B/TBCB (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/BMP8B (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/DEM1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/RIMS3 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/RLF (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/ZNF643 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/ZNF684 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) PPT1/BCL2L1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(1;20)(p34;q11) RLF/HM13 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(2;5)(p22;q14) BIRC6/BHMT2 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(2;6)(q31;p12) RCAN2/RAPGEF4 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(2;12)(p23;p13) CACNA2D4/WDR43 (Campbell et al., 2008)

t(3;3)(p21;p21) NEK4/SFMBT1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(3;3)(p21;q23) RASA2/NICN1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(3;3)(q13;q22) STAG1/STXBP5L (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
del(3)(q23q23) SPSB4/ACPL2 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(3;3)(q23;q24) SLC25A36/PLSCR1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(3;3)(q26;q26) GPR160/NCEH1 (Peifer et al., 2012)
inv(3)(q26q27) DCUN1D1/ATP11B (Rudin et al., 2012)
del(3)(q28q28) LPP/TPRG1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(3;11)(p24;p15) NGLY1/CCKBR (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(3;11)(p22;q14) DLEC1/ODZ4 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(3;11)(p21;p15) SFMBT1/AP2A2 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(3;12)(q13;p11) NAA50/MRPS35 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(3;16)(q21;p13) TXNDC11/RUVBL1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(3;17)(q11;q21) NPEPPS/EPHA6 (Rudin et al., 2012)

t(5;5)(q13;q13) NAIP/OCLN (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(5;5)(q31;q31) SKP1/CDKL3 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(5;5)(q31;q31) JADE2/UBE2B (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

del(6)(q21q22) CEP85L/SCML4 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(6;8)(p21;p21) HMBOX1/ZFAND3 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(6;20)(p21;p12) CRLS1/KCNK17 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

del(7)(p21p21) ANKMY2/ISPD (Rudin et al., 2012)

t(8;8)(q12;q24) PVT1/CHD7 (Campbell et al., 2008; Pleasance et al., 2010)
t(8;8)(q12;q24) PVT1/CLVS1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
inv(8)(q22q23) OXR1/COX6C (Rudin et al., 2012)
inv(8)(q22q23) YWHAZ/OXR1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(8;8)(q23;q23) NUDCD1/SYBU (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(8;8)(q23;q24) CSMD3/MYC (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(8;8)(q23;q24) PTK2/PKHD1L1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(8;8)(q24;q24) PVT1/LY6H (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(8;14)(p23;q22) AGPAT5/TXNDC16 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(8;14)(q24;q11) PVT1/CCNB1IP1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(8;14)(q24;q11) PVT1/MYH7 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(8;14)(q24;q11) PVT1/SLC7A7 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(8;18)(q24;q12) PVT1/NOL4 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(9;9)(p24;p24) KANK1/DOCK8 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(9;9)(p24;p24) RIC1/JAK2 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(10;10)(p12;p12) WAC/GPR158 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(10;10)(p11;q21) CCDC7/UBE2D1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(10;10)(q21;q21) CCDC6/CTNNA3 (Rudin et al., 2012)

t(11;11)(p15;q23) ATP5L/TEAD1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(11;11)(q14;q14) PICALM/CCDC81 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(11;11)(q14;q14) GAB2/NARS2 (Rudin et al., 2012)

t(12;12)(p13;p13) ENO2/ACRBP (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
inv(12)(p13p13) ERC1/ANO2 (Rudin et al., 2012)
inv(12)(p13p13) C12orf4/CD9 (Rudin et al., 2012)
del(12)(p13p13) ANO2/FBXL14 (Rudin et al., 2012)
del(12)(q12q13) RPAP3/SCAF11 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(12;12)(q14;q21) PAWR/GNS (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(12;12)(q23;q23) CHPT1/UTP20 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(12;12)(q24;q24) CIT/RFC5 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(12;12)(q24;q24) NCOR2/SCARB1 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(14;14)(q23;q23) MTHFD1/SYNE2 (Rudin et al., 2012)
t(14;16)(q32;q12) SMEK1/HEATR3 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(15;15)(q21;q21) SPG11/SORD (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(16;16)(p13;p13) CREBBP/RHBDF1 (Peifer et al., 2012; Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(16;16)(p13;p13) del(16)(p13p13) CREBBP/SLX4 (Pleasance et al., 2010)

t(17;17)(p11;p13) MPRIP/TP53 (Peifer et al., 2012)
t(17;17)(q25;q25) LRRC45/GCGR (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(17;17)(q25;q25) FOXK2/HEXDC (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(18;18)(p11;q12) TWSG1/PIK3C3 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)

t(19;19)(p13;p13) NFIX/GATAD2A (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(19;19)(p13;p13) DNM2/ILF3 (Rudin et al., 2012)
del(19)(p13p13) DNM2/KCNN1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
inv(19)(p13p13) GIPC1/PKN1 (Rudin et al., 2012)
del(19)(q13q13) PPP1R37/KLC3 (Rudin et al., 2012)

t(20;20)(q11;q11) BCL2L1/HM13 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
t(20;20)(q11;q11) TPX2/HM13 (Iwakawa et al., 2013)
inv(20)(q11q13) CEP250/DPM1 (Rudin et al., 2012)

inv(22)(q13q13) TTLL1/TSPO (Rudin et al., 2012)


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JL Huret
Lung: Translocations in Small Cell Carcinoma
Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2015;19(3):230-233.
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Other genes implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas) [ 1 ]


Translocations implicated (Data extracted from papers in the Atlas)

 t(1;1)(p36;p36) RERE/SLC2A5
 t(1;1)(p36;p34) RLF/FAM132A
 t(1;1)(p36;p34) RLF/UBE2J2
 t(1;1)(p35;p35) SERINC2/ZCCHC17
 inv(1)(p34p34) BMP8B/RLF
 inv(1)(p34p34) CAP1/BMP8B
 inv(1)(p34p34) RLF/PPT1
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) CAP1/MACF1
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) INPP5B/SF3A3
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) RLF/MYCL
 inv(1)(p34p34) RLF/MYCL
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) RLF/COL9A2
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) RLF/SMAP2
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) SF3A3/GNL2
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) SMAP2/MYCL
 t(1;1)(p34;p34) ZMPSTE24/MFSD2A
 t(1;1)(q21;q21) TXNIP/NOTCH2NL
 t(1;1)(q25;q25) XPR1/TRMT1L
 del(1)(q44q44) ZNF695/TFB2M
 t(1;12)(p34;q24) TRIT1/EP400
 t(1;19)(p36;q13) UBE4B/TBCB
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/BMP8B
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/DEM1
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/RIMS3
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/RLF
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/ZNF643
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) BCL2L1/ZNF684
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) PPT1/BCL2L1
 t(1;20)(p34;q11) RLF/HM13
 t(2;5)(p22;q14) BIRC6/BHMT2
 t(2;6)(q31;p12) RCAN2/RAPGEF4
 t(2;12)(p23;p13) CACNA2D4/WDR43
 t(3;3)(p21;p21) NEK4/SFMBT1
 t(3;3)(p21;q23) RASA2/NICN1
 t(3;3)(q13;q22) STAG1/STXBP5L
 del(3)(q23q23) SPSB4/ACPL2
 t(3;3)(q23;q24) SLC25A36/PLSCR1
 t(3;3)(q26;q26) GPR160/NCEH1
 inv(3)(q26q27) DCUN1D1/ATP11B
 del(3)(q28q28) LPP/TPRG1
 t(3;11)(p24;p15) NGLY1/CCKBR
 t(3;11)(p22;q14) DLEC1/ODZ4
 t(3;11)(p21;p15) SFMBT1/AP2A2
 t(3;12)(q13;p11) NAA50/MRPS35
 t(3;16)(q21;p13) TXNDC11/RUVBL1
 t(3;17)(q11;q21) NPEPPS/EPHA6
 t(5;5)(q13;q13) NAIP/OCLN
 t(5;5)(q31;q31) SKP1/CDKL3
 t(5;5)(q31;q31) JADE2/UBE2B
 del(6)(q21q22) CEP85L/SCML4
 t(6;8)(p21;p21) HMBOX1/ZFAND3
 t(6;20)(p21;p12) CRLS1/KCNK17
 del(7)(p21p21) ANKMY2/ISPD
 t(8;8)(q12;q24) PVT1/CHD7
 t(8;8)(q12;q24) PVT1/CLVS1
 inv(8)(q22q23) OXR1/COX6C
 inv(8)(q22q23) YWHAZ/OXR1
 t(8;8)(q23;q23) NUDCD1/SYBU
 t(8;8)(q23;q24) CSMD3/MYC
 t(8;8)(q23;q24) PTK2/PKHD1L1
 t(8;8)(q24;q24) PVT1/LY6H
 t(8;14)(p23;q22) AGPAT5/TXNDC16
 t(8;14)(q24;q11) PVT1/CCNB1IP1
 t(8;14)(q24;q11) PVT1/MYH7
 t(8;14)(q24;q11) PVT1/SLC7A7
 t(8;18)(q24;q12) PVT1/NOL4
 t(9;9)(p24;p24) KANK1/DOCK8
 t(9;9)(p24;p24) RIC1/JAK2
 t(10;10)(p12;p12) WAC/GPR158
 t(10;10)(p11;q21) CCDC7/UBE2D1
 t(10;10)(q21;q21) CCDC6/CTNNA3
 t(11;11)(p15;q23) ATP5L/TEAD1
 t(11;11)(q14;q14) PICALM/CCDC81
 t(11;11)(q14;q14) GAB2/NARS2
 t(12;12)(p13;p13) ENO2/ACRBP
 inv(12)(p13p13) ERC1/ANO2
 inv(12)(p13p13) C12orf4/CD9
 del(12)(p13p13) ANO2/FBXL14
 del(12)(q12q13) RPAP3/SCAF11
 t(12;12)(q14;q21) PAWR/GNS
 t(12;12)(q23;q23) CHPT1/UTP20
 t(12;12)(q24;q24) CIT/RFC5
 t(12;12)(q24;q24) NCOR2/SCARB1
 t(14;14)(q23;q23) MTHFD1/SYNE2
 t(14;16)(q32;q12) SMEK1/HEATR3
 t(15;15)(q21;q21) SPG11/SORD
 t(16;16)(p13;p13) CREBBP/RHBDF1
 t(16;16)(p13;p13) CREBBP/SLX4
 del(16)(p13p13) CREBBP/SLX4
 t(17;17)(p11;p13) MPRIP/TP53
 t(17;17)(q25;q25) LRRC45/GCGR
 t(17;17)(q25;q25) FOXK2/HEXDC
 t(18;18)(p11;q12) TWSG1/PIK3C3
 t(19;19)(p13;p13) NFIX/GATAD2A
 t(19;19)(p13;p13) DNM2/ILF3
 del(19)(p13p13) DNM2/KCNN1
 inv(19)(p13p13) GIPC1/PKN1
 del(19)(q13q13) PPP1R37/KLC3
 t(20;20)(q11;q11) BCL2L1/HM13
 t(20;20)(q11;q11) TPX2/HM13
 inv(20)(q11q13) CEP250/DPM1
 inv(22)(q13q13) TTLL1/TSPO

External links

Mitelman database t(1;1)(p36;p36) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p36;p36) [Transloc - MCList]   RERE/SLC2A5 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p36;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p36;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/FAM132A Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RLF ]   [ FAM132A ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p36;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p36;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/UBE2J2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RLF ]   [ UBE2J2 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p35;p35) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p35;p35) [Transloc - MCList]   SERINC2/ZCCHC17 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database inv(1)(p34p34) [CaseList]     inv(1)(p34p34) [Transloc - MCList]   BMP8B/RLF Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database inv(1)(p34p34) [CaseList]     inv(1)(p34p34) [Transloc - MCList]   CAP1/BMP8B Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CAP1 ]   [ BMP8B ]
Mitelman database inv(1)(p34p34) [CaseList]     inv(1)(p34p34) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/PPT1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RLF ]   [ PPT1 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   CAP1/MACF1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CAP1 ]   [ MACF1 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   INPP5B/SF3A3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ INPP5B ]   [ SF3A3 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/MYCL Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database inv(1)(p34p34) [CaseList]     inv(1)(p34p34) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/MYCL Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/COL9A2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RLF ]   [ COL9A2 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/SMAP2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   SF3A3/GNL2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SF3A3 ]   [ GNL2 ]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   SMAP2/MYCL Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(p34;p34) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(p34;p34) [Transloc - MCList]   ZMPSTE24/MFSD2A Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(q21;q21) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(q21;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   TXNIP/NOTCH2NL Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;1)(q25;q25) [CaseList]     t(1;1)(q25;q25) [Transloc - MCList]   XPR1/TRMT1L Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database del(1)(q44q44) [CaseList]     del(1)(q44q44) [Transloc - MCList]   ZNF695/TFB2M Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ ZNF695 ]   [ TFB2M ]
Mitelman database t(1;12)(p34;q24) [CaseList]     t(1;12)(p34;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   TRIT1/EP400 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TRIT1 ]   [ EP400 ]
Mitelman database t(1;19)(p36;q13) [CaseList]     t(1;19)(p36;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   UBE4B/TBCB Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   BCL2L1/BMP8B Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCL2L1 ]   [ BMP8B ]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   BCL2L1/DEM1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCL2L1 ]   [ DEM1 ]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   BCL2L1/RIMS3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCL2L1 ]   [ RIMS3 ]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   BCL2L1/RLF Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCL2L1 ]   [ RLF ]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   BCL2L1/ZNF643 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCL2L1 ]   [ ZNF643 ]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   BCL2L1/ZNF684 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCL2L1 ]   [ ZNF684 ]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   PPT1/BCL2L1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PPT1 ]   [ BCL2L1 ]
Mitelman database t(1;20)(p34;q11) [CaseList]     t(1;20)(p34;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   RLF/HM13 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RLF ]   [ HM13 ]
Mitelman database t(2;5)(p22;q14) [CaseList]     t(2;5)(p22;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   BIRC6/BHMT2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;6)(q31;p12) [CaseList]     t(2;6)(q31;p12) [Transloc - MCList]   RCAN2/RAPGEF4 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(2;12)(p23;p13) [CaseList]     t(2;12)(p23;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   CACNA2D4/WDR43 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CACNA2D4 ]   [ WDR43 ]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(p21;p21) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(p21;p21) [Transloc - MCList]   NEK4/SFMBT1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(p21;q23) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(p21;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   RASA2/NICN1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(q13;q22) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(q13;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   STAG1/STXBP5L Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database del(3)(q23q23) [CaseList]     del(3)(q23q23) [Transloc - MCList]   SPSB4/ACPL2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(q23;q24) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(q23;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   SLC25A36/PLSCR1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SLC25A36 ]   [ PLSCR1 ]
Mitelman database t(3;3)(q26;q26) [CaseList]     t(3;3)(q26;q26) [Transloc - MCList]   GPR160/NCEH1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ GPR160 ]   [ NCEH1 ]
Mitelman database inv(3)(q26q27) [CaseList]     inv(3)(q26q27) [Transloc - MCList]   DCUN1D1/ATP11B Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ DCUN1D1 ]   [ ATP11B ]
Mitelman database del(3)(q28q28) [CaseList]     del(3)(q28q28) [Transloc - MCList]   LPP/TPRG1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;11)(p24;p15) [CaseList]     t(3;11)(p24;p15) [Transloc - MCList]   NGLY1/CCKBR Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;11)(p22;q14) [CaseList]     t(3;11)(p22;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   DLEC1/ODZ4 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ DLEC1 ]   [ ODZ4 ]
Mitelman database t(3;11)(p21;p15) [CaseList]     t(3;11)(p21;p15) [Transloc - MCList]   SFMBT1/AP2A2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SFMBT1 ]   [ AP2A2 ]
Mitelman database t(3;12)(q13;p11) [CaseList]     t(3;12)(q13;p11) [Transloc - MCList]   NAA50/MRPS35 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ NAA50 ]   [ MRPS35 ]
Mitelman database t(3;16)(q21;p13) [CaseList]     t(3;16)(q21;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   TXNDC11/RUVBL1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(3;17)(q11;q21) [CaseList]     t(3;17)(q11;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   NPEPPS/EPHA6 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(5;5)(q13;q13) [CaseList]     t(5;5)(q13;q13) [Transloc - MCList]   NAIP/OCLN Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(5;5)(q31;q31) [CaseList]     t(5;5)(q31;q31) [Transloc - MCList]   SKP1/CDKL3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SKP1 ]   [ CDKL3 ]
Mitelman database t(5;5)(q31;q31) [CaseList]     t(5;5)(q31;q31) [Transloc - MCList]   JADE2/UBE2B Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database del(6)(q21q22) [CaseList]     del(6)(q21q22) [Transloc - MCList]   CEP85L/SCML4 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CEP85L ]   [ SCML4 ]
Mitelman database t(6;8)(p21;p21) [CaseList]     t(6;8)(p21;p21) [Transloc - MCList]   HMBOX1/ZFAND3 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(6;20)(p21;p12) [CaseList]     t(6;20)(p21;p12) [Transloc - MCList]   CRLS1/KCNK17 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CRLS1 ]   [ KCNK17 ]
Mitelman database del(7)(p21p21) [CaseList]     del(7)(p21p21) [Transloc - MCList]   ANKMY2/ISPD Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(8;8)(q12;q24) [CaseList]     t(8;8)(q12;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   PVT1/CHD7 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PVT1 ]   [ CHD7 ]
Mitelman database t(8;8)(q12;q24) [CaseList]     t(8;8)(q12;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   PVT1/CLVS1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PVT1 ]   [ CLVS1 ]
Mitelman database inv(8)(q22q23) [CaseList]     inv(8)(q22q23) [Transloc - MCList]   OXR1/COX6C Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ OXR1 ]   [ COX6C ]
Mitelman database inv(8)(q22q23) [CaseList]     inv(8)(q22q23) [Transloc - MCList]   YWHAZ/OXR1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(8;8)(q23;q23) [CaseList]     t(8;8)(q23;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   NUDCD1/SYBU Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(8;8)(q23;q24) [CaseList]     t(8;8)(q23;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   CSMD3/MYC Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(8;8)(q23;q24) [CaseList]     t(8;8)(q23;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   PTK2/PKHD1L1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PTK2 ]   [ PKHD1L1 ]
Mitelman database t(8;8)(q24;q24) [CaseList]     t(8;8)(q24;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   PVT1/LY6H Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PVT1 ]   [ LY6H ]
Mitelman database t(8;14)(p23;q22) [CaseList]     t(8;14)(p23;q22) [Transloc - MCList]   AGPAT5/TXNDC16 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(8;14)(q24;q11) [CaseList]     t(8;14)(q24;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   PVT1/CCNB1IP1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(8;14)(q24;q11) [CaseList]     t(8;14)(q24;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   PVT1/MYH7 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PVT1 ]   [ MYH7 ]
Mitelman database t(8;14)(q24;q11) [CaseList]     t(8;14)(q24;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   PVT1/SLC7A7 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PVT1 ]   [ SLC7A7 ]
Mitelman database t(8;18)(q24;q12) [CaseList]     t(8;18)(q24;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   PVT1/NOL4 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PVT1 ]   [ NOL4 ]
Mitelman database t(9;9)(p24;p24) [CaseList]     t(9;9)(p24;p24) [Transloc - MCList]   KANK1/DOCK8 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(9;9)(p24;p24) [CaseList]     t(9;9)(p24;p24) [Transloc - MCList]   RIC1/JAK2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RIC1 ]   [ JAK2 ]
Mitelman database t(10;10)(p12;p12) [CaseList]     t(10;10)(p12;p12) [Transloc - MCList]   WAC/GPR158 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ WAC ]   [ GPR158 ]
Mitelman database t(10;10)(p11;q21) [CaseList]     t(10;10)(p11;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   CCDC7/UBE2D1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CCDC7 ]   [ UBE2D1 ]
Mitelman database t(10;10)(q21;q21) [CaseList]     t(10;10)(q21;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   CCDC6/CTNNA3 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(11;11)(p15;q23) [CaseList]     t(11;11)(p15;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   ATP5L/TEAD1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(11;11)(q14;q14) [CaseList]     t(11;11)(q14;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   PICALM/CCDC81 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(11;11)(q14;q14) [CaseList]     t(11;11)(q14;q14) [Transloc - MCList]   GAB2/NARS2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ GAB2 ]   [ NARS2 ]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   ENO2/ACRBP Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database inv(12)(p13p13) [CaseList]     inv(12)(p13p13) [Transloc - MCList]   ERC1/ANO2 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ ERC1 ]   [ ANO2 ]
Mitelman database inv(12)(p13p13) [CaseList]     inv(12)(p13p13) [Transloc - MCList]   C12orf4/CD9 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ C12orf4 ]   [ CD9 ]
Mitelman database del(12)(p13p13) [CaseList]     del(12)(p13p13) [Transloc - MCList]   ANO2/FBXL14 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ ANO2 ]   [ FBXL14 ]
Mitelman database del(12)(q12q13) [CaseList]     del(12)(q12q13) [Transloc - MCList]   RPAP3/SCAF11 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ RPAP3 ]   [ SCAF11 ]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(q14;q21) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(q14;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   PAWR/GNS Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(q23;q23) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(q23;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   CHPT1/UTP20 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CHPT1 ]   [ UTP20 ]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(q24;q24) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(q24;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   CIT/RFC5 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CIT ]   [ RFC5 ]
Mitelman database t(12;12)(q24;q24) [CaseList]     t(12;12)(q24;q24) [Transloc - MCList]   NCOR2/SCARB1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(14;14)(q23;q23) [CaseList]     t(14;14)(q23;q23) [Transloc - MCList]   MTHFD1/SYNE2 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(14;16)(q32;q12) [CaseList]     t(14;16)(q32;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   SMEK1/HEATR3 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(15;15)(q21;q21) [CaseList]     t(15;15)(q21;q21) [Transloc - MCList]   SPG11/SORD Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ SPG11 ]   [ SORD ]
Mitelman database t(16;16)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(16;16)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   CREBBP/RHBDF1 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(16;16)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(16;16)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   CREBBP/SLX4 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database del(16)(p13p13) [CaseList]     del(16)(p13p13) [Transloc - MCList]   CREBBP/SLX4 Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(17;17)(p11;p13) [CaseList]     t(17;17)(p11;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   MPRIP/TP53 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ MPRIP ]   [ TP53 ]
Mitelman database t(17;17)(q25;q25) [CaseList]     t(17;17)(q25;q25) [Transloc - MCList]   LRRC45/GCGR Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(17;17)(q25;q25) [CaseList]     t(17;17)(q25;q25) [Transloc - MCList]   FOXK2/HEXDC Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(18;18)(p11;q12) [CaseList]     t(18;18)(p11;q12) [Transloc - MCList]   TWSG1/PIK3C3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TWSG1 ]   [ PIK3C3 ]
Mitelman database t(19;19)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(19;19)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   NFIX/GATAD2A Fusion - MCList]
Mitelman database t(19;19)(p13;p13) [CaseList]     t(19;19)(p13;p13) [Transloc - MCList]   DNM2/ILF3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ DNM2 ]   [ ILF3 ]
Mitelman database del(19)(p13p13) [CaseList]     del(19)(p13p13) [Transloc - MCList]   DNM2/KCNN1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ DNM2 ]   [ KCNN1 ]
Mitelman database inv(19)(p13p13) [CaseList]     inv(19)(p13p13) [Transloc - MCList]   GIPC1/PKN1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ GIPC1 ]   [ PKN1 ]
Mitelman database del(19)(q13q13) [CaseList]     del(19)(q13q13) [Transloc - MCList]   PPP1R37/KLC3 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ PPP1R37 ]   [ KLC3 ]
Mitelman database t(20;20)(q11;q11) [CaseList]     t(20;20)(q11;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   BCL2L1/HM13 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ BCL2L1 ]   [ HM13 ]
Mitelman database t(20;20)(q11;q11) [CaseList]     t(20;20)(q11;q11) [Transloc - MCList]   TPX2/HM13 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ TPX2 ]   [ HM13 ]
Mitelman database inv(20)(q11q13) [CaseList]     inv(20)(q11q13) [Transloc - MCList]   CEP250/DPM1 Fusion - MCList]
COSMIC[ CEP250 ]   [ DPM1 ]
Mitelman database inv(22)(q13q13) [CaseList]     inv(22)(q13q13) [Transloc - MCList]   TTLL1/TSPO Fusion - MCList]
arrayMap arrayMap ((UZH-SIB Zurich)   [auto + random 100 samples .. if exist ]   [tabulated segments]
Mitelman databaseRERE/SLC2A5[MCList]    RERE (1p36.23) SLC2A5 (1p36.23)   t(1;1)(p36;p36)
TCGA_FusionRERE/SLC2A5    RERE (1p36.23) SLC2A5 (1p36.23)
Mitelman databaseRLF/FAM132A[MCList]    RLF (1p34.2) FAM132A (1p36.33)   t(1;1)(p34;p36)
Mitelman databaseRLF/UBE2J2[MCList]    RLF (1p34.2) UBE2J2 (1p36.33)   t(1;1)(p34;p36)
Mitelman databaseSERINC2/ZCCHC17[MCList]    SERINC2 (1p35.2) ZCCHC17 (1p35.2)   t(1;1)(p35;p35)
TCGA_FusionSERINC2/ZCCHC17    SERINC2 (1p35.2) ZCCHC17 (1p35.2)
Mitelman databaseBMP8B/RLF[MCList]    BMP8B (1p34.2) RLF (1p34.2)   inv(1)(p34p34)
Mitelman databaseCAP1/BMP8B[MCList]    CAP1 (1p34.2) BMP8B (1p34.2)   
Mitelman databaseCAP1/BMP8B[MCList]    CAP1 (1p34.2) BMP8B (1p34.2)   inv(1)(p34p34)
Mitelman databaseRLF/PPT1[MCList]    RLF (1p34.2) PPT1 (1p34.2)   inv(1)(p34p34)
Mitelman databaseCAP1/MACF1[MCList]    CAP1 (1p34.2) MACF1 (1p34.3)   t(1;1)(p34;p34)
Mitelman databaseINPP5B/SF3A3[MCList]    INPP5B (1p34.3) SF3A3 (1p34.3)   
Mitelman databaseINPP5B/SF3A3[MCList]    INPP5B (1p34.3) SF3A3 (1p34.3)   t(1;1)(p34;p34)
Mitelman databaseRLF/MYCL[MCList]    RLF (1p34.2) MYCL (1p34.2)   inv(1)(p34p34)
Mitelman databaseRLF/COL9A2[MCList]    RLF (1p34.2) COL9A2 (1p34.2)   t(1;1)(p34;p34)
Mitelman databaseRLF/SMAP2[MCList]    RLF (1p34.2) SMAP2 (1p34.2)   t(1;1)(p34;p34)
Mitelman databaseSF3A3/GNL2[MCList]    SF3A3 (1p34.3) GNL2 (1p34.3)   t(1;1)(p34;p34)
Mitelman databaseSMAP2/MYCL[MCList]    SMAP2 (1p34.2) MYCL (1p34.2)   t(1;1)(p34;p34)
Mitelman databaseZMPSTE24/MFSD2A[MCList]    ZMPSTE24 (1p34.2) MFSD2A (1p34.2)   
Mitelman databaseZMPSTE24/MFSD2A[MCList]    ZMPSTE24 (1p34.2) MFSD2A (1p34.2)   t(1;1)(p34;p34)
Mitelman databaseTXNIP/NOTCH2NL[MCList]    TXNIP (1q21.1) NOTCH2NL (1q21.1)   t(1;1)(q21;q21)
Mitelman databaseXPR1/TRMT1L[MCList]    XPR1 (1q25.3) TRMT1L (1q25.3)   t(1;1)(q25;q25)
Mitelman databaseTRIT1/EP400[MCList]    TRIT1 (1p34.2) EP400 (12q24.33)   
Mitelman databaseTRIT1/EP400[MCList]    TRIT1 (1p34.2) EP400 (12q24.33)   t(1;12)(p34;q24)
Mitelman databaseUBE4B/TBCB[MCList]    UBE4B (1p36.22) TBCB (19q13.12)   t(1;19)(p36;q13)
Mitelman databaseBCL2L1/BMP8B[MCList]    BCL2L1 (20q11.21) BMP8B (1p34.2)   t(1;20)(p34;q11)
Mitelman databaseBCL2L1/RIMS3[MCList]    BCL2L1 (20q11.21) RIMS3 (1p34.2)   t(1;20)(p34;q11)
Mitelman databaseBCL2L1/RLF[MCList]    BCL2L1 (20q11.21) RLF (1p34.2)   t(1;20)(p34;q11)
Mitelman databaseBCL2L1/ZNF684[MCList]    BCL2L1 (20q11.21) ZNF684 (1p34.2)   t(1;20)(p34;q11)
Mitelman databasePPT1/BCL2L1[MCList]    PPT1 (1p34.2) BCL2L1 (20q11.21)   
Mitelman databasePPT1/BCL2L1[MCList]    PPT1 (1p34.2) BCL2L1 (20q11.21)   t(1;20)(p34;q11)
Mitelman databaseRLF/HM13[MCList]    RLF (1p34.2) HM13 (20q11.21)   t(1;20)(p34;q11)
Mitelman databaseBIRC6/BHMT2[MCList]    BIRC6 (2p22.3) BHMT2 (5q14.1)   t(2;5)(p22;q14)
Mitelman databaseRCAN2/RAPGEF4[MCList]    RCAN2 (6p21.1) RAPGEF4 (2q31.1)   t(2;6)(q31;p12)
Mitelman databaseCACNA2D4/WDR43[MCList]    CACNA2D4 (12p13.33) WDR43 (2p23.2)   
Mitelman databaseCACNA2D4/WDR43[MCList]    CACNA2D4 (12p13.33) WDR43 (2p23.2)   t(2;12)(p23;p13)
TICdbCACNA2D4/WDR43    CACNA2D4 (12p13.33) WDR43 (2p23.2)
Mitelman databaseNEK4/SFMBT1[MCList]    NEK4 (3p21.1) SFMBT1 (3p21.1)   t(3;3)(p21;p21)
Mitelman databaseRASA2/NICN1[MCList]    RASA2 (3q23) NICN1 (3p21.31)   t(3;3)(p21;q23)
Mitelman databaseSTAG1/STXBP5L[MCList]    STAG1 (3q22.3) STXBP5L (3q13.33)   t(3;3)(q13;q22)
Mitelman databaseGPR160/NCEH1[MCList]    GPR160 (3q26.2) NCEH1 (3q26.31)   
Mitelman databaseGPR160/NCEH1[MCList]    GPR160 (3q26.2) NCEH1 (3q26.31)   t(3;3)(q26;q26)
Mitelman databaseDCUN1D1/ATP11B[MCList]    DCUN1D1 (3q26.33) ATP11B (3q26.33)   
Mitelman databaseDCUN1D1/ATP11B[MCList]    DCUN1D1 (3q26.33) ATP11B (3q26.33)   inv(3)(q26q27)
Mitelman databaseNGLY1/CCKBR[MCList]    NGLY1 (3p24.2) CCKBR (11p15.4)   
Mitelman databaseNGLY1/CCKBR[MCList]    NGLY1 (3p24.2) CCKBR (11p15.4)   t(3;11)(p24;p15)
Mitelman databaseSFMBT1/AP2A2[MCList]    SFMBT1 (3p21.1) AP2A2 (11p15.5)   t(3;11)(p21;p15)
Mitelman databaseNAA50/MRPS35[MCList]    NAA50 (3q13.2) MRPS35 (12p11.22)   t(3;12)(q13;p11)
Mitelman databaseTXNDC11/RUVBL1[MCList]    TXNDC11 (16p13.13) RUVBL1 (3q21.3)   t(3;16)(q21;p13)
Mitelman databaseNPEPPS/EPHA6[MCList]    NPEPPS (17q21.32) EPHA6 (3q11.2)   
Mitelman databaseNPEPPS/EPHA6[MCList]    NPEPPS (17q21.32) EPHA6 (3q11.2)   t(3;17)(q11;q21)
Mitelman databaseNAIP/OCLN[MCList]    NAIP (5q13.2) OCLN (5q13.2)   
Mitelman databaseNAIP/OCLN[MCList]    NAIP (5q13.2) OCLN (5q13.2)   t(5;5)(q13;q13)
Mitelman databaseSKP1/CDKL3[MCList]    SKP1 (5q31.1) CDKL3 (5q31.1)   
Mitelman databaseSKP1/CDKL3[MCList]    SKP1 (5q31.1) CDKL3 (5q31.1)   t(5;5)(q31;q31)
Mitelman databaseJADE2/UBE2B[MCList]    JADE2 (5q31.1) UBE2B (5q31.1)   
Mitelman databaseJADE2/UBE2B[MCList]    JADE2 (5q31.1) UBE2B (5q31.1)   t(5;5)(q31;q31)
Mitelman databaseCEP85L/SCML4[MCList]    CEP85L (6q22.31) SCML4 (6q21)   del(6)(q21q22)
Mitelman databaseHMBOX1/ZFAND3[MCList]    HMBOX1 (8p21.1) ZFAND3 (6p21.2)   t(6;8)(p21;p21)
Mitelman databaseCRLS1/KCNK17[MCList]    CRLS1 (20p12.3) KCNK17 (6p21.2)   
Mitelman databaseCRLS1/KCNK17[MCList]    CRLS1 (20p12.3) KCNK17 (6p21.2)   t(6;20)(p21;p12)
Mitelman databaseANKMY2/ISPD[MCList]    ANKMY2 (7p21.1) ISPD (7p21.2)   
Mitelman databaseANKMY2/ISPD[MCList]    ANKMY2 (7p21.1) ISPD (7p21.2)   del(7)(p21p21)
Mitelman databasePVT1/CHD7[MCList]    PVT1 (8q24.21) CHD7 (8q12.1)   t(8;8)(q12;q24)
Mitelman databasePVT1/CLVS1[MCList]    PVT1 (8q24.21) CLVS1 (8q12.3)   t(8;8)(q12;q24)
Mitelman databaseOXR1/COX6C[MCList]    OXR1 (8q23.1) COX6C (8q22.2)   
Mitelman databaseOXR1/COX6C[MCList]    OXR1 (8q23.1) COX6C (8q22.2)   inv(8)(q22q23)
Mitelman databaseYWHAZ/OXR1[MCList]    YWHAZ (8q22.3) OXR1 (8q23.1)   
Mitelman databaseYWHAZ/OXR1[MCList]    YWHAZ (8q22.3) OXR1 (8q23.1)   inv(8)(q22q23)
Mitelman databaseNUDCD1/SYBU[MCList]    NUDCD1 (8q23.1) SYBU (8q23.2)   
Mitelman databaseNUDCD1/SYBU[MCList]    NUDCD1 (8q23.1) SYBU (8q23.2)   t(8;8)(q23;q23)
Mitelman databaseCSMD3/MYC[MCList]    CSMD3 (8q23.3) MYC (8q24.21)   t(8;8)(q23;q24)
Mitelman databasePTK2/PKHD1L1[MCList]    PTK2 (8q24.3) PKHD1L1 (8q23.1)   t(8;8)(q23;q24)
Mitelman databasePVT1/LY6H[MCList]    PVT1 (8q24.21) LY6H (8q24.3)   t(8;8)(q24;q24)
Mitelman databaseAGPAT5/TXNDC16[MCList]    AGPAT5 (8p23.1) TXNDC16 (14q22.1)   
Mitelman databaseAGPAT5/TXNDC16[MCList]    AGPAT5 (8p23.1) TXNDC16 (14q22.1)   t(8;14)(p23;q22)
Mitelman databasePVT1/CCNB1IP1[MCList]    PVT1 (8q24.21) CCNB1IP1 (14q11.2)   t(8;14)(q24;q11)
Mitelman databasePVT1/MYH7[MCList]    PVT1 (8q24.21) MYH7 (14q11.2)   t(8;14)(q24;q11)
Mitelman databasePVT1/SLC7A7[MCList]    PVT1 (8q24.21) SLC7A7 (14q11.2)   t(8;14)(q24;q11)
Mitelman databasePVT1/NOL4[MCList]    PVT1 (8q24.21) NOL4 (18q12.1)   t(8;18)(q24;q12)
Mitelman databaseKANK1/DOCK8[MCList]    KANK1 (9p24.3) DOCK8 (9p24.3)   t(9;9)(p24;p24)
TCGA_FusionKANK1/DOCK8    KANK1 (9p24.3) DOCK8 (9p24.3)
Mitelman databaseRIC1/JAK2[MCList]    RIC1 (9p24.1) JAK2 (9p24.1)   t(9;9)(p24;p24)
Mitelman databaseWAC/GPR158[MCList]    WAC (10p12.1) GPR158 (10p12.1)   t(10;10)(p12;p12)
Mitelman databaseCCDC7/UBE2D1[MCList]    CCDC7 (10p11.22) UBE2D1 (10q21.1)   t(10;10)(p11;q21)
Mitelman databaseCCDC6/CTNNA3[MCList]    CCDC6 (10q21.2) CTNNA3 (10q21.3)   t(10;10)(q21;q21)
Mitelman databaseATP5L/TEAD1[MCList]    ATP5L (11q23.3) TEAD1 (11p15.3)   
Mitelman databaseATP5L/TEAD1[MCList]    ATP5L (11q23.3) TEAD1 (11p15.3)   t(11;11)(p15;q23)
Mitelman databasePICALM/CCDC81[MCList]    PICALM (11q14.2) CCDC81 (11q14.2)   t(11;11)(q14;q14)
Mitelman databaseGAB2/NARS2[MCList]    GAB2 (11q14.1) NARS2 (11q14.1)   t(11;11)(q14;q14)
Mitelman databaseENO2/ACRBP[MCList]    ENO2 (12p13.31) ACRBP (12p13.31)   
Mitelman databaseENO2/ACRBP[MCList]    ENO2 (12p13.31) ACRBP (12p13.31)   t(12;12)(p13;p13)
Mitelman databaseERC1/ANO2[MCList]    ERC1 (12p13.33) ANO2 (12p13.31)   inv(12)(p13p13)
Mitelman databaseC12orf4/CD9[MCList]    C12orf4 (12p13.32) CD9 (12p13.31)   
Mitelman databaseC12orf4/CD9[MCList]    C12orf4 (12p13.32) CD9 (12p13.31)   inv(12)(p13p13)
Mitelman databaseANO2/FBXL14[MCList]    ANO2 (12p13.31) FBXL14 (12p13.33)   
Mitelman databaseANO2/FBXL14[MCList]    ANO2 (12p13.31) FBXL14 (12p13.33)   del(12)(p13p13)
Mitelman databaseRPAP3/SCAF11[MCList]    RPAP3 (12q13.11) SCAF11 (12q12)   del(12)(q12q13)
Mitelman databasePAWR/GNS[MCList]    PAWR (12q21.2) GNS (12q14.3)   t(12;12)(q14;q21)
Mitelman databaseCHPT1/UTP20[MCList]    CHPT1 (12q23.2) UTP20 (12q23.2)   t(12;12)(q23;q23)
Mitelman databaseCIT/RFC5[MCList]    CIT (12q24.23) RFC5 (12q24.23)   t(12;12)(q24;q24)
Mitelman databaseNCOR2/SCARB1[MCList]    NCOR2 (12q24.31) SCARB1 (12q24.31)   t(12;12)(q24;q24)
TCGA_FusionNCOR2/SCARB1    NCOR2 (12q24.31) SCARB1 (12q24.31)
Mitelman databaseMTHFD1/SYNE2[MCList]    MTHFD1 (14q23.3) SYNE2 (14q23.2)   t(14;14)(q23;q23)
Mitelman databaseSPG11/SORD[MCList]    SPG11 (15q21.1) SORD (15q21.1)   t(15;15)(q21;q21)
Mitelman databaseCREBBP/RHBDF1[MCList]    CREBBP (16p13.3) RHBDF1 (16p13.3)   t(16;16)(p13;p13)
Mitelman databaseCREBBP/SLX4[MCList]    CREBBP (16p13.3) SLX4 (16p13.3)   del(16)(p13p13)
Mitelman databaseMPRIP/TP53[MCList]    MPRIP (17p11.2) TP53 (17p13.1)   
Mitelman databaseMPRIP/TP53[MCList]    MPRIP (17p11.2) TP53 (17p13.1)   t(17;17)(p11;p13)
Mitelman databaseLRRC45/GCGR[MCList]    LRRC45 (17q25.3) GCGR (17q25.3)   
Mitelman databaseLRRC45/GCGR[MCList]    LRRC45 (17q25.3) GCGR (17q25.3)   t(17;17)(q25;q25)
Mitelman databaseFOXK2/HEXDC[MCList]    FOXK2 (17q25.3) HEXDC (17q25.3)   t(17;17)(q25;q25)
Mitelman databaseTWSG1/PIK3C3[MCList]    TWSG1 (18p11.22) PIK3C3 (18q12.3)   t(18;18)(p11;q12)
Mitelman databaseNFIX/GATAD2A[MCList]    NFIX (19p13.2) GATAD2A (19p13.11)   t(19;19)(p13;p13)
TCGA_FusionNFIX/GATAD2A    NFIX (19p13.2) GATAD2A (19p13.11)
Mitelman databaseDNM2/ILF3[MCList]    DNM2 (19p13.2) ILF3 (19p13.2)   t(19;19)(p13;p13)
TCGA_FusionDNM2/ILF3    DNM2 (19p13.2) ILF3 (19p13.2)
Mitelman databaseDNM2/KCNN1[MCList]    DNM2 (19p13.2) KCNN1 (19p13.11)   del(19)(p13p13)
Mitelman databaseGIPC1/PKN1[MCList]    GIPC1 (19p13.12) PKN1 (19p13.12)   
Mitelman databaseGIPC1/PKN1[MCList]    GIPC1 (19p13.12) PKN1 (19p13.12)   inv(19)(p13p13)
Mitelman databasePPP1R37/KLC3[MCList]    PPP1R37 (19q13.32) KLC3 (19q13.32)   del(19)(q13q13)
Mitelman databaseBCL2L1/HM13[MCList]    BCL2L1 (20q11.21) HM13 (20q11.21)   t(20;20)(q11;q11)
Mitelman databaseTPX2/HM13[MCList]    TPX2 (20q11.21) HM13 (20q11.21)   t(20;20)(q11;q11)
TCGA_FusionTPX2/HM13    TPX2 (20q11.21) HM13 (20q11.21)
Mitelman databaseCEP250/DPM1[MCList]    CEP250 (20q11.22) DPM1 (20q13.13)   
Mitelman databaseCEP250/DPM1[MCList]    CEP250 (20q11.22) DPM1 (20q13.13)   inv(20)(q11q13)
Mitelman databaseTTLL1/TSPO[MCList]    TTLL1 (22q13.2) TSPO (22q13.2)   inv(22)(q13q13)
Disease databaseLung: Translocations in Small Cell Carcinoma
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